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City Of Witches 75

City Of Witches 75

Chapter 75 – #17_Change(4)


I don’t think she’s been this confused since she became a witch.
Even when a brave slave refused night service, she was very embarrassed and ashamed, but her brain was not so complicated.
It feels like being adrift in a single sailboat on the open sea where a violent storm blows.
Among so many problems, it was even questionable which one to think of first.

“Laugh… Uh…”

The room that came back like running away.
Amelia paced around, unable to sit or lie down.

That her own stroke and her youthful mistake had brought him great hardship.
That Siu was researching her magic independently.
That the magic was to escape Gehenna.

All of them were important, but one thing left the strongest impression in Amelia’s mind.
It was exactly what the twins and Siu had done in the carriage.

“How could you do such a dirty thing…”

She couldn’t believe it even though she used her sense of touch to see it clearly.
Unlike witches and apprentice witches, Siu is not a spiritual body.
In other words, the place Odile sucked with her mouth as if it were delicious was the dirty body part where urine came out.

Oral sex.
I never thought that such an outrageous act could exist.
Even Odile did not stop there, knelt down under him as a slave and caught the pouring semen on his face.

Amelia gulped down the water on her table.
As soon as the shock subsides, the messy pieces of the puzzle come together.

Amelia has been thinking that Siu hates her witch.
Of course, even considering what Amelia had done to Siu, it was hard to see his attitude towards him as favorable.
Besides, he never talked to any witch except Amelia.

As if he had split a wall, he had kept his integrity while his colleague, another caretaker, had promiscuous relations with some witches.

That’s why he’s been so close to the twins lately.
Amelia had always wondered why.

And the cause was revealed by the sight I witnessed today.

A physical relationship that is said to link the bond between a man and a woman.
The twins and Shin Si-woo were in a relationship.
To the extent that he would do filthy and gross acts without hesitation.
To the point where we are naked and casually together…

Amelia sat at her desk, chewing her lips like an emotionally disturbed child.
The papers were so densely decorated that no blank space could be seen.
Sitting down, holding her quill, Amelia dipped the pen in her ink to study her magic.


Let’s do some research.
Let’s clear up the part that’s been blocked.
No wonder.
Sometimes, when her head was complicated, when it was hard to accept her feelings, she would sit like this and think about magic.
Although it has been stagnant for several years, there were times when these intense emotions helped the immersion of research.


Less than ten seconds had passed before Amelia put her quill down roughly.

“Then, going on a picnic together…”

A fact that popped up.
Siwoo rejected Amelia’s offer and went on a picnic with her twin to Yeongsan.
What would you have done there?
It’s obvious without looking.
Naked naked, rubbing while looking at each other’s naked bodies, licking and sucking genitals with their mouths…

Amelia’s fine fingers curled into her fist.
Why are you so angry?
In her sudden realization of her own mind, Amelia was again confused.
She felt like she was drowning in the muddy waters of her emotions, which were only getting complicated without anything being resolved.


A fact that she hadn’t been able to recall until now because she couldn’t get her mind together.
Apprentice witches cannot have sex with men.
If magic power penetrates the vessel where the mark is to be engraved, that is, the inside of the womb, the structure of the delicate vessel becomes messy and it becomes impossible to carry the mark.

It was a fact that was so obvious to her, but she had completely forgotten about it because she had caught a glimpse of it so shockingly.


She would not have had direct intercourse.
No matter how immature she is, she won’t be obsessed with having sex with Siu until she gives up being a witch.

When I remembered that fact, the impatience in my heart went away a little.
Amelia, feeling more composed, took out a cigarette of her own and lit it.
As the sharp smoke seeped into her lungs, she felt a little more calmed down.

The twins have shown particular interest in the classes that Siu attended as an assistant.
Even Amelia was vaguely aware that the direction was not her quest for her magic, but her curiosity about her male body.
Could it be that Siu is cooperating with her twins inevitably?


Amelia noticed that her thinking was overly optimistic.
At the moment of her ejaculation, he clearly seemed to be in a good mood.
Moreover, judging from the conversation between Odile and Siu, it was difficult to regard it as a one-sided threat relationship.

Summary below.
Siwoo is having a physical relationship with his twin.
However, it is not sexual intercourse, but the degree of pseudo-sexual intercourse.
It is from this tryst that he maintains an extremely close relationship with Siu and his twins.

By the time I had thought about it up to this point, the cigarette I hadn’t taken a sip of was burning the filter and making my fingertips tingle.

– Knocked up!

Then I heard the door open.
She seemed to open it very carefully, but it was as loud as her thunder to Amelia, her senses alert.

Siu is back.
Amelia watched her outside, frozen like a herbivore pretending to be dead.
Passing through the central stairway and passing through the hallway, the movement of people getting farther and farther ended when Siwoo’s door closed.


Amelia let out the breath she had been holding back.
It’s really not going to happen, but if he had opened the door and came in, Amelia would have run away.
With this in mind, she had no idea what to do with him.

Amelia looked out her window.
It can’t stay like this.
I needed some advice.

The place where Amelia ran with her back to the rising morning star arrived at Sofia’s lodging.
Inside Trinity Academy, her mansion, located next to the deer forest, was so cute that it reminded me of the cabin Amelia used to live in.

– Smart smart

I knocked on the doorknob on the wooden door, and after a while the door opened.

“Who is it? This time…”

Sophia appeared with a languid voice wearing a pajama with a fluffy cat pattern on it.
She yawned and opened the door. She was startled when she realized the identity of the uninvited guest.
The reason Amelia first came to Sofia was because she was a knight worth counting on her fingers.

“Oh, Amelia? What’s up?”

And when she saw her face, she was even more surprised.
Even walking in her hallway, Amelia’s graceful dress and hair were tousled.
Under the circumstances, it seemed that she had come running madly.
Besides, just looking at his hardened expression is not normal.

“I guess it’s time for you to know that I’m a witch with a regular sleep pattern… Come in.”

Without answering, Amelia snuck in through the door Sophia had opened.
There were several cats sleeping all over the cozy cabin where the fireplace was burning.
Even though guests came, they didn’t wake up, and everyone was dreaming on the beam on the battlefield, on the chest of drawers, and under the table.
It was a boon to Amelia that dozens of cats wouldn’t cling, but she didn’t have enough brains to appreciate such a simple boon.

“Coffee? Black tea? Cocoa? What do you like?”

With Amelia sitting on the sofa next to her by the fireplace, Sophia asks, searching through her cupboards.

“I’m in a hurry, Abene.”
“It’s chilly when you wake up someone who slept well.”

Instead of preparing her tea with her smile, Sofia sat across from Amelia and put the blanket over her lap.
In fact, Sophia wondered what the hell had caused Amelia to be so desperate.


But on the subject she said was urgent, Amelia only kept her silence.
She seems to be thinking about how to say it.

“Shall I guess? Is it a problem with assistant Shin Si-woo?”

Amelia’s eyes widened as if she knew how.
Then, with a tiny gesture, she nodded her head.
I never thought that Amelia, who would normally blindfold her and snatch her away, would accept it so meekly.
Sophia in the world was also a little surprised.

“No way… Did you? Did the assistant attack you? Or are you…?”
“Don’t talk vulgarly. Because it’s not like that.”

Staring at her with her piercing, dissatisfied eyes, Amelia hesitated several times before telling Sophia everything she had seen today.

“So, your assistant created magnetism magic for escape, is in a state where you don’t know when to run away, and has a physical relationship with an apprentice witch?”

Amelia added something belatedly.

“Because she is an apprentice witch, it seems that she had a pseudo-sexual act without penetration.”

Sophia made no reply to Amelia’s guess.
The hole that can be connected to the man is not only the genitals, so I can’t be certain.
I didn’t say it, though.

“Did I say something strange?”
“No, no. Therefore….”

It was still too early to tell Amelia the truth, so Sophia quickly changed her subject.

“What do you want to do?”
“What do you want to do?”
“There must be a reason for coming to see me at this late hour. Huffing and running.”
“I didn’t run all the way.”

She waited a long time, but Amelia said nothing.
No, it would be more accurate to say that she didn’t.

“…I don’t know.”

What to do, how to do it
He came to Sofia because he could not understand anything.
Because her troublesome and trivial advice often came in handy in unexpected places.

“Are you angry after seeing today’s work?”

Amelia hesitated and nodded her head.
Brilliant blonde hair swayed slightly in the winter.

“Why are you angry?”
“Because Shin Si-woo is my exclusive assistant.”

Unlike a moment ago, she heard a clear confirmation answer as if she had no doubts.
Sophia intended to teach Amelia step by step for her clumsiness.
Because she’s not very honest.

“Then you didn’t like the fact that your possession, Shin Si-woo, was flirting with other women and trying to escape from under you?”
“It wasn’t long before the assistant became your exclusive. Wouldn’t he be mad if the same thing had happened to the assistant when he wasn’t exclusive?”
“Of course…”

Even before Xin Siu became an exclusive, even if he had witnessed this, he would have been confused, confused in his head, and incomprehensible anger soared.
Amelia’s eyes widened greatly.

She found contradictions in her own thinking.
Seeing that, Sophia smiled.

“Isn’t it strange? It is the human heart.”
“According to what you said, you would have been angry even though there was nothing to be angry about.”
“…I must have been angry even before I became an exclusive. Because I was the slave I was looking out for.”

Seeing Sofia’s warm gaze, Amelia came up with the reason.
Why does her own words feel like lame excuses?

“Why did you pay attention?”
“Why are you curious about that?”

Sophia looked at Amelia with her warm eyes.
Those eyes looked a little like her master’s, so Amelia involuntarily avoided her gaze.

“Because it is important. As long as it can feel emotions, even animals can do it. My cats love me too.
But it’s a human privilege to be able to analyze why that emotion arose by turning oneself into another.”
“I am Amelia Marigold, a witch.”
“I know, one human being before that.”

Seeing Amelia in her distress, Sophia rose from her seat.

“I’ll bring the car. It will probably take a little longer.”

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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