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City Of Witches 99

City Of Witches 99

Chapter 99 – #22_love Is a Lie (2)

Yebin’s consciousness deeply penetrated Siwoo’s subconsciousness.

The human brain capacity is 1 petabyte.
The computational function of the brain is not able to process all of these contents at once, but it is said that it is the capacity to store approximately 4.7 billion books in terms of size alone.
Even if it is unconscious, it is close to impossible for others to recognize and classify such enormous waves of information.

But Yebin was different.
If you use her magnetic magic, the ‘Palace of the Unconscious,’ you can sense vast amounts of data that are only electrical and chemical signals.

The place she is walking in is a dark space.
It was a bizarre space with uncountable stairs and equally uncountable doors placed here and there.

Here, the laws of physics that are common in three dimensions do not apply.
Some doors hung upside down from the ceiling, and the steps leading to them were perfectly vertical.
Amidst the rapid flow of stairs and doors whose structures change moment by moment, Yebin calmly ran towards a certain place.

It is impossible to open all doors.
To do that, she would have to mill over his stuff until Siu dies.

Therefore, the door that Yebin has to find is a door with a high ‘importance’.
The importance of the door that can be used to restore her consciousness is determined by its color and shape, and Ye-bin could instinctively feel that priority.

[Haaaaang, haaaaang…! Aaaaa! Oh oh oh oh oh…! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh…!]


Yebin ran up the stairs to her black door and she trembled at the sound of her own cynical voice resounding in the ‘Palace of the Unconscious’.
After recording her moans, she puts a gig speaker in a big cave and plays it back at 0.1x, and it sounds like that.
Since that sound is heard in Siwoo’s ears, it is resonating like BGM in this place, his mental world.

Amelia must be seeing and hearing her own figure moving on top of him, gurgling by now.
It was very manly, but I didn’t have the energy to care about it any more.
Her head is already burning from the overload of her psyche.
Let’s finish it quickly.

Yebin opened the black door wide and stepped inside.
I feel a powerful wave of consciousness in this place from earlier.
There was a strong possibility that important clues were also in the space behind this door.


Throwing herself into a space as wide as the universe, Yebin couldn’t help but make a strange sound.
She realizes the identity of this space because she is also her witch.

This is Siwoo’s child.
Even though he was a man, he knew that he was well versed in magic enough to achieve magnetic magic.
If all she had witnessed was Ajin, this astonishment would have been a little less.

– Ugh! Whoops! Whoa!

Huge vibrating sound.
An unidentified golden object floating in the middle of a dark space.
Buildings built with magical knowledge were changing their appearance in an instant.

It changes from a round sphere to a rectangular shape in an instant, and it stretches to form a belt or a sword.

Magic is a law and a formula.
It can be applied and transformed according to the witch’s ability, but the basic goal must be maintained.
It was an unchanging truth and common sense like ‘the earth is round’ or ‘the most delicious ice cream is mint chocolate’.

However, his son showed a way to break that common sense.
The amount and scale of the magic formulas that made up the structure were not very large, but even considering that, they were changing the shape and outline very flexibly.

Yebin felt the thrill.
I’m watching with my own eyes, but I don’t know what’s going on.
Shall we take a closer look?

As Yebin wandered through the floundering space, the distance steadily decreased.
In that short time, the structure has already been created and destroyed twice and changed its appearance.

“That… What is…?”

What caught Yebin’s eyes at that time was the strange distortion of the space.
There is a little strange distortion in the lower part where the magic structure is located.

Should I say it looks like a very thin funnel?
It is obviously the same black space, but only that part is subtly recessed.
It was like looking at a model of the gravitational field of a black hole.

But no matter how much I look at it, I can’t understand what it is.
It was as if my brain was refusing to cognize.
Because of the lack of information, it may be that only the other side looks crushed like that.

When I move my gaze again, I see Siwoo this time.
It was as if he had been asleep.
A face that seems like you’ve heard a lot of words like a parasitic brother.
He reached for the structure expressionlessly, wiggling his fingers.


So that’s what I’m doing with that guy.
Yebin feels embarrassed for some reason.

Then, Siu turned his head round and round.
There was something else in his left eye socket, which was empty in reality.
As if the spheres shimmering in golden light took over the role of his eyeballs, he gazed at Yebin with a subtle light.

How many times have you been surprised today?
Yebin pointed his finger at her chest and asked.

“I… Can you see me…?”

Those eyes are definitely on Yebin.
And this, too, should not have happened.

In this space, Yebin is an observer.
At first glance, it seems that Ye-bin entered Si-wu’s subconscious, but in fact she only collected the information she read from Si-wu and made it into a sensation.
Wouldn’t it give you goosebumps if the person you were monitoring with CCTV looked exactly this way and met her eyes?

No answer came.
Siwoo stared blankly at Yebin for a long time.
Siwoo, who was looking at Yebin with an empty gaze that could not read any emotions or thoughts, continued what he was doing again as if her interest had disappeared.

Then the noise starts.
Observations were disrupted by changes in the external environment.
Yebin’s consciousness momentarily bounced out of the palace of unconsciousness and returned to reality.

Haha… Ha… Ah…”

And the tingling trembling that I felt immediately.
Her body shuddered as if she had hypothermia, and she suddenly twitched all of her vaginal muscles as if in spasm.


As the extreme physical pleasure broke Yebin’s concentration, her magic was broken.
Still, if her overall goal was 100, she seems to have recovered about 30, so she was a formidable achievement compared to yesterday.
How much time has passed…

Yebin sighed and glanced at her.
The chair Baron Marigold was sitting on was empty, and he could feel the warm semen in his stomach.

Yebin looked at her crotch and opened her mouth.
Semen coated her pubic hair and clung to her crotch like wet seaweed.
The leaked semen bubbled up and made the entire sheet a mess.
It was clear that this was not something that would happen just once or twice.


As if she had discharged her dam, the pleasure she had not recognized until now fills Ye-bin.
Yebin caught her breath, feeling the afterglow of her orgasm.

“Aren’t you addicted to this…?”

She only has the stamina to mutter softly.
She yanked her cock out and, unable to control the flow of her semen, she flopped down on his broad chest.

“Haa… Seriously… What is this…”

She apparently thought until a few months ago that she would continue this dreary life.
I never thought that this and that kind of incident would happen like after rain.

– Burr!


I heard the sound of the semen remaining inside being ejected out of the pussy along with the air.
It must have been a natural thing to do as I lay on my stomach with her legs wide apart.
However, the sound was more vulgar than I imagined, and her Ye-bin’s face turned red.

“Crazy… I could have sold this shit if Siwoo was awake.”

Ye-bin, who carefully raised her body and folded her legs, met her eyes with Siu.


His right eye was looking at Ye-bin.
She opens and closes her eyes and slowly scans her surroundings.
Are you sure you woke up?
She appeared to be conscious, though dazed.

“Uh? Wait, what is…? It can’t be…”

There was still a long way to go before recovering her consciousness.
Now that only about 30% of it is over, he would have had to go through two more successful procedures like today to regain consciousness.

– Bumpy!

Siwoo’s outstretched hand grabs Yebin’s wrist.
Yebin was so flustered that he didn’t shake it off and just watched his actions.
As soon as I took hold of her slender wrist, the rough feel of my palm made me think that it was definitely a man’s hand.
It is also important to observe how he behaves as unexpected things happen during therapy.


Then, Siwoo’s hand grabbed Yebin’s breasts over her clothes.
Siu, who grabbed his udder with manly force, squeezed it.

During the process of healing Siwoo’s body, Yebin gave electric signals to each part to prevent muscle loss or blood clots to maintain his motor function.
Once in three days, the joints were also gently loosened.
Thanks to that, he moved without any unnatural movements even after lying down for close to 100 days.

“Did Siwoo-san come back to consciousness…?”

It’s embarrassing to have an extramarital man massage his breasts as soon as he wakes up, or to expose his lower body in a state where he’s been squirmed several times.
However, for Yebin, checking Siwoo’s condition was an urgent priority.

It’s definitely not the look of Izzy’s return.
Should I say that the motion is stiff or awkward?
Above all, in this situation, it is hard to regard his condition as normal when he is rubbing his chest without saying anything.

It seemed that only the instincts following external stimuli moved, excluding accurate thinking.
Yebin’s breasts were constantly being crushed like dough in Siwoo’s hands.

What is the meaning of this action?
A craving for motherhood that was not met in childhood?
Or is it simply a step to check the first object that comes into your eyes by touching it with your hand?
In any case, it is not yet a complete recovery stage, so it is not caused by a high-level accident.

“Siwoo, if you understand what I’m saying, say anything…!”

At that time, Siwoo’s fingertips pinched Yebin’s erect nipples over his clothes.
Yebin’s tongue got twisted without even realizing it at the strange sensation of a tingling sensation in her stomach.
After that, Siwoo played with Yebin’s nipples like squatting jelly.

“Si… Siwoo? This is for now, my faucet… Put it down… Oops…!”

Then, Siwoo’s hand, which was holding Yebin’s wrist, suddenly grabbed Yebin’s hip.
A man is groping…
Somehow, my chest is pounding.
While Yebin didn’t know what to do, he felt his cock rub against her petals.

Stand… Can’t it?
While thinking about it, Siwoo, embarrassed, lifted his waist.


Yebin’s cunt, ragged and melted from her successive creampies, was powerless to resist her penetration.
Her glans reached her cervix at once, cutting through Yebin’s crappy pussy.
Yebin let out a gentle snort at the stimulation of her tickling her sensitive cervix.


Siwoo sits up with his upper body up.
Until now, I didn’t know because I only saw him lying down, but now that I see it, Siu has a fairly good physique.
I feel like I’m going to fit into his arms just by sitting down.

Siwoo grabbed Yebin’s hips with both of her hands.
I have to refuse, but even if I have to wake up, I have to tell Baron Marigold.


Siwoo’s hands, tightly gripping Yebin’s buttocks, move according to their instincts.
He treated her lower body like an ona hall and rocked her up and down while the hard cock dug deeper and deeper into her stomach.


In the face-to-face sitting position, looking at each other’s faces, Siwoo gradually leans his body forward.

“I’m sorry…!”

Lying on her back on her floppy bed, Yebin saw Siwoo’s face trying to press him down with her trembling eyes.
An expressionless face that can’t read any thoughts.
Until then, Siwoo had been lying still, so to be honest, from the middle part, it felt more like masturbation for the two of us than sex.

But it’s like…
Feeling a little raped with no emotion?

“Don’t…Don’t do this…”

I pushed Siwoo’s chest, but he wouldn’t budge.
In the first place, there was no way a woman could overcome a man by force.

“It’s okay…!”

Rather, Siwoo changed his posture and inserted the object that almost fell out deeper.
The uterus is compressed again.
Yebin felt her strength draining away.
Her cock got stuck and she couldn’t move.

Siwoo grabbed Yebin’s wrists as he pushed down her chest and brought them together.
Ye-bin, who lost her arm’s freedom in an instant, was pressed down by Siu with her armpit exposed.

“I’m sorry…!”

It’s embarrassing that I seem to be showing everything in this posture.
Siwoo starts to move his waist slowly, guided by instinct.

“Wow…! Wow…! Sniff…!”

Yebin struggled with his legs spread apart, but soon gave up his resistance.

“Si… Siwoo… Haang…”

To be honest, if I use magic, I can shake off this much, but…

“This…It shouldn’t be like this…♡”

I can’t.
It feels so good.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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