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City Of Witches 97

City Of Witches 97

Chapter 97 – #21_Treatment(7)



What is the magic to commit suicide?
It was the first thought that came to Yebin’s mind when Amelia’s raid was as sharp as that of the drug squad.
I am no longer a virgin.
Wouldn’t it be sad if I died like this?

In the stillness that flew like a dagger at her, Yebin quietly pulled out her finger, which was being eaten by her cunt.
A larger amount of love juice came out of her than usual, and she hurriedly wiped it on the hem of her clothes and straightened her posture.

Normally, in scenes like this, they wouldn’t come inside, or even if they did accidentally, they would usually leave, but Amelia still had her arms crossed and watched Yebin even fix her panties.
Of course, Yebin didn’t have the spirit left to point out her attitude.

“I’m sorry…”

I don’t know what I’m sorry for, but I apologized first.


Even Yebin’s apology didn’t help Amelia’s stern expression.
Amelia, who had been disturbed all night, went to Yebin as soon as the morning dawned.
It was to ask if Siu’s recovery was really going smoothly, and if she could reduce the number of treatments or not.

– Smart smart
– Smart smart

However, she knocked several times, but Yebin’s voice was not heard.
Even though there is obviously a lot of popularity inside.
Amelia opened the door and entered.

If it hadn’t been for last night’s incident, she wouldn’t have acted so wildly.
She assumed that she was on personal business and would come back after a while.
But Amelia’s complaints about her spare time were already hitting her maximum.
Even though she knows she can’t help it, there are feelings she can’t accept.

“Oops… Uh… Um…”

As soon as she opened her door, what caught Amelia’s eyes was her big ass.
It was Yevin Smyrna, twitching her voluptuous ass and wriggling her fingers into the cunt she had never looked closely at.
Her posture with her face sunk into her pillow and only her hips raised was terribly ridiculous, but Amelia felt a thousand-dollar fury.

You mean you got Siwoo’s stuff and semen through that hole?
Are you saying you were intoxicated with the pleasure of calling him by name?
Even then, when you come back to your room, you even masturbate by yourself?

I know that masturbation requires respect for privacy more than excretion, which should not be peeped on by others.
But Amelia couldn’t stand it.
She brought Ye-bin because it was the only way she could save Si-woo.
It is by no means called to make him an object of pleasure or an object of desire.

Of course, there is no way to accurately prove Ye-bin’s intentions unless she uses her powerful confession magic.
Amelia had no intention of going that far.
It is her Amelia who brought her once, and it is her Ye-bin’s credit that not only holds Siwoo’s lifeline, but also improves Siwoo’s condition, which was close to her corpse.
It’s barely holding on.

Still, it seemed that her intuition would be resolved only by seeing her flustered.
Yebin put her hand between her crotch and pressed her sky blue dress with her face blushing like her life was an octopus.

“It’s embarrassing, I can’t even be careful. Are all exiles like this?”

Her accumulated emotions turn into vitriol and spill over to Ye-bin.
Yebin made her body tremble and lowered her head even more deeply as if she had been stabbed in the butt with an awl.
She couldn’t bear to look straight into Amelia’s face.

Strictly speaking, her fault is Amelia’s fault for blindly breaking into Yebin’s room and watching her masturbate…
Yebin also understands what Amelia is thinking.
Since I was young, I have spent 20 years in dramas, thinking about what to kill and what to save.
It was good that she didn’t have to explain how she would see herself in Amelia’s icy eyes.

“I’m sorry… Baron.”

As she bowed her head and apologized repeatedly, Amelia seemed to have lost some of the heat in her head.
She let out a deep sigh and said to Yebin.

“I know very well that Miss Smirna has put in so much effort. She deserves to be grateful for him.”
“…Four, yes…!”
“It’s not that I have doubts about Miss Smirna’s true intentions. However, from the next treatment onward, I will be with you.”
“Four! …Yes?”

Amelia’s words made Yebin doubt her ears. She raised her head and saw Amelia’s face in 10 minutes.
What did you say now?

Amelia was still staring at Yebin coldly, her eyes still full of anger.
She lowered her head again, as it was an intense gaze that was too burdensome to face.

“If you have any complaints, tell me.”
“Oh, no… No. Four….”
“Then, please come to my room and tell me before going into treatment today.”

After saying that, Amelia slammed the door and left without listening to Yebin’s answer.
A strange sound flows from Yebin’s mouth, who has been staring at the door where Amelia left.


Yebin fell face down on her bed just as she was sitting in an awkward position.
Did I just hear you right?
Soapstone in therapy?

“It’s really, really early…”

She didn’t, but when she said that she could only heal with sex, she thought she might be misunderstood, so she suggested cautiously.
But I just caught myself masturbating.
Originally, it was a situation that would raise suspicion by about 25%, and when Yebin was caught masturbating, Amelia’s suspicion was raised to 99%.

The day after having sex with Siu.
This resulted in her demonstrating sex therapy with Siu in front of his lover (presumed to be Baron).

It means to keep an eye on people.
The most embarrassing thing is that Yebin herself indulged in her body yesterday, leaving treatment behind.
Even if the baron’s actions were excessively tyrannical, there was no excuse.

“Where is the crazy bitch who plays spectator games after having sex for the second time…”

It’s a fucking joke.
But that actually happened.
I didn’t find it funny at all when I thought that was my job.
Of course, Yebin didn’t do anything well, but she said that, so she has to show the way she eats her boyfriend in front of the baron?

“Is this a good thing…?”

Yebin is also a witch of the 19th hierarchy who can live happily outside in her own way.
Her opponent, however, was Baron Marigold, who was said to have jumped three levels in the 20th hierarchy, which starts being classified as the Archwitch.
If she had a sincere grudge, her level of courtesy could be wiped out quite cleanly.

“Ah… Really… What should I do…”

Yebin lay face down on her bed and kicked the mattress like she was practicing swimming.
But I can’t refuse this, and why did I create this division just because I was masturbating?
Yebin said she wanted to kill herself 30 minutes ago.

Time is like a river that flows deep.
No matter how much Yebin groaned and grunted inside her, it flowed steadily and brought out the sun that lit up her land.
She refused to eat, and Yebin, who was meditating in her room, left her room with a dead expression on her face.

Even her meditation did not have much effect.
Heartburn she hadn’t felt in 10 years since she became a witch.
I felt like I was about to get a hole in my stomach from the stress and pressure.

Before Ye-bin could knock on her door, Amelia’s door was thrown wide open.
She had come out ahead of time when she heard a sound coming up the stairs.

“Let’s go.”

Amelia walked past Yebin, who was bewildered, and walked straight to Siu’s room.
Is this the feeling of the cow being led to the slaughterhouse?
With Ye-bin her shoulders drooping, she reluctantly followed Amelia.

As soon as Amelia entered her room, she stopped and looked at Siu’s face with complicated eyes.
Well, from now on, she will be able to intuitively see how she and Yebin are excitedly making babies, but that kind of look is unlikely.
Ye-bin closed the door very, very carefully, fearing that the sound of her closing the door would offend Amelia, and walked beside her hesitantly.

“Tell me when you are ready.”

Amelia brought a chair next to her bed and opened a large book the size of her upper body.
Then she starts reading.
She thought that there would be some conversation, or at least she would say words of rebuke, but fortunately, that expectation was wrong.

That said, it wasn’t at all that this heaviness was removed.
Ye-bin had a healthy tendency to only watch her pornography one-on-one with a woman, Soon-ae.
Asking me to take off my clothes in front of other people would be a bit nerve-wracking, but now I have to have sex…

“Um, Baron Marigold… Are you really okay…?”
“Perhaps… I’ll make a chart and report it separately…”
“It’s okay.”

Can you please vacate the seat? She didn’t even say the word, but she was rejected like a knife.
Ye-bin swallowed her heart, wanting to cry and cry, and grabbed Si-woo’s pants with her trembling hands.

“Hey… Baron Marigold, would it be all right if I took your pants down?”

One of Amelia’s eyebrows twitched.
Even so, it is surprising that the tone does not change even a single tone and is quiet.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t ask for permission, so just do as you normally would.”

I’m asking because I can’t do what I did last night.
If they reproduced it as it was, it was obvious that even the saintess, no matter how much mercy and tolerance she had gathered around, would turn her eyes over and grab her hair in an instant.


Yebin swallowed her saliva and slowly pulled down Siu’s pants.
I saw an Imoogi coiled between the valleys waiting to ascend to heaven.
Yebin took a small amount of psychic gel on the palm of her hand.
All in all, the moon is so bright today that it is still bright even after turning off the lights.
It seems that even the sky is not on Yebin’s side today.

– Squeeze sssss

Yebin holding Siwoo’s things in her hand and applying gel like yesterday.
It didn’t take long for the muddled thing to grow with her awkward goddaughter.
Glancing at Amelia, Amelia hurriedly shifts her gaze to her book.

That means she was staring at Yebin’s actions.
I feel like throwing up.

Yebin bit her lip and took off her clothes.
She reveals her sheer short dress, just like she wore yesterday, and Yebin lifts the hem of her dress and pulls down her panties.
At this point, she wonders, ‘Do I have to do this for real…?’ Her shame comes rushing in at the same time as her sense of self-doubt.

“Oh, I’ll go up.”

Yebin climbed onto her bed and spread the remaining gel on her hand with her fingers all the way to the inside of her pussy.
In my experience, inserting it like this is quite painful.
The water on the side has been tingling since before.
There is no need to say whose gaze it is.

However, if she does not show proper healing, it is certain that she will earn the additional hatred of her baron.
She should appeal to the fact that she did not smoke, but treated patients seriously as a doctor.

Yebin grabbed Siwoo’s cock with all her reverence and rubbed it gently against her flower petals to find her hole.
She did though and found a place to put it easier than I thought she did once yesterday.

Her genitals are barely touching, but already her heart is pounding and her hot breath is about to come up.
She kept trying to overlap the pleasure of yesterday.
It shouldn’t be like this.

Ye-bin calmly and concentratedly embraced Siu’s cock.
Maybe it’s because she was stirred all night last night.


Yebin’s body stiffened with excessive tension and shame.
Her moment of inattention was enough to unbalance her lower body, which she was clumsily holding on her tiptoe.


If you fall sideways or backwards like this…?
It’s a penile fracture.
Losing her balance, Yebin’s choice to guard Siu’s cock was to give up standing on tiptoe and let her take his cock to the end.

– Cheeky puduk!

Yebin was mistaken.
No matter how good she felt, if she put her mind to it, she would be able to suppress her moans.
When the suddenly inserted glans stimulated her cervix.


A loud moan echoed through the room.
It was a very tender and lewd moan even for Yebin herself to hear.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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