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City Of Witches 66

City Of Witches 66

Chapter 66 – #16_Twin Rice Bowl (1)

It is said that there are many means of obtaining pleasure in the world.
Alcohol, cigarettes, delicacies, drugs, sex, etc.
As you can see, if I were to list them one by one, there would be an endless number of crossroads.

If you were to choose the most dangerous category among those countless crossroads, Siu would choose sex based on sexual desire without hesitation.
This is because they are realizing how far indiscriminate and dangerous sexual desire can become once triggered.

Even though I knew that if I did something wrong, I would go crazy.
Even when you’re drunk
Even knowing that various bad things could happen if this relationship was discovered, the angry lower half showed no signs of subsiding.

“You don’t like it?”
“Your assistant felt good when you played with us, too.”

The twins, who had come close to each other, gently stretched out their arms and clung to Siu’s arms one by one.
It’s like girls hanging on to play more.

In fact, it is difficult to say that this gift is exclusively for Siu.
It probably contains a lot of twins’ selfishness.
Contrary to their looks, they were sloppy, and Siu and Siwoo were twins who always started to do dirty things.

Nevertheless, the softness felt on the fabric, completely different from that of men, and the sweet touch like a marshmallow disarm Siwoo’s sense of danger.
The plump breasts and the protuberances at the tip rub against the fabric to appeal to their presence.

The sound of giggles coming from left and right.
Even without looking in the mirror, I could guess that his expression was very stupid.

“Sir, sit here.”
“If I had known it would be like this, I would have left the bed.”

I didn’t ask about Siwoo’s doctor.
Even if Siwoo argues and listens, he will try to convince him with the words ‘Because it is a gift!’

“Should I turn off the light because it’s embarrassing?”
“But we decided to properly show our bodies to the assistant.”
“I think this is enough. My assistant is very stupid.”

The twins joked with each other in front of Shiu, who was half-fazed and bruised.
Thanks to the appropriate height, the flickering breasts and nipples fascinated Siwoo.
How could a man say no in a situation like this?

“Assistant, isn’t there more reaction than I thought?”
“Are you worried about that?”

The twins’ faces piercing the field of view.
A little while ago, he showed a bit of shyness, but Siwoo’s reaction seems to have instilled courage in the twins.


Odile waved his hand in front of Siwoo to wake him up.
Siu was breathing heavily like someone who had woken up after being hypnotized.
He was unconscious, but he had been holding his breath all this time.

“What is your reaction?”

Odile, smiling with his white teeth exposed, stretched out his hand and carefully stroked Siu’s cheek.
For some reason, every time I take off my clothes and show my naked body, I feel as if I am more ashamed of this hand gesture.
It must be because of the rudeness.

“Assistant, if you’re worried about our dishes going bad, you don’t have to take them out like that.”
“We also prepared a special countermeasure! If this is the case, even if Master knows about it, he won’t be very scolded. Besides, Siwoo is already our benefactor! Anything special?”

It is true that safety is much more guaranteed compared to when you had to risk your life while playing with the twins.
Besides, the Count Jemonai I met today seems to have a fairly limited personality.

“Show assistant Odette our secret plan.”
“What? Why me! Sister show me!”
“Anyway, you’ll see them all in a little while.”
“Still, something is embarrassing…”

Siwoo, who started to face reality, only then noticed that the twins’ conversation was a bit erratic.
What are you trying to show me?
Odette, who had been hesitantly approaching, suddenly sat down with one hip on Siu’s thigh.
I tried to kiss him because his face was getting closer, but it wasn’t.

“Assistant, lend me your ear for a moment.”
“Odette, aren’t you being too lazy?”

Odette completely ignored Odile’s argument and clung to Siwoo’s ear.
Whisper, whisper, whispers mixed with thin breathing tickled my ear lobe.

“Assistant, I actually remember everything that happened with you today…”
“Ah yes.”

Even though the sense of time was a bit out of sync because of such a big incident, the day Odette’s anus was opened was today.
The semen that had ejaculated inside Odette had not been taken out separately, and there was no way that it would disappear naturally, so even if the film was cut off, the circumstances could have been predicted.

But why?
I don’t know why I’m bringing up these words at this time.
Regardless of that, Odette gradually moved her hand to the center of the convex pants, coming closer and closer to him.

“I don’t remember everything completely… But I think the assistant liked it very much…”

I get it.
This is the same pattern as in the morning.
Siwoo refuses this gift and attempts a physical attack to prevent him from running away.
Odette had already seen the effect of that method.

“I know what your assistant is worried about. So I prepared this.”

To be honest, Odette’s extra seduction was no longer needed.
As soon as I saw the double naked body of the twins, only five letters of ‘twin rice bowl’ were spinning in my head.
In addition, he is burning with the determination to be compensated for the days he was unfairly held in Gehenna.

Odette, who had pressed her lips together as if sucking on her ear lobe with her tongue, slowly raised herself up.
Odette stood up on the sofa with her feet on the sides of Siwoo’s thighs.
She shows off her vagina, which has been positioned right in front of him, as if to show off to Siwoo.


There was a sticker on it.
No, would the expression seal be more appropriate in this case?
Instead of panties, a thin sheet of paper clings to the delicate arsenic.
It’s so thin that you can see the shape of the thick mound and even the shape of the clip sticking out.
On the seal, runes that block the flow of magical power were engraved.

“Th… If you do this, there will be no danger of your assistant’s mana flowing in and damaging the bowl.”
“I don’t think there will be much risk, but I prepared it because my assistant seemed to care too much.”

Truly fully prepared.
There was nothing to shy away from anymore.
As Odette said, she will play promiscuously with them all night long.
A full course meal for twins is perfect for a main dish at a Gehenna graduation party.

“Oh….! Joe, I’m Josuni…”

Siu pulled Odette by the waist, who was standing there showing off the seal of his vagina in a hesitant state.
Being born as a man, how can I endure this?

“Ahhh… Even if I don’t do that, I won’t run away…”

Siu, who sat Odette on her lap, gazed intently at Odette’s chest, which had been catching his attention from earlier.

“With your mouth… Will you do it? Hey…!”

Then, without hesitation, she covered the dainty nipple with her lips.
At the same time, Odette’s shrill moan rang out.

Breasts pressed gently against the nose.
A refreshing and light flesh scent.
If your breasts are like a smooth white porcelain, go to the areola and you will feel a little bumpy skin on the tip of your tongue.
I ran my tongue around it.


Odette gently hugs Siu’s head while his body trembles.
Siwoo started stimulating mainly the soft nipples that were rolling around in his mouth.


Pleasure mixed with tickling.
For the first time in his life, Odette raised his eyes and twitched his shoulders at the antinomy he felt.

“I feel…Good…Assistant…”

The tender bud, which for a while shriveled up with the movement of her tongue, gradually hardened as Siwoo repeatedly stimulated it.
It was as if something had formed inside of it.

As I had felt before, Odette was of a very sensitive nature.
Should I say that it responds well to even the slightest touch?
Unlike Odile, he shows little signs of hiding the fact that he feels pleasure.
His body was trembling as if he was trying to urinate even though he was only sucking his breasts a little.

“How long will it be only you!”

I would have tasted it as well.
Siwoo’s attempt to use the technique he learned from watching pornography in earnest was paused when Odile intervened.

“Uh, sister… Don’t scream all of a sudden! You were surprised!”

Odette, who was about to be taken to the cradle of pleasure with her eyes wide open, begins to quarrel with Odile, as if she suddenly came to her senses.

“I told you to explain, who surprised you separately from your assistant? And you had a great time with your assistant this morning.”

Odile dragged Odette down as she continued to cling to Siu.

“Does my sister always say that I did something wrong first? Do you think I wouldn’t know that you left behind with your assistant without my knowledge?”
“What… What…?”

Odile’s face turned red.
Since it was revealed by Siwoo, who was caught in the poem of confession, Odile did not know that Odette knew everything.

“Without telling me, I cowardly wrote foul play to monopolize my assistant!”
“Oh… I only put a little bit at the end!”
“Okay? It’s such a pity that I couldn’t go out there even after writing a foul! My assistant grabbed my waist and patted me from behind.”

Odette teasing her older sister with her nose raised.
Odile pouted his lips at Odette’s preemptive attack.
They are twins who always have a bizarre competition.
Odile clenched his fists as if indignantly, walked over and pushed his breasts out in front of Siwoo’s nose.

“Assistant, do it for me too.”
“Where is this! I was doing it first!”
“Odette! Cold water has up and down!”
“On the subject of being an older sister for an hour!”

Odette also followed Jill Sara’s older sister.

Siwoo’s cock became even more magnificent as he grabbed one side of his chest and pushed it in front of Siwoo’s nose.
The elasticity of his breasts is evidenced by the fact that they hardly change shape even when he squeezes them tightly with his hands.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her small, elastic nipples, like cherries that suddenly rose into the sky.


The eyes of the twins, who were looking at Siwoo at the same time as if they were trying to squeeze them, were filled with a burning desire to compete.
When Siwoo’s judgment falls, one laughs while the other cries.
It was a really embarrassing situation.

“He played rock-paper-scissors…”
“Are we kids?”
“How can you leave such an important matter to chance?”

Of course it was not accepted.
I can’t help it.
Siwoo took his hips off the sofa and dragged each of his twins by the waist.

“Then how would you like to do this? Let’s stick together a little longer.”
“What, what?”
“You’re too close!”

Odile and Odette stood facing each other’s chests with Siu’s power.

Same height, same chest shape, same waist size, same hairstyle, same hair color, same hip.
And the nipples of Odile and Odette, who are barely passing each other.
I really feel like I’m facing a mirror when I put it on like this.

What that means is that immorality is no joke.
You can really taste both twins at the same time.

First, one male and two females.
Besides, the two girls are twins.
You can see the naked bodies of sisters who care for each other more than anyone else and have been close to each other in real time.

While caressing identical twins except for slightly different eyes, you can compare what kind of moans and reactions the older sister shows and what kind of face her younger sister gasps while caressing the twins.
If you go a little further, you can compare the tightness of each other by fucking her older sister first and then her younger sister.

How many people on the planet have had such a luxurious and dizzying experience?
Considering the fact that Odile and Odette’s looks are comparable to those of modern times, Siu may be the first.

As the excitement reached its peak, reason fell asleep and instinct awakened.

“If it’s hard to choose one or the other, you can do both at the same time.”

Siwoo licked his lips and stuck his tongue in as if splitting the space between his twin’s nipples.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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