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City Of Witches 78

City Of Witches 78

Chapter 78 – #18_Self-Contradiction(3)


What Deneb took out of his bosom and put on the table was a very small wooden box.
Amelia noticed that the seemingly shabby wooden box was actually an unusual object.
3 layers to absorb shock, 3 layers to prevent theft, 4 layers to seal, and 7 layers to preserve the interior.
A total of 17 layers of protective barriers surround the wooden box.

It was a safety device to the point of ignorance.
Perhaps even the flow of time has stopped inside that small box.
If you steal it unknowingly, your body will be rotted by countless curses before you even peek at the contents.

What stretched out from Albireo’s hand was a very small key.
A key that temporarily immobilizes mana and radiates a specific pattern touched the box.
The barrier is lifted with the sound of chains winding.

When the box was opened, what was visible was an unusually large diamond that radiated a brilliant pink light even between the red satin.

“Steinmetz pink 62.2 carats.”
“It is also called the Queen of Diamonds. It is a rare item that is no longer produced.”

The decision to give Amelia her jewelry wasn’t just because it could be used for pretty trinkets.
Various jewels are useful in alchemy and magic.
In particular, since diamonds are the most important part in producing wands, large-scale barrier ceremonies, or artifacts, witches’ preference for large and large diamonds did not need to be explained.
If anything, pretty is good.

A pink diamond of this size is so rare that it is almost worth asking for it.
It is too expensive to buy the ownership of a mere slave.
It’s a sad fact, but even if you add up the ransom of all the slaves in Gehenna, it will be cheaper than this Steinmetz Pink.
In other words, Count Gemanai could be said to be as active in granting the wishes of his benefactor.


The Count, who was confident until briefly explaining the jewels, saw Amelia staring at her jewelry box expressionlessly, and she realized that something was wrong.

“If you don’t like the item, the corresponding artifact or magic tool.”
“Or I can prepare gold coins or dollars.”
“How about art? We also have works by famous painters who are not known to the public. Like Van Gogh?”

Deneb said while closing the jewelry box again.
But there was no greed or hesitation in Amelia’s eyes.
No matter how rich you are, having something like this in front of you will make you greedy, but it is so pure and clean.

“Does assistant Shin Siu know?”
“The discussion with Siwoo has already been completed…”
“Not that.”

Amelia didn’t even look at her chest anymore.

“Do you know what reality awaits you when you leave Gehenna?”
“That part…”
“I haven’t explained yet. But she intends to provide enough funds to support herself.”
“There is no need for that.”

I said this, but…
The Count, who had been negotiating with numerous chaebol heads, CEOs of multinational corporations, or high-ranking political and business leaders, could sense it.
Amelia knows she never intends to let him go.
If there were three or four more diamonds like this, it would probably have been the same reaction.

It seems that he misunderstood something in the first place.
The relationship between the two was not simply a businesslike relationship between an exclusive slave and a witch.
It was made up of a little more sticky feelings than that.
Judging from Siwoo’s desire to get out of Gehenna as soon as possible, the direction of emotion seemed to be a one-way street from Amelia to Siu.

“I’m sorry to waste your time, but I’m sorry.”

As expected, Amelia ended the conversation.

“I wanted to live up to expectations as much as possible. That’s too bad.”
“Apart from this, could you arrange a place to talk to him separately?”

Now that this has happened, another compensation plan must be proposed to Siwoo.
Of course, I don’t know if he will gladly accept it.
What to do?

“No, let me explain.”

Amelia’s behavior could have been seen as rude.
It was an act that had no regard for the face of Count Zemanai.
But the Count quickly understood.

Sometimes feelings transcend human gains and losses.
Isn’t the jewel offered to transfer Siwoo’s ownership right now an absurd and irrational price compared to the actual ransom?
From Amelia’s point of view, what the Count has done right now may be a great disrespect.

“Then take a look.”

Amelia did not see the Count off, but remained alone in her reception room and drank her tea.

“This is… Right?”
“It seems so.”

After being kicked out of Amelia’s mansion, Albireo and Deneb trudged through the garden.
In fact, I had guessed a little from the time I heard that Amelia Marigold, whose human relationship was not narrow but close to destruction, had taken in her exclusive slave.
It must be that he is quite fond of it, or that he is a slave whose qualities as an assistant are really excellent.
Isn’t that why they chose such a grandiose and extravagant trade item?

“Oh my God.”
“You must have been very angry?”

However, such an ending was not expected.
She is a witch who has unrequited love for an apprentice slave.

That’s not even a half-baked witch.
She has risen two levels in a short period of 150 years, and is a 22nd rank high witch, higher than Count Zemyrnai.

It’s not confirmed, but the circumstantial evidence is very clear.
It became a difficult situation.

“Are you going to go back like this anyway?”
“So what? Baron Marigold is so stubborn.”
“Still, I think I should tell him that things went awry. Did you arrange another reward?”
“It might look worse on us if we give it ourselves. It would be better to deliver it later through the baron.”

Even so, it was not such a serious problem that the count pondered over it for more than 10 minutes.
Since ancient times, problems between men and women are not to be interfered with carelessly, aren’t they?

“You will do well.”
“I’m sorry for nothing.”

Deneb and Albireo got into the carriage and brought up the next topic.
It was about a witch who had recently been smuggled into Gehenna.

“By the way, did you catch the tail?”

Deneb shook his head at Albireo’s question.

“It’s not an easy bet. I solved my familiars and hired a few witches, but there is no news.”
“Is it possible that she has already returned to the present world?”
“It’s low, nothing has happened yet.”

If an outcast is sighted in Gehenna, regardless of the reason, it will be permanently exterminated.
The fact that he took such a risk and entered Gehenna clearly had an important purpose.
There is no commotion within Gehenna.
You should be crouching in the blind spot of surveillance by now.

“I’ll contact Count Adonai and ask him to figure out the money flow in Gehenna. Maybe he came to buy something.”
“Okay, I’ll pick about three and send them to the Red Roof Salon.”

In Count Gemonai’s mind, things about Siu and Amelia were quickly forgotten.
The count’s day was so busy because he kept rolling his head over such small things.

Even the diligence of a slave accumulated over five years could not overcome the law of preservation with blood.
After doing naughty things with the twins all night, 11 shots were fired.
Besides, I only get about 2-3 hours of sleep.
It was natural for me to wake up in the afternoon after lying in bed with nothing to do.

“Your lifestyle has changed.”

When I open my eyes, the sun is slowly setting.
The bright red sunset was rolling its body on the grassy hill, dyeing the leisurely flowing clouds in pastel tones.
If you do this, the troubles of the next day will be clear.


Siwoo stretched as much as he could.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been living with my guts, so I feel like I’m a member of the royal family.

– Flutter!

Then I heard the sound of a bunch of papers being scattered.
On Siwoo’s bed, where he got up right away.


Siu looked over the bed.
And he found something very familiar.
Siu picked them up.


A draft of the magic circle he studied while sleeping at night in order to escape Gehenna.
About 200 sheets of paper were flying around Siwoo’s bed.
It feels like waking up from sleep.

No matter how much effort was put into writing it, the draft of the magic circle left in the box under the straw at the congratulatory ceremony would not have crawled in just because the owner wanted to see it.
That’s a horror on its own, but the possibility that comes to mind right now is a more horror of horror than that.

Siwoo gulped down his saliva while looking at the draft with wavering eyes.
Seeing that the five senses are clear, of course it is not a dream.
If so, who brought it?
No, rather than bringing it in, it looks like it was thrown around.
Siwoo scraped together the drafts, organized them, and stuffed them into a drawer.


Cold sweat dripping down.
That magic circle was Siu’s only insurance.
Even if he were discovered to be able to use magic, it should not be known that he planned to use it to escape Gehenna.

In that sense, the barn was the safest storage.
It’s a place that no one has visited in five years, and even if a witch stumbles by, there’s no way they’ll be searching under the musty pile of straw to find something.
If so, who…


Siwoo’s head suddenly headed for the door connecting the bedroom and living room.
It’s a very small sound, but it’s the sound of a teaspoon hitting a teacup.
That means someone is in the living room.
Perhaps he was the one who threw out this draft.

Sweat is dripping down as if he had just washed his face.
My heart was beating like crazy.
He carefully put his hand on the doorknob and twisted it open.

What came into view was Amelia sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed and drinking tea leisurely.

The edge of the setting sun floods the window of the balcony.
In a world of fiery red.
Creepy, beautiful and coolly shining blue eyes stared at Siwoo.

“Sit down please.”

Amelia said to Siu, who was stiff like a log.
It was the worst.
Amelia would have at least interpreted what this magic circle was made for.

Siu felt his hair turn white.
The plan I’ve been drawing up until now is crumpled.
Should he have been a little more concealed?

But it’s 5 years.
I mean, I haven’t been able to find anyone in 5 years.
Could it be that you already knew?
Wouldn’t it be that you have enjoyed voyeurism in the dark, like watching a lab mouse try to escape?

When he sits down at the table, he sees a cherry cake from Kifusi, but he doesn’t even look at it.
Next to it is paper and a pen.
Amelia turned the paper over.
There was a dense magic formula written on it.
After choosing one of them, Amelia passes the paper in front of Siwoo and says.

“Let go.”
“Associate Professor…”
“Solve it.”

A voice of exclusion that no longer tolerates dialogue.
After hesitating for a while, Siu reluctantly picked up the pen.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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