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City Of Witches 60

City Of Witches 60

Chapter 60 – #14_Play Ball(3)


“I’m going to catch him.”

Odette trembled at Siu’s calm words.
Stand in front of the homunculus that threatened your life just now?
I didn’t even want to imagine.

“Can’t we just hide like this?”

Odette’s reaction was as expected.
I have no intention of blaming her.
It’s a perfectly normal reaction if your life is at stake.

“Is there a better way?”
“Uh, what’s wrong with unnie? How do we deal with something like that?”
“Odette, calm down. Let’s hear the story first. You can’t just sit there and tremble.”

Odile hugged the frightened Odette and looked straight at Siu.


Siwoo nodded and wrote down the magic formula on the soil with the twig he had lifted up earlier.

“When I ran away in the fog, I used the remaining magic power after hitting the smoke screen to sample a black shadow.”

The three spears, ejected indiscriminately into the fog, grazed Siu.
It was a heartbreaking moment, but Siu quickly analyzed the black shadow remaining on the spear’s trajectory.

“Perhaps that shadow is the monster cat’s magnetism magic. Odette-sama’s attack magic and the magic to send a rescue signal all broke and scattered as soon as they touched that shadow.”

Siwoo showed an analysis formula that embodies the structure of the shadow.

“That shadow is not a single magic formula.
Each particle is a very small magic formula, and it is made up of them.
To express it in an image, it is in the form of a sphere with countless thorns, but the tip is bent like a hook and clings to other magic indiscriminately.”

I didn’t look closely because I observed it in such a short moment, but…

“If more than a certain amount of sophisticated magic touches the shadow, it will begin to erode in reverse.
They arbitrarily connect passes and mess up the structure of the expression, causing shorts.
If multiple errors like this occur all at once, impromptu feedback is useless, right? It’s just the magic breaking.”


Another tree fell.
This time it’s a little closer than before.
While listening to the explanation, Odile and Odette opened their eyes wide as if they realized something.

“But assistant, even if you knew it was a multi-magic circle…How did you know the shape?”
“That’s right! No matter how much you sample, you won’t be able to see the shape…”
“I recalled the shape of Odette’s signal magic and the sequence of interference, and I did a reverse calculation. Unless it’s in this form, it’s impossible for the magic formula to collapse simultaneously.”


Despite Siwoo’s assertive words, the twins couldn’t easily believe them.
Seeing the shape of the interference and inverting it to infer the form of the magic formula?
It is more unrealistic than inferring where and where the explosives were placed in the building by looking at the shape of the collapsed building.
Odile, who pressed his temple for a moment and pondered, opened his eyes.

“Okay, what’s the plan? I guess he told me to choose one of the two because he needed some preparation?”

If it was possible to hunt a homunculus while hiding without any preparation, there would be no reason why he would have presented two options.

“Sister! It’s too dangerous!”
“I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait here for help. Maybe it won’t come until after we’ve been torn apart.
Wouldn’t it be better to do something than sit down and die?”
“Let’s just run away. There’s a way to get out of Latifundium…!”

At Odette’s words, Odile shook his head.

“This is the end of Latifundium. What if I have to pass that monster and get caught on the way?”

Certainly, Siwoo’s proposed hunting method requires solid groundwork.
It was impossible to adopt as a second eye while running away or hiding.

“Getting caught running away is worse than just hiding. Then there’s really no way out.”
“Then, do I really have to catch it…? Is that scary?”

Siu held Odette’s trembling hand.
Now is the time for everyone’s cooperation.
If that was the case, the odds were good enough.

“Odette-sama, I know how you want to run away.”
“It’s so, so scary… How can everyone be okay?
“Please trust me just once. If the plan goes wrong at all, then I will be the bait. In the meantime, Odette-nim and Odile-nim just need to run away.”

Siu’s strong hand holding Odette’s hand firmly.
Odette’s hand, which had been cold, was slightly warm.

“Ugh… Ugh…”

Odette nodded slowly while shedding tears.
I would like to comfort her more, but there is no time.
Siu began to explain the plan while waving a new magic circle over the soil.

The black cat was wandering around, shooting spears of shadow in all directions.
The three glittering eyes checked every corner of the canyon without any gaps.

Like any beast, there is no clear reason.
Using magnetism magic is not the use of reason, but rather borrowing the power of the ‘heritage’ held inside the body.
Fresh from sleep, this beast lacked the intelligence to use its powers skillfully.

However, a rare toy.
The game time, which came after a long and boring sleep, triggered the hunting instinct.

It is very enjoyable to take out a fresh witch’s womb and chew on it.
Through such a stronger power, you can enjoy the world more freely.
Even though no one taught it, the beast naturally realized.


Excited about playing hide-and-seek for the first time in their life, the homunculus strode through the canyon with a confident step, going into every corner where the prey could hide.


“Ne perenni cremer igne~”
“Inter oves locum praesta~”

A beautiful tune began to resonate in the distance.
A magical song that began to flow in a canyon that had never been seen before.

It was a beautiful tune that made even such beasts listen, even though there was no way for a beast to have an aesthetic sense.

The beast, which had been digging through the roots of the tree, lifted its head and moved to the place where the sound came from.
With a lofty stride, it runs quickly with a black shadow wrapped around it like a curtain.

“♬~ ♪”

The source of the song was two little witches, as expected of the homunculus.
Especially in the middle of an empty lot with lots of trees.
The young witches, hands clasped tightly, closed their eyes and sang in a beautiful voice.

Like a snow globe, it is floating around with a round membrane wrapped around it.
Only perfection that completely excludes interference from surroundings is felt.

Harmony, more like the sound of an instrument rather than a human voice, vibrates the space and resonates quietly like a music box.

It was a nice melody to hear.
There is nothing wrong with that in itself.


The homunculus looked at the two with interest for a moment and then vigorously swung its tail.

A tail that has been worn since birth.
The blow that had easily tore through the strange, thin film a while ago bounced off terribly.

At least they knew there would be some kind of reaction, but the two sisters chanted a certain tune without the slightest wavering as if they were immersed in their own world.

“What’s up?”

The monster, which had been circling around the twins as if it were strange, looking at their reaction, wiggled its tail and then struck again.

– Two bang!

There is a more certain reaction than before.
One of the two slightly opened her eyes, as if in fright, and glanced in the direction of the monster.
Soon, though, I closed my eyes again.

The monster, who had an interesting toy, couldn’t take his eyes off it.
That moment was the gap Siwoo was aiming for.

Siu was preparing to intercept the homunculus from about 50m away.
What is needed is an ultra-high concentration of magical power.
And an impromptu magic formula to release mana.

Odile, who heard Shiu calculated the amount of magic power he needed on the spot, frowned and asked.

‘So, where do you get such a high concentration of magical power? As I said beforehand, Odette and I have already used too much magic.
From now on, it will be all about using magic two or three times at most.’
‘Assistant, a vessel that is not a stigma… Can’t contain that much magical power.’

Seeing Odette’s concern, Siu raised his hand and pointed at it.
Magical water that flows like a river is not enough.
It needed something darker and more refined.
It’s like a magic sap that emits a light as strong as a lamp even if left alone.


On Siwoo’s back, the needles used to inject the magic sap into the roots of trees were piled up.
He pulled out all the needles around him and connected them directly to his body through telekinesis.
So, a total of 12 needles were inserted into the body.
As an aside, this was the most painful of all the injections I received in my life.

Pre-preparation also meant this.
Couldn’t you stick so many needles into your body while running away from the homunculus?

‘What next? What are you going to do by raising your mana like that?’
‘First of all, Odile-sama and Odette-sama just need to draw the monster’s attention for 30 or 15 seconds.’
‘After that?’

Two music boxes were spinning at Siwoo’s feet.
It was a concealment device to hide the presence during the time the magic was activated.
The magic Siu would use would be much rougher and louder than any other magic.

‘As I just explained, the black shadow of that homunculus directly interferes with the magic and destroys the whole structure of the ceremony. If it’s a structure that interferes with half-level magic…’

There is one special potion for boss mobs that use tricky patterns and abnormal conditions in the game.

‘I just need to make it so there is no room for interference.’

It was not a delicately crafted magic formula that could be interrupted at any time, but a bunch of pure mana.
It pushes with overwhelming force.
Siu inhaled quietly.


The magic that opens the door that Siwoo is planning and designing is a large-scale magic circle that can be activated only when not a single drop of mana is wasted.

It lacks the ability to store magical energy.
The part that Siwoo put the most effort into research was ‘how to fully attract and use external magic power’.
It was the only skill for Siwoo, a wild magician.

At the same time as the chanting, intense magical energy begins to flow into the body.
This series of processes is dangerous.
You have to directly accept and refine 12 magical powers of completely different colors into your body.


The enormous amount of mana hitting the body like a rampaging horse was converted into pain as it was.
Along with the tremendous overload, the blood vessels throughout the body feel wildly swollen.
The enormous pressure that weighed down the entire body to the extent that it was difficult to take a single step.
A sense of crisis creeps up that a small mistake in calculation could cost you your life.

The concentration and absolute amount of magical power were on a different level from what I had dealt with until now.
In fact, if you were a normal Siwoo, you wouldn’t be able to do this massive amount of calculations right away.
But not now.

‘It’s a white cap clown mushroom. It is one of the few mushrooms that can be eaten raw. It acts on the cerebral cortex and accelerates the speed of thinking and calculation.’

As Odile explained, the doping of the white cap mushroom was very effective.
The speed of thought seems to have accelerated threefold.

My five senses were clearly awakened, and I had a strange feeling as if I had a blackboard of several hectares in my head.
Siu was processing the calculations necessary to activate the magic only with impromptu mental arithmetic.
The confidence that he could do it now heated up his arrhythmia.

-Parts Tsutsutsutsutsu

Pure magical power to the point of ignorance.
All over Siwoo’s body, pure white magic wriggled like tentacles.
It rectifies and rectifies the flow of mana that has been compressed to such an extent that it jumps out at the slightest carelessness because it has been suppressed so much.

The image that comes to mind is a window.
The images that follow are overwhelming power.

Shiu’s eyes, shining with pure white brilliance, turned to the homunculus.
It pulls, pulls, pulls the mana that heats up all parts of the body as if it were burning.

And the music box, which had been timed in advance, finished playing.
Waves of powerful magic spread to the homunculus.


Along with the sound of crying from afar, the red eyes belatedly head here.
Siu confirmed the reaction of the homunculus, who tilted his head, and released all of his magic power.

The red eyes that monster tried to protect by using the shadow as a shield.
That would be the weak spot to aim for with this spear.

“Are you looking this way now? You motherfucker.”

Mana condensed to the limit.
A bundle of magical power that transforms into a huge spear as soon as Siwoo pulls the trigger.
It was fired with the single-mindedness of cutting through the air and piercing the enemy.

A roar shakes the son-in-law.
A blinding flash of light tore through the darkness.
An explosion occurred.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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