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City Of Witches 79

City Of Witches 79

Chapter 79 – #18_Contradiction(4)

My mind only got more complicated.
Amelia knew everything.
Even the last bastion for escaping slavery was discovered.
In such a situation, what is Amelia’s true intention to solve her magic problem?

“…All right.”

But Amelia hates saying the same thing two or three times.
Before figuring out what was going on, it was also important that she didn’t go against her heart.
Therefore, Siu’s eyes scanned the problem reflexively.

A magic circle that was not given exactly what to solve.
Numerous straight lines and curves embroidered on white paper, and 12 runes.
Each one was drawn by careful calculation and design, and the magic circle was transferred in my head.

If Siwoo had the most outstanding ability, it was the ability to concentrate regardless of the situation.
Siwoo’s heart, which had only been thumping, was buried in the stillness like the deep sea at the same time as he concentrated.

As seen in Ain, the principles and manifestations of the magic circle take place in the 3D stage.
The magic circle is nothing more than a 3D magic that has been moved to a 2D so that it is easy for the caster to record or notate.
It is like making a ‘musical score’ on music paper by abstracting the phenomenon of the natural world called ‘sound’, which is difficult for humans to record.

Therefore, Siwoo’s accident made the magic circle drawn on paper three-dimensional like a pop-up book.
What he saw was no longer a magic circle drawn on flat paper.
It is a three-dimensional structure with a regular dodecahedron slowly rotating in the air like an elaborate mechanical device, and a circumscribed sphere that touches all vertices outside the dodecahedron.

After predicting the shape of the magic circle, the following is its purpose.
Based on the flow of magical power and runes, we infer how this magic circle works in reality.

“It is a magic transfer magic formula. The maximum transmission capacity is the volume of the inscribed sphere.”

Siwoo looked at Amelia and asked in a calm and low voice.
He is trying not to lose his temper as much as possible.
I don’t know what Amelia wants yet.

“Is that all?”

The expression Amelia threw was not perfect.
Some parts were intentionally left out.

“At this rate, the magic power leak during transmission is too severe. If you go 50M or 30M, you will lose your job.”

He picked up a pen and wrote letters in three places.

“In this way, at least 100M can be completely transmitted without transmission leaks.”

Amelia looked at the equation Siu solved for a while.
They hand over other problems without any response.

“Release this too.”

The magic test suddenly started.
Amelia endlessly threw her hand-made problems to Siu.
Amelia, who had been observing the situation with a sigh of relief, was also surprised inside her.

Actually, in terms of difficulty, it wasn’t that difficult so far.
Even if you give it to the twins, it’s a level of problems that can be solved in a day.
However, the speed at which Siwoo solved the problem was obviously unusual.
With just a few glances, I grab a pen and write down my own answer.

There is no fixed answer in magic.
Even if you make the same magic, thousands of answers can come out.
How efficient and appropriate an answer is is an important subjective expression.

However, Siu’s answer is quite accurate and reasonable even considering Amelia’s high scoring standards.
To the extent that Amelia would have written a similar answer if given the same amount of time.

So I could be sure.
Siwoo didn’t get help from anyone, and it wasn’t just coincidence that he completed the magnetism magic.
Everything is his skill

Finally, all the problems Amelia had accumulated were gone.
Only about three hours had passed.


Amelia checked the last answer.
It was a matter of looking at only a part of the large-scale barrier ceremony and estimating the overall structure.
The level of the problems got progressively higher as they went on, so this last problem was something the twins would have to whine about to solve.
However, he came up with the right answer in only 15 minutes.

The moment Siwoo handed over the last worksheet to Amelia, he felt a burning thirst.
I feel like I’ve swallowed a fireball in my stomach.
Even a soft sofa is now a thorny cushion.

Why is Amelia behaving like this?
If she found the draft of the escape magic circle, stop it.
Research papers may be confiscated and sent to a labor camp.
No matter how you think about it, there is too little information.
She couldn’t get what she wanted.

And when she came to her senses, her beautiful eyes were looking at Siwoo.
It was an overbearing gaze that made it hard to believe that she had done her stupid thing this morning.

“Miss Amelia.”
“Actually, there is something I haven’t told you yet. It’s a story about Count Gemanai…”

Amelia said, avoiding other gazes as if she didn’t need to hear, or as if to distract her.

“I declined.”

And as if she had made up her mind again, she stared at her Siu and said,
Rather, it was an intense gaze that forcedly encouraged the expression of staring.

“Earl Gemanai came to visit this morning. She heard her offer to transfer ownership of Siu Josu.”
“Are you saying you declined the offer…?”

The Earl of Myrnai said, she said that Amelia would prepare a gift that would satisfy her.
Considering the courtesy the girls showed to Siu in the carriage, she must not have been a witch who passed on her promise with mere words.
She says he’s paid enough, but she refuses? Why the hell

“…Can I ask why?”

This time it was Amelia’s turn to get complicated.
She thought he had put together her words while he was asleep, but hesitated a bit when he asked the question to her face.

“Because you seemed like you could be a useful assistant.”

She said Amelia didn’t care, like a child who pretends to be rational and puts forward a reason to keep an object she doesn’t like.
That was the bottom line of the conclusion Amelia could draw.

A useful assistant?
If you turned it down for that reason, you’d probably find this draft first, rather than meeting Jemoni.
Siu’s expression hardened.

Seeing that expression, Amelia hurriedly said as if to add.
It’s not that Amelia doesn’t know that he wants to leave Gehenna.

You can tell by looking at how she independently researched and asked to return to the present world even at the best opportunity to receive anything.
That’s why I added it urgently as if it was an excuse.
It was to convince him.

“Of course, I know what assistant Siu wants.”
“But that is an impossible request. Your magical talents are great. It is unprecedented for a mediocre slave to self-taught magic of this level.
I thought it would be a waste to rot such talent into slavery.”

Amelia took one deep breath.
She slowly recites her words that she had prepared and memorized in advance.

“So from now on, let me teach magic myself. Now you will become a vassal of the Marigold family, not a slave.”

Siu suddenly felt a surge of anger.
Are you telling me to give up and forget everything because you teach a lowly slave magic and give him an identity?
As if Amelia didn’t notice anything, she calmly continued what she had to say.

“Shin Siwoo. You belong to me.”

Siu lowered his head.

“It is unacceptable for me to get out of my way and go out on my own. Therefore, appropriate measures will be taken against unauthorized escape plans.”

At the point when it became impossible to go out to the present world by borrowing Gemanai’s gratitude, even the identity of the magic circle he was researching was identified.
In addition, he was even told that he would make sure that he would not be able to go outside on his own.

It felt like everything piled up on the floor was collapsing.
All I could think was that it was good.


Amelia glanced at Siu, who had no answer.
Anxious heart.
However, his condition did not look very good.
He doesn’t say or do anything.
Eyes that were devastatingly empty.
It was completely unresponsive.

“In the future, we will be provided with a good environment. You can borrow any experiment materials you want from the academy by borrowing my name, and the same goes for experiment tools.
Ask me for anything you want: meals, desserts, cigarettes, clothes. If I decide there is no problem, I will pay.”

Amelia thought this condition was enough to convince him.
There is a nice meal.
There are sweet desserts.
You can also get out of the state of slavery.
He prepared cigarettes and clothes he liked.

In addition, even if he is a man, he cannot afford to miss the golden opportunity to receive magic directly from the ‘Baron’ as long as he has walked the path of magic.
Only a little bit of freedom is limited.

After hearing his answer, I thought I’d talk about the other part now.
I intend to properly apologize for the suffering he suffered due to my own grumpiness and pay compensation accordingly.

Awareness gap regarding class.
Difference in living environment.
And Amelia’s immature interpersonal skills.
These three things were already causing a fatal discrepancy.

Amelia just didn’t notice.
She was running on the ice-covered lake, believing it to be solid ground.


Siu was smiling.
Disrespectful treatment that does not hide the displeasure and absurdity that spreads like breathing.
Imelia raised one of her eyes in her puzzlement.

“Shin Siwoo?”

Siu laughed.
He couldn’t bear to laugh.
She felt like an idiot when she complained that she had treated her well for a few days after being tormented like that.

“Really, I tried to endure everything and pass it over, but I can’t.”

Five years of aspirations were in vain.
Siwoo felt a spark that seemed to set his heart on fire in the way he generously threw something he didn’t even want to a subject that had blocked the source of what he really wanted.
The unbearable sadness and resentment.

“You really are a bad bitch.”

Bad bitch?
Realizing that she was the target of that disrespectful remark, Amelia stood still.

“Did I want something so great? Do you want to make up for your overdue salary by matching the minimum wage? Did you grant me a wish?”
“Now… What are you talking about…?”
“I didn’t want to, but I was dragged in and rolled under you like a dog for five years. I also have things I want to do outside. I have work to do, and I have to see my parents’ faces…! Fucking Defense Department’s fucked chicks also went out for vacation.

Amelia jumped up from her seat, her face white.
No way, she had no idea that those words would come out of his mouth.

“What…What are you saying… Are you out of your mind…?”

Embarrassed to the point that her head went blank, Amelia stuttered as the hell of her scrambled.
The realization that she had heard an unbearable insult came slowly, and she was there, and she was about to feel anger.

She stopped watching

Seeing Siwoo shedding sad tears.
The look in her eyes, burning with hate so fierce that you could tell.

“Are you feeling relieved that you have crushed even the last hope like that? Well, that’s why he must have been mean to me like he was going to eat me.”

It’s not even screaming.
It’s not even about shouting.
However, the voice of desperate resentment that was concentrated in it made Amelia feel intimidated.

“What the hell do you want from me? Assistant? Other witches can ask for anything else. If you’re a witch like you, there are plenty of witches who will ask you to become a researcher… Why are you only doing this to me?”
“Shin Siwoo, I know you’re excited right now… So…”
“I told you to tell me! What do you want from me that you are torturing me like this?”

Siwoo got up from his seat and walked towards Amelia.
An existence that can be lightly blown away with a single magic spell.

But for the first time, he sees his fierce anger and anger.
The unfamiliar look of contempt and contempt turned Amelia into a helpless child.
Without thinking of any plausible magic or her words, he just slowly backs away from Siwoo.

“I’m sorry that I hurt your petty ego five years ago, but if you’re going to bully me while saying this shit, wouldn’t it be better if I killed you?”

Amelia, who had been pushed close to her door before she knew it, couldn’t take a step back any further.
A terrified, confused look, with no understanding whatsoever of what is happening.
Amelia’s body was submerged under Siu’s shadow.

“Answer me!”

Finally, when Siwoo’s voice hit her ears, Amelia hurriedly opened the door and ran out.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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