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City Of Witches 96

City Of Witches 96

Chapter 96 – #21_Treatment(6)


Is this what it feels like to walk through a flower garden full of opium smoke?
A dizzying sense of stability that makes you forget all the tired and hard work in the world.


Yebin held her mouth half open as she looked up at the sky and let her gasp for breath.
Her healthy pink tongue wriggled in it, evenly mixing saliva that had turned sticky in response to the slight fever.
Her hands and feet tingle at the pleasure that started from her waist.

“Crazy… What, really crazy… Ha, ha!”

A smooth waist that connects to the hips of the easy delivery type.
Reminiscent of her porcelain, Yeban’s waist and wings were folded behind her.
15 minutes to urinate on Siwoo’s stomach.
It was a light climax in the pleasure that had been overlapping step by step.

Every time her glans, which was close to her cervix, was rubbed, her uterus really trembled, not a lie.
Even a witch who couldn’t have a baby felt like she would ovulate.

Hahahaha, se… I don’t think she’s really pregnant…”

To the point where I mumbled something that was beyond common sense.
Every time Yebin breathed heavily, she could feel the vaginal mucus mercilessly tightening his cock.
As if in response to the tightening, Siwoo’s object twitched inside Yebin.

Yebin wet his lips with his tongue, his face flushed red.
Her mouth is hot, but her lips feel dry.
It is a feeling he could never have felt alone.

When Ye-bin was in Greenland, her accommodation was not really a nice place to be called a ‘workshop’.
A caravan for four people filled with pillows to keep warm and the walls covered with animal skins.

In a place with no friends to talk to, Yebin’s only hobbies are watching Netflix X, watching pornography, and fiddling with her clitoris by herself.
The outside temperature is minus 20 degrees.
How comforting it was to squirm alone, with her hands inside her panties, under the white frozen glass.

When you eat, when you clean, when you read a book, when you do research, before you go to bed, and during breaks.
She habitually put her hands inside her panties.
She knew by this point that she was addicted to masturbation, but she kept saying things like ‘what does it matter if I don’t have anyone to see’ or something and she kept doing it.

In fact, while she was staying at Baron Marigold’s quarters, she always found time to masturbate for an hour or so a day.
This is because during her 10 years of living in her closet, as a result of Yebin being used as a means of relieving her stress, it remained in her body like a nail-biting compulsion.


But she can be assertive.
Even if she masturbates 100 times, she can’t feel this feeling.
This pleasure like piercing the stomach.
Each other’s heartbeat felt through the connected mucous membranes.
Even though she has already lost her fertility, she can feel the instinct to ‘want to get a seed’.

“Huhhh, hang… Uhhhhh…”

Yebin, who had only moved back and forth with her until now, changed her pattern a bit.
I decided to shake her hips and waist as if I was pounding her.


Every time his cock pokes your cervix.
I could feel the thin bolt of lightning running from the top of my head to my perineum.
It feels good even to see the breasts bobbing in the dress being rubbed against the soft fabric.

“Ha… Ah… Uh… Uh…? Uh?”

It only moved a little bit like that.
Siwoo’s cock swelled up once.
Then she starts pouring her semen into Ye-bin’s vagina with ferocious momentum.
Siwoo’s cock had already reached its limit.

– Gulleong! Gulleong! Gulleong!

Every time his cock flinched, hot, sticky liquid spread all over his stomach.
That movement, that temperature, that feeling were so strange that Yebin involuntarily made her body tremble.
I feel the cervix, which has risen all the way up to receive the sperm, and the undulating vaginal folds trying to suck the semen like a dropper.


Vaginal ejaculation.
Cream Pie.
Uterine semen pickling.
Indiscriminate bombing of baby seeds.
Is suffering from

For about 10 seconds, the ejaculation time that covered Yebin’s vagina with white semen was over.
Yebin looked at her stomach with her slightly stunned expression.
Through his smooth crotch, he could see the semen that could not be fully contained in her vagina oozing out.


Even after that, Yang Peodeok, who received even an electric signal from her, trembled Yebin’s pelvis at the movement of her cock.

I feel good.
Eating kimchi stew while watching the aurora embroidering the sky in mid-April was not sex.
It wasn’t sex to warm frozen chicken in the microwave and watch a movie while eating it with a can of beer.
It wasn’t sex to tuck in between piles of pillows, take off your pants, and fiddle with your cleats.

Having a cock stuck in her pussy and getting fucked…!
This is real sex

Yebin, stroking the chicken skin on her forearm, lifted her buttocks.


Since witches don’t ovulate, of course she doesn’t even get her period.
It had been a long time since she had felt this sensation.
Should I say it feels like wrapping a hot oyster?

For three months, semen, which has been concentrated in Siwoo’s testicles and becomes thick and yellow, oozes out between Yebin’s pussy and runs down her thighs.

“Woah woah…!”

Yebin hastily covered her crotch with her hand.
Sheets, you just have to clean them with magic anyway.
However, Yebin, who is still close to human sensibility, came first with a sense of crisis, saying, “You shouldn’t get anything on the blanket.”
She knelt down on her knees for a long time, receiving her semen dripping onto her hand.

“…This is semen.”

She is quite different from what we only saw in the video.
It was slippery than she thought, and even though it was quite far from her nose, a fishy and strange scent came up.

“This is why you smell chestnut flowers.”

Her quantity is inexhaustible.
She even fills the palm of her hand made like a bowl.
The consistency was thick like jelly.

Yebin glanced around her and put her palm to her mouth.
In porn, female actors suck or swallow this in her mouth as if it were delicious.
How will it taste?


Yebin, who licked her semen lightly with the tip of her tongue, frowned at her arrogance and made her body tremble.
She acted, wrote, and slandered beyond imagination.
Besides, she only passed a little down her throat and her throat tingled.

Yebin wiped her palms, around his crotch, and between her crotch with the wet towel she had prepared in advance.
To her shame, she had completely forgotten about her treatment until just now.
Now that you seem to have gotten used to it, it’s time to start treatment in earnest.

Yebin took out the gel again and carefully applied it with her hand until Siwoo’s penis shimmered.
Even though the ejaculation has already ended, his things have not diminished in the slightest and are showing off the bumpy veins.


Yebin was startled by the hot sigh that came out of her involuntarily.
Touching his hard object brought back the hot pleasure she felt earlier.

“Come on? You must be crazy.”

Yebin shook his head and carefully climbed on top of Siwoo as before.


Yebin’s vaginal walls were rather swollen than before.
However, it was also true that he was sticky and melted, so he swallowed Suuk Siu’s cock with even more pleasure.

“Now… Now let’s treat… Treat…”

I guess I’ve gotten used to this…
Yebin moved his waist with a bang and began to release his mana.
As his glans rubbed his cervix again, Yebin’s back straightened again.

“Haa… Siwoo-san…”

With a sad voice.
Yebin’s first night went deep like that.


Waking up in the warm sunlight after a long time, Yebin remembered what happened yesterday and hugged her cheek.

“I couldn’t get any treatment…”

To be precise, she didn’t succeed even one tenth of her original goal.
External factors are not the problem.
Siwoo’s body was in an optimal condition for the procedure, and intercourse, which she thought would be difficult, gave Yebin a pleasant feeling.

“Crazy bitch… Moon Ye-bin, this crazy bitch…”

The problem was that the pleasure was too ecstatic.
Yebin remembered her last night as herself.

‘Haa…! Ha…Haha…! I like Siwoo too…? Really like this…Haha… Ah… I like it too…!’

She urged him to cum once, twice, three times, waving her ass like a prostitute on top of him.
3 times like that.
Yebin used Siwoo as a tool for self-defense and immersed herself in her pleasure.
She cites her excuses as getting used to sex and focusing on her healing.
She danced on top of him from late at night until dawn, just like the day she first learned to masturbate.

She did so and she only started treatment on the 4th insertion.
The sun came up and she couldn’t stay there any longer.
In the morning, Marigold would always come to Si-Woo to see her in her illness, and while they were there, the two of them having sex would be shown to her as it is.

Siwoo is already a ‘man of other people’ who is favored by Baron Marigold.
He didn’t even want to show the sex scene even though it was in the name of treatment.

“Feeling embarrassed… Full stack…”

Yebin lay on her bed and tore her hair.
While she apparently started out for therapeutic purposes, she squirmed on a man she hadn’t even talked to for hours.
While she was cummed three times, she didn’t take any down treatment and was preoccupied with indulging her pleasure.
Could she be disqualified both as a doctor and as a woman?

“It’s ruined…”

Yebin crawled to the end of her bed and banged her head against the wall.
Tonight, I have to proceed with the treatment of the pilko.
In the first place, I told the baron that three times would be enough, so I had no intention of exceeding that number.

Even yesterday’s treatment must be finished today.
I’m guessing it will take about twelve hours…
Ye-bin locked herself in her amorousness, with only her buttocks propped up, leaning her head against the wall.

Twelve hours.
It’s twelve hours…
Twelve hours of sex…?
Twelve hours of what you did yesterday…?

Yebin’s hand, without realizing it, was twirling a round ball, passing her panties.
I didn’t even touch it a few times to see if the heat from last night didn’t go away, but the water seemed to come out.
She felt like a faucet.

“Ah… Um… Um…”

Evin buried her face in her pillow and squeezed the pillowcase into her mouth.
Two of her fingers, groping for her petals, dig into the winding vaginal opening.

“Eup… Um… Um…”

Above the vaginal opening.
Every time his object brushes against me, I press and rub the spot where I unknowingly spat air, and a piercing pleasure cuts my spine.
10 minutes to immerse yourself in your own world like that.

“Miss Smyrna.”

Yebin felt a chill run down his spine.
Because I heard someone’s voice that shouldn’t be heard in this room.
Yebin raised his head as if he had a breakdown and turned his head back.
I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even think to remove the finger that had been poking my pussy.
Behind her was Amelia, her arms crossed with an expression colder than dry ice.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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