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City Of Witches 69

City Of Witches 69

Chapter 69 – #16_Twin Rice Bowl (4)

Odile’s butt hole reunited after a day.
Even though his fingers must have soaked every crease in the lubricant, the sticky feeling still persists.
It can be described as a masterpiece.


Siwoo wanted to be sorry for the reaction of Odile, who was trembling while showing his white eyes with his mouth wide open.
He almost pressed her against her stiff resistance, driving her cock into it.
It proved that white lips are not an ordinary pain.

“Ah…It hurts… Assistant…!”

Odile, who had been frozen as if she had become a block of ice for a while, scolded Siu with her breath.
The corners of her fox eyes, which were on the upper side of her, were glistening with dew.
Although her spiritual body was strong, it did not alleviate her pain.

“Like that… Just, if you shove it in all at once… What should I do…?”
“I’m sorry.”

She was no different from Odette, but I didn’t expect her to suffer this much.
Is it because of the difference in posture?
Siwoo, confused, tried to take his belongings with an apology.

“Ugh…! Stop! Don’t move… Don’t…”

But don’t fall
This is the vaginismus I’ve only heard of…? No anal cramps?

What Siwoo sees, dumbfounded, is Odile closing his mouth with his arms folded neatly in front of his chest like a small animal shrinking from the cold.
A cock that reacts with a spinal reflex as soon as he sees that delicate and lovely figure.

“Don’t even flinch! Let’s stay like this for a while…”

Even the way he shook his head as if the touch was unfamiliar.
Odile was a genius at pissing his cock.

Seeing where such courage came from, Siwoo pressed the thigh of Odile, who showed the sky, with the palm of his hand.
With his body curled up like a hedgehog pretending to be dead, Odile shook off Siu’s strength and was unable to stand up.

Siwoo, ignoring Odile’s order, drove his slightly sunk cock even deeper.


It attacks Odile’s small body and uses his body weight to push him to the limit, as if eating him.
Feeling Odile’s body stiffen, he immediately crossed his lips.
Swallowing Odile’s soft lips, he bit and sucked his straight tongue.

Kiss in the state of anal flexion with legs completely crossed.
Originally, it was a difficult pose comparable to high-level yoga, but it was easier than expected because the difference in physique between Odile and Siwoo was so great and Odile’s hip joints were more flexible than expected.

“Oops… Umm…? Cellar…?”

Odile’s eyes widened in shock.
Odile looks at Siwoo, who moves his hips slowly, as if he is embarrassed.
With his tongue slowly intertwined, Siwoo starts to shuttle back and forth.

– Sweep! Chewuk

The sound of silk being disturbed.
The sound of the cock that forcibly widens the small hole rubbing against the mucous membrane.
I put my tongue all over Odile’s mouth, savoring every nook and cranny, and pushed his cock deeper and deeper.

“Uh… Uh… Uh…”

As they shared a soggy kiss, as if they were having sex between lovers, Odile gradually felt the middle of her stomach heat up.
If the actions I’ve been doing so far were just out of curiosity, something is different now.

A large foreign body fills in and out of the body.
And in the mouth, a large, thick tongue is stirring and tapping each tooth.
It was different from all the activities I have done so far.


The kiss is over.
A silvery thread stretched between their tongues.
Odile before the kiss and Odile after the kiss could be trusted even if they were other people.

As if the body was filled with steam, he let out a hot sigh and his eyes wet with the heat were as moist as a meadow after a spring rain.
The jewel-like eyes that swayed back and forth proved that she was very perplexed.

“Sorry for putting it in all of a sudden. Are you okay now?”
“Right now… No, no problem… No problem…”

Odile nodded slowly, squeaking like a broken doll.
Siwoo, who received the OK sign, was no longer rough.

“I will move now.”

As soon as Odile couldn’t answer, Siwoo started to brush her waist.
He forcibly opens the back door of her who is tight and pushes it open, recklessly violating Odile’s ass from the tip of her root to the bottom of the glans.

“Ugh…! Hick..! Ugh…Haha…!”

Odile’s body trembled.
The ankles that stretched upward, and the pretty breasts that slithered like water in a full glass.
Captivates Siwoo with sensuality beyond expectations.

– Jjukkuk! Jjukkuk! Jjukkuk!

It was soggy too.
Even if a penile fracture occurred if he was a little careless, it did not seem strange.
But if she works hard, the reward comes back.
As Odette proved, the twins’ juice extraction ability was the best in the world.


As soon as her movements got busy, Odile began to howl in a sweet voice.
Then, as if the voice was embarrassing, I put my arms together and covered my mouth with both palms.

Odile couldn’t even guess.
How embarrassing it was to have intercourse with his partner so close to his face.
How embarrassing it would be to show off a face that must have been unsightly and melted in an unskillful manner.
He wasn’t expecting anything.

And Odile’s expression was the ultimate reward for Siwoo.
The tomboyish young lady was immobilized as soon as the cock was stuck in her ass.


Odile, barely answering Siu’s call, realized that a strange voice was about to come out and quickly covered his mouth.
With this look, with this hand movement, you suppressed his moaning.
Siwoo grabbed Odile’s wrist as he continued to drive his cock into Odile’s back hole.
When the stopper from his mouth is removed, Odile holds back his moaning by holding his lips together.

“What… Are you doing…!”
“Let your voice be heard.”

Not knowing what to do, I bite his fingertips and cover his mouth, then close my eyes tight with his face flushed red.
Seeing her like that made her mischievous mind come to mind.
Not in a bad way, but she wanted to play with Odile.

“The… Voice… It’s strange… It’s so strange… Ah…! Words I don’t want to hear.. Yat!”

While trying to answer her, Odile cried in a strange voice because of the cock that escaped all the time.
Her face is the most red I’ve ever seen from how embarrassed she is.

“Ha… Seriously… Don’t… Let go… Hand…”

Make a fuss
With a special and secret tone that cannot be heard at all in everyday life.
Because she is not a shameless and playful apprentice witch, but a single female in estrus.

“I want to hear it. Didn’t I also listen to everything Odile-nim asked for?”
“Poetry…I hate it…!”

Although the physical strength gap between the two is quite large, Odile could have used magic to blow Siwoo away if he wanted to.
If it doesn’t, it means that she accepts this act too.
Shiu decided to try a little more.

– Jjukkuk! Jjukkuk! Jjukkuk! Jjukkuk!

“Are you going to put up with this?”

It was to increase the speed of the piston.
Of course, it was not an easy task to freely go in and out of the ass with the vicious tightening that seemed to crush the cock.
I feel like my semen is about to spill out any moment.

“Whoop…Uu…Uuu…Don’t…Don’t…Don’t do it…Hauuuuu…!”

It was the moment when Odile’s resistance ended in vain.
To the extent that Odette, who was quietly watching her older sister’s erotic figure beside her, shrugged her shoulders in surprise,
Odile let out her loud moan.

Haha..Haha… Assistant… Seriously…! I told you not to…!”

Odile gasped wildly as if giving up on her mute mode, instead covering her face with her hands.
Really, every movement seems to seduce a man.

“Haaaaah…That was really bad…! I tried to hold it in, but… I couldn’t stand it…!”
“It’s because Odile is cute.”

As much as this was sincere.
Odile had never looked so cute and nerdy.
She is much more lovely now than when she drank the love potion and ran, than when she sneaked into her room.


As soon ashehears her say that she is cute, she catches her breath, much to Odile’s surprise.
Her purple eyes, shining with lust, stared at Siu from the gap between her fingers.


Odile quietly calls Siwoo.
At the same time, Odile’s anus, which was biting the middle of her cock, tightened.
Odile, who hesitated for a long time, and Siwoo, who seemed to be trying to say something important, stayed still.
Odile spoke in a very low voice behind him.

“You know… I think I know a little bit about what love is…”
“When I hear compliments about how cute I am… My heart races… Maybe it’s love… Isn’t it?”

Odile said that and again covered his whole face with his palms.
The desire itself.
Siu couldn’t stand it any longer.
Continue the piston that stopped for a while.


A thin voice flowed through the cracks in her hands.
Cute breasts visible between the elbows.
Pale-colored floral folds that tightly hold the cock with protruding veins.
Even the reaction of Odile, who is ashamed and does not know what to do.

The desire to conquer rises.
I couldn’t stand it any longer.
Siwoo, who clenched his teeth tightly, felt Odile’s anal mucosa clinging elastically to his cock, and started pouring semen into the deepest part.


Semen pours into Odile.
The hot bodily fluid pouring out with a rough pulsation, the climax stack that had already accumulated to the critical point bloomed in Odile’s body.

“Josoo-nim… Josoo-nim… I’m an assistant…! Haaaaang…♡”

Siwoo pressed Odile’s thighs, which were about to straighten out, to prevent him from escaping.
The cool ejaculation ended in a tightness that seemed to block the eruption of semen by squeezing the urethra.


Odile was soaked in the afterglow of pleasure as he called Siwoo with a trembling voice like a high-pitched stringed instrument.
He stretches out his arm as hard as he can and pulls Siu down by the neck and kisses her first.
Siwoo was a little embarrassed as it seemed like the way lovers do it.
If we look at this sexual intercourse alone, it is because our hearts raced for nothing, even though it was started to obtain physical pleasure from each other.
That’s why I thought there was a word called rice cake.

Haha… Ha… This is how you feel..?”

Odile muttered something to himself.
Siu carefully pulled out the object that had dug into her.
Odile’s back hole that sees off his cock with rough tightening until the end.

– Pong!

There was a light sound like a cork being pulled out, and then semen rushed out of Odile’s back hole.
I’m just packing semen, but I can’t be so sensational.
While watching the scene where Siwoo revived his dead cock, Odile hurriedly shoved Siwoo’s chest and cupped her legs.

“What…What are you staring at!”
“Why are you like this? It seems like we’ve seen each other.”
“This is not it!”

Although Odile’s sensitivity is different from others, there is definitely something like a flowery girl.
You might have the impression that spitting semen down her back hole is like watching a scene of defecation.

Siwoo smiled and cleaned Odile’s back with the towel Odette gave him.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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