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City Of Witches 70

City Of Witches 70

Chapter 70 – #16_Twin Rice Bowl (5)

After Odile, it was Odette’s turn.
Unlike when she was drunk, Odette was quite shy.
That said, I didn’t say anything dirty like begging for semen.
Maybe it’s because I’m shy in front of my sister.

“Whoa…Whoo…Uuuuu…As expected… I like it… Assistant…”

Odile’s complaint that Odette copied him down to the smallest detail seemed to be true.
Odette accepted Siu’s cock while lying on the sofa in exactly the same position as her sister.

“Huh…Huh…Hah… It’s hard… It’s so hard… It hurts a little… Assistant…”

Beside him, Odile, who was wrapped in a blanket, watched her sister gasp with delight as if disapprovingly.
The reason why her face is flushed even though it has been 20 minutes since her sex is over may be because she is repeating her feelings in the scene where Odette, who looks just like her, is attacking her.

Siwoo was very satisfied with Siwoo.
An experience that I would never have had again if I had continued in this world.
Sister’s meal.
It is also the opening of the assholes of the best beautiful twins in Tokyo in succession in the same place and on the same sofa.
It may be a bit of a bad idea, but if I kept thinking about this immoral situation, the semen would come out without drying out.

In fact, it was a situation where one foot had already been taken off, but the difference between Odette’s insides and Odette’s inside was soggy with semen.
Maybe it’s because the twins’ asses are so good.


Siu ejaculated a second time, dripping sweat on top of Odette.
I could feel that there was no decrease in the momentum or amount of semen.

Haha… Ha… Ugh…”

Odette trembled and let out a hot sigh.
Like her sister, Odette, who had been infused with semen, slumped on the sofa with a Hellere Palele expression on her face.
The frothy semen dripping from the back hole drew attention.

Siwoo’s body was drenched in sweat from the nearly 1-hour waist workout.
I’m excited.
It’s good to feel good, but I wanted to collapse and sleep right now.

“Haa, it’s impossible to play all night.”
“What is it, assistant, are you already weak?”
“We were supposed to play all night… You know…”

As she lay slumped on her sofa, gasping for breath, Odile, who had wrapped her body in her blanket, reprimanded her.
Even her half-stretched Odette helps her sister.
But what?
It feels like every time I ejaculate, my soul goes out.

“From now on, it will be difficult for us to be leisurely by ourselves like today.”
“I know that.”
“But it’s a pity that it’s over already.”

Odette wiped her back hole with the wet towel that Odile had used.
Odette clung to Siu’s side again and fawned.
Obviously, both of them seem to be the same at least once, but the twins quickly became active.

“If you’re having such a hard time, can I put you back up with your mouth?”

Odette poked at Siu’s half-erect cock with her hand and asked.
Odette wrapped a towel around things glistening with semen, intestinal juices, and perfumed oil, and then slowly wiped them away.
Even though you would think it was dirty because it was mixed with all kinds of body fluids, Odette’s touch was extremely generous.
It was as if he was serving a cock.

“Hmm… Actually, I have something prepared for you in case your assistant is having a hard time.”
“I won’t take another strange potion.”
“It’s not like that, wait. Where did you put it…”

Odile is walking somewhere to get something.
In the meantime, Odette cleaned Siu’s things neatly.
Then, with eyes looking for praise, he asks Siwoo.

“Your assistant is clean. Did you do well?”

Odette crossed her arms around Shiu and kept looking at his face, except for the moment when she really blinked.

Odette’s gaze, which was nothing more and nothing less, was hot today.
Was it such a positive factor that I was shown defeating the homunculus today?
Or did he give away his heart just because he mixed his body as much as he didn’t know how to look like Odette?

“Good job.”

Odette covered her mouth and laughed at Siwoo’s bewildered reaction.
Odette stretched out her hand and grabbed Siu’s belongings.
As Amelia said, men are very sad creatures.
Even though it’s so hard and I think that if I have more sex here, my life expectancy will be cut, but as soon as Odette’s touch closes, it starts to grow again.

“Did something this big come in behind me? Twice while awake.”
“Um, I didn’t know how to go in either, but it went in well.”

I smiled and leaned my cheek on Siwoo’s shoulder.
Its appearance is just like a girlfriend who is showing off aegyo to her lover.
The development of the relationship was so sudden that it was rather embarrassing.

“Josu, why are you so handsome?”
“I didn’t think anything of it when I saw other men. Just by looking at your assistant’s face, I think you know what it means to be handsome.”

Are you flirting now?
She couldn’t figure out what her intention was.
Seeing her rubbing her cock with her hand, it might be that Odette was also praising her because she was too sad to end it like this.

“That’s something I’ve never heard of.”

Siwoo gets awkward and scratches the back of his head.
When Odette wanted to say something more, Odile returned.

“What are you doing when you two stick together? Odette away! It’s my turn this time.”
“My sister has a blanket, but I am cold? I like that your body is so warm.”
“Then I’ll give you a blanket, so get off.”
“I don’t like it.”

Odette burrows into Siwoo’s side and sticks closely to him.
Seeing that, Odil also took off her blanket and clung to Siu.

“What, she says her sister wanted to do this too.”
“No it’s not? That blanket was so damp I just didn’t want to wear it any longer.”

Siwoo caught between the twins like that.
The soft bare skin and breasts on both sides rubbed against each other without mercy, and the cock, which had lost a little strength, grew enormously again.

“Anyway… Baby Odette! Won’t you take your hand off?”
“How are you? Assistant, won’t it be cold here too? Because it sticks out.”

On the other hand, Odile seems to have disliked Odette alone picking up Siu’s things.
Seeing Odette answering calmly, she held Sera Siu’s belongings like her handle and continued her words.

“Well, whatever, this is it.”

What Odile rummaged through in her wagon was a brown liquid in a glass bottle.
Siu, instinctively wary of the potion given by her twin, looked at Odile with doubtful eyes.

“What is this? I don’t like potions anymore.”
“It’s something I made with Odette in the past.”
“Oh! Right! It was there!”
“Then what is it?”

The thick brown potion was more objectionable than the potion of Eros.
In addition, it is more so because it is thick like runny nose.

“The backbone of a giant sea eel, bear bile, and Brazil nuts are a mixture of ingredients that are good for men and a little bit of magic mushrooms, and they give you great energy and vitality.”
“It was said to be an aphrodisiac.”

When I heard the word eel, I had a rough feeling.

“There was no one to use it, so I just left it in my room, but wouldn’t I need it today? It’s because your assistant looks tired.”
“That’s right assistant, there are still three hours left in the night.”

Both Odil and Odette seemed fully prepared to continue having sex.
To be honest, I want to continue Siwoo as well.
I just wonder if my body will hold up.
To be honest, no matter what kind of guy you bring, if it’s the twins’ anal combo rush that you want, you’ll be gone in no time.

“What is the exact effect?”
“I think I’ve heard of it being able to do it all night long.”
“Give me.”
“Good idea.”

Odile grinned and poured a little of the sticky reagent into his finger.

“Because they said 15 grams per serving… That’s about it.”
“Is it okay to measure like that?”
“Do not worry! My sister can measure up to three decimal places by feeling!”
“Oh, you’re like a sushi master…”

It reminded me of a scene in a documentary I watched the other day where the number of grains of rice held by a sushi master was constant.
Considering alchemy, which requires very, very precise measurement of materials, Odile’s superhuman ability was nothing strange.

“Ah, try it.”

Odile put the reagent-laden finger in Siu’s mouth.

“You have to eat the other side. These materials are very expensive.”

And at that moment, the unique scent of medicinal herbs that I only smelled at oriental medicine stores filled my nasal passages.
It’s not terribly tasteless.
By the way, how expensive is it to say that splurge twins are expensive?

“How are you feeling?”
“What flavor is it?”
“Will things change that soon?”

There was.
The feeling of being full of yang in the Danjeon.
The cock, which had been enlarged by the twins’ hands, but was still not fully erect, immediately reached its peak size.

“Did it get bigger?”

The circumference and length are so large that it is obvious at a glance that it hurts.
And the overwhelming libido began to fill up.
The urge to quickly get the twins down on their knees and eat their buttholes resounded in my head.

“Your assistant’s breathing has become very rough.”

Siwoo, who jumped up from his seat, made Odile lie face down on the sofa without saying anything.
Like when Odette cast a spell, her libido is seldom controlled.
I want to get rid of it quickly and quickly.

“Okay, it’s okay if you don’t bother me like that.”

Odile stuck out his butt as if he found Shiu’s reaction funny.

“Odette, you are here too.”
“What? It’s my turn this time!”
“The two of us will do it together.”

For a true bowl of rice, shouldn’t you taste both together?

“Your assistant is one and we are two. How are you doing together?”
“I do it in turns. Isn’t there a saying that the more you share, the more you enjoy? If we divide the order, Odette should be alone while Odile is having fun. The reverse is also true.”

Siwoo looked at Odile with a cool and rational gaze.

“That…Is that so?”

Odile tilts his head at the strange force.
For Odette, who did not have to wait so long, Siu’s proposal was welcomed.
I ran over and put my hips next to Odile and lay on my stomach.

“Okay sister, let’s stop fighting and do as the assistant says. Do you have a lot of time anyway?”

After thinking for a while, Odile slowly nodded her head.
Don’t forget to set conditions.

“Instead, I’m the first one to put it in.”

Odette nodded her head obediently, as if she understood that.
Siu took out the scented oil he had been using as a lubricant a while ago and carefully applied it to his cock.
Just by touching it, it is much bigger and harder than before.
If a drug like this were sold on the market, all menopausal men would buy it with their eyes open.

Real-time comparison tasting.
From what I’ve felt so far, the twins’ anal feel is almost the same.
Even the narrow and tight hole that gives you a sense of danger every time you move, and the temperature of the chewy mucous membrane are similar.

However, there is a difference.
Odette has a strong sense of being pushed away.
When you take things out rather than when you put them in, they come out as if someone is helping you.

On the other hand, Odile had a strong suction power.
When I take it out and put it back in, it grabs the cock as if it had waited and won’t let go.

Her face is exactly the same, but the feeling of being fucked in the ass is different.
Even this is immoral.
Siwoo first grabbed Odile’s pelvis and pushed his cock vigorously.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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