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City Of Witches 62

City Of Witches 62

Chapter 62 – #15_Gojingamrae


“Assistant, if you have a new realization, you have something to do.”

Odile urged Siwoo, who was half blankly looking at his palm.
It looks like he wants to see his new ability.

In fact, Siwoo also wanted to deal with this shadow right away.
If he applied it to his existing magical knowledge, he was confident that he would be able to use magic of a much higher level than the homunculus used earlier.

“It’s a bunch.”

Siu smiled bitterly.

“The circuit inside the body is tattered, so I can’t use it right now.”

The external wounds are about 12 injection holes and swollen ankles, but the inside is not.
The hot magic circuit still felt intermittent pain.

“Oops, that’s right. Then, do you want to go back to the mansion?”
“Okay! I’ll ask Master to heal you. You’ll get better sooner than if you left it alone!”

Will it be okay though?
In order to heal Siwoo’s body, it is revealed that he used magic inevitably.
There are already three people, including the twins Sophia, who know that Siu is using magic.
After thinking about it for a while, Siu expressed his intention to refuse.

“It’s okay.”

It is true that he saved the golden apprentice’s life, but it is also true that he physically flirted with the apprentice no matter the circumstances.

It wouldn’t matter if the three of them kept their mouths shut, but I was stabbed anyway.
A seasoned witch who has lived for over a hundred years might read the suspicious atmosphere right away.

“Are you afraid that you might find out you know how to use magic?”
“That’ll be fine. We’ll tell you nicely. It might give you a great gift!”

The twins seemed to want to introduce Si-woo to their master.
Siwoo started to organize the situation after giving up.

In fact, thinking about how to safely cover this up, his head is already spinning.
Only half of the tree in Latifundium is broken, and there are clear signs of battle, but I wonder if this can be covered as if it never happened…

“Hmm… What should we do? We’d like to kiss the assistant as much as possible.”
“But even if we caught the homunculus, Master wouldn’t believe it. Even the egg of Gnosis was taken by Siu.”
“Is there any magic that can restore things back to normal?”
“This kind of mess is unreasonable.”

Actually, she didn’t ask with high expectations.
She and the twins went out of Yeongsan and discussed this and that, but the scale of the accident was too great.
It is self-evident that Jemonai will pay attention to Siwoo in any way.

“…I really can’t. I’ll think about it some more.”

Originally, they were twins who wished that it wouldn’t matter if Master found out.
Why are you so anxious?

However, the worries of Siu and the twins are meaningless.
It was because of the person who appeared right in front of my eyes as soon as I left Yeongsan.

“”Oh! Master!””
“”You troublemakers!””

Two women stride at the same time and put honey chestnuts on Odile and Odette’s heads respectively.
Anything else to say?

The apprentice witch’s teacher and current Count Zemanai.
Albireo Zemanai, the teacher of Odile and Odette.
And it was Deneb Zemanai.

Since it was a sudden meeting, Siwoo was able to observe the two Jemenai, Albireo and Deneb, only after getting on the carriage.
To put it in more detail, I was able to observe the two masters while they were sternly scolding the twins.

“Master, that’s not it…!”
“Who told you to enter Youngsan on your own!”
“I’ve already been told that it’s dangerous because I’ve detected the tangle of magic!”
“Now… I was wrong…”

What should I say first?
It is very surprising.

There was an image that the Counts of Gemanai seemed to be jumping around too, perhaps because they only saw twins who were tomboys.
When I saw it right in front of my eyes, I felt like I was seeing a noble lady.

“So, a homunculus appeared!”
“While we were paying attention, my assistant swept away with Kwaang! Magic.”
“Look at these guys? What are they doing well?”
“Ugh…! It hurts…It hurts…”

Of course, now that she is scolding her twins, she is a mother who loves her children without fail.

“Go over there and stand with your hands up.”

After about 30 minutes of explanations and scoldings, the noisy carriage quieted down a bit as the twins knelt side by side and raised their hands.

“Whoa… Prepare Deneb tea.”

Alebio, who had a strand of her hair tucked behind her ear, seemed to have a fever, approached Siu, who was sitting like a wooden stone.

“I hear you saved our troublemakers, right?”

Albireo spoke up first.
He resembles Odile in that he has purple eyes and black hair, but other than that, he is completely different.

She looked very mature thanks to her hair neatly tied up in a bun and a missy dress that exposed the curves of her body.
Maybe it’s because of a heart as rich as Sophia’s.

At first, she looked over Siwoo with suspicious eyes, but by the end of her twin’s explanation and explanation, her eyes changed.
Maybe it was because of her hot-blooded defense that was almost like a hymn, but now her eyes were full of warm kindness.

“I just did what I had to do.”
“Oh, you are humble.”

Deneb is pouring tea into Siwoo’s teacup as she answers while lowering her head.
She probably looked like her sister this way.

Seeing the two counts for the first time, what surprised Siwoo the most was Deneb’s appearance.

Like Odile and Odette, it seemed obvious that they were twins, although they looked exactly alike from her appearance to body shape, but there were differences that stood out to her.

It was that Deneb had white hair as white as her snow, which set her apart from Albireo.
Her eyebrows and eyelashes were all pure white, giving off a mysterious yet divine feeling.
That’s why it’s called the pair of black and white.
Siu nodded her head inwardly.

“You mean from slaves from the present world?”
“To be able to use this level of magic without having a stigma.

Tea time started naturally.
She just felt nervous.
Two pairs of eyes that looked exactly like her except for the color of her hair were staring at her.

“Yeah, thanks for looking at me…”
“Wait, before that.”

Both hands reach out to Siwoo’s cheeks at the same time.
As soon as the fingertips that smelled good gently touched Siu’s cheek, he felt the subtle soreness all over his body disappear from earlier.

“My body is so messed up, so I’ve been treating it.”
“Are you okay?”
“Persimmon, thank you. It has become very comfortable.”

It was amazing.
In less than a second, all the pain disappeared in an instant.
The magic circuit, which was appropriately described as tattered, and the swollen ankle were healed in an instant.

Indeed, Jemonai was granted the title of count.
Although the family is famous for its magic tools, the level of magic is far away.

“Thank you for having the courage to save us tomboys, but it’s better not to use random magic like that in the future.”
“Yes, I’ll keep that in mind.”
“Still, it’s amazing that you managed to use your wits and defeat the homunculus. I admire it.”
“It doesn’t matter.”

Siu lowered his head again.
For the same reasons as before, Siwoo felt very uncomfortable in this place.

Now, of course, they will treat you like a benefactor.
Because he is no different from the hero who saved his beloved daughter.
However, will the same hospitality continue even if Siwoo finds out what he did to Odile and Odette’s assholes?

“If you’ve been favored, it’s reasonable to pay back.”
“Can I tell you anything you want?”

Occasionally, the twins’ bizarre way of speaking unfolds in front of their eyes without the slightest deviation.
It was as if they were sharing their thoughts.

No matter what the way of speaking was, Siu had already decided on the answer to the question of what Count Gemanai wanted.

“Could you please let me out of Gehenna?”

I can’t pick up the words that have already come out of my mouth, but even so, something shrinks.
After hearing the request, the two men looked at Siu.


Even though the words were not that difficult, the Count’s silence was long.
Shi-woo, feeling a bit uneasy, asked back subtly.

“Is this a difficult request?”
“No, it’s a very easy request. But it’s a bit unexpected.”

Is there anything surprising in that you’re tired of being a slave here?
While Shiu tilted his head, Deneb’s explanation continued.

“I thought that if you had accomplished enough to defeat a homunculus in poor circumstances, you would have a little more attachment and enthusiasm for magic.”
“There’s no better place to learn magic than Gehenna, so I figured I’d stay here.”

That’s it.
When Siu first started studying his magic, he had only one thought: to leave Gehenna.
However, as time went on, opinions changed.

Magic, which was originally just a means to an end, gave Siwoo a new sense of achievement and a sense of inquiry.
Crucially, the appearance of Ain he saw today still remains as a huge shock and makes his heart pound.

“Yes, I want to go home.”

I still want to go home
I missed the Coke, the chicken, the pizza, the loud car noise, the smog-filled urban landscape, and the full HD pornography.

“Are you okay with just that?”
“It’s just that you’ve been blessed by the Jemani family, right? You can give them a citizenship card and hire them as assistants to help with magic research.”

Jemonai seems to be confused about Siwoo’s simple wish.
But soon interest faded.

For Siu, escaping from Gehenna is a lifelong wish, and this table is a negotiation table to obtain that freedom.

However, to Jemani, it is only a small request that one slave wants to return to the modern age.
It is an easy request that does not require any burden to be granted.

“I’ll go through the formalities right away.”
“Where do you belong? If it’s the academy, it’s the city hall, right?”

It reminds me of something I was missing at that moment.

“That’s… Actually, I’m Amelia’s exclusive slave. Will this be a problem?”
“Exclusive slave?”

Although they quickly settled down for the sake of dignity, Si-woo did not miss the moment of confusion passing by on the faces of the twins.
How bad is it?

“What about this…”

Light sigh.
Siwoo’s ominousness soon became a reality.

“In Gehenna, exclusive slavery means private property. If you’re just a member of City Hall, we’ll just pay the ransom, but in this case you’ll need Baron Marigold’s permission.”
“Don’t worry too much. She won’t bother holding you back if you give her a fair enough reward.”

If I had known it would turn out like this, I wouldn’t go into Amelia’s exclusive possession even if it meant being harassed.
‘I shouldn’t have used that coin then!’ Albireo opened his mouth at the sight of Siu’s expression darkening at the same time.

“Don’t worry too much.”
“I’ll prepare and offer a ransom that she can fully understand.”
“Thank you.”

End with this?
The witches sipped their teacups and said no more.

“Well then, when can I go out?”
“The Count’s duties are there, and I need materials to negotiate with the Baron…”
“About a week or so?”

Only that?
Waited 5 years
A week or so is nothing.

Siu, who staggeredly obtained a free coupon, hid his desire to tumble on the spot.
Hasn’t the magic research been in vain for the past three years?
Without that magic research, there is no way to get this kind of privilege.

“Thank you!”
“For something like this.”
“You have to do it.”

It’s unclear how Amelia will turn out, but hopefully anything will happen.

He is the Countess of Jemonai, who is famous for being wealthy.
Even Amelia would be satisfied with the ransom they prepared to repay her kindness.

“Then, let’s go check the condition of Yeongsan first. Troublemakers~”
“Yes! Master!”

Odile and Odette, who were raising their hands in the corner, run to the table as soon as they run out of words.

“Did you say thank you properly?”
“Regardless of your social status, if you are favored, you need the proper treatment.
There is not only material things, but also the sincerity of bowing your head and saying hello.”

Albireo and Deneb took the initiative and bowed their heads to Siu.

“I owe a debt that is hard to pay.”
“Thanks again.”
“Go, raise your head. It’s too much.”

Shiu was startled.
No matter how much he saved the twins, Siwoo is nothing more than a slave and Jemyonai is a count.
The count, one of only seven in this world.

“It is a virtue to be followed as a noble to show a proper courtesy to a benefactor.”
“May the path you go on be filled with the blessings of mana.”

Jemonai kissed the back of Shiu’s hand in turn, who was confused, and pushed the twins’ backs.

“Thank you so much for saving me, Assistant!”

The twins hid their unfamiliar smiles and bowed politely.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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