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City Of Witches 73

City Of Witches 73

Chapter 73 – #17_Change(2)



Siu did not hide his admiration and he looked down at his creation.
Two twins lying on the rug under the sofa, their hips up.
Her upper body was in a cat pose, with her cock clinging to the floor just as she had been fucking her.

“Huh… Uh…”

Compared to the first time, it was clearly visible that it had been pushed so hard.
The obscene hole was spewing semen like a crater with intermittent flinching.
It seems like steam is rising from how hot the last anal sex was.

After all, the top rice should be eaten hot.

Cheap inside.
It’s cheaper to move again in that state.
The lingering afterglow of the climax remains, grabbing the trembling hips and cumming again.
I ejaculated a total of 10 times.

Place Odile and Odette side by side and stab them 100 times.
Stack twins to create a hip top and fuck them up and down.
Compare the climax face in the normal position.
To be honest, I didn’t do anything special other than fucking, but it was such an ecstatic time.

Not lying, my legs were shaking.
If it hadn’t been for the aphrodisiac or elixir given by Odile, she would have vomited blood instead of semen.

“Josuniim… It was so good.”
“Haa… It was a happy time for me too…”

The twins who twitch their buttholes and talk without even thinking about straightening themselves.
It seemed that there would be no sense of incongruity even if I wrote ‘Jung’*(Bok’) ‘Wan’*(Ryo’) one letter at a time on one side of my buttocks.

“My back… I think my back is going to go out… Ugh… Assistant, please help me up.”
“Hauu… I think I fainted briefly in the middle too…”

Looking at it, one more step! It seems possible, but time is also time, so I have to go to bed.

Siu soaked a towel with plenty of water and wiped the twins’ bodies.
There was a thick patch of sweat and a promiscuous overflow of bodily fluids, from saliva to semen, so it seemed like we should use one towel for each twin.

“Please wipe your face clean too.”

If you use magic, it will be clean at once, but I wanted to clean it myself as much as I mixed the flesh for a long time.
Odette, who was smiling bashfully as if Siwoo’s touch was pleasant, abruptly stuck out his face.

“Oh, sorry. You were uncomfortable.”
“No. Assistant, I said I wanted to try it. What. Doing this really relieves your assistant’s smell.”

Odette’s small face was splattered with sticky semen.
A tall nose, long and lovely eyelids, and voluminous curled bangs.
The entire innocent face was covered with white turbidity as if a face pack had been applied.


Siu spread the towel and carefully wiped Odette’s face.
Spraying semen on a woman’s face.
I thought it was obvious because I saw it so many times in porn, but when I did it myself, I felt conquered and sorry more than I could have imagined.
So, I’m putting a little effort into organizing it.

“I will wipe all day. I?”
“Unnie’s face, ugh… You didn’t. You have to wait patiently Did you see what assistant-nim likes, too?”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Odette, I’ll do it first.”
“Josu, are you really going to do that?”
“Well then, maybe use magic.”

Odile, suddenly left unattended, looked at Siu looking after Odette with her arms crossed as if dissatisfied.

“I think Odette-nim would feel more uncomfortable. Odile-sama, please wait a moment.”

Odile, who had been silent for a moment at Siwoo’s words, opened her mouth as if he couldn’t help it.

“Then do it to me too.”
“I will do it for you too. Instead, clean me up too.”

Odile raised her index finger and pointed at my face.
It was a triumphant expression, as if he was bestowing her enormous favor.
For telling her to cum on her face, it’s so bland that it’s momentarily dissonant.
It’s ugly, but

“… But my peppers are closed right now.”

Siu, who had gotten quite close with her twin, ignored Odile and wiped Odette’s face.
Is this why they say that sex brings her closer to a man and a woman?
She was comfortable with Odile now, and there was no awkwardness.
In fact, neither Odile nor Odette took issue with it.

“Did you hear that, sister? It’s a difficult time for assistant ~ Why don’t you clean her sister’s body?”

Odette was the initiator of most of the twins’ bickering.
But Odile is also responsible for this.
Odile’s reaction is so good that even if Siwoo is Odile’s younger brother, it would be the same.

“What? This is arrogant…!”
“I heard that my sister has no iron~ See how she sweats, assistant. How hard must she have been~”

Perhaps feeling that Odette’s words had some truth, Odile gritted his teeth for some reason.

“If Odile-sama is waiting for you, I will clean it for you.”

Siu comforted Odile, who had lost in a cute fight, and put her towel under Odette’s buttocks and began to wipe it up to the area around her back hole.

“Ah… I can clean that place… But…”

As soon as it becomes sensitive, when the soft fabric touches the sensitive back hole, Odette’s playful voice instantly becomes sticky like melted sugar.

“Uh… I’m sorry. Would you like to do it yourself?”
“No? Assistant Siu please do it. Before that, I’ll take this off.”

Odette said, resting her head on one of Siu’s arms, then reached his hand between his crotch and peeled off the damp seal.
The seal was so easily peeled off because it was at the level of sticking to the flesh due to moisture.



Odette’s cute little pussy was exposed, and the love juice trapped inside literally flowed like a flood.
To the extent that even Siu could not have predicted it.

“It’s too dirty here too… Please have the assistant wipe it.”

Odette blushed as if it was embarrassing to show her pussy again despite the fact that her back hole was clearly showing even the inner mucous membrane.
Suddenly, Odile grabbed Siwoo’s cock.


Siwoo was taken aback as he put his hand between his legs and grabbed him.
Because it was a very dangerous angle.

“Assistant, look here.”
“I don’t know what’s going on, but if you talk about this…”

And without a second thought, Odile turned Siu’s body toward him and pushed the half-soft cock into his mouth.
The semen-soaked cock that alternated in and out of the twins’ assholes.

“Oops… Um… Um…”

Odile’s tongue and lips gently wrapped around his erect penis.
The hot, pleasant movement of the flesh did not obscure the position of the cock.
It penetrates from under the sensitive glans all the way to the unerected epidermis and licks up even the semen stuck in between.
Her cock, which she thought would not run out of energy, grew rapidly.

“Omnyomnyom…Um…Chuchung… Haum…”

In fact, Siwoo also wanted to receive what the twins did with her mouth.
However, she thought it would be difficult to think of Odile’s or Odette’s reactions after tasting semen.
Besides, even though it is a hole that has been certified as an apprentice witch’s hygiene guarantee, isn’t it the cock that came in her back hole?

I stayed still because I thought it would be a bit wrong to ask twins who have girlish sensibilities just like they look like, and ask for fella in this state.
Odile takes the initiative to clean her cock with her mouth.

Odile’s brow, absorbed in the sensation of her mouth as if she had concentrated on her, was slightly wrinkled, perhaps because of the fishy smell of her semen.
It wasn’t Odette who would just ignore Odile’s intervention.

“Sister…! What’s stopping you all of a sudden!”

At Odette’s protest, Odile removed her mouth from her cock.
Then he swallowed the mixture of spit and semen from her mouth.
As expected, Odile opened her mouth calmly, shaking her body as if there was no taste.
She could be seen trying to pretend to be calm.

“Haap… How is it? Aren’t you really immature? The assistant worked hard for us.”
“Are you just thinking about being served? Also you are still a kid A mature lady like me cleans her things herself out of consideration for her hard work.”
“I can do it too!”
“Are you already clean?”

Odile waved her Sioux’s cock, which had turned glistening with her own saliva instead of her semen, like her flag.

“Anyway, assistant, since you did it with your mouth like this, will you wipe my body first?”

Odile asked, licking her balls clean with her erect tongue.
A cock that shakes wildly.
Her tongue just reached her perineum.
Seeing the dizzying sensation, Siwoo unconsciously nodded her head.

“Move! I will too.”
“Oh, shrewd Odette. Are you really trying to put a spoon on my assistant’s stuff that I’ve been cleaning so hard?”

Odile laughed proudly at Odette and put his cock in his mouth again to monopolize it.

“Oops… Um… Oops… Um…”

Odile continues to shake her head and shake her long black hair.
It seems to have some knack for it, but even though it sucks on one side, none of it touches it.


Pleasure is the feeling of bathing in a hot spring filled with hot spring water.
Compared to the tight and tightened anus, the melting feeling was excellent.


Odette stomped her feet as if indignant.
She couldn’t even stop her sister.

She had her sister’s mouth clean the cock that had just been poking her twin’s asshole.
The feeling of ejaculation quickly came to the emotional satisfaction.
It was a part that quickly showed how great the efficacy of the aphrodisiac was.

Odile playing around with Siwoo’s cock.
Like a hamster, the cock is pushed in until one side of the ball becomes convex, or the tongue is moved quickly to stimulate the bottom of the glans.
Even so, with her hands, she diligently kneaded her testicles or jerked the base of her cock.

“Sir… Mr. Odile…”
“Pehe…. Do you think it will be cheap?”

As soon as he spit his cock out of his mouth, Odile shook his cock with both hands.
He doesn’t even care if his hands are covered in spittle.
I don’t know when I became this good.

“I’ll give you permission to sow seeds in my orphaned face in particular.”

Odile talking non-stop at her goddaughter with a grin.
She drew her cock in front of her face and aimed it instead to make it easier for him to spray his cum.


With a single breath, the semen started pouring out again.
Even after setting the unprecedented record of the 11th ejaculation, the amount of semen did not decrease at all.
In addition, it is much sticky and rusty than usual.

“Ugh… Uh…!”

Perhaps Odile hadn’t expected it to pour out with such ferocious force, she closed her eyes tightly and shrunk her body.

-Beaureut Beaureureut

Odile’s face was too small for the baby juice squeezed out of pleasure.
The cock, which was spraying semen into his eyes, nose, lips, and chin every time he twitched, missed its aim and sprayed hot white mist all over Odile’s collarbone and kneeling thighs.

“Ah… Uh…. The raw drama comes out…”

A masculine scent that radiates throughout the face.
Odile felt her head spin.
Siwoo applied even the last drop of semen dripping on Odile’s forehead in a sense of visual satisfaction and conquest.


Now we have to close the real factory.
Siu glanced at Odette as he felt his belly tighten.

“I don’t know, wipe it or not.”

The time when he apologized to the pouting Odette and carefully wiped the semen from Odile’s face with another towel.

– Knocked up!

A sound was heard.
Perhaps it sounded like a door slamming shut.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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