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City Of Witches 94

City Of Witches 94

Chapter 94 – #21_Treatment(4)


Amelia couldn’t hide her complicated feelings.
Her twins blow off Chuo while she still has a headache from Xinshiu’s problem.

‘Professor, in fact, we… Once secretly gave you the elixir of Eros.’

Odile and Odette cursed Amelia with her head bowed almost to the ground.
The gist was simple.

Amelia drank the love potion made with Siu’s semen.
At the time, it had no effect, and I thought there was no big problem as it was just a crappy potion anyway, so I passed on it.

‘I don’t know what might have happened while mixing it with tea at that time… When we tested it, individual differences were a bit large… I thought maybe the professor was still under the effect of the potion.’
‘I thought the professor should know too.’
‘I’m sorry, professor… I’ll accept any punishment…’

The twins had been visiting Amelia’s mansion for several months.
He also vaguely noticed that Amelia’s way of treating Siu was filled with emotions that were too deep for her to simply stem from her guilt.
Seeing her suffering excessively because of Siwoo, she was tormented by her guilt. He went to Sofia to tell her all about her affairs and came to tell Amelia honestly.

The efficacy and mode of action of potions vary greatly.
It is not a chemical action that can be empirically confirmed like a drug, so it is almost impossible to dig into it.

If it had been poison, the stigma’s self-defense system would have filtered it out on its own.
However, in the case of Eros’ elixir, it acts as a kind of ‘buff’ that enhances emotions, so even Amelia’s self-defence could not catch it.

Amelia was stunned.
All of this is just a false illusion.

Even the displeasure she felt watching Siu flirt with her twin.
Not knowing what to do with his anger, he ran away.
The feeling of liberation when I realized my heart for him belatedly and ran to him calling his name.
Even the sadness that made him cry out when he thought he had lost him.
The fear he felt at the warning that he might be different from before.
The dejection when he was told that he had to mix with Yebin to heal him.

All lie?
Was it all just the effect of the potion?

‘But it’s not necessarily like that… There was a saying in the description of the potion that ‘the potion’s effect does not manifest itself only for those who are already in love’…’

Added Odette’s explanation.
The potion’s effect doesn’t manifest itself only when it comes to someone you already love…
So, did she already love him when she drank the potion?

Amelia shook her head.
It is true that she once set her sights on a brazen slave who dared to refuse an offer to attend the Witch’s Night.
After that, his sincerity was seen as he carried out any instructions without any tricks.
Seeing her complaining from time to time, she didn’t really hate it, although she thought, ‘How dare you be a slave!’
As time went on, his face somehow came to mind.

But that’s it.
It certainly wasn’t as intense a feeling as it is now, Amelia ruminated.

‘Get out.’

Her shocked Amelia couldn’t properly upset her and threw her twins and Sofia out.
Because she was seized with so much extreme confusion.

As the twins said, maybe because of Eros’ potion.
As Sophia said, maybe it’s because it’s the first emotion she feels.
Could it be that, like her idiot, she continued to be fooled by her own lies?


Recognizing the action of a potion is difficult.
However, once I noticed it, it was not difficult to purify the effect.
It’s a similar trick to blowing off the perfume of fatigue.
Right now, it’s possible to get rid of all the effects with just one snap of your finger.

Amelia crossed her fingers.
She put it down right away.
This finger pointing can make everything easier.

This heavy heart.
Guilt that she couldn’t protect her.
A sense of debt that made it difficult for him.
The heavy feeling of not being able to fall asleep no matter how much the perfume of fatigue is used.
Fear of an unknown outcome.


The warmth you feel when holding his hand.
My chest pounding when I smell his body.
Longing to hear even his angry voice.
A love that makes you feel not alone just by thinking of him,

Yes, even that feeling that deserves to be called love.

It disappears like a dandelion spore blown by the wind.
Siu becomes his exclusive slave, and Amelia becomes his exclusive assistant professor.

Amelia lowered her raised hand weakly and grabbed her chest.

“I don’t want to lose… I don’t…”

Even if it’s just an illusion.
No matter how painful and difficult it is.

“I don’t want to forget…”

This is Amelia Marigold’s.
No one can take it or touch it.
Even more so, there was no way I could do something like destroying everything with my own hands.

– Tak Tak Tak

Then footsteps were heard outside.
It was Yebin’s footsteps as she climbed from the guest room on the first floor to the second floor through the central staircase.
Amelia involuntarily pressed close to the door.
Tonight is the day of Siwoo’s surgery that Yebin explained at noon.
When he opened the door, he saw Yebin walking towards his room.


It was a thin, loose-fitting dress with the flesh shining through in the moonlight.
The fact that he only knew in his head touches his heart.
Now she is skin to skin with Siu.
Giving Siwoo to the deepest part of her body, exchanging his bodily fluids.


The door is closed.
Amelia, who had been biting her lips a few times, cautiously left her room.

As soon as Yebin entered Siwoo’s room, she sighed heavily.
It’s a room where I stayed for more than ten hours a day for her treatment, but it feels particularly strange today.
Maybe it’s because I’m becoming a doctor, not an adult in the true sense of the word today.

“Oh, that’s a troubling situation…”

Yebin shyly looked down at her own clothes.
She didn’t intend to take off everything anyway, unless she was a real sexual intercourse, so she put on the most comfortable of the clothes provided…
Her bottom length is too short, revealing even her healthy thighs.
Besides, she had no sleeves and her shoulder straps were so loose that it looked like it would come off in no time.
As such, the fact that it can be inserted immediately after taking off the panties is a bonus point.

“Didn’t you think you should have worn something over it?”

It’s a bit cold.
No matter how hard I made my resolutions, I thought less than usual, probably because I was soaked in the lamentation, ‘My first experience was like this…’.
However, I can’t come all the way here and run away just because I’m in a light mood.

The hymen was also manually removed for a successful procedure.
When I think of myself squatting in the bathroom, sticking my finger in my genitals, it’s kind of like…

“It was embarrassing…”

Yebin suddenly became a bit depressed.
I’ve learned that her hymen has a different shape for each woman, but in Yebin’s case, it rarely bleeds.
She had almost no pain from breaking through.

In the mood of her ablution, she didn’t use her magic for a long time and finished her shower. Ye-bin, who came back, tied her long, loose hair up into a ponytail.

“Shin Si-woo, are you nervous? I am also nervous.”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.
Besides, the thought that she was going to climb on top of the man lying on the bed at will, without answering her, added to her bleakness.
In an attempt to somehow alleviate her awkwardness, Yebin made her pointless noises.
Since she lives alone, she has also become a bit more self-talking, and she is.

“I’ll take off your pants.”

Because it is a loose-fitting hospital gown, as soon as Ye-bin slips down her pants, her lower body is exposed with a momentary sense of being caught.


She already knew the size of her penis because she had massaged and examined his body several times.
Up until that point, I had never blushed or had any strange thoughts about her.
It’s because people’s lives seem to come and go, and it’s funny to mess with a single pepper.

But is it because a little different action is added today?
His objects, which were thought to be ‘male genitals’, look a little different today.
Yebin opened her hand for no reason and compared it with his.
Almost equal in length from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger.

“Siwoo, I knew it, but it is really big. Oh my, is this sexual harassment?”
“Do you have girl friend?”
“Do you have any experience?”
“Sleeping Beauty, how is it that it’s sad that you’re sleeping soundly like that? I’m with someone pretty like me.”

Of course, there was no answer coming back.
She wasn’t expecting it in the first place, and Ye-bin picked up the reagents she had brought beforehand.

Like the gel used for ultrasound examination, it was a preparation for Yebin, the transducer, to accept his thoughts and magical waves without error.
It’s moderately slippery, so it’s also suitable as a gel for sex.

“I’m sorry, but don’t feel too bad about it. I’ve lost a lot too.”

In any case, the will of the person involved was to attack without asking, so he made at least a small apology.
First, take a sufficient amount of gel on his hand and apply it evenly to Siwoo’s things.
The soft red pepper rolls in your hand on the gel.
No matter how I waxed it, there was no hair at all.
It’s like looking at Western porn actor stuff.

“First of all… Did you do it like this?”

Yebin held Siwoo’s drooping red pepper with his hand.
It was already soft, but when the gel was added, I felt a precarious texture that seemed like it would flow down at any moment.

“And up and down…”


It makes a very embarrassing sound whenever the bottom of the hand touches the belly.
Yebin moved his arm slowly up and down him, watching Siwoo’s reaction.
This is to stop immediately if you become overexcited or show any abnormal reactions.

However, Siwoo was still looking at the sky with a calm face.
Instead, only the things in Yebin’s hands began to grow.

“Wah, wow, wow…”

With each move, it gets a little bigger, a little hotter, a little harder.
Less than three minutes after Ye-bin started her goddaughter, his stuff was glowing with rage.

“It’s too big…?”

Even at first, I was thinking ‘but isn’t this a bit big?’.
His objects, which have grown rapidly, show off their majesty to the point of being frightening.
Yebin was terrified at the glans the size of a baby’s fist with a bit of exaggeration and the sternness of the pole that looked long even though it was slightly curved upwards.
It has already become a size that can not be expressed by comparing a hand or something.


Yebin secretly released his cock from his hand.
I blinked his eyes and put my hand on my stomach to compare.

“Here, is this about here?”

Just looking at the length, it almost goes up to Yebin’s belly button.
At this point, I was a bit scared.


Ye-bin, who was immersed in thought, raising her straight eyebrows.
However, she soon makes a big decision and climbs onto the bed.
It wasn’t sexual intercourse between lovers anyway, so I set things up, so the only thing left was to put them in and try to communicate them.
If you accept ejaculation, it’s perfectly okay.

“Oh, right.”

Yebin put the remaining gel in his hand into her pussy and applied it little by little.
Even if enough lubricant is applied to the genitals, Yebin is the first experience.
In order not to get sick, Yebin herself seemed to need this level of preparation.

“Then, excuse me… Yo…”

Yebin’s bouncy buttocks are revealed when she gently lifts the hem of her thin dress.
Riding down his healthy thighs, there is a thin goose.
Between the bushes slightly wet with her gel, a virgin pussy with no male experience yet was waiting for insertion.

“Is this right…?”

Reach her hand behind her hip and aim her Siu’s object between her legs.
As his hot glans gently tickled the flower petals, his heart began to tremble for no reason.

Ye-bin, who was squatting on top of Si-woo as if urinating, began to lower his waist little by little while carefully examining in his head how to ride the ride he had seen for preparation.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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