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City Of Witches 98

City Of Witches 98

Chapter 98 – #22_love Is a Lie (1)


Scared to fill her room with sweet sex, Yebin shut her mouth.
However, she cannot pick up the sound that has already flowed and contain it.
Amelia opened her eyes and looked at the two men and women who had become one.

Siu’s stuff.
As Amelia knew, his cock, which he had hand-fed and ejaculated on quite a few occasions under the pretext of experiment practice, was said to be very large.
Even if you touch it with your hands, you put it in a small hole down here? To the point where the accident just stops if you ask the question.

That big pillar of fire is inside Yebin’s body like a lie.
Except for a little bit at the base of her lower part, everything was embedded in Yebin.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…!”

Yebin glanced at Amelia with a very regretful expression and apologized.
However, the apology seemed insincere.
A person who sincerely apologized wouldn’t make a voice mixed with such a strange snort.
Amelia felt the blood drain from her hair.

You two are really having sex.
I’m going to put such a lot of angry things into the wet penis, and move it until I ejaculate.
Because I intuitively realized that


Yebin trembled on his thighs and tried to balance himself.
However, as if she couldn’t stop the moaning that flowed out of her body, she raised her hand and closed her mouth tightly.
Yebin’s gaze glanced at her Amelia and looked at her front again.
And speaks softly

“Now… I’ll move…”

Amelia couldn’t afford to respond.
In fact, since she heard that groan earlier, her thinking has stopped.
Yebin’s waist, which draws her beautiful curves, and her hips begin to move slowly.

– Sizzle sizzle sizzle

A very obscene sound came from the part where the two joined.
The sticky gel stretches to its limit, and the most sensitive and fragile skin and mucous membranes are rubbed.

“Whoop… Whoop… Whoop… Whoop…”

Really having sex
Right in front of you too.
As if showing off her act of confirming the love between a man and a woman, Ye-bin’s figure shaking her waist seemed to mock Amelia.

Amelia felt her heart ripped out.
Why should she feel this way again?
Just because she loves him?
It feels like being robbed of the most precious thing right in front of her eyes.

Everything is weird


Yebin was covering her own mouth, but she couldn’t stop her rough breathing and hot nasal sounds that escaped through the cracks of her fingers.
Crispy chicken meat can be seen sprouting from her white thighs.
Yebin’s pupils, which had just shrunk, were half-dazed and sticky with her lust.

“Yeah… Uh… Uh… Uh…!”

Yebin starts riding her rhythm in earnest.
In fact, she clearly wanted to end this embarrassing incident as quickly as she herself.

However, the uncomfortable fact that someone was watching, the sense of duty to do something, and the pleasure that came from the cock could not be filtered out.


Siwoo’s stuff still feels good.
No, much better than yesterday.
Bondi erogenous zones become more sensitive the more you use them.
To be more precise, it should be seen that you get used to the pleasure you should have been able to feel originally.
In that regard, Yebin’s learning speed, which already has an outstanding click sensitivity due to habitual masturbation addiction, was beyond imagination.

She didn’t even caress her body, but even though she knew that Amelia was staring at her from the side, her hips twitched and she squeezed out the nectar of dense pleasure.
As if she had already become his exclusive pussy, every move stimulated her every pleasant spot.


I can’t.
Even though I cover her mouth, the sound keeps leaking out.
The way to convince Amelia would be to use healing magic properly while taking care of things like this.

Judging that, Yebin began to use his magic.
Smyrna’s magnetic magic ‘Panacea’ is achieved through ‘close contact’ of the body.
The power to read the target’s information and analyze it in depth.

Magic, which is incomparably more delicate than magic touch, is more accurate the closer the body part of the target is to the womb where the stigma exists.
Therefore, the state of accepting Siwoo’s things as a body was in many ways a state in which Yebin’s ability could be used to the fullest.

She is mediocre, but Ye-bin is also a witch.
As she shifted her consciousness away from blocking her moaning and focused only on analyzing her situation, she soon stopped even hearing her own moaning.

She analyzes the waves of magical power emanating intricately like threads, and she becomes one with him spiritually.
She searches for clues that will restore her brain by picking up useful pieces from the muddy stream of complicated information.
It was obvious that her concentration, which had been spent suppressing her moaning, had shifted entirely to her treatment.

“Haa…Hang…Aang…! Aang! Aaaaah!”

Yebin let go of her neck and began to howl sweetly.
It is a bonus that her graceful face, which was partly expressionless, was distorted in pleasure.
Like a female born to receive her seed and give birth to her offspring, she gasps, losing her lofty sense and intelligence.

Whatever the circumstances, in Amelia’s eyes, it was just copulation.
Yebin’s eyes were shining with a light green reflection of magic power, but from her open mouth, a stream of saliva of her pleasure flowed.
The teasing of the waist, which has become more and more lewd, shakes her up and down as if to squeeze out all of Siwoo’s semen.

Seeing Yebin eagerly covet Siwoo’s body without even hiding her moaning now was a shock to Amelia.
The reddened penis pricks Yebin’s secret wife.
Every time Siwoo’s bright cock dug into Yebin’s flesh, sweet juice flowed out like a ripe fruit.

As she stared at her stimulating sight, Amelia felt her heart tingle.


Amelia squeezed her eyes shut as Yebin screamed like an animal and pounded the stone up and down her.
She folds her book from her lap and quietly stands up from her seat.
As if this room and bed were the stage for herself and her Siwoo, Yebin continues her passion without paying attention.

That it’s because Yebin is focusing on her treatment.
Even after reading so much, her miserable sense of defeat, which had no sign of going away, did not permit Amelia any further voyeurism.

Amelia closed the door and stepped out.
Returning to her own room, she stood there and smoked her cigarette as if forgot to remember.

I’m tired now
I am now ready to let go of her heart, which I had been trying to hold on to for fear of losing her.
It is to get away from the dream of the moment and return to the place where you should be.
It doesn’t matter now whether the exclusive slave or the like mixes with another woman.
In this way, she thought that it would not be bad to give up everything, as long as she felt miserable and painful alone.

I half-impulsively lifted her fingers.
Unlike before, there were not many worries.
Her shock-drenched head was just chanting “I want to be comfortable.”

– Right!

A clear, clear sound echoed through the room.
Amelia’s stigma is activated and all abnormal symptoms that interfered with her magic circuit are cleansed.
In whatever form the love potion remains, it will all disappear with it.

This is the end of the love game that was not even a joke.
As soon as she realized that, Amelia felt a violent urge to vomit.
‘What did he do?’ Could it be that he committed something that he could not bear or undo because he was so distressed?


Anxiety abandoned in the open sea with scraps of boards without a compass.
Amelia, suddenly frightened by her ignorance, desperately tried to stop the purifying action of her stigma.
However, before Amelia could even announce the cessation of her purification, her stigma had cleared away all the waste within the circuit.

It’s too late now.
Feeling profound remorse for that, Amelia sat down on her floor.
This is the end of the thrilling feeling of love she felt for the first time in her long life.


Now, it doesn’t matter what Yebin does with Siwoo.
Even if Si-woo doesn’t happen, she only has a short regret.
Amelia Marigold was thus alone again.
It is so tearful that the edges of her breasts seem to wear away little by little.

A minute passed like that, then two minutes passed.


Amelia opened her eyes slowly and looked around her.
After blinking her eyes for a moment, Amelia realized something.
Amelia jumped up from her seat, clenched her teeth and tossed the vase on her desk at the wall with all her might.

– Clink

Shards of glass that shatter and scatter.
Fragments flew in all directions and Amelia gnashed her teeth with her fists clenched.
Odile! Odette! Sophia! Inwardly, he calls out the names of the three and speaks bitterly.

“It’s…The same…It’s…!”

No matter what potion it was under, it would all have been purified.
Amelia did not change the slightest psychologically.
She still wanted to caress his face and feel the warmth through her intertwined hands.
When she thought of Ye-bin, who was still happily mingling with Si-woo, she was still hot.

In other words, the effect of the potion was not working in the first place.
Without knowing it, she thought to herself, ‘What if this isn’t true love?’, ‘I’m so sad, but I don’t want to suffer anymore, so let me go…’ And so on.
They were filming her heartbreaking new wave drama.

Feeling ashamed and ashamed of her, Amelia ran to bed and tackled her goose down pillow.
Following her tackle, which she enters cleanly, she assumes a mounted position and begins to pound her pounding with all sorts of frowns.

-Puck puck puck puck

How seriously I thought about it!
How sad I was when I thought I was really losing everything!
It was all nonsense based on an illusion!

-Puck puck puck puck

Amelia’s fierce hand movements vomit her intestines, and the pillow’s feathers flutter in the air.

– Puck… Puck…

Amelia’s hands, which bloodied her pillow with her restless apnea pounding, gradually slowed.
Her strength also gradually faded to the level of touching her.

“Uh… Uh… Uh… Heh… Heh heh…”

Amelia was shedding tears.
It was only after her teacher disappeared, and her Siwoo almost disappeared, that she realized the value of it once again.
Her love was what Amelia knew the moment she tried to let go of all her feelings.

That her feelings for him were very dear to Amelia.

She’s overjoyed that she doesn’t have to lose it.
Amelia held her half-size pillow for a while, wiping away her tears with her hands.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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