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City Of Witches 64

City Of Witches 64

Chapter 64 – #15_Gojingamrae(3)


Roughly 10 o’clock.
To begin with, Siu is not very strong in alcohol.
As I followed the tempo of Takasho, who was trained as a host, in the second half, I accidentally threw up a waste of alcohol.
Staggering, he walked toward Amelia’s quarters.

Up until now, I was just thinking that I had to go to sleep because my head was blank, but when I saw the dorm, I got nervous.

It was no different than today, rejecting Amelia’s offer and going on a picnic with the twins.
What will Amelia think when she sees a slave creeping in at night drunk and drunk?
Siwoo, who had hesitated for nothing, somehow regained his confidence.

In any case, the exhausting life of slavery was settled in about a week.
The life of fear of being hated by Amelia is over!

Of course, he had to pay attention to his words and actions until the Count had perfectly negotiated with Amelia.
Siwoo opened the door and entered without Amelia noticing.
And then I was startled.

From the outside, all the lights were off, so I thought Amelia was sleeping in her room somewhere.
In a corner of the lobby, Amelia was reading a book with a single candle lit.


Sky blue eyes that do not lose their brilliance even in the dim light catch a glimpse of Siwoo.
It couldn’t have been, but the appearance seemed to have been waiting for it, so Siwoo was stinging for no reason.

I’ve never seen anything like this done here at this hour.
No, in the first place, Siu rarely saw Amelia outside the research building or her room.
Should I say hello?

“I’m home.”

Pay attention to your pronunciation as much as possible and greet politely.


Amelia quietly closes the book and continues to look this way without saying anything.
Could it be that Count Gemani had already told Amelia?
If he had been waiting for Siwoo this night, that would be easier to understand.
My hands sweated.

“I have to work early tomorrow, so can I go up?”

Only then does Amelia open her mouth.


And again silence.
Suddenly, what does cake mean?
While Siwoo is confused, Amelia slightly lowers her gaze and asks.

“Wouldn’t you like some cake?”
“Uh…Well, yes.”

Shiu nervously walked towards the sofa Amelia leaned on.
On the desk was a plate covered with a silver dome.
What’s up

“I’m left.”
“Thank you.”

Siwoo sat down cautiously.
He was wary of even breathing, lest Amelia frown at the smell of alcohol.
Even if you think about it yourself, it is servile and servile.

Siu continued to look at Amelia.
Have you been waiting for this to come?
As soon as they started eating the cake, Amelia opened the book again and started reading.

It’s a mystery that they don’t talk about anything, and they don’t seem to be on business.

“Here you go.”

I ate it without knowing whether the cake went into my mouth or nose.
As a side note, this seems to be delicious even if you eat it with your nose.

As Siwoo was about to finish eating the cake, Amelia, who thought she was completely absorbed in reading, suddenly offered something.

This time it’s a cigarette
Not just one cigarette, but a bulwark.
I think I’ll catch up.

No matter how I think about it, I think this is what Count Gemanai said.
Otherwise, could Amelia suddenly come out like this?

She’ll probably treat you better, so she keeps asking you to be her assistant, or maybe just plainly says, “I declined that offer.”

“Go, thank you.”

Shi-woo, who couldn’t help but feel awkward, asked a question in the end.

“Have you heard anything from Count Gemanai?”
“Count Gemanai?”

Not really.
Amelia only tilts her head slightly, as if it is surprising that the name came out of Siu’s mouth.
Looking at the straight eyebrows moving as if wondering, it doesn’t seem like acting.

At some point, Amelia’s attitude became toxic.
A sudden change in a person’s attitude is a sign of suicide.
Since she’s lived for about 150 years, isn’t it that her research is stagnant and she’s cleaning up to hand over her stigma to an apprentice witch?
I even thought about it like this.

I can’t.
Her head is so full of alcohol that she can’t organize her thoughts properly.
At that time, Amelia muttered quickly.

“I’m going to Border Town tomorrow.”

She dared to say it was uttered because the words were so fast and small.
She wondered if she had heard it wrong, and when she saw Amelia, she was flipping through her book.

“You mean to accompany me to Border Town?”
“Yes, I will prepare it. Thank you for the cake and cigarettes.”

Siwoo stopped by Amelia by any chance and said, ‘You didn’t think you could escape from under me, did you? She’s giggling!’ She entered the room, alert.

“What kind of lightning is this…”

Amelia’s eccentricity is getting worse day by day.
I don’t know if it’s better to bully her in an easy-to-understand way, but as she keeps receiving lively gifts that she never expected before, her sense of incongruity only grows.


Siwoo, who was about to take a shower before going to bed, was startled by a sudden sound.
Not for any other reason.

“Yes! I’m coming!”

Amelia, who had been slamming the door open until yesterday, had knocked!
Just enter the slave room!

Siwoo gasped for the clothes he was about to take off and opened the door.
Amelia was looking up at Siu with her book in her arms.
Amelia told me why she had come right away.

“I think you’ll be tired because it’s been a while since you’ve been out. You can rest until afternoon tomorrow.”

She couldn’t answer right away and only blinked.
Did I hear you right now?

“Good night, then.”

What? Good night?
Did you do this to me?
Not even looking at Siwoo, who stiffened in shock, Amelia walked into her room with haughty steps.
She couldn’t understand English.

After taking a shower, Siwoo was sitting on the window sill, smoking the cigarette Amelia had given him.
I’m thinking hard about what caused Amelia’s erratic change of attitude.

First of all, I don’t think I heard anything from Jemoni.
As soon as you become an assistant, a nice lodging, a suit, pajamas, cigarettes, and even a cake?

To Amelia, of course, that would be a pittance.
But what matters is not the amount of money in the gift.
It’s the attitude towards Siwoo.
It’s almost frightening to suddenly say that it’s been a long time since I acted like I couldn’t catch it.

Two are the most likely.
One is that Amelia has made up her mind and she is making amends for what has been bothering her.
The other is that even though she doesn’t look like that, from the moment she thought she was her own, she was a caring boss.

Why is he like this I wanted to, but it wasn’t as serious a concern as before.
In fact, this worry will soon be useless.

Still, as she looked at Amelia, she had been enjoying her eyes a lot.
If we go back to modern times, would we ever have a conversation with such a pretty woman?

Siu gradually cleared his mind.
Originally, Count Gemanai was supposed to keep quiet until he negotiated with Amelia, but I have to say at least.

Now I’m going to go out of this Gehenna.
He said that continuing as an exclusive slave would be difficult in the future.
I decided to show the minimum amount of courtesy along with a request for permission.

“It’s easy for me too.”

In the meantime, there are a lot of difficult things because of her, but it’s only a few days that she’s been nice to me.

It’s late.
Siu slowly closed the window and went to bed when he found something hanging over the window.
Several strands of black thread rustling in the wind like a dream capture.
This is his hair

“Come out.”

At Siwoo’s call, the hair that had been hanging down fell all the way down.
At the same time, a round forehead and purple eyes full of mischief are clearly visible.

“Assistant, it’s too late for you to notice. I was like this five minutes ago.”

There is no other person who would come to the dorm and play pranks like this.
It was Odile, hanging in the air like a bat, wrapped in a cloak.
It’s a shame because I’ve had a history of coming to you before, but if I had faced you like this from the first meeting, I would have had a heart attack.

“Can’t you just come normally?”
“Then shall we come back to the main gate? To say hello to the professor.”
“Oh hey, come in.”

When Siwoo opened the window wide, Odile hurled himself into the room.

“Tada! I have too!”

Following him, even Odette jumped out of the window and landed inside Siu’s room.
The twins invaded the room without even stopping.
Even if I had plenty of time, I don’t think I could have stopped it.

“Before I ask why you’re here, the music box must be in use, right?”
“Sure, both are working.”

Odile speaks with two fingers spread out on both hands.
It was a cute gesture that could only be digested with a cute appearance.

“Wait! We’ll talk first.”

The situation where his head is pounding is the same as before.
No, since Odette is added to Odile, it can be said that it has deteriorated.
Still, is it because of the comrades who crossed the dead line together today?
Siwoo was very happy with the twins.

“We all fell asleep in the carriage and couldn’t even talk properly on the way home.”
“That’s right, there were so many things I wanted to talk about with my assistant.”

It is a room with a strong sense of desolation as it is old-fashioned, but when the bubbly twins enter, it becomes lively as if it had never been.

“You’re not going to let it go back like this, are you?”
“On days like today, we have to chat all night!”
“That’s good… But that doesn’t mean my situation has changed completely. If Amelia-sama finds out, it doesn’t change the situation, right?”

Odile and Odette looked at each other for a moment, then pointed to the window side by side.

“I brought a wagon for such an assistant.”
“If it’s a carriage, it’s okay to make noise all night long.”
“There are presents, too.”

That’s not bad.
Anyway, tomorrow I can sleep soundly until afternoon, and judging by Amelia’s attitude these days, it’s unlikely that she’ll nag me about being out late at night.
Even though I’m a bit tired from drinking…

“Kyaa! Good idea!”
“Come on, hold my hand.”

Odette, whom he likes while jumping, and Odile, who stretches out his hand as he opens the window.
There’s really no wrinkles.
I wish I could have been closer to the twins sooner.
I thought so involuntarily.

The three escaped through the window through the floating magic and went over the wall of the mansion to the rose garden where the twins had kidnapped them before.

“When did you move the wagon?”
“I left it here when I took my assistant away and went home through the portal.”

I think he was thinking of coming back to see Siu from the beginning.

“It seems Master is busy today, and I can’t stay still thinking that the day to come like this is not far away.”
“Actually, we want the assistant to stay here.”
“Odette! I told you not to talk about that.”
“But it’s been a long time since we’ve become friends, but I don’t want to break up…”

The twins, who would normally have walked far apart, clung to each side of Siwoo and bickered slightly.
After all, what kind of time we spent together is more important than how long we spent together.

The relationship between the twins has greatly improved over the course of today, when they believed in each other and risked their lives.

Odette, in particular, hadn’t been this friendly before, but now she’s almost clinging to one side of Siu’s arm.

Flowers in both hands.
A clichéd description comes to mind.
Siwoo opened the carriage door, feeling the fresh body odor and pleasant scent rising from the twins’ heads.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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