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City Of Witches 68

City Of Witches 68

Chapter 68 – #16_Twin Rice Bowl (3)

Old fashioned interior.
On the sofa covered with silk hem, a lively, edifying voice flowed.

– Steamed! Snap! Whoops!
“Ha…Ah… Uh… Heh…”

With their fingers reciprocating at the precise beat like a metronome, the twins take turns singing in strange voices.
They no longer joked around with each other or talked to Siu.
She just quietly buried her head in the back of the sofa, trembling her buttocks to indulge even a drop of the given pleasure.

Odile keeps his mouth shut.
Odette biting into the silk that covered the sofa.
It is embarrassing to say that it is a substitute for panties, and the thin seal moves wrigglingly.
Perhaps, on the back of that paper, salmon pink mucous membranes were splayed out to choke on his cock.


No matter how twins were, even the timing of feeling pleasure was not the same.
The moment I tightened my fingers was different, so both fingers were stimulated alternately.

“I’ll do it a little faster.”

In fact, I continued to stimulate them slowly and waited for the twins to open their mouths, but at this rate, it would take a long time for the duet that Siwoo was expecting.

“I-I’m fine… Hee-yang…!”
“I’m fine too… Hee hee…!”

Since he wasn’t waiting for an answer, Siwoo quickly raised the tempo.
Ignored the resistance of the mucous membrane trying to stick to the end when inserting or removing it, and swiped at about three times the speed.
Still, the pressure is looser than before, as if the fingers were released enough while going back and forth.

“You… Aren’t… Too fast… Aren’t you…?”
“Laugh… Laugh… Uh… Lol…!”
“I think you two are holding up well.”

Odile asking with a thin, trembling voice in excitement, and Odette quivering with her wings quivering while covering her mouth pathetically, are extremely cute.
Odette’s side, in particular, had been twitching her bright back several times.
It was Odile who had the most sensitive breasts, but is it Odette who has the more sensitive back hole?

The secret of the twins that no one knew.
Every time he received embarrassing and lewd information, Siu felt an overwhelming emotion.
Shall we just sit here and live? To the point of thinking that

-Chalpak! Click! Click!

“Joe… Assistant, hold on! Couldn’t you… Let me rest for a while…?”

Amidst the vulgarity of scented oil, mucous membranes, and the sound of skin burning, Odette’s innocent plea quietly penetrated.
Odette suppresses her moans to the limit and blushes with shyness and embarrassment.

“Eh… That’s right… Heh… Your assistant’s arm hurts too..Haha…”

Odile also cast a supporting shot at her sister, casting her glance over her shoulder.
Stop caressing at this reaction?
It can’t be.
In the first place, the fact that the twins ask for this kind of request means that they are slowly reaching their limits.

“Then I’ll do a little more.”

Then, of course, you have to speed up.
Siu moved his arm with all his might.
It was a swift movement, as if the door of the eight gates had been half-opened.

“Now… Wait! For a moment! For a moment…! Didn’t you hear us…?”

Siwoo’s fingering moves desperately as if he were going to rip the buttocks of the bright twins, and the twins’ buttocks at the same time clumped together like soft glutinous rice cakes.
The tightness became stronger, and the intermittent dream stings occurred more frequently, but after the fingers had already been dug into.
No matter how hard he tried to block it, he couldn’t even push his finger inside.
In the end, he had no choice but to lower his back and be beaten by the cascade of pleasure.

Haha..Haha… Assistant… Hush…”

Odile tries to say something but bites his lip as if he doesn’t have the confidence to hold back his moans any longer.

“Ahang! Okay… Behind… Huong… Fingers behind…! I feel good…!”

As if the switch had been turned on, Odette actively appeals for her pleasure and plays aegyo.
Siu, who felt that her high ground was not far away, started running rampant at the same time as her twin’s waist.

“Strange things…Strange things are coming…♡”

The twins’ buttocks, which are like bunny bottoms, harden in an instant.
As if trying to run away from Siwoo’s fingers, her waist, which was spinning around, drew a graceful curve and was pulled like a bowstring.

“Miss Hiya…♡”

A celestial duet bursting out at the same time.
The raunchy voices, unimaginable from those of Odile and Odette, resounded all at once, making Siwoo’s ears happy.


In time for the climactic moment, I put his finger all the way in, and it felt like the middle of the finger was being cut off.
The twins twitched their hips and bit Siwoo’s fingers all the way and did not let go.

“Whoa… Whoa…”

Seeing the twins wriggling their pelvis and enjoying the afterglow of pleasure, Siwoo removed his finger in satisfaction.

After the concert that the three of them enjoyed together, Odile and Odette crouch down at an angle to minimize exposure of their naked bodies, as if Shi-Woo started to pay attention for some reason.
I’ve already seen him go backwards, so I wonder if such an action has any meaning.

“Um, anyway, assistant… Should I put it in now?”

However, if they were to stop here, they would not have even started.
Odile quietly called Siu, fanning his face still burning with heat.
The long-awaited twin bowl tasting time had begun.
Siwoo took off his clothes and threw them away.

“I think it’s the biggest one you’ve ever seen?”

As soon as they took it off, the twins who saw the object standing there stiffly covered their mouths and trembled.
You may be worrying about whether it will enter your body again.

“As planned, is Odile first?”
“Is it? Right, right?”

Odile’s reaction was exactly as Siwoo expected.
Pretend you don’t know, pretend you don’t care, pretend you don’t care.

Unlike Odette, who didn’t care about this or that when the switch was turned on, Odile cared about her face to the end.
For example, even now, he insists like a child that he will do it first, and pretends to have completely forgotten about it.
I don’t know if it’s natural for me, but it looked awkward to a third party, Siu, who was much more mature than Odile.

“Hmm… Actually, it doesn’t really matter who does it first… But there was such a promise, and above all, if the assistant says he wants to try it with me first, I don’t bother to consider the circumstances of the assistant and decline the offer. I guess you could say there is no reason to do it.”

It was a long line he twirled around, but it took less than 10 seconds to say it all.
Then Odile crossed his arms and averted his gaze.
The reaction was so cartoonish that it made me wonder if he was acting rather clumsy and shy.

“Because I already did it once! I will give it to my sister for the second one.”
“Be quiet, Odette.”

Odette, who took advantage of the opportunity and was proud again, stuck out his tongue whenheheard what Odile said.

“Anyway, it seems I’ve decided to go first.”
“Then would you like to lie down?”
“Okay. Huh? Lie down?”

As usual, Odile stuck out his butt and turned around, tilting his head at Siu’s suggestion.
However, Siu had a plan of his own.

Looking back, I’ve always been behind when I had fun playing with the twins.
Of course, it’s not a bad thing to see the twins’ backs flapping like baby birds flapping their wings…
This time, I must have taken off my upper body.
I wanted to do it while watching Odile’s face as his cock was stuck in her anus and her breasts bobbing up and down in a simple way.
Because it is impossible to see the expression of the back unless there is even a mirror in front of it.

“Um… There’s nothing wrong with it, but what can I do?”

Odile didn’t seem to think much of it yet.
However, when Siwoo personally led her body and placed her on the sofa, a reaction came out.
She blinks both her eyes in disbelief and examines the posture she has taken.

“Does it have to be like this…?”

It was quite different from her normal position on her bed.
First of all, her asshole was lower than her pussy, so inevitably she had to lift her lower body a little higher and spread her legs wide to enjoy anal sex on top.
Thus, her posture, taken by Odile, was more like a bend in what is commonly called the cross press position.

Her bending on the couch itself would be a difficult posture for a stiff person, but Odile’s body was on the very flexible side, so she carried out Siwoo’s instructions without difficulty.

The problem is that Odile himself sees this posture as too naked and vulgar.
Wouldn’t the courtesans of Bellona Changgwan accept men with this attitude?

First, place your neck under the backrest of the sofa.
Then, the V-shaped legs are wide open, and the hamstrings are pulled in and hugged.
And that’s to the point where my ankle almost came to my ear.
Thanks to that, the wet pussy covered in the seal faces the sky, and her back hole is exposed naturally without being protected by the flesh of her ass anymore.

“…This is a little…”
“Are you ashamed?”
“Something… Humiliating.”

It seems that the most embarrassing part of a woman’s body is being examined by him.
In fact, the way he looked at Siwoo was similar.
Odile’s arsenic was clearly visible in a detail different from what I had only glanced at.
If I had a smartphone, I wanted to take a picture and use it as a wallpaper.

“You don’t have to. You are very pretty.”

I thought these words were only for the male lead in a drama.
He slowly approached Odile while saying unfamiliar words.

“Is this pretty? It looks like a complete toilet. Look at this. The leg shape is the toilet seat cover…”
“Odette! Leave you alone…”
“But does it really look like that?”

This time, he glared at Odette with a sincere spirit, but Odette was busy grinning and trembling.

“Odette-nim was mischievous, so I was joking. Odile-sama isn’t strange at all.”

Can it be weird? I don’t have enough time to pamper myself…
When Odile says something like changing her posture while being embarrassed for nothing, time will be delayed, so Siwoo sticks closely to Odile and blocks her concerns.
After clearing his throat once, Odile managed to open her mouth.

“Now… Are you going to put it in…?”

Siu grabbed her cock and applied her balm.
I slowly rubbed her glans against the opening of her anus, which was sticking out even more than usual and showing off her own presence.

“Yes, I will.”
“That… Slowly at first? Know? Ugh… I’m sorry…!”

Although her posture changed, her tightness remained the same.
She pushes it in very slowly, and Odil helps her to insert it by removing her own strength, but it hardly goes in.

Odile’s furrowed eyebrows and forehead.
She seems to feel nothing but pain.
As she sees Odile’s distorted expression on this street where her eyes meet, her strange fantasy of raping her comes to mind.

Odile was making this face when her cock went into her ass.
Odile, who had always been seen only as an immature sister, looked a little different now.


It occurred to me that the source of her primordial pleasure was ultimately connected with her sin.
It’s because she frowned as if in pain, but the image of her holding onto her legs and maintaining her posture for Siwoo made her feel so great a sense of immorality and conquest.

A fresh body odor rising from a body that was crouched down.
A pheromone that attracts males.
Eyes and mouth widen as she pushes her cock further and further.
If this kind of Odile is not a female, how should I call it?


Hearing Odile’s desperate scream, Siu finally pushed her cock into Odile’s deepest hole.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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