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City Of Witches 72

City Of Witches 72

Chapter 72 – #17_Change(1)

Amelia walked through the quiet academy alone.
Although Trinity Academy itself is inherently quiet, the silence intensifies especially at night.
If the day had been a little warmer, I would have heard the grass bugs whispering.
Only that point is a little disappointing.

“Why do you keep doing this…”

A walk that should have changed the atmosphere.
Still, Amelia bit her lip at the thought of a man that kept coming to her mind.

It wasn’t something that didn’t happen at all.
The unique encounter and relationship with him was enough to remind me of him sometimes.
I think of it for a moment when I smoke a cigarette because there is a blockage while researching magic, and when I organize class materials for class…
So every time she went to him for no reason and gave him instructions.

Because she had no idea how to conduct conversations outside of work.
Looking back, she can’t help but say that she wanted to keep talking to him.

Do you want to be close to him just because he is a sincere person?

Even when I ask Sophia the reason, she only sheds an ambiguous laugh.
She doesn’t say anything really important.

“It’s pitiful.”

How is this pointless crap?
If it was magic, I would solve any question you asked, but the relationship with people was full of unknown things.
I wonder if there is a definite answer or not.

It was an aimless step.
The main reason for the confusion in her head was Shin Siu, and as she thought of him and walked as she walked, she was already quite far away.

It was a little unfamiliar because the scenery drawn by the moonlight and the scenery drawn by the sunlight were different, but it was a low hill that was quite familiar to the eye.
This is the barn where he lived until now.
For as many as five years.


I suddenly lost my appetite.
What would happen if he found out that the cause was Amelia’s grumpiness?
Maybe you’ll be very angry
Amelia followed the path that meandered through her garden and made her way to the barn.


However, when the old wooden door is opened, a spacious and shabby barn is revealed.


Suddenly, my heart ached.
Like stabbing your heart with a blunt needle.
It was a feeling of regret.
Soon after, the thoughts that woke up biting tail after tail.

“Couldn’t something else be like this?”

This is the only thing I have seen with my own eyes.
Could it be that the many instructions thrown at him to vent his anger were harsher than Amelia had imagined?
Could it be that he made it too hard for him?
I was afraid of that.

I seemed to know now.
Why did Shiu distance himself so much?
Even if I gave them gifts and showed consideration, they always showed ambiguous reactions.
Amelia may have been close to her twin while hiding behind her.

She was too complacent.
She thought only of her own situation, and was just throwing herself away like her own child.
She was doing it wrong.
If something is wrong, I’ll make it right.

Something caught Amelia’s eyes as she lingered and reviewed her past mistakes.
Next to the ditch that runs through the middle of the barn is a pile of straw that is used as a bed.
He must have gotten hay for his horses from somewhere.

“I’ve been here for five years…”

Amelia slowly lowered herself down and sat on her pile of straw.
Because she couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable she would be just by looking at it.


And she is immediately stunned.
Contrary to her fluffy appearance, several sharp straws came in through the cracks in her clothes and stabbed her buttocks.
He tossed and turned her body in these places while Amelia closed her eyes on the soft bed.

Then Amelia, completely lying on the straw, looked up at her ceiling.
The ceiling, which is broken here and there, is full of traces of clumsy nails.
A hard wooden box that you can feel under your back.
The hay that made her whole body sting as soon as she lay down although she felt it even when she sat down.

Amelia couldn’t say anything.
So much
It was because it was an uncomfortable bed beyond her imagination.


Let her tell him the truth and tell him honestly that she’s sorry.
It may be funny that Amelia, the witch, apologizes to her slave, Siu.
It was for that reason that Amelia had kept her mouth shut all this time.

Because that’s how I learned
Because she knew that
Because she didn’t know it would end up like this.
She didn’t want to admit it and didn’t want to be honest.

I thought it would be solved if I just kept quiet and covered it up in another way.
Just like when she had barely buried her longing for her master.

But not anymore.
The clamor of conscience suppressed even the vain sense of authority that Amelia had steadfastly tried to defend.
If there is something wrong, I will correct it and arrange for him the compensation he deserves.
Amelia turned her body around with her depressed mind.

At that time.

– Knocked up!
“I’m sorry…!”

Turning over to get up, Amelia shuddered at the hard, sharp feel of her tailbone.
There seems to be a misplaced box under the straw.
Feeling a tingle in her tailbone, Amelia rummaged through the haystack to find the object that had done this naughty thing.


What came out of it was a neatly designed wooden box.
It didn’t look particularly expensive.
Still, it was a luxurious enough box for a mediocre slave to have.
What was inside was quite heavy.

I know that peeking into other people’s belongings is not noble.
Still, I was curious about what he was keeping so dearly.
I probably forgot and left it.
What is it?

When I shake it, I hear the sound of coins jingling inside.
I could hear the clinking of bottles and the rustling of paper.
I just have to give it back.
Amelia left her barn with her box slung at her side.
At that time, one thought came to my mind.

“I have to give you a gift of apology… But I’m worried about what to give.”

Amelia, who started talking to herself when no one was there, looked around her for no reason.

“It’s a research process for a gift he might like.”

After her quick rationalization, Amelia slipped open her wooden box.
And she was just frozen.

A leather pouch full of gold coins.
A wad of hemp.
A bottle of the highest quality magical water inlaid with Emerald Tablet’s certified sealing wax.
And it was Siwoo’s magic circle design, which was hundreds of pages long.

Amelia puts her items down.
Her head seems empty.
It’s been a long time since this kind of confusion came.
If I had to describe the extent of this confusion, would it be similar to when I first learned how sex works between a man and a woman?

Gold coins are understandable.
If you have been working hard on your salary so far, this is an amount that you can collect enough.
Besides, if you’re a sincere Siwoo, you wouldn’t have stolen this from anywhere.

I can understand magic power and electric power.
Although I couldn’t understand why, Siwoo has been showing a close relationship with the twins lately.
If it was an apprentice witch from the Myrnai family, which is famous for its magic tools, it wouldn’t be strange if she gave away these items as a sign of goodwill.

However, what confuses Amelia is the blueprint of the magic formula.
It was not a life magic like decorative lights, but a blueprint for a large-scale magic ceremony.

Amelia had memorized Siu’s handwriting precisely because she had recently assigned a ghostwriting job or ordered documents to be indexed when arranging them.
It is an exciting bad handwriting that stretches out coolly like a man.
His handwriting adorns over 200 pages of paper.


These were the first words that Amelia uttered after glancing over them for a long time.

The magic formula is a very complicated and highly difficult convergence study.
I couldn’t be good at just one.
You need to master your talents in a variety of fields.

In grammar using 128 runes, linguistic sense,
In the formula for calculating the magic power flowing through the magic circuit, mathematical talent,
Even artistic talent is required in imagery geometry, which symbolizes images to be manifested.

Finally, even the instinctive talent to harmonize everything, make applications, and come up with inspiration that no one has thought of.
This is the basis of all magic.

In general, it takes at least 10 years for apprentice witches who are gifted with genius talent after inheriting the ‘witch lineage’ to learn all of these things.

“What the heck…”

And it was five years ago that Siu was captured by Gehenna.
If Siwoo was at the level of masterfully controlling this basic skill, Amelia would have been convinced to some extent.
He was said to be a mathematician from the outside world, and he probably passed it off as saying that if he had continued to exist in this world, he would have become the greatest mathematician in the world.

However, what was drawn on paper was not something like basic skills.
Even Amelia can be seen woven in a bizarre way, forming a rule and taking on her own coherent grammar.

Unique methods and calculations that have never been encountered before.
Would it be like someone who only knows English reading a poem in Latin?

I can see how it was calculated here and there, but I can’t understand what the whole formula means, what its nuances are, and what it was made for.

The story would have been different for her if Siwoo told her from the side, but Amelia, who reached the 22nd tier, couldn’t understand with just one glance…
This is what is meant by ‘magnetic magic’.
A state of mastering all the basic skills and pioneering one’s own ‘Ain’.

Who would believe that all this was accomplished by a mere slave who did not inherit even the first rank?

The world sees as much as it knows.
What Siu had accomplished was far, far greater than the twins, apprentice witches, could have known.

Amelia performed a telekinesis.
From page 1 to chapter 228, not all finished yet.
As I connected all of them like putting together a puzzle, the vague image of the magic circle appeared as one.
This made it easier to guess what he wanted.
Although it is a faint prediction, like looking at a painting from a very far distance.

“Absorption and magnetization of external mana, load variable control, and this…”

An attempt to open the door by directly interfering with the dimension is glimpsed.
The identity of Siwoo’s magnetic magic was a ‘dimensional magic formula’ that no one had dared to try since Duke Keter created it.

Amelia was able to pinpoint what Siu wanted.
He was about to leave Gehenna.


The unfolded papers gathered in order and became a bundle again.
Amelia shoved it inside her original box.

My head is dizzy.
I felt dizzy.
It wasn’t because of fatigue.

“Are you… Running away?”

It may be a common sense reaction.
No wonder the slaves taken to Gehenna unknowingly yearn for freedom.

If he goes to the present world…
Amelia shook her head.
I couldn’t give a rational reason or understand why I felt this way, but I suddenly became afraid.

I have to meet him.
Amelia’s feet are surrounded by her magic power.
Her body began bouncing like a ball across her academy.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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