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City Of Witches 95

City Of Witches 95

Chapter 95 – #21_Treatment(5)


As soon as Ye-bin slowly lowered his waist, he realized that he had taken this too lightly.
A solid chunk of meat that came in through the tightly closed petals.
Yebin groaned at her glans, which was thrust into her vagina where there was a small bump.

The tips of her toes are heard.
A feast of the mucous membrane that tightens the cock.
Her stiff thighs trembled.
She felt a great tightness.

“Ah… It hurts… Yes…”

Yebin stopped her movement as she hurriedly placed her hands on her chest.
The cock entered the lower mouth, but why did the upper mouth open?
She felt goosebumps all over her body at the first feeling of a foreign body inside her body.


It’s very soggy
It wasn’t a lack of lubrication.
However, Ye-bin’s chaste hole, which she had never accepted before, was not at all ready to accept her sudden insertion.

Of course.
Even if the mucous membranes inside her pussy become mushy from caresses that melt her body, her first experience is usually painful.
She had to use the muscles she didn’t use, and it was the process of getting pleasure from scratching the mucous membrane she didn’t use.
It was too much for her to accept Siwoo’s object with just a little bit of love gel.

“It’s…It’s a big deal…”

Thanks to that, Yebin was embarrassed.
Her vaginal cramps are about to happen.
Her legs are also very numb because she has to squat in an awkward position.
Ye-bin had no choice but to lay her upper body on top of her at the feeling that sweat was dripping down her cheeks.

“Whoa… Whoa…”

Compared to women, Siwoo’s skin is noticeably less subcutaneous fat, and it feels hard, even the hard muscles inside.
‘The bodies of men and women are so different,’ she realized.

“Sleep, sleep, I’ll borrow your chest. Mr. Siu…”

She had no idea when it was just a ride for insertion.
When about 70% of the body is tightly pressed on top of the thin fabric, it feels strange again.
It must be said that it is as if she is in his arms.

“Concentrate, focus…”

Yebin calmly repeated and pulled her butt back.
Her moderately fleshy pussies slowly opened and began to swallow her glans.
She couldn’t see it with her own eyes, but the scene seemed to come alive.
Siwoo’s stuff that dug into her body had that level of presence.

“It’s okay…!”

Yebin moves slowly and slowly rides down his body.
Deep inside her body, she felt as if something was opening that shouldn’t have been opened, and at the same time, her cock was gradually pushed inside.

“Haa…How… Siwoo…Isn’t it too big…?”

The story that Daemul is pleasant came from all over the place.
I’ve been vaguely thinking that it would be nice if my boyfriend who would one day have a bigger pepper.
But once I got to the point of accepting it, my thoughts changed a bit.
Anything in moderation is good.

“What… I’m not saying… Nope…”

One shoulder strap of her dress came down while Yebin wriggled on Siu’s chest.
Ye-bin’s voluptuous breasts, which are difficult to grasp with one hand, flow down through her clothes.
A chill tickled her spine as her protruding nipples rubbed against his bare skin.

“Ah, really…”

No one was watching, but Yebin fixed his shoulder strap and swallowed his stuff as slowly as a snail crawls.


The slightly curved cock brushed the sensitive corners of Yebin’s sticky flesh.
Thighs shrivel at the same time.

Yebin wasn’t a virgin who knew nothing, so she quickly recognized what that feeling was like.
It is the sensation when the sexual sensation is stimulated.
However, it is subtly different from simply masturbating.


Is it because it’s the first time?
Yebin recalled the first masturbation scene in her mind and compared her feelings.
After school, I realized that rubbing my crotch against the corner of my desk made me feel better.
I stayed alone in the classroom after all the students returned home and made love to the desk.


Unwillingly, Ye-bin, who had even replayed her dark history, shook her head and wiped her memories away.
Anyway, it is similar in the part of getting to know the unknown sense.
Yebin grunted for a long time after that and moved her body to insert Siwoo’s stuff all the way.

She gently rocked her hips back and forth, moving slowly as if she was devouring a large object.
But there was a problem.


It is not different.
It was because she had to move her body in order to insert it, and each time Siwoo’s object kept scratching the inside, and a sharp feeling spread from the inside of her pelvis.

Until just now, it was just an annoying feeling.
The wave of pleasure that amplified horribly with each movement was terrifying.
Yebin bit her lips until they turned white.
You have to calm down.

“This isn’t about feeling good… Calm down, calm… Let’s wake up…”

But will the pleasure to be felt go somewhere?
It seemed that if I continued to rub it like this, it would be cured, nabal, and everything would be a mess.
I put half of it in now.
The inside seems to have loosened up moderately, can I get up soon?


Yebin pushed his chest with her arms, crossed her ribs and stomach, and squatted down with her hands on the sides of her waist.

To think that a man’s cock, the one seen only in porn, was in between his legs.
Ye-bin couldn’t believe it easily even when she saw Si-woo stretched out in front of her.

“Laugh… Tea…”

She then began to thrust her cock deeper and deeper into a place she couldn’t take while lying down.
The inner vaginal wall, which had been tightly closed without a single penetration, is opened by her glans.
Although she said that she only put her front part in and licked it, Ye-bin’s love juice that had formed in the meantime acted as an additional lubricant for her.

“Wow… That’s crazy… I’m really into it…”

Yebin squatted down in her bathroom as if she were urinating and pressed her stomach with her dumbfounded expression.
Whenever that happens, instead of soft belly fat, something hard is touched.
Needless to say, she is Siwoo’s cock that Yebin struggled to shove inside of her.

Yebin swallowed her saliva.
In this squatting position, ergonomically, this depth is the limit.
She has to sit down in order to insert the rest of the cock all the way.

Now that it doesn’t hurt even if I put it in, I thought it would be okay.
I realized immediately that the judgment was arrogant.


Ye-bin opened her mouth and raised her eyes in pure white.
She was struck in her cervix with her glans penetrating her virgin vagina.
Ye-bin’s whole body began to tremble with the flashing flames in front of her eyes.

“Ah…Ah… Crazy, the dog hurts…”

It was a pain she had never thought of before.
In preparation for this, she had removed her self-defence, so if she hadn’t been fooled, she might have immediately launched a counterattack.

Yebin frowned and felt his cock press against her cervix.
It hurts so much that I can’t even get up properly.

“Now, let’s stay like this for a moment…”

In any case, in order to maximize the efficiency of magnetic magic, Siwoo’s pleasure and deep insertion are required.
Yebin took a deep breath and controlled the pain.
With each of her flinches, she feels her own mucous membranes tightening against his cock.
It wasn’t good news that Siwoo’s cock jerked like it felt good every time.

“Then, shall we move now?”

However, as expected, the durability of her spiritual body was excellent.
The pain of her intense first penetration, which would have left her engulfed and shed tears if she had been a normal woman, soon passed.

Yebin pulled her breasts, which were about to sway and protrude through her clothes, into one of her arms.
Start moving her back and forth gently on her back.


Just do what you saw in the video.
Like riding her horse, rock her back and forth slowly and gently without moving too fast.


And the moment when Siwoo’s glans was rubbed against Yebin’s womb.
Yebin was able to feel her intense pleasure and satisfaction that she had never felt since she was born.
I hope you feel like this…

“What is this….”

Yebin stopped her waist for a moment and swallowed her saliva.
She’s in a good mood now, so what is she going to do? The most important thing is treatment.
Having your first experience with a man you have never spoken to in the first place is all for the sake of saving your life.


However, it is also true that her concentration is disturbed by her unfamiliar pleasure.
If you treat it like this, it is clear that you will have much lower performance than usual.
If that’s the case, I’d rather get used to it a bit, so after she gets used to intercourse, why don’t she use full-fledged magic?

“Okay… Let’s do that…”

– Squeeze sssss

The flesh of Yebin’s soft inner thigh rubs against Siu’s hard thigh, making her rub.

“Ha…Ah… There…Ah…!”

Yebin gently closed her eyes and began indulging in Siu’s things.

Amelia quietly opened the door and followed Yebin’s back with her eyes.
She had nothing to do, but Amelia went down to the first floor and took her rum from her kitchen and smoked her cigarette instead of her snacks.

I feel sick.
She must have been pondering whether this love was true or false just a moment ago.
As soon as he saw Ye-bin, almost naked, go into Si-woo’s room for a ‘treatment’, she was immediately pushed into the background.

I care.
Too much nerves
Quite a bit of time has passed, so in Siu’s room up there, radiation between men and women must be taking place.


Amelia looked at her empty glass.
Intoxication did not rise.
She’s not flushed, a little agitated or listless, like she’s taken some weird pills.


Amelia let out a long sigh and returned her glass to her original place.
As she climbed the central stairs again, she found a fork in the road.
One side is Amelia’s room, and the other side is Siu’s room with Yebin.

That it’s a shameless thing to do.
Everyone knows that maybe Yebin is committing a big rudeness.

But Amelia was walking on her tiptoes, stealthily like her stray cat.
A bittersweet urge that she couldn’t bear without checking out what was going on inside led Amelia.


Amelia swallowed her saliva.
If particle magic was used, it would not be difficult to get a peek at the situation inside, but I didn’t have the courage to do so.
She gently put her ear to the wooden door that felt like a huge barrier.

Basically, I can’t hear anything because it seems to have a soundproof curtain.
There is no way that Amelia of the 23rd hierarchy could not see through Yebin’s barrier of the 19th hierarchy.
Without leaving any traces or traces, part of her barrier was torn and repaired.

Then a voice is heard.

[Haa… Haang, hoot… Laugh… Ung… Kuuk…!]

It’s sweetly wet and hot.
There was no doubt that it was Yebin’s exuberant edification.
When I think of her usual appearance, which is extremely quiet, she also has an angular tone that I can never recall.
Other than that, the sound of flesh being rubbed and the sound of the bed sheet being disturbed could be heard clearly.

At that moment, the feeling of displeasure, anger, and helplessness that seemed to squeeze her chest.
And another emotion comes to mind very vividly.


Even when I saw Siu getting along with her twin.
Even when he saw Odile mouthing his genitals in the carriage.
Even when Ye-bin gave the word that she had to have sex with him for her cure.

I had this feeling.
But she had never bruised her heart as red as now.

[Ah… Ah… Oops, oops…! Okay… Mr. Siu…]

Mr. Siu?
The moment Yebin called his name, Amelia barely blocked her own hand as she spurred through the door.
Whatever the purpose, she learned, it was natural for her to groan when her erogenous zones were stimulated.
Besides, Yebin is currently treating Siwoo.
What are you going to do by interrupting me in the middle?


Amelia clenched her teeth and dropped her hand helplessly from her doorknob.
As Amelia turned back with her shoulders drooping, Yebin’s voice echoed behind her like an auditory hallucination.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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