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City Of Witches 74

City Of Witches 74

Chapter 74 – #17_Change(3)


Tens of meters per step.
Amelia ran up the hill with her cape and nightgown flying over her shoulders.
If someone at the academy saw that, they would fall back.

That lofty and noble Amelia was running on a moonlit night.
Maybe it will be published in the daily life of idle witches and the gossip of Gehenna.
But Amelia didn’t have time to think about such trifles.

Siwoo can use magic.
It was magnetic magic that was so high-level that Amelia couldn’t interpret it right away.
Moreover, he intends to use that magic to escape Gehenna.

Come to think of it, only one slave ran away.
There is no need to make a fuss like this, and there is no need to be surprised, but my head clearly says that, but my heart does not calm down.
It was so complicated in my head.

I thought I would be able to find out something if I looked at his face and asked him.
Until then, no matter how many times I think about it, it’s just a step in place.


A shortcut in a straight line from the barn to the mansion.
Amelia, who was running almost flying through the rose garden, suddenly stopped.
I couldn’t find it earlier because I was moving on a different route, and I couldn’t see it properly because it was passing by so fast, but I found something that bothered me.

Amelia landed on the ground and released the water lizard step.
A wagon parked abruptly by a fountain in the garden.
I could at least know who the owner of the wagon was.
As if to show off, the double bird, the symbol of the family, was engraved.

“Count Zemanai…”

In fact, if it was normal, I would have just passed by.
Amelia, who is indifferent to most things around her, doesn’t care much about where the count’s carriage is.
So Amelia also passed by once.
However, a word from Siwoo that pops out of my memory and passes through my mind.

‘Have you heard anything from Count Zemanai?’

Returning to the lodging today, Siu mentioned Count Jemanai while eating cake.
At the time, I thought it was pointless.
But isn’t something suspicious?

Siwoo mentioned Count Gemonai out of the blue, Siwoo opened the window in the middle of the night and disappeared, and late at night, a carriage was left in the park near Amelia’s mansion.
I know that he is on good terms with the Odile Odette twins these days.


It was a hunch.
A woman’s hint that something might be happening.
He calmed his heart, which suddenly began to pound.
It won’t be a star.
In fact, I couldn’t even figure out why I was so anxious.
First, Amelia grabbed the carriage door handle and took a deep breath.

I’ll go in once.
If there is a count in the room, make a suitable excuse to have a conversation with them, and if there are little kids, give them an extra assignment by saying, “Looks like you haven’t been able to complete the assignment since you’ve been wandering around until this late.”
There is no need to be intimidated at all.
In fact, there is nothing to be anxious about, is there?


Amelia opened the door very quietly.
Because of the spatial refraction magic, the inside of the wagon was much wider than expected, and because the entrance was bent once, the interior could not be seen right away.

Soon, lukewarm air flowed from inside.
The air was damp and damp, contrasting with the rather chilly weather outside.
Amelia involuntarily frowned at her.
It was because she felt the strong smell of chestnut flowers, the smell of sweat, and an incomprehensible thick smell.

Let’s open the door a little more carefully so as not to be crowded.
The soundproof barrier surrounding the carriage was disturbed, and sound began to leak from inside.


There came a strange sound that had never been heard in my life, as damp as the dampness of this wagon.
It’s like…
Sounds like sucking something hard? And it seems to be mixed with the sound of licking your lips.

What the hell are you doing?
Amelia, who was tilting her head with a frown, heard someone’s voice in her ear.

“Puha.. Assistant… My… Do you like…?”

I couldn’t hear it all because of the distance, but it was Odile’s voice.
Besides, assistant?
At that moment, Amelia felt a chill run up her spine.
It was a cry of instinct that something was strange, that there was no need to know anything more than this and that one should not even know about it.

Still, Amelia listened a little more.
My heart was beating faster and faster.

“You wrapped it up like that… You’re still very healthy? Do you want to wrap it on my face like that?”
“Honestly… It’s a bit difficult…”

Wrapped up like that? Wanna Cum On Your Face?
A series of unidentified conversations pass by.
Besides, as expected, the man who answered Odile’s words was Siwoo.
It’s not someone else’s, and there’s no way I could misunderstand his voice.

He was spending this late hour in the carriage with his twin sister.
Amelia crinkled the ends of her cape.

When she was looking for her like that earlier, she couldn’t even see her nose poke, so she was having fun with other witches, leaving herself as her master!
The thought of apologizing just disappeared, and only anger welled up in her chest for no reason.
It was also the first feeling I had ever felt in my life.


But somehow I don’t like going inside.
What do I do when I get inside? When I thought of that, my steps stopped.
Besides, don’t you think he was running around the neighborhood looking for a slave who disappeared in the middle of the night?

Apart from that, I couldn’t bear the ominous curiosity growing up.
What the hell is going on inside me?
While realizing that it was a shameless act, he performed the magic.

‘Magic Touch’.
Using mana to create another sensory organ outside the body.
In Amelia’s case, they were very small and detailed ‘color particles’ like the powder in her perfume.

‘Blue’ particles created in an instant.
With blue particles of this size, it is possible to observe phenomena beyond what can be seen with the naked eye.
The particles thus created are linked with the optic nerve.

Amelia, who created that kind of particle without difficulty, took her next steps.
‘Enemy’ particles bloom from her hands.
The particles of the two colors scattered in the air mixed and became completely transparent.
This enemy particle will cleanly dispel all signs of magic.
Amelia, who has reached the 22nd hierarchy, is able to precisely control all of those particles.
That’s why she used magic so secretly that it was not noticed unless she was a high-ranking witch.
Even more so when it comes to apprentice witches, it’s a piece of cake.


Amelia blew her little air through her mouth, sending the particles into her room.
When enough particles filled the room, she was able to peer into every corner of the room, as if looking at a surveillance camera.


Amelia had to clamp her mouth shut so she wouldn’t scream.

The person in her room was as Amelia expected.
Siwoo Shin, Odile, Odette.
All three had something in common.
The point is that she is naked, not wearing a single thread.

That wasn’t the only thing that surprised Amelia.
If they had been having a naked tea party over tea in a decent way, Amelia would still have managed to squeeze her comprehension to understand.

The sound of wet water that had been heard from before.
She almost screamed when she identified the source of the sound of biting and sucking.

Odile was holding Siwoo’s thing, that is, his genitals, in his mouth.
It’s not just asking.
Shaking her head back and forth, he was sucking on his penis with her tongue and lips.

His things stood very stiff with the veins on them.
In fact, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen the genitals themselves.
Amelia, who had already used Shiu as a teaching aid, remembered seeing his things 10 times.
Not only that, but she also manually induced ejaculation.

But she can be assertive.
Now his penis was bigger than ever, and if it was red, it looked particularly disgusting.
It feels like watching a lion eat the intestines of a deer.
My stomach churned and my body shuddered for nothing.

“How are you feeling?”

Odile looks up at Siwoo and asks.
I see
That’s oral sex.
Amelia had barely noticed the monstrous acts taking place before her eyes.

An act in which a woman caresses a man’s genitals with her mouth.
I remember seeing it in an instruction book that was tucked away in an alcove of a cabin a long time ago.
She took a quick look at it and lost interest, so she used it for firewood.

Incredibly, the contents of the guidebook, dismissed as absurd, are unfolding before her eyes.
Odile, an apprentice witch of Jemani and a student in charge of Amelia, kneels at the feet of Siu, who is only a slave, and serves his genitals.

“Sir… Mr. Odile…”

Amelia, who kept trying to distance herself from her reality, as if trying to deny her situation, was corrected by Siu’s pleasant voice.

“Pehe… Do you think it will be cheap?”

Odile, who has been biting, sucking and licking her cock, induces him to ejaculate and whispers very obscenely and vulgarly.

“I’ll give you permission to sow seeds in my orphaned face in particular.”

Again, one beat late, Amelia’s cognition starts to move.
Put it on her face she sows the seeds
Odile’s words overlapped, and he finally figured out what they were about to do.

Siwoo’s semen poured down like rain, staining Odile’s face.
He calmly accepts bodily fluids from males who appear to be unclean, neither avoiding nor expressing resentment.
It was as if he had been doing it for a long time.

Amelia withdrew her sense of touch.
To be precise, it was not that she walked, but that her concentration dissipated and naturally dissipated in her atmosphere.

As I absentmindedly hold the door, conversations pass through my ears one after another.
I didn’t understand a single thing.

There was a lot to be said.
She had to question her about secretly learning magic alone.
She also had to apologize for hurting him more harshly than she thought.

However, the moment he sees the scene inside the carriage, his hair just turns white.
Amelia’s hands loosened and the carriage door slammed shut.
Amelia, who had come to her senses, turned behind her and left the spot as if she were running away.

After a crazy night and all the cleanup done.
Siu was escorting the twins to the portal.
Among them, Odile is sitting on Siwoo’s back like a baby and smiling.
Odette, who had to walk away holding Siwoo’s gift package because she lost in the rock-paper-scissors game, was ashamed of herself.

“Didn’t you hear something earlier?”
“That on Mr. Odile’s face…”
“What on my face?”

Odile mischievously teases Siwoo.

“When I ejaculated on Lady Odile’s face… I think I heard the carriage door close.”
“No way, no one is passing by here at this hour.”
“He too…”

But it definitely sounded like a door closing.
Siwoo glanced in the direction of Amelia’s dorm without even realizing it.
Ay no way
Probably not

“Haa… How can I find out about such a good thing? Assistant, let’s just live here. When we become witches, I will take you outside.”
“Yeah, I just have to wait another 20 or 15 years.”
“…That’s it.”

It was a tempting proposal, but when would you wait for 15 or 20 years?

“By that time, Odile and Odette must have matured too.”
“That’s right, apprentice witches grow a little slower than humans. Maybe by then her breasts will be bigger too?”

Well, I think I heard something I shouldn’t have heard.
Siu intentionally ignored it.

“Im here.”
“Thank you.”

Siwoo only brought the twins to the entrance of the portal management office.
Odile jumped from behind Sioux.

The night passed like a dream.
As soon as he lands on the ground, he sees Odette and Odile having a quarrel.

Just looking at it, the daughter of an aristocratic family.
Taking twins like that at the same time, even through the back hole, and spraying semen on their faces as a finale… I couldn’t believe it when I thought about it again.

Maybe I’ll be single for the rest of my life.
Living in Gehenna, my eyes only grew high.

“I had a good day today too.”
“I liked it too.”
“Your assistant suffered the most, what?”
“Next time, if I have time, I’ll come over again.”

If it were the twins, they might somehow find time to find them.
Siwoo is swollen with subtle anticipation.


The twins waving his hand and walking towards the portal.
In the mood for parting, Odette suddenly called Siu.
Odette, who also ran to Dodo, kissed Siu on one cheek and looked at him with loving eyes.

“Thank you for your hard work today.”
“Ah yes….”

Siwoo caressed his cheek bewildered.
Odette ran to Odile, who waved her arms briskly and watched the spectacle disapprovingly.
The day passed like this.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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