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City Of Witches 63

City Of Witches 63

Chapter 63 – #15_Gojingamrae(2)


“This is a big deal.”

Stepping into Latifundium, a gorge in Yeongsan, what you see are the remains of vegetation that have been scratched by destructive forces.
Almost half of the beautiful old trees were damaged or broken beyond repair.

The moment you see it with your own eyes, you will give up calculating the damage.
At least it was the off-season, so the damage to the crops wasn’t that great, but in the end, the trees that need to grow mushrooms look like this…

“I have to pluck old trees that have already lost their production function and plant new ones from Yeongsan.”
“Duke Keter might be noisy.”
“Well? Does the man care about such a small thing?”

Despite the massive damage, Albireo and Deneb remained calm.
Even if the magic tool business, which is the base of the Jemonai Company, was damaged, this amount of loss in front of the capital power of the Jemonai family, which extends to modern times, is a negligible level that can be restored in a week.

In the first place, witches didn’t even risk their lives for a single gold coin.

Therefore, the reason the girls personally moved here was not to check the damage.

“How is it? Can you detect torsion?”
“I’m looking for it. Same thing.”

It was to find out the cause of the ‘magical twist phenomenon’ that had been observed in Yeongsan some time ago.
Magic power in the air becomes unstable and magic twist, which causes various abnormal phenomena, is generally caused by two reasons.

One is a natural mysterious phenomenon like a waterspout that occurs on the sea.
The other is when magic that interferes with space is activated or when space itself is distorted.

“It smells stinky, but the ‘kernel’ doesn’t even look like a nose poke.”

Deneb, who hadn’t even blinked an eye at the horrendous destruction of the farm, wrinkled his nose.

The barriers of the underworld that build Gehenna are close to perfect.
The pinnacle of a fully autonomous boundary line that adjusts and fluctuates in response to all external circumstances.
It was a large-scale barrier designed and in charge by Duke Keter himself, not by any other witch.

In the 600-year history of Gehenna, there has never been a single hole caused by an error in the barrier itself.
So what causes holes to form?

“I don’t have time to study magic, but it bothers me. This is why I hate outcasts.”

This is the case when ‘outcasts’ who have been deprived of citizenship penetrate the ‘kernel’ to smuggle into Gehenna.

Gehenna guarantees maximum freedom and rights to the witches of the city, but the case of the outcasts was an exception.

Those who kill more than three digits of humans through cruel experiments to raise the hierarchy, or steal the stigma of other witches, are strictly prohibited from entering Gehenna according to the Civil Code.

That’s why they dug holes like this by intentionally using the homunculus’ ability to cross the other side of the world.
The homunculus, which was also used as a key, almost killed Odile and Odette.
The thought of it made even the most respectable count grow angry.

“Catch and kill.”
“Good idea.”

Was it not enough that he dared to do something like this in the Earldom of Gemanai, putting the apprentice witch at risk?
There’s no way I can forgive

First of all, it was an urgent priority to restore the kernel before more outcasts or lost ordinary people came over, so it was only postponed to a later priority.
If only the kernel is closed anyway, the outcast who came inside could become a rat in the poison.

“Is it Yeongsan, not Latifundium?”
“How well do you keep it hidden?”

Albireo, who grunted and stretched out his magical senses in all directions, spoke to Deneb.

“By the way, Deneb. What are our cuties going to do? That’s why I told you to take care of it a long time ago.”
“Do they listen to what we say?”
“Still, this time was dangerous. Had it not been for the heroic slave, it might have been terrible by now.”

“Hmm~ But I can’t grow it as a flower in a greenhouse forever. I have to experience it while going through this risk. That’s why unnie also turned a blind eye to cuties going to Taro Town secretly.”
“That’s right. I’ll have to gift you some useful combat artifacts.”
“That’s good.”

As soon as the discussion about the treatment of the twins passed, Siwoo’s agenda came up naturally.

“How are you going to compensate?”
“Maybe you didn’t notice?”
“There’s no way a mediocre slave would know.”

Even though the twins are innocent and do not know the world yet, they are confident that they raised them more correctly than anyone else.
If you look at a glance and you can see that the twins follow you very well, he is not a bad person.
Then, even if they were slaves, they would be on the side of ‘missing persons’.

“…That’s right.”

At Deneb’s words, Albireo shut his mouth.

“Why don’t you suggest a different compensation plan? If you don’t like being a slave, you can accept it as a guest of the family.”
“Certainly. If you miss this world, then I think it’ll be okay to have the cuties guide you when they go out to play.”
“Because your own opinion is the most important.”

Even if he goes back to the present world, it probably won’t be the life he expected.

“Let’s ask again.”
“Apart from that, I’ll also prepare ingredients to convince Baron Amelia. If you insist on going to modern times even after explaining the circumstances, I’ll help you settle down in the future.”
“That’s good. You have to pay that much in return to live up to your prestige. Would tens of millions of dollars be enough?”

Conversing about this and that, Albireo and Deneb continued to scramble to find the kernel.

What a sweet sound
Siwoo, who got off the twins’ wagon and returned home, couldn’t hide his excitement.
After a while, you will finally be able to enjoy the rights you had to enjoy as a modern man, not as a slave.

“FUCK Gehenna FUCK witches. A city for witches? It’s all BULL SHIT.”

Siwoo hums an impromptu rap.
While he was excited for a while, he suddenly felt empty.
During the five years he lived as a slave, he lived only for escape, looking only for escape.

But what about this situation…
He thought he had one more year left in his boring and difficult military life, but suddenly the president took office and shortened his service period, and it felt like he was discharged overnight.

He suddenly seemed to have lost his way.
The emptiness that comes apart from the joy of liberation may be inevitable.

I studied the study of magic that I had never seen before, reduced my sleep at night, spilled my nose on paper, and was fascinated by the beauty and tricks that only magic could provide.
All those experiences are already starting to beautify.

“What the fuck should I do? I’m already feeling nostalgic.”

It’s a big deal.
You might think later on, ‘Old Amelia, though she was a nasty bully, she had a cute side.’

“But will Amelia let me go?”

Siwoo shook his head at the sudden uneasiness.
What I just said was too self-conscious.

Amelia is a witch who has lived for 150 years, and Si-woo is just a slave.
And wasn’t it clear before that Amelia had no feelings for Siu?

Since the Countess of Myrna is directly entering into negotiations, Amelia will prepare enough conditions to nod her head.

Looking at the sky, the sunset is slowly setting.
The first person Siwoo found was Takasho, who was hanging around smoking a cigarette near the manager’s quarters.

“Oh my goodness, have you come?”

As soon as Takasho saw Shiu, he clasped his hands together and crouched at his waist as he ran.
Siwoo laughs at Takasho’s humorous appearance.

“Takasho, let’s have a drink after a long time.”
“What, did you finally eat it?”

I dragged Takasho, who also showed the expected reaction, and went into his dorm.

“…Anyway, that’s how it happened.”

Cheap wine and dried fish.
Sitting on the floor and sharing a drink, Siu explained what had happened for about an hour.

I was researching magic to escape.
What happened with the twins… I said except for the 19th gold episode.
Until the day when he finally receives a guarantee from Count Gemanai that he will let him return to the present world.

Takasho, who was listening to Siu with his arms folded, suddenly stood up and put on a headlock.

“Ah! Ah! What are you doing!”
“Why do you hide so many things when you say you’re a bastard friend?”
“So you’re telling me now! Let go! The power is so damn strong!”

Takasho was surprisingly a man of supernatural strength.
Takasho frees Shiu, who is almost exhausted.
Shiu grabbed his tingling hair and glared at Takasho.
Takasho poured a glass of wine into his mouth and cleared his throat.

“Then… Are you going?”
“I have to go. I can ask you too. If you’ve heard, you’ve done a great job. You’re not an exclusive like me and belong to City Hall, so things won’t be complicated.”

Takasho couldn’t help but look sad.
Actually, Siu wasn’t in a very pleasant mood either.
He is the friend I became most attached to during my five years of slavery.
And I’ll probably never see you again.

“Thank you for your words, but I will stay here.”
“Is that so? I want you to go too.”
“Your empty words, you said you haven’t even spoken to the Count yet.”

Takasho sat down on the bed and giggled.
In fact, Takasho liked life here more than modern life.
The reason why Shi Woo didn’t tell Count Ku Tae-yeo about Takasho’s problem first was because he knew he wouldn’t go back.

“If you’re not there, who do you go to the bar with on holiday? Write.”
“You can go with the witch you like.”

In fact, it would be sudden news for Takasho.
Siwoo, whom he thought would be a friend for the rest of his life, is going back to Earth alone, so he must be quite shocked.

Although there must have been anxiety about being left alone in Gehenna, Takasho sincerely congratulated Shiu.
With tears in his eyes, he hugs Siwoo and pats him on the back.

“But it’s good. It’s really good. You’re smart differently than me, so you’ll be fine even when you go out.”

It was almost as expected, but somehow my nose tingled.

“Hey, I said I was short haired every day when I saw you. You know I didn’t mean it, right? I’ve been really grateful for all this time. If it weren’t for you, I would have been caught running away and taken to the dock a long time ago.”
“It was nice to have someone I could talk to.”

When the hot man finished hugging him, Takasho made a messy frown on his face, holding back his tears.

“Hey, are you crying?”

Takasho gulped down his drink and caught his breath before speaking.

“If I get enchanted and turn into a cute little girl, and if I become a witch and can come and go freely…”

Takasho smiled brightly.
Tears glistening brightly.

“I’ll definitely find you and give you a suck.”

She felt her goosebumps rise at Takasho’s joke.
I’m not lying, Takasho is more scary than the homunculus from before.

“Stop talking bullshit and let’s have a drink.”
“Yes, Kanpai!”

I thought I would need a little more alcohol today to talk about accumulated stories, things I couldn’t say in the future.
Suddenly, Takasho brought her up.

“Hey, but I just had a sudden thought. What if Amelia doesn’t let you go when we’re in such a hurry?”
“At that time, I have to study magic again.”
“It feels cheap.”
“What’s cheaper? It’s just a matter of waiting a little longer.”

Watching the sun go down like that, the friendship between the two men deepened.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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