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City Of Witches 67

City Of Witches 67

Chapter 67 – #16_Twin Rice Bowl (2)



Like placing two candies and rolling them in your mouth.
Siwoo was playing with the twins’ nipples.
In fact, the act of sucking a nipple itself does not give a man any pleasure.

However, a pair of soft nipples rolling on her tongue made me feel the urge to continue sucking for no reason.

“Sister… It’s strange that you keep bumping into the top…”
“Your tongue… Is very slippery…”

About 10 minutes to caress like that.
At first, the twins, who were busy messing around and bickering, calmed down.
The soft nipples became hard enough to be tied with a thread, and the chattering laughter turned into a tense sigh.


No matter how hard he was, he knew at least what it was from.
Siu’s arms around the twins’ waists were gradually putting weight on them, so it was clear that his legs were gradually losing strength.

“Hee… Hee…”

Every time their nipples brushed against their tongues, or when two cute cherries were pressed against each other, the twins’ moaning and strangeness grew thicker.
To borrow a little Odette’s expression, it was a ‘play’ that started in a light atmosphere, but soon both the twins and Siu became sincere.

At that time, Odile looked at Siwoo sucking her breasts with wet eyes and said,
It was a very thin voice, not like her usual.

“Yes, Mr. Odile.”
“That… Shall we do the assistant’s mouth too?”
“That’s right… We were going to present it, but it’s not fair…”

Even Odette helped.
It was a suggestion that I was grateful for because my cock had been so swollen that it hurt.
But today, I wanted to control something from start to finish.
Without playing into the hands of these tomboy girls like before.

“I am fine. It’s fun to do this too.”
“Hmm… Hmm… Then I can’t help it…”
“If your assistant is like that…”

I tried to hide it, but the twins looked very sad.
In fact, it is difficult to feel great pleasure from alternately licking the nipple.
Rather, it’s more like a tickling sensation.

But it’s not for nothing that couples move on to kissing and then breastfeeding when they have sex.
Nipples are a kind of arousal switch for both men and women.
Just flicking the switch and not doing anything in earnest, it was worth the effort.

However, she provoked Si-woo to move on to the next step, and she gave the excuse that it was a gift to her.
He had no choice but to go the way he wanted.

“I’m Josuni… How long are you going to do this…”

Time passed.
Siwoo sucked the twins’ breasts endlessly.
It seemed that I would not get tired of washing it alternately throughout the day.

-Jww jww

Siwoo buried his head in Odile’s chest, and the sound of air sucking in flesh and the sound of sticky saliva mixed with each other came out of Siwoo’s mouth.

“Four…Slowly…Don’t keep biting..Haha…!”

If it was just licking the twins’ nipples at the same time as time passed, that wasn’t the case.
Of course that’s good, but isn’t there a better way?
It’s not just caressing her with her tongue, but taking turns biting her breasts and sucking them as if sucking on a breast.


Odile’s fine brow furrows.
A glimmer of anguish hung over her lovely eyelashes, and I could feel her whole body quivering in her arms wrapped around her waist.

“Oops…! Please don’t bite…”
“Your sister is beating you up again.”
“It’s not tough! It’s…Really sick?”
“Would I be patient? It’s not like your assistant is making it hard enough to leave marks.”

He sucked on her breasts until they stretched into a cone, occasionally inserting her nipples between his fangs and biting them lightly.
Just a little bit
Even though Odile dissuades her, the reason she kept repeating it was because of her reaction.
A more active reaction than Odette.
When sharp teeth dig into soft bumps…


She trembled her legs in this strange, strangely thicker voice.
In addition, Yang Si-woo, who said he needed something to hold on to, tightly gripped the collar of Yang Si-woo’s shoulder, and this action is also addictive.
I made Odile excited!
I can control my sexual desire!


Siwoo finally fell off her chest.
Odile finally felt relieved and let go of the hem of her dress that was pulling at her like it was about to tear.
Siu admired his work for a while.

The nipples, which were just soft and dainty, now take on the appearance of quite lewd adults.
The nipples, which stood upright in the sky without knowing any shame, became more reddish due to the rush of blood.
Crucially, it was very sensational because it was stained with saliva and even glistened to the areola.

“Ugh… What if there are teeth marks left?”

Odile grunted, tidying her bangs for nothing, as if embarrassed.
In fact, she bit off Odette’s as well, but apparently Odile’s reaction was better.
Do you feel something in this slight pain?

“You like it every time I bite you?”

Odile’s face instantly turns red.
He seemed like someone who picked up on things he never wanted pointed out.
Odile hides his embarrassment by slapping Siwoo on the shoulder.

“Joe, what do you like? Did you almost cry from the pain?”
“Oh! Assistant! When her sister hits someone like this, she gets stabbed.”
“Kyaa! My sister is also a very pervert~”

Odette smiled and began to tease Odile.
So, the tag team suddenly started.
As soon as Odette singled out Odette, she jumped over her sofa and started running away, and Odile gave Odette a fierce chase with staggering steps.

Um, good
The beautiful and fresh body showed a superb view that was not normally shown along with vigorous exercise.
The shape of the hips that twitch from side to side while running, the chest that sways in a simple way, and the smooth armpits that are roughly entangled and displayed are scenes that cannot be seen simply by taking off clothes.

“Ah! Do not do it Do not do it..! Sister! Sister! I’m sorry… Uhehehe…!”

No matter how much the space is enlarged by space refraction, it is indoors.
Odette eagerly tried to run away, but he was caught in an instant and was rolling on the floor.

“If you commit a crime, it’s the world’s rule to be punished!”
“Assistant! Aaaaa…Help me…Help me…!”

It was like two kittens playing with each other.
Odile, tightly entangled to punish her sister for leaking her secrets, put her hands in Odette’s sides and armpits and tickled them.
Odette, who was laughing out of breath, reached out to Siu and asked for help.

However, now Siu was in no mood to respond to Odette’s request for rescue.
I couldn’t let go of my gaze at Odile’s back as he lifted his buttocks to the sky while trying to subdue Odette.
It is hard to believe that it is an organ created for excretion. The clean and pretty flower folds.

“Assistant… Don’t just watch… Heh… Sister! I’m sorry!”

A seal that is said to be attached to prevent the magical power generated during erection and ejaculation.
The seal is very damp.
It wasn’t torn, but it was wet and translucent, revealing the shape of Odile’s cunt.
People say that wearing it lightly is more exciting than being completely naked, but that was true.

“Odile-sama, Odette-sama must have reflected on it now.”
“That’s right sister, surrender surrender… I’m reflecting…”

Siwoo’s mediation, barely escaping from the temptation.
Odile, red from shame, and Odette, exhausted from being tickled, rise from their seats sobbing.
How would Odile react if I told him that the seal was soaked here?

“In exchange for forgiveness, I put it in first.”
“Yeah, sister… I’m sorry…”

The situation has calmed down.
The twins with their messy hair straightened from lying around for a while.
Siu led his good-natured sister toward the sofa.

“You can come over here and lie side by side.”
“…It’s a bit embarrassing to see everything.”
“I… I don’t mind if I see you, as long as it’s Siwoo’s assistant!”

Twins amicably kneeling on the sofa and supporting their hands on the backrest.
Two white buttocks came to mind.
Just as humans sigh in front of the magnificent beauty of the universe, Siu was mesmerized by the engrossing scene.
I don’t know how many times I heard this today.

“Assistant, if you look in that basket, I have perfumed oil ready.”
“Yes, I saw it earlier.”

Siu took out his balm and smeared it on both of his hands.
A twin holding his ass up like a cat preparing for copulation, waiting for insertion.
Whether it’s because of the strange anticipation or because of the shame that they are revealing their embarrassing places, both of them keep their mouths shut.

“If you put it right away, it might hurt, so I’ll loosen it up a bit.”
“Yes, no need to worry too much! Unlike my older sister, who only had a taste, I’ve already experienced real intercourse! If you care, please care a lot about her sister. Ouch!”

Odette smiles and secretly boasts about her score, which is ahead of Odile’s.
Odile groaned and headbutted.
Siwoo sticks closely to the twins’ Duel Ace, fighting each other until the end.

Now the play begins.
A symphony on the G-line performed by twin sisters who are full of pleasure!
Today’s performer, Siwoo, checked the condition of his instrument before playing.

First of all, the buttocks that you want to beat like a drummer are overhauled.
The same type of skin wrinkles that are shyly closed, inspection completed.
The backbone that draws a smooth curve like the keel of a sailboat, has been overhauled.
The genital cover seal, which has become translucent by soaking it in juice, has been inspected.

This is a minor digression, but it was very difficult to tell the twins apart in this position, facing forward side by side.
Even the location of the dot right next to the anus is the same.
Is this genetic fear?

Siu gently aimed his middle finger at the middle of the twins’ buttocks.
Left-handed Uodette.
Truly a flower in both hands.

When a finger was placed on a part as embarrassing and delicate as the genital organ, the flower flinched with a slight lag.

Next time, when I have time, I’ll have to lick it hard with my tongue.
If it’s a clean hole that doesn’t defecate anyway, he’s willing to put his tongue inside and lick it ravenously.
But now my heart was in a hurry.

“I will begin.”

When I pressed the skin wrinkles softly, my fingers started to go in with the feeling of stroking the soft, bumpy bumps.


As expected, the twins’ breathing burst out at the same time.
It is a chewy ass that takes a long time to push in even after applying enough balm.
Siu did not act impatiently and slowly penetrated his finger.

A feeling of tight pressure.
The feeling of the sphincter widening that makes you feel the most comfortable when inserting a cock.
How did the twins’ hind legs bite their knuckles like layers of rubber bands put their cocks in here? It reminded me of the question.

– Sizzle sizzle sizzle

“Ah… Ah… Huh…”

As I moved my hand slowly, the instrument began to sound in earnest.
It seems that it is still closer to the pain and awkwardness, but Siu knew that sooner or later this moan would turn into a cry of joy.

Siwoo accelerated his performance when he saw the toe wriggling that had been shown to Siwoo because he was kneeling down.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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