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City Of Witches 65

City Of Witches 65

Chapter 65 – #15_Gojingamrae(4)


“…That’s why! I really thought it would end there. Now, I’m trembling, thinking that if I get attacked one or two more times, I’ll get hit without fail…!”

As soon as they entered the carriage, the party sitting on the sofa started chatting loudly.
The main topic, of course, was hunting the homunculus in Latifundium today.

I was worried that I would not have left a trauma because it was a step on the threshold of death.
It seems that Siwoo somewhat underestimated the optimistic nature of the twins.

Odette explained the situation at that time with a mix of gestures with a very excited expression.
Bang! Push! Even the same onomatopoeia is actively used to describe a desperate situation.

“At that time! Josu-sama’s deadly attack, ‘Spear of Aradwa,’ appeared! The vicious homunculus was shattered in a clever desperate move!”
“By the way, I named the window of Aradwa. Isn’t it cool?”
“I am very satisfied.”

Siwoo smirked and leaned back on the sofa.
You probably already know everything about it, but it’s so much fun.
Maybe it’s because 90% of them are Siwoo’s own performance.
Even thinking about it again, it was a huge success that could only be explained as crazy.
Something delightful

Odette’s storytelling performance is over.
As the high-spirited atmosphere calmed down a bit, as if bubbles had subsided, Odile quietly spoke up.

“Assistant. Are you leaving now?”
“Yes, actually, Gehenna is sick of it.”
“But it’s a pity. It would be nice if we could be together a little longer. Is it okay to come as our servant?”

When Siwoo responds with an ambiguous smile, Odile slaps me in the mouth in vain.

“Even my sister is stopping me! Why did you say something only to me!”
“Right, that’s right. Bring Odette’s present.”
“Okay. But are you going to give it to me already?”
“A gift?”

Odette went over to the minibar and he brought back the wooden basket he had put the sandwiches in today.

“Josu is our benefactor.”
“So we prepared something that assistant-nim would like.”
“Odile-sama, Odette-sama…”

It was an eventful day so that it wouldn’t be strange if I fell asleep as if I had passed out as soon as I returned home.

“Whether your assistant is a witch or not, whatever adversity or hardship accompanies you.”
“I swear that I will remain a friend of assistant Shin Si-woo forever.”

After saying something ritualistic, Odile and Odette took turns shaking hands.

“You don’t have to be so sad. We don’t have to be apart forever!”
“That’s right, if we properly inherit the stigma and officially become Jemmonai, I’ll go often.”
“Ah, come to think of it, that might be the case.”
“It will take quite a whilehehe.”

Come to think of it, the clear distinction between Gehenna and this world is limited to Siu, who is a slave.
If the twins become Count Gemonai, they might be able to play together in the present world.

“The introduction has become too long. Take the present first.”
“Ah, yes. I’m looking forward to it.”
“You can expect more. It will be more than what your assistant expects.”

The first thing Odile handed over from the basket was a courtesy music box.
It was originally an artifact that was supposed to be transferred on the condition that Odile fulfill the ambiguous condition of telling her of her love.

“Actually, the contract wasn’t completely fulfilled. I still have no idea what love is.”

Even as Odile said that, he placed the music box on Siu’s palm.
And he added

“It won’t be necessary once we go through formalities, but I’ll give it to you anyway. I want to give it to you. Instead, whenever I see this, I often think of us.”
“Thank you. I will never forget you.”
“When we meet again, if the assistant seems to have forgotten us, we will bring it back.”

Could you ever forget?
Although the way was a little strange, they were Siwoo’s first experience partners.
It’s cute enough to be treated as a hypocrite or schizophrenia if you go out and show the picture and say ‘I left with them’.
Of course, I don’t mean to brag like that.

“And these are additional things prepared.”

What Odette took out was a jewelry box.
It was woven of polished black wood with two birds engraved in gold.

“Assistant, you can’t store mana. I think he’ll think of magic when he goes outside, so he prepared enough mana water.”
“It’s 10 bottles of concentrated magic water made by our company.”

The jewelry box was filled with pretty bottles emitting unusual light.

“The quality of magic isn’t very good, but instead it has a very large capacity.”
“If you dilute it and use it little by little, it will probably be enough until we go out to play.”

If I was just moved a little while ago, this time I was deeply moved.
It was not meant to be condescending, but it was a gift that clearly showed that Siwoo was thinking hard about what he would need.
Besides that, much-needed gifts poured in.

“This is a chalk board, I’ve seen it a lot during practice, so you know without explaining it, right? You can use it by soaking it for a while in the water mixed with the concentrated magic water we gave you earlier.”

A chalk board and mana chalk that can implement a simple magic circle without the need for electric power.

“This is the first gold I ever made using alchemy. I’ll give it to you as a souvenir.”

A gold bar the size of Siu’s fist.

“It’s a cloak enchanted with protection. Even if you wear it, it will only defend against moderate attacks once. Besides, since it’s such a cool design, you’ll be able to become a fashion pioneer just by wearing it, right?”

A cloak with a magic square drawn on the inside.

“This is a quill made from a kingfisher feather… It doesn’t do much, but it’s just pretty!”

Just a pretty quill and so on.

It seems that he has almost no knowledge about the outside world, and even though there are things that are out of focus here and there, where is this sincerity?
Siwoo’s hands were full like a rich lady out shopping at a department store at the endless barrage of presents.

“I’ll use it very carefully. If you come to Hyundai to play, I’ll show you around here and there.”
“Yes, yes, oh yes! I had to tell you this. When you use magic outside, you must activate the music box. Other witches or outcasts might take notice.”
“I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you again.”

I never thought the day would come when I would receive gifts from young children and hold back tears.
Seeing Siwoo’s eyes blush after receiving the present, the twins sniffed his nose.

“Aww, why are you crying?”
“That’s right, assistant, we want to cry too.”

Siu recalled her memories with her not-so-long twins.

Public masturbation in front of them…
Under the pretext of using magic, she became a sex education textbook and received fella with her goddaughter…
She was kidnapped by a carriage and became a test subject for Eros’ potion…
When Odile broke into the room in the middle of the night and had anal sex, Amelia almost caught him…
The first experience of Odette’s back hole, who was drunk and acting cute at Latifundium…

What the fuck is my memory like this.
Siu shook his head and brushed away his thoughts.

“Then can we go back now…?”

Anyway, it must be too late.
It seemed that the story to be said was roughly over, so Siwoo was about to finish his position.

“You want to go already?”

Odette gets in between the carriage door and Siu and blocks the way.

“I still have the last gift left.”

Odile, who gets along well with Odette, also blocks Siwoo’s way side by side.

“What else is there besides this?”
“Then~ the most important gift remains.”
“This is really, really important.”

I don’t think I’ll be able to live on for the rest of my life if I just sell everything I’ve received in Gehenna.
What a great gift you have prepared.
Alas, the reward for this quest is too sweet.

“Do you want to receive it?”
“I’ve already gotten enough of it… But if you give me more, I’ll be grateful.”

Originally, he would have moderately declined, but he shook his head willingly, thinking that he would pay off his hardships for five years.

And at the last gift the twins prepared, Siwoo’s eyes widened.

The twins unfastened the straps on their shoulders at the same time and took off the cloak that was wrapped around his body.
The elegant black velvet cloak slipped down like it was peeling off its skin.
A cloak that fell down on the carpet along the round shoulder line.

Somehow, even though I entered the room, I was wrapped in a cloak.

What emerged from within the hem of the black cloth were the twins’ naked bodies, flawless and immaculate.
Twins showing off their naked bodies facing each other in a model-like pose.

“Come to think of it, we’ve seen assistants naked a lot, but assistants have never fully seen our bodies…”

Odette smiled shyly as if she was ashamed of Siu’s piercing gaze and slightly twisted her body.
But he didn’t do anything to cover her breasts with his hands.
Rather, he stretches his shoulders and chest as if to make it easier for him to appreciate.

Her white skin glowed brightly in the moderate twilight.
The noble bodies of Odette and Odile, carefully maintained by the ladies-in-waiting every day, gave off a subtle glow whenever the flames on the candlesticks were strewn with jewel powder.
Maybe it’s because this fantastic sight is forming an intra-brain drug in Siu’s head.

The tiptoe clumsily steps on the carpet.
If you pass from the slender calves to the thighs full of healthy beauty, as you already know, plump cheeks await.

On top of that, the perfect waist curve that seems like God put a lot of effort into creating it.
As I looked around the elegant lines a little more, two pairs of peaks caught my eye.

Actually, I noticed it by the way it was dressed, but it wasn’t that rich breasts full of motherhood.
But it has a lot of elasticity.
It was a conical chest with a blunt end that rose up without sagging.
I’ve learned so far through porn, and I thought that waterdrop-shaped breasts were the best, but with this opportunity, I think I’ve opened up a new aesthetic eye.

“It’s okay if you look around a little more slowly.”

Odile, who had noticed that his hands were constantly going between his chest and crotch, also stood upright like Odette, as if he had changed his mind.
A pink semicircle spreads out at the end of the bouncy chest, and a dainty fruit stands upright at the tip.

A deep pink shade that contrasts slightly with her skin tone.
The color is sensational.
If there was a lipstick with such a beautiful color, it seemed like it would sell like hot cakes.

Besides, not one breast, but two!
Not two nipples, but four!
Is it because of alcohol, or is it that the awareness has been lowered as they have already mixed their bodies with the twins,
If that’s not the case, I don’t know if it’s because of the carelessness that I’ll be leaving soon anyway.
But right away, I wanted to hold one in each hand and suck on it.

“If the assistant leaves, we can’t have fun for a while.”
“That’s right, because you can’t show your naked body to just anyone.”

The twins spoke alternately like surround speakers and slowly closed the distance with Siu.

“As our relationship with the assistant is not normal, we are doing it specially.”
“Right, the assistant is probably the first and last slave who can do this with two apprentice witches at the same time?”

The twins, whose cheeks were blushing before they knew it, were very close to Siu.
The one who decorated the finale of the last gift explanation was Odette, who was ashamed to sweep the carpet with her toes.

“So…Today… Let’s hang out together all night.”

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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