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City Of Witches 61

City Of Witches 61

Chapter 61 – #14_Play Ball (4)


Huge window.
The magic that was condensed and accelerated to the limit became a line that shined sublimely.
A polar light that blinds the viewer runs through the air.

It was a fleeting moment.
The homunculus unwittingly stretched out its shadow along with his arm.
It didn’t feel particularly defensive.
Just like a cat chasing a laser tip out of curiosity. Arms stretched out meaninglessly become powdered by the torrent-like flow of magical power.

Even if magic power itself had no offensive ability, at this level of concentration and compression ratio of this level, it was no different from a gigantic weapon in itself.
The fingertips that boil and disintegrate from the tip.

The spear of light drove away the shadows like the dawn that clears the darkness of dawn.

The classification of magical power that covered the three red eyes that roared with curiosity.
It reached the shadow, the body of the monster, and the tip of the body, burned everything and disappeared.

Siu watched as the homunculus was swallowed up in a silent explosion of light and evaporated without leaving a trace.


With the feeling of having finished the marathon, I knelt down on the grass.

“Oooh… Ugh…! Ugh…!”

As soon as the string of tension that barely supported her body loosened, nausea and vomiting flowed back.

He did a lot of crazy things today, but the secret plan Siu took to defeat the homunculus was the craziest of them all.

Absorbing that pure mana wasn’t enough, and it provided the mana circuit inside his body as a ‘road’.
Even if it was just a small mistake in calculation, the overloaded mana would have caused the body to burst or become a crippled person forever.

In fact, even now, having largely succeeded in everything, it seems that I have entered the foreshadowing of coin cultivation.

“I’ll follow you.”

Siu rolled over and lay down to avoid the vomit.
I felt the blood vessels throughout my body swell and contract according to my pulse.
A sense of exhaustion, burnout due to overuse of the brain using mushroom doping, and even a body that creaks due to the huge mana running amok.


Even so, Siwoo felt like he had returned to middle school after a long time, and he laughed as much as he wanted.

How can you not feel good?
Although he had studied magic diligently by himself until now, there was no way to check or prove his skill.
That is, it is a grand achievement that can be seen with the naked eye.

He only beat bots his entire life and wondered, ‘Am I fucking good?’, But he feels like he’s won by overwhelmingly carrying all the battles.

She is the 15th tier, that is, she repulsed the homunculus that she shouldn’t even dare to catch unless she is a witch with self-defense.
A terrifying monster that could only stop even the twins.

Then the twins’ voices came closer from afar.

“It’s Josuni!”
“Assistant! Assistant! Assistant!”

As he barely gets up and sits down, he sees the twins climbing up the hill and running towards Si-woo.
Odile almost stopped sliding and hugged Siu in a sitting position.
Odile asked urgently, caressing his cheek with his cold palm.

“Are you okay? Are there any strange places?”
“Assistant, how many of these do you see? Are you okay?”

Not wanting to lose to him, Odette also clings to his arm and waves three fingers in front of Siu.
Siwoo smiled and announced that there was no problem.

At the same time, the twins, who let out a sigh of relief, start jumping up and down this time.
Seeing that both of his cheeks flushed red, he seemed more excited than Siu.

“When I heard the plan, I thought it was just crazy. The assistant was more crazy than I thought!”
“Josu-sama defeated it! You really defeated that homunculus!”

Odette stamped his feet in her place and couldn’t hide her excitement, and Odile also stroked Shiu’s head.

“Good job, good job assistant.”
“I believe in you!”

It was so loud that Siwoo, who had been burning with a sense of achievement, calmed down a bit.
The twins were overjoyed instead.
After a while of self-congratulation, Siwoo stood up holding the hand of the twins.

“I thought I was going to die like this, thanks to my assistant.”
“If it wasn’t for the assistant, we would all be in big trouble.”
“It was only possible because Odile-sama and Odette-sama drew attention.”
“That’s right.”
“That’s right! Sniping while we’re bait! It’s amazing though!”

I didn’t want to appear too proud, so I gave him a moderate amount of modesty, but the corners of his mouth didn’t go down.

With endless self-congratulations, the three of them move to the clearing where the homunculus disappeared.

Perhaps because it was such an intense classification of power, the area where the magical spear was sent was turned upside down as if it had been hit by an artillery shell.

Of course, the reason I came back here was to check the loot.
I ran the raid hard, but of course I should get a reward.

Siu and the twins jumped into the pit.
Inside was an egg that glowed a subtle black color.

About the size of an egg?
However, it is similar in shape and size to an egg, but it looks more like a cat’s eye.
The inside of the egg, which seemed to be made of thin glass, contained a black shadow that changed every moment.

“Is this the legacy of the Witch of Creation?”
“Yes, it is the ‘Egg of Gnosis (γνῶσις)’.”
“What else is that?”

The three squatted around the egg and watched the mysterious appearance of the loot for a long time.

“There are many types of legacy that come out when you hunt a homunculus. It can be an artifact like my music box, a potion with magical tricks like Amelia-sama’s perfume, or a piece of paper scrawled with a magic circle.”
“What about the Gnosis Egg?”
“It’s a kind of memory storage device. Should I say it’s similar to the ‘Stigma’ system?”
“I heard that it is a means to directly pass on knowledge or enlightenment about new magic.”

Only then did he understand why some witches were so frantic about hunting the homunculus while taking risks.

In short, isn’t this small egg a kind of skill book?
Beside her, Odile stretched out her arm and lifted her egg.
The twins met eyes and nodded slowly, ending the brief discussion.

“Now, this is your assistant.”
“Can I?”

It’s not that I didn’t expect it from the bottom of my heart, but it wouldn’t be an item with ordinary value.
The inquisitive spirit and obsession with new magic must be much stronger on the side of the twins who are apprentice witches.
Moreover, even if it was Siura who conceived and executed the plan, it was the twins who risked her life to attract the attention of the homunculus.

She didn’t expect that she would hand it over so readily for nothing in return.

“I’m greedy too… But I think it’s right to give this to the assistant.”
“I think so too. If it wasn’t for my assistant, I would still be trembling.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Thank you, we are more grateful.”
“That’s right! Assistant was very cool.”

Odette flung her thumb with her affectionate eyes and passed the egg of Gnosis into Siu’s palm.
As the almost weightless egg rolls in your hand, the shadow filling the inside rotates like a galaxy in the universe.

“How can I do it?”
“It is said that a strong desire to accept ‘Gnosis’ is enough.”

A desire for new knowledge is a scholar’s natural instinct.
Although Siu was kidnapped while he was in full bloom and his dream as a mathematician was castrated, instead, he was focusing his passion on a new study called magic.

It’s too bad that once he escapes from Gehenna, he won’t be able to learn higher magic.

In that respect, this opportunity is a highly anticipated event.
Siu gulped down his saliva and grabbed his egg tightly.

At the same time, he felt his body being swallowed up in darkness.
Siwoo closed his eyes as he felt his consciousness being sucked into a space where even the floor did not exist.

“What, what…”

When I open my eyes again, what exists is a black and empty space with no end in sight.
Siwoo’s body was floating in the middle of the space.


Hearing a loud roar from behind, Siwoo turned his body to look at the source of the roar.
He thought that he was floating like weightlessness, but just by thinking about it, his body turns and moves on its own.


What exists there is the golden light of wisdom that dispels the darkness of ignorance.
The identity of the structure that does not fade at all and reveals its presence even in a space where the sense of perspective is thinning.
It was a magic circle made up of all kinds of runes, straight lines and curves, and points and planes.

Each part of the magic circle, which was meshed like an elaborate mechanical device, rotated slowly and made a loud noise.

I feel a strong sense of deja vu even though I am seeing it for the first time.
Siwoo immediately recognized the identity of the huge structure that took away the sense of distance.

That was a large-scale magic circle that Siu had been researching and creating for three years.
This space was a place where the accumulation of magical knowledge and wisdom that Siwoo had been exploring and studying was visibly realized.

Perhaps because Siu hasn’t completed his magic yet, the structure isn’t complete either.
The tip of the device that branched out into the darkness was covered with a hazy darkness, and in places, I could see the spinning gears that could not turn properly.


He had never imagined that the magic he was studying could inspire such awe.
It feels like my eyes are opening.

Rather than confined in the forest and looking at the trees, the scenery of spreading wings and flying up from a macro perspective gave Siwoo another inspiration.

Now, you can know what was lacking and where was the wrong direction.
Confidence blossomed in him that he could fix himself to a higher level.
The mystery did not end there.

A large egg, about a quarter of Shiu’s magic circle, suddenly appeared.

Although the size was different, its shape and appearance exactly matched the egg of Gnosis in Siu’s hand.

The shadows that pulsated inside them rise distinctly even in the same darkness and begin to rise out of the glass.


It was a strange sensation.
Like rediscovering something long forgotten.
New knowledge begins to flow in without any resistance.

While the shadows waving in space build a new structure.

Cognition expands
Accident deepens.
A new, which alone might have taken years to realize.
The truth penetrates the brainstem.

This is the world the witch sees.

As the egg of Gnosis passed on the knowledge to Siu, he was invited into a world he had never been able to set foot in since he had no stigma.

The shadow that built another building in Siwoo’s universe melts into the darkness as if it had done its job.

How the shadow the homunculus spewed out could nullify magic.
How was it possible to maintain such countless magic circles individually without proper magic power?
What was the law that allowed such a small magic circle to flow like water without interfering with each other’s composition?

Realize and realize
Before the shadow’s architecture is fully formed,
Siu felt his consciousness being sucked out again.


It is the same as when you entered this space.
I only blinked once.
Consciousness returned to reality.

The free-floating body feels resistance to gravity, and the infinitely open and expanding mind accepts impurities around it.

The twins staring at Siu with their eyes wide open could be seen right in front of his nose.


A new power arose.
New knowledge has arisen.
Siwoo looked at his hand and murmured like that.

“Isn’t it beautiful? The place assistant-nim saw and came to is ‘Ain(אין).’ It is a part of the unmanifested Three Realms, and it is a world of ‘0’ that cannot be observed or judged by ordinary human concepts.”

The twins seemed happy that they shared the same world with the same Siu.
It was a face similar to the one he showed Latifundium.

“Just because it’s unrecognizable doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist there. Ajin is dormant in everyone’s notions of magic.”
“No matter how much you think about it, Josu-sama, it’s too bad that he was born a man.

It was only then that Siu could understand why his twin passed on this golden opportunity.
He wanted to show another world that Siwoo did not know about.

“We didn’t give it to you, but welcome to the true ‘magical world’.”

The twins smiled broadly, showing pure congratulations without any jealousy.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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