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City Of Witches 76

City Of Witches 76

Chapter 76 – #18_Self-Contradiction(1)


“Then let’s put this off. You don’t need to know everything today, do you?”
“Whew… Good.”

Amelia didn’t want to acknowledge the source of her feelings for Shiu.
For example, after Sophia asks the question, ‘Why don’t you want to let Shin Siu go?’, No matter how much she tries to induce her, she just repeats her childlike answer like ‘Because it is mine’.
Not to mention love, he didn’t even say the level of crush, favor, or liking.

She seemed to never admit that her naive sorceress self within her had special feelings for her slave.
No, to be more precise, it must be said that they are confused about what that special feeling is.

“Anyway, you mean you don’t want assistant Shin Si-woo to leave?”
“I will admit that.”
“Then what should I do? The fact that he didn’t prepare for a day or two means that he has a strong will to escape.”

Amelia pondered and opened her mouth.

“We can confiscate the magic research data and mana tree, and keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t do anything stupid.”
“Amelia, do you really think that’s right?”

Sophia with an angry expression.

“He can use magic, but he’s a slave…”
“After that, what are you going to do? Of course, as you say, your assistant won’t be able to leave you. But will you hate it very, very much? Didn’t you ask me the other day how to get along with your assistant?”

I noticed while talking.
No matter how childish Amelia is, she cannot be ignorant of that obvious fact.
She was just complaining about questions and answers that didn’t work out as she thought.
Conversation beyond this is meaningless.
Sophia judged that progress was too fast.

“I think this is the last piece of advice I can give you.”
“What is it?”
“Josu-nim, do what you like. Show that you are reflecting on your past mistakes and regretting them, and that you want to be close.”
“…Do you think that makes sense?”

If there is a characteristic of a person who has been alone for a long time, it is that they are very stubborn.
In that sense, Sophia did not think that Amelia would accept all of her advice at once.
Still, shouldn’t someone push your back?

“Of course, the choice is yours.”

The consultation, which took much longer than expected, is over.
Standing by her small window, Sophia watched Amelia’s back as she receded.
Her steps seemed very sluggish.

Even as she walked out the door, Amelia noticed that her frustration was not resolved at all.
A witch cannot have children of her own, but if she had a daughter and her puberty came, wouldn’t she feel that way?

Amelia was an emotionally immature child.
Her solitude for so long made her that way.
She didn’t know how to relate to others properly, and she couldn’t even properly recognize what she was feeling.

Love is one of the most difficult of human emotions.
Amelia couldn’t understand that complexity at once.
And she can’t tell who taught her.
Sometimes I can’t fall asleep with excitement, sometimes it hurts my heart, and sometimes it’s so complicated that my head explodes, so I have to learn it myself while suffering.

Therefore, the advice Sofia could give was very common sense and obvious.
If she tells them everything, wouldn’t Amelia have to visit Sophia when she encounters a similar problem?

“Because you said it well. I hope it turns out well.”

That’s why Sofia could not give you the right answer.
Direction in any way.
How to solve this problem is up to Amelia.

Of course there will be mistakes.
There will be things that you didn’t expect, and there will be things that go differently than you intended.

“I’m anxious, but…”

But what?

“That is love.”

She knew that meeting Sophia would make her feel a little better.
As far as her magic, Amelia was higher in rank than Sophia, but Sophia, who had a lot of experience in her world, would give her some pretty wise advice.

But after her consultation, Amelia’s head was more complicated.
It felt like she was carrying additional parts that she hadn’t considered or even thought of.
Returning to her mansion, Amelia climbed the central staircase bathed in morning sunlight.

Amelia’s room is on the left.
To the right is Shin Si-woo’s room.
As she stood at a crossroads, she suddenly remembered Sophia’s advice.
It may be because she inadvertently caught his eye on his visit.

‘Do what he likes.’

What he likes
What naturally replayed in Amelia’s head was the image of Siu, who was fed up with Odile’s fellatio and was fed up with her pleasure.

Do what he likes?
Odile’s image is replaced with her own in Amelia’s head, where the delusion develops hazy.
Amelia strode into her room, her brow furrowed.

“Do you think I would do that?”

Amelia, who was chanting to whom she had no say, was annoyed for some reason.
It is a vulgar act.
Because you have to kneel down and wash dirty places only for the pleasure of a man.


But she loved it so much.
That must have been the reason why Siwoo, who didn’t even pay attention to witches, became close to her at once.
Amelia is troubled.
She had no intention of sucking his dick in her mouth, either, of course.


What caught Amelia’s eyes were the blunt cylinder-shaped glass bottles that filled her cupboard.
Essential oils extracted directly from plants and animals are one of the ingredients that Amelia uses to make her perfume.

Amelia lifted her heel and pulled out one of her vials.
Round shape, thickness or length.
There is no part like a turtle’s head, but wouldn’t this roughly be similar to Siwoo’s stuff?
I observed his erect penis not only yesterday, but also several times in class.

Do what he likes.
Do what he likes.
Do what he likes.
Do what he likes.

Sophia’s advice repeated over and over, leaving countless echoes and howls in her head.
Neither cigarettes, nor clothes, nor cakes could bring him closer.
So what about this one?
Could it be that I’m being stubborn in a strange place, as I heard from Sophia?
Amelia swallowed her saliva and opened her mouth slightly.

This is by no means an exercise.
She, her baron and her witch, could not do such a nasty thing to him.
I’m just curious to see how it feels.
After finishing her thoughts, Amelia slipped her tongue out and licked the bottom of the reagent containing the essential oil.
Her soft tongue crawled over her sleek glass bottle.

Also, there is no excitement whatsoever.
Amelia slightly raised the aggressiveness of her actions.
When I think of what Odile did, it’s roughly like this.
She grabbed the bottle with both her hands and carefully pushed it into her mouth.

It was pretty heavy.
Her jaw fell out and she had to open her mouth wide and could only breathe through her nose as the space in her mouth narrowed.

“Sigh… Hmm… Hmm…”

Can I do it this way?
Holding the oil dripping bottle with her hand, she gently moves her head.
As a result, there were several unpleasant sensations of her glass hitting her, but surprisingly, her movement itself was not difficult.


In fact, considering the difficulty of the act itself, it wasn’t difficult.
After she cleans and sanitizes his things, all she has to do is suck this vial.
When she held it in her hand, his object, which was hard, large, and strangely erotic…

I had a strange feeling.
A feeling I’ve never felt before in my life.
It tickles like insects crawling through blood vessels.
The extremities of her limbs tingled and her lower abdomen seemed to twist for some reason.


Amelia was troubled with a glass bottle in her mouth.
She started shaking her head back and forth in earnest.

-It’s cold… It’s cold… It’s cold…

It made a sound similar to Odile’s when he was sucking his cock.
It was unpleasant for her teeth to touch the bottle, so she diligently moved them as wide apart as possible.
Every time that happened, the strange sensation that had been tickling my body from earlier became stronger and stronger.

As befits a first-class witch who can be counted on her hand, Amelia’s image was perfectly portraying last night’s tryst.
When Odile moved her head back and forth like this, Sioux frowned at her in a good mood.
If she continues to stimulate in that state, she will probably scatter whitish baby seeds.

Was it because she kept moving with something in her mouth?
For some reason, her breathing was a little short of breath.
It feels like she’s only breathing with half of her chest.

Amelia, involuntarily, was hunching her thighs in her sloppy standing position.
Her hand instinctively went between her legs.
Because she somehow thought that it itched here.
Scratching an area like this is not at all noble, but it probably sounds very cool.

Just then she reached her hand over the sheer hem of her nightgown.
A sound was heard behind her.

“Miss Amelia.”

A lost sense of reality returns, like a walk through the garden of her dreams.
Amelia hurriedly pulled her bottle from her mouth and looked behind her.
There stood Siwoo, who was speechless while saying something with a puzzled expression.


How much had she lost her mind?
When she came into the room she didn’t even close the door.
I didn’t even hear him open the door and walk down the hallway.

– Clink!

The bottle in Amelia’s hand slid effortlessly and broke.
It’s still fine.
Was on the verge of a visit.
What she was doing would not have been exactly visible to him who had just entered the room.

“I will clean it up.”

Seeing that the bottle was broken, Si-woo hurriedly ran to her.

“Ah… Ah… No! No!”

Embarrassed, Amelia raises her voice to dissuade Siu.
Seeing Amelia for the first time, Si-Woo, taken aback, stands tall.

It wouldn’t be obvious unless her bottle was broken, but that was Amelia’s smeared with her saliva.
Perhaps he could have found it while clearing away the shards of glass.
If that was the case, even Siwoo, who had not seen the details of the situation, would have noticed.

“I’ll clean it up.”

As Amelia cast her spell, the shattered pieces and the puddles of oil that had spread on the floor made their way into the trash can.
Amelia let out a small sigh of relief inside her.

“What happened?”

Amelia sat with her legs crossed, pretending to be as nonchalant as possible.
Unfortunately, it was a bedside table, not a chair, and there was a lamp for sub lighting at that location.

– Clink!

The lamp, which had been pushed by Amelia’s buttocks and fell to the floor, crashed into the floor like a glass bottle and passed away.
It was the place where the carpet was not laid, which was the biggest cause of death.


Amelia sighed and she tidied it up with her magic, just like a moment ago.
Amelia looks at Siu with her arms crossed again, calmly.
After thinking for a moment, Siwoo opened his mouth.

“I had something to tell you… I’m sorry you seemed busy. I will speak to you later.”
“Then I’ll see you later.”

-Kkiik thump!

The door is closed.
And seeing Siwoo’s awkward behavior, Amelia had a hunch.
He said he watched the whole situation.


It was the worst.
Wanting to cry, Amelia stared at her floor with a face that had turned red for a long time.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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