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City Of Witches 77

City Of Witches 77

Chapter 77 – #18_Contradiction(2)

Siu, who brought her twins to the portal, immediately fell into a deep sleep on the bed.
No he was going to fall
But did he sleep for 4 hours?
The regular life he had kept for five years and the morning sunlight pouring through the well-lit window woke Siu up.

– Rattle

The sound of the front door opening and closing at that moment.
The people staying in the forlornly spacious mansion are Siu and Ameliani, probably Amelia.
Siwoo’s eyes, which had been dreaming, suddenly opened.
It was because of the plan he had been thinking about since yesterday.

It was time to tell Amelia the truth.
Even if you hide anything that can use magic, you have received an offer from Count Myrnai to allow her to return to the present world,
She said that with Amelia’s permission she could go,
Thank you for all you’ve done these days, but now I’ve decided to say I want to go back to my hometown.

She has a lot of dirty things and a lot of mean things, but I thought I’d better ask her before she listened to her count’s proposal.
It might save Amelia’s face, and since it’s her own business, wouldn’t it be more likely that Amelia would nod her head if she said it herself?

Again you don’t know
Originally, she would have let her go without hesitation, but Amelia, who believed only in the power of her mother and did not even say a word about such an important fact, might order her to stay forever, outraged by her exclusive slavery.

“Um… There is a possibility.”

Even Amelia, who has become quite docile and gentle, no matter what winds up these days, has been watching for years.
I wanted to reduce possible variables.

With Amelia’s refusal, even if she tries to escape through magic, which is her next best option, there is no guarantee that the research will be successful.
Before that, there is a possibility that the research itself will be stopped by someone who should not have been caught.
Crucially, even if all of the above is not a problem, it will take about a year to eventually escape.
I’d rather postpone my discharge for another year.


Siu ran to the bathroom to wash his face and straighten his hair.
Don’t be nervous, let’s talk.
If it had been in the past, there would have been some level of anxiety.

According to Takasho’s theory, if Amelia had a crush on or possessiveness towards Shiu, of course she wouldn’t let him go.
But didn’t that theory turn out to be wrong?
It was because Siwoo had been mistaken when Amelia suggested that she attend the night.

Since I can’t go in pajamas, Siu changed into a nice suit and headed to Amelia’s room.

The door that was always closed is open.
Amelia’s room is exactly symmetrical to Siu’s room.
She, of course, thought she was sitting at the table, but she was standing awkwardly next to her room.
She is acting strangely with her back to the door.

He slightly moves his head back and forth while looking up at the sky.
At first, I drank water.
That is until you hear a strange noise.

-Chew, chuw, chuw, chuw…

Siwoo’s pupils narrowed in surprise.
Because her Siwoo’s passing through her head was an act that could not be connected to her.
Siu instinctively called her name before Amelia showed a more rugged appearance.

“Miss Amelia!”

What happened after that, you know, was quite a mess.

The promise of going to Border Town with Amelia in the afternoon was gone.
While I was lying on the bed with a disturbed heart, a letter folded in paper cranes flew in and out.
It was a notice that all of today’s schedules were canceled.

Thanks to that, Siu, who has been resting for two days in a row, is enjoying his laziness in bed, sucking his fingers.
But her mind was still busy.


Siwoo was thinking about Amelia’s eccentricity, which he happened to witness all day long.
Why the hell were you doing that?
He didn’t look closely, but he seemed to be sucking on a long glass bottle in his mouth.
And as soon as he found out, he was very embarrassed.
To the point of breaking glass bottles and lamps.

The scene of Amelia’s round back of the head moving back and forth was still vivid in Siwoo’s mind.
That’s like…


And one thing came to mind.
The sound of the door closing hurriedly heard as we embraced each other coolly while spending the last night with the twins.
It was only Siu who heard it, but he thought it was just the sound of the wind.
But the back of the head…

“It looks similar to when I was playing fella.”

It was only then that Siwoo realized the identity of the intense sense of deja vu he had just felt.
And then I laughed out loud.

“Even in my later years, I became half-psychotic. It is the same here.”

He must have gone half crazy with the excitement of the freedom he might soon taste.
You have to sound sensible.
It’s not just one or two things that don’t fit together by speculation.

I saw you do that with an apprentice witch, and you leave me to sleep soundly without a word?
Amelia, the twins’ professor?
It’s not just a matter of disorderly conduct, but the twins’ future as witches?
Even Amelia, who caught a glimpse of him, imitates Felaccio?
Biting a glass bottle unsightly?


Siu burst out laughing.
Rather, it would be more realistic for Takasho to become a TS witch and come to suck his dick.


Perhaps it was an important magical ritual or an act related to Amelia’s research.
If not, it must be a bit of a strange habit.
I think I’ve heard that children who couldn’t suckle milk long for motherhood even when they become adults… Is it similar?

In fact, neither is easy to imagine.
In that case, it’s best to just keep your mouth shut.
Because Amelia, who was caught doing it, gave her best embarrassed look ever.
She looked a bit like she knew there was no one in the elevator and immediately after farting, she realized that there was someone behind her.

“I’ll just pretend I didn’t see you.”

Is there any need to make boils by poking around ahead of the gig?
Thinking so, she forcibly squeezed the part that was a little suspicious.

I guess it’s too early to tell now.
Amelia must have been embarrassed because she was caught in such an embarrassing situation.
Siwoo decided to take a nap and measure his timing.

Amelia had been locked in her room all day.
Because she couldn’t figure out how to look at his face.
Her face burned when she thought of the rudeness she had shown him, and she could hardly raise her head in front of him.

A side view of sucking a glass bottle.
What did she think when she saw that stupid face?
It was clear that her dignity as a witch and aristocrat had been shattered in an instant, even if she hadn’t spoken about it.


Amelia, sprayed with the perfume of her weariness to forget all her shame, lay down on her bed.
It was for a nap.
Sleep makes you forget everything for a while.
However, even with the effect of the perfume, Ora can’t sleep and is only tearing at the bed sheets.

So much has been falling apart in just the past few days.
What Amelia had believed in, what had been built up, everything she had taken for granted.

In the midst of confusion over the values ​​accumulated over a long period of time, even a dark history has been created.
My brain shuffled randomly, and I felt like I was in a shaker.

“I can’t do this.”

Amelia jumped out of bed.
What is certain is that if she is left alone like this, she will be branded as a completely strange woman in Siwoo’s mind.
Maybe she’s a pervert, or maybe her hair is weird.
I have no intention of leaving it that way…! A clear explanation must be made! While thinking, Amelia suddenly noticed something about her.


Why is he only worried about what Shin Si-woo thinks of him?
She was Amelia, who had no interest in any gossip about her behavior in the social world or what others were saying behind her back.

A person who is staggered by others’ evaluation cannot be a noble person.
Amelia herself is enough to acknowledge Amelia.
She used to think that she was nothing more than a coward if that alone did not convince her.

According to that theory, what Amelia went through yesterday was nothing.
Wasn’t she just caught doing something a little bizarre?
No matter what Siwoo thinks about Amelia Marigold, ‘I’ is ‘me’.


As Amelia, soaked in her anguish, does her self-reflection.

– Thump thump

There was the sound of a knock on the door.
Amelia, who had no one to call her friend except Sophia, had very, very few guests come to her.
The reason you know that the guest outside her door is not Sophia is because she doesn’t knock, but turns into a crow and knocks on her window.

“It’s better.”

I don’t know who it is, but when my head is this complicated, I’d rather think of something else.


With the snap of her fingers, all the perfume of fatigue that weighed down her eyelids flew away.
Amelia stepped out into the lounge to greet her guests with her leisurely gait.

“It’s a pleasant sunny afternoon.”
“I don’t know if it’s not rude to suddenly come without an appointment.”

In front of the door are two witches wearing small hats with veils.
No, strictly speaking, they were one witch, Jemonai Albireo, and Deneb.

“No problem, come in.”

Amelia is momentarily dazed by the unexpected appearance of a character.
At best, she thought she would be a professor or assistant at the academy, and with her puzzled expression, she ushered her count into her reception room.

“It’s been five years since I left the babies in a separate place like this.”
“Have you been at peace?”
“…What are you doing?”

Originally, it would have been appropriate to call Siwoo to wait on him, but Amelia did not want to put him in front of Count Zemonai.
Judging from his past activities, he intuitively sensed that there was a connection between the count and Siwoo.
Amelia did not hide her suspicious gaze.
Because it wasn’t just one or two things that were suspicious.

The Count opens his mouth after meeting each other’s eyes at Amelia’s more hostile attitude than he thought.
As many witches know that Amelia is unsociable and aloof, she immediately gets to the point.

“Have you heard anything from Siwoo Shin?”
“To conclude, I want to transfer the ownership of Miss Marigold’s exclusive slave Shin Si-woo.”

Amelia’s eyes widen.
I wondered why he came here so suddenly, but he transferred ownership of Shin Si-woo out of nowhere.


Unbeknownst to me, I responded in a sharp voice.
The Count, who continues to speak without hesitation.

“During the last picnic, Shin Siu-kun saved Odile and Odette from a homunculus attack.”
“I asked what he wanted in return, and he said he wanted to return to this world. It’s unprecedented, but we can solve it on our own.”
“We plan to provide sufficient support so that they can settle down well after returning. However, Mr. Siu is Miss Marigold’s exclusive property, so I couldn’t handle it on my own, so I came to ask for your understanding.”

Did something like that happen on the day of the picnic?
Shin Si-woo’s strong desire to leave this place was confirmed by finding research materials in his barn.

But I never even guessed that something like this was going on behind the scenes.

“Of course, you must have made him your exclusive slave in order to have him as your assistant.”
“I’m not asking you to hand it over. I have prepared a sufficient price. We want to make his wishes come true as much as possible.”

The Count put the jewelry box he had prepared in advance on the table.

“Would you like to check it out?”

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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