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City Of Witches 71

City Of Witches 71

Chapter 71 – #16_Twin Rice Bowl (6)

I couldn’t sleep at all.
I’m not the type to enjoy sleep, but I lay down on the bed to sort out the complicated thoughts in my head.


Amelia let out a deep sigh and lifted her eyelids that had been closed for nothing.
Her thoughts, like a tangled skein of thread, clinging to her ankles, probably couldn’t be dispelled by the nostalgia of her weariness.

She tossed and turned for a while, tidying up her tousled nightgown and her hair, and stood at her window.
The bloody bright moonlight seeps into the room.
In her pale baptism of light, Amelia stared blankly at her own reflection in her window.


Sigh again.
Why do you feel so uncomfortable?
The feeling that something is not working out right.
What flashed through Amelia’s mind as she pondered over the day was her faithful exclusive slave.


She blurts out the end of her words and shakes her head.
However, she did not easily shake off the remnants of him that had crept into her mind.
Since when was it like this?

Amelia wasn’t the kind of person who reminded her of who she was.
For a witch who only pursues the achievement of magic, human relationships are meaningless or extravagant.
Except for the occasional Master who comes to mind, there must have been no one who suddenly opened Amelia’s chest and entered…

In that sense, Shin Si-woo was a very strange being.
A bold and shameless slave who brought great shame upon herself as her witch, and a slave whom Amelia had repeatedly harassed to get her revenge.

At first, he was very dissatisfied and hated him for rejecting the offer (an invitation under the guise of) to attend the night.
It was the first time in his life that he had felt so much anger.

So she was harassed.
He made them do useless overtime, kicked them out to shabby lodgings, and scolded them whenever they met.

I think it was from then.
Siu came to mind suddenly in Amelia’s head, who had no one in her heart except Master.
Even though the two types of emotions were completely opposite emotions of love and jealousy.

Had it been this far, Amelia wouldn’t have cared about him in particular.
If time had passed smoothly, Amelia would have forgotten Siu and would not have bothered him any more.

But he was a bit special.
To be precise, he was a different person than Amelia expected.
At first, on the excuse that he couldn’t do his job properly, I tried to crave it once or twice and didn’t care.
However, Siwoo’s performance always exceeded Amelia’s expectations.

He always did his job without saying anything.
When asked to clean the hallway, he did so.
He diligently took the time to clean the large library even when he had him tidy it up by himself.

One day, he didn’t seem to be able to handle all the trials perfectly, so he sent him to catch a deer with his bare hands, and even that was successfully captured.
Could he be rebelling at this point? It was the level I wanted.
Amelia reluctantly acknowledged seeing Siwoo, who was covered in wounds and tied up the deer.

He was sincere
There was something about Siwoo’s sincerity that kept catching his attention.

Amelia put on her robe.
There was nothing grandiose to wear.
Amelia, clad in a nightgown and a black cape, closed the door and left.
Sleep was already bad, so she thought of taking a walk.

The central staircase leading down to the lounge on the first floor.
I could see Siwoo’s room on the other side of the hallway.


Suddenly Sophia’s words came to mind.
‘If you want to be close, it’s important to share positive experiences together.’
‘Be kind to me. Don’t just get annoyed or scold me.’

Shall we go for a night walk together?
Taking a walk in the night dew was one of Amelia’s few hobbies.
According to Sofia, sharing these experiences would make them closer.

It seemed that he was too uncomfortable with this life.
And Amelia judged that it was because Siu felt strange.
Even thinking about it recently, he has been doing good to Siwoo.
If intimacy goes up, he will be more comfortable.

If there was a turning point in his mind while dealing with Siwoo, it was after seeing with his own eyes the condition of the lodging where he stayed for five years with his own grumpiness.
Amelia still couldn’t forget the shock she received then.

The barn was so poor that it could hardly be called a place where people lived.
What Amelia did as her revenge was torturing Siwoo in that way.
Of course, she made me take care of other annoying things, but this wasn’t it.
I had no intention of hurting her so viciously.

She immediately brought Si-woo and made her exclusive, and made her as comfortable as possible.
To correct mistakes.
Would it sound funny to say that this is atonement?

But it was absolutely true.
Amelia had no special, rational feelings toward Shin Si-woo.
I just want to be close to him a little, very little, because he’s someone I’m going to spend a long time with and entrust my work to.
While she convinced herself like that, she was standing in front of Siu’s door before she knew it.


Amelia hesitates, then she knocks on his door.
He may still be sleeping, but if it’s necessary, just give him a little more rest tomorrow.

“Shin Siwoo.”


She knocked on the door again, but got no answer.
Open the door

Are you sleeping
If you’re sleeping, you shouldn’t wake me up, right?
Amelia stares at the locked bedroom door.


Why were you doing this?
He is a slave
The fact that a witch was so proud of her exclusive slavery didn’t make her look like a witch.
Amelia stretched her chest and strode to her door, ready to break down her door.


However, she soon changed her mind and quietly opened the door.
Come to think of it, she went on a picnic today.
Come to think of it, Amelia also hated disturbing her sleep when she was an apprentice witch.
Should I go for a walk alone at night?
But since she’s here, I’ll have to make sure she’s sleeping well… She thought.


“…Shin Siwoo?”

Amelia looked around her at the empty bed.
She waits to be in the bathroom, but there is no sign at all.
The only noise was the wind blowing through the open window.
I didn’t hear the door open, but did it come out through this window?

“I was afraid I would be tired, so I let you rest…”

Something upset.
He even allowed her to go to Yeongsan with her apprentice witch twins, leaving him alone as the owner.
Is that all?
I waited for the time to come back, gave me a cake, and gave me a cigarette.
He went away without even saying a few words, and he wasn’t there when he really needed it.

Where did you go?
Amelia came out of her door and set her foot in the garden of her mansion.
But he is nowhere to be seen.

“There’s nothing we can do.”

It’s not like I can’t go for a walk without him anyway, and maybe I’ll run into him by chance while wandering around like this.
Amelia’s night walk began even though she felt a bit of regret.

“Your sister is making a lot of noise.”
“It’s… Noisy… Odette… Hearing…!”

Hot hot heat.
The inside of the carriage was full of Odile’s moaning.
Odile sticks his ass out against the wall.
A book lay at Odile’s feet because his height did not suit him well.

Beside him sat a grinning Odette squatting.
Since earlier, he has been carefully observing the scene where Siwoo’s cock widens Odile’s back hole.


A cock that moves much easier than the first one.
Odile’s tiny ass hole was rapidly reciprocating as the cock that had been stabbing his sister’s ass a little bit was stuck.

It’s been two hours since we sampled the twin rice bowl.
He injected semen once more into Odile’s back and once into Odette’s back.
Thanks to that, Odile’s hips and the folds of his flesh were now clinging to Odile’s buttocks, with a cloud of semen that had turned into cream.
It looks very lewd.

“Whoa…! Whoa…!”

Siwoo, covered in sweat, grabbed Odile’s pelvis and vigorously drove his cock into it.
I was so out of breath that I had to stop for a moment.

“How many did you do?”
“Mo…Don’t know.Haha.Haha… I didn’t get it…”
“Assistant, I think it’s my turn soon.”

@ How to enjoy the twin rice bowl.
1) Prepare twins.
2) Insert the cock into the anus and insert it back and forth 100 times.
3) After 100 crown strokes, swap her sister for her sister.
4) Go back to 2.
5) Semen is cheap regardless of order.

Siwoo is tasting the rice bowl as luxuriously as the recipe above makes his stomach explode.

“Then I will change soon.”

As he slowly pulled out the cock that had gone all the way in, Odile let out a sweet voice as his legs trembled.

There are things I learned while having anal sex.
No matter how tight the anus is, if you keep moving, it will definitely come loose.
It’s a pity that there is no tight tightening like the first time, but this one had the same taste.
I must say it feels like something is being absorbed.

“Assistant, can you change your posture now?”

Odette tilted her head and asked.
To be honest, I think I pulled out all the stamina pills.
In less than two or three hours, I had already bought 4 feet, but the problem was that sex was also a kind of aerobic exercise.

I sweat too much, lose my stamina, and get hungry.
No matter how good it is, it’s enough, but that’s about it.

“Today… I need to rest.”
“Yes?! Where is that! It’s still my turn…! Besides, my sister started first, so it’s only fair that I finish last!”

Odette jumping up and down as if it were unfair.
Odette was also hunched over to the point where her throat was sore, but to think she was still so bubbly made me envious of her youth.

“Instead, how about doing it again the next time you get a chance like this?”
“I know when the next one will be… Why don’t you just add some more, assistant? If your assistant is having a hard time, I will move.”

Odette approached Siu, who was standing there, grabbing his cock and gently rubbing it against his back hole.

“Yes? All you have to do is stand still.”

I think I could do more if I could just stand still.
Accepting Siwoo’s silence as consent, Odette quickly started docking with his cock, shaking his butt just in case he would change his mind.

Both Odil and Odette seem to have come up with a knack.
I saw that the hole was opened enough to show a glimpse of the mucous membrane inside without even touching it, and then stuff was put in.

“Oh oh…”

Odette’s back hole that is tightly coiled.
I thought it was going to be cold, but I thought that the last situation would be a little more comfortable.

“Hey~ I… I..Haha… I’ll move… I’m assistant…”

Odette’s voice was divided between before and after being impaled on the cock.
Unlike Odile, who has a bit of an angry feeling, he groans lovingly like an obedient sheep.

Odette moved Siu’s hips back and forth, moving his lower body as if pushing against the wall.
Cock freely shuttles down her ass hole.
Suddenly, Siwoo felt goose bumps on his arm and shivered.
Odette asked in bewilderment.

“Why…Why are you…?”
“No, it’s just that my back is a little cold…”
“It’s nothing.”

I took stamina pills, but it seems that I consumed too much stamina.
Siwoo ignored her trembling body and enjoyed Odette’s hospitality (ver. Anal) with her eyes closed.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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