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City Of Witches 82

City Of Witches 82

Chapter 82 – #19_Uninvited Guest (3)


A fluttering black ribbon.
A ribbon with as much malice as its color wrapped around Siwoo.
It was the shape of a net to catch a fleeing bird.
Seeing the ribbons blocking the door of the waiting room as if coiling one after another, Siu reflexively judged the rules.

Magic is a sophisticated science.
No matter what the use was, even if it was an offensive magic meant to slice the human body, there were rules and laws.

What Siwoo read was the wave he felt at the moment the mana was released.
The waves descending sequentially from top to bottom meant that this ribbon would block the door from top to bottom.


Siwoo lowered his body and slid like a runner trying to touch the base.
Crippling timing.
Watching the ribbon pass over her forehead, she succeeded in a dramatic escape.

I hurriedly got up and looked behind me to see a wall of ribbons wrapped around the door.
The slightest hesitation or delay would have left him stuck.

A witch mad with magic.
An outcast known for having no blood or tears.
The moment she gets caught, she doesn’t know what will happen to her.
Siwoo ran to the room through the central staircase.

In any case, it was impossible to escape without using magic in front of a witch.
And on the bed in Siu’s room, there is a bottle of high-quality magical water and ten bottles of concentrated magical water given by the twins.
To be honest, it’s hard to expect to dodge the Wicked Witch using her water lizard walk, but wouldn’t it be slightly more efficient than running with her bare feet?

Even that outcast wouldn’t have imagined that a mediocre slave could use magic.
If you succeed in maneuvering up to the music box by taking advantage of that carelessness, you may at least have time to ask for help from those around you.

“Why, at a time like this…!”

If the Exiles came to Amelia, she certainly did not come with good intentions.
Besides, she already has a history of instigating Amelia’s kidnapping.

If I had met Amelia before she ran out, I would have clapped my hands next to her while watching the crazy magic battle fantasy.
I don’t know how strong Ea is, but Amelia is also a witch with a good knowledge of magic.

“Fucked… Fucked…!”

Siwoo rummaged under the bed gasping for breath.
I hear footsteps approaching slowly from far away.
As expected, there is no sign of haste.
Like a cat playing with prey in a predicament, he just enjoys the time of leisurely play.

I almost turned the bed upside down and took the things in it.
There were so many things the twins gave me, so I couldn’t take everything with me. First of all, I took only the cloak, music box, and magic water that were inscribed with the great magic spell.

At that time, the wind blew and the curtains swayed like an inflated skirt.
Did I leave the window open?
There was no time to be immersed in vague doubts.

“Assistant! I came to see you secretly today!”

There could be no other person who jumped in through an open window at night.
Just as they had secretly dragged Siu out the other day, they were twins who had been thinking of having a tryst tonight as well.
Siu felt that his eyes were getting dizzy.

I ran away from the fire in my apartment while I was sleeping, and I feel like I remembered the cat I forgot to leave behind.
Why did you come here tonight?
Twins, they may have wanted to play with Siu without much awareness, but unfortunately the current situation is the worst of the worst.

“Odile-sama, Odette-sama, listen carefully. Fucked us. Originally, only I was going to get screwed, but it seems like everyone got screwed together, right? Let’s run away quickly.”
“What, what? Did the professor hear you?”
“I even turned on the music box properly…?”
“It’s not like that…!”

I’d rather have been caught by Amelia.
It is not uncommon for an outcast to kill her apprentice and take her ‘vessel’.
At this rate, even the innocent twins get caught up in it.

Siwoo’s reaction confused the twins as well.
Even though it was trespassing to the extent that he wanted to be a little unreasonable, his expression and tone gave the impression that a tiger was chasing him from behind.

“What is it?”
“Now is not the time to explain! We must run out of the window!”

Even though it was a brief delay, Ea quickly caught up with Siwoo.
On her back, strands of ribbon still fluttered in the air like her wings.

“Are you going to run away? I just want to talk a little bit… Are you sorry?”

Ea’s pupils narrowed as she entered her room with the hum of her hum.
What her eyes caught was two apprentice witches who, at first glance, had a clear ‘young’ tea.
The corner of her mouth, torn like rotten cheese, painted her half-moon at her unexpected windfall.
Eaaaaathe​ ​​her taste to her taste as if she discovered a delicious dessert in the 1+2 promotion.

“Did you live a good life these days? I only intended to taste one slave, but even an apprentice witch?”

Siwoo’s face turned white.
Witch for the first time.
Even the magic behind her, such as her appearance full of malice.
Murder between witches is strictly forbidden in Gehenna.
Only then did Odil and Odette realize the seriousness of the situation.

“Could it be… An outcast…?”
“That’s correct~”

There was no context.
A strand of black ribbon, once coiled in the air, rushes in as if in exchange for greetings.
There was no time to look and react.
The fact that Siu instantly lifted her cloak and spread it in front of her was also because she intuited her crisis, not because she identified something with her naked eyes.


And a roaring noise.
Bang Ho-jin spread out beyond the cloak.
Three layers of dense magic formula shattered in a single blow.

A cloak that has literally been torn to rags.
Ea’s face was visible through the remnants of the magic formula that were scattered like shards of glass.

“Did you believe that and run away?”

Dozens of ribbons hum and vibrate, as if responding to Ea’s emotion, who smiled brightly as if the mouse’s outbursts were cute.

“I will stop you! My assistant and… Kyaaak!”
“Stupid bitch! Bounce!”

Odile, who was eagerly trying to block Ea, and Odette, who were trembling, grabbed each other by the sides and threw themselves out of her window.
The transcendental power of waking up in an urgent moment made it possible.
Even when the twins are not in a hurry, they use floating magic to land softly on the ground.

“What, what are you doing! Just like last time, you can divide the roles! I’ll buy you time!”
“How do you stop that monster! It’s best to run away together!”

Siu, who had calmed down Odile, who was running wild, picked one magical water, drank it, and looked up at the window.
There, Ea, who showed no sign of urgency, was looking down at the three people who had fled.

“Did you say Shin Siwoo?”

Even though she is quite far away and Ea is speaking in a soft voice, she can be heard clearly right next to her.
She probably gave her voice a directivity so that only Siwoo could hear it.

“Stop your empty resistance and give me an apprentice witch. Then I will give you the ultimate pleasure. You know you won’t be able to escape anyway…”

And Siwoo saw it.
A translucent thin film covering the whole area in a translucent manner that could not be seen from inside the mansion.
The shape, resembling a water bottle, embraced the entire mansion.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll think about it while running away.”

Siwoo carried his twin by his side as before.
Mana flowing through the body.
Since the male body cannot contain mana, the mana that is running out too quickly is wrapped around both legs.


Ea widens her eyes when she sees Siu using magic.
There is no time for more hesitation.
As if exploding in an instant, Siwoo’s body, which exploded all of its mana for escape, disappeared from Ea’s gaze at the speed of the wind.

“Assistant…! Put it down now!”
“We can run too!”

Siu got as far away from the mansion as possible and hid in the garden.
It was because of the small expectation that if it was a maze of flower vines that grew to the height, it would return Ea’s gaze for a while.
Of course, it was a feeble wish that could be done anywhere.

Siwoo set his twin down, drenched in sweat.
The reason why I stopped here rather than hiding deeper is that this is where the boundary of the translucent membrane meets.

“What is that? Are you an outcast?”
“That’s right, it’s more like the Latifundium situation. Is there any way to contact the outside world?”

Siwoo asked Odile a question and broke a nearby tree branch and brought it to the border.
I wouldn’t have put on such a curtain without any meaning.
He has to check what kind of effect he has.

-Parts Cheats…

And the twigs melted away instantly.
Like metal in contact with highly corrosive acid, an unknown liquid drips from the tip of the tree branch.
What would have happened if I ran without checking and bumped into this barrier?
Siwoo’s hairline became soft.

“As expected… I just can’t seem to get out.”
“Are we trapped again?”

All of these situations were similar to the situation in Latifundium where she was being chased by the homunculus.
The difference is that the pursuer, who had far surpassed the danger of the homunculus, caught up with him.

“Yes, so contact me…”
“Didn’t you come all the way here? It took 10 seconds.”

Siwoo’s stiff neck stiffly turned toward the source of the sound.
Ea can be seen standing on a thin tree vine calmly, as if walking on a sturdy brick wall.
It was an angle where her panties could be seen underneath the dress fluttering in the wind.

“Dirty renegade! Do you know who our master is?”
“I know, I know. Aren’t they the cheeky baby twins of Jemonai who interfered with my work at every turn?”

Ea descends stepping on ribbons embroidered like stairs in the air with a cold face.
Seeing her slowly getting closer, neither her twin nor Siwoo could do anything.

Murderous intentions that are exhaled like breath that can be felt without having to say anything.
It was because I felt too much fear to turn away from the sadistic eye smile and nonchalant way of speaking.

“But isn’t that? That we witches, whom you call outcasts, are more than anything else good at barrier magic that cuts off the outside world?”

Among them, a witch who harms another witch or kills an apprentice witch is called a “Merit” And is subject to all witch hunts.
The reason why Ea, who is famous for being vicious, can calmly walk around the modern world is because she can use barrier magic comparable to ‘music box’.

“You are already in my water bottle. It means that it is a prey in the mouth that you have to worry about how to chew and taste. If in doubt, why don’t you cry out loud and call Master’s name?”

No matter how confident and energetic Odile was, the moment her piercing gaze turned toward him, he swallowed her breath and grabbed her Siwoo’s sleeve.

It is already clear that the words of the exile are not bluffing.
Even with such a large-scale barrier, the surrounding witches did not even show their noses.
That meant that this barrier not only served as an inescapable wall, but also a cradle that swallowed up all the commotion within.
So it must be that they commit such atrocities in the middle of Gehenna, where witches are infested.

“Which one is the older sister and which is the younger one?”

Odile hesitates at the sudden question.
However, he catches his breath and leaves with a trembling voice.

“My, I am your sister.”

Odile made his judgment coolly.
At first glance, Ea’s level of magic is not something she can overcome with her momentary wit or knack.
She shattered the finest protective coat with an effortless blow.
Besides, she still has dozens of strands of the ribbon that caused her attack.

“I will make a suggestion. I’m much more talented than my lesser brother… If you need a bowl, take mine and send the others.”
“Sister…! What do you mean!”

If there was still room for dialogue and if someone could make a sacrifice and get out of it, he thought he would step in.
Ea smiled as if she was interested in Odile’s appearance and spoke smoothly, rolling her tongue.

“Is that a good idea? I’m having trouble catching little kids running amok too. Isn’t it difficult to catch an ant without killing it?”

Ea, who nodded her head kindly, smiled cruelly.

“Then, why don’t you listen to my proposal?”

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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