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City Of Witches 80

City Of Witches 80

Chapter 80 – #19_Uninvited Guest (1)


“Ugh….! Ugh…!”

The wind brushes past my ears.
Amelia’s toe caught on a rock as she ran frantically.
At that moment, she was shattered into powder by the self-defense triggered naturally, but she had the speed she was running at.
Amelia rolled down her slope as her body collapsed.

From her fine hair to the hem of her elegant dress.
She wasn’t bruised, but was left covered in dirt.
Amelia gets her body up.

In her mind, the image of Siwoo, who had been pushing her with a terrifying expression, was still swirling like a remnant.

‘Are you feeling relieved because you broke the last hope like that? Well, that’s why he must have treated me badly like he was going to eat me.’
‘What on earth do you want from me?’
‘I’m sorry that I hurt her petty pride five years ago, but if I’m going to torture her with this damn thing, can’t I rather kill her?’

Anger expressed transparently without any filter.
With a face you’ve never seen before, a tone you’ve never seen before, a voice you’ve never seen before.
Siwoo looks at Amelia, resents, and criticizes.
And Amelia ran away, crushed by the pressure.


A sharp pain in her chest.
Amelia involuntarily grabbed the hem of her dress.
It felt like a heavy weight had fallen on my body.
Not a word came out of her mouth, she just wanted to run away and hide.

To Amelia, Siu’s behavior was completely unacceptable and disrespectful.
It wasn’t enough to make a loud noise in front of the witch, and she even showed signs of using abusive language and violence.
It is a tragedy that can never be forgiven.

“How dare you…Slavery subject…”

I wish I could spit out my feelings that are tangled up like a skein at the bottom of my chest, even if it’s on the inside.
After Amelia muttered the one word she had forced out, she realized it right away.
It was such an empty and fleeting statement.

Even if she tried to rage at him, even if she rightly clenched her fists and gnashed her teeth at the outrageous drama and insolence.
It can’t be.

Each time, his gleaming eyes flashed once again.
His eyes were wet with tears, filled with refined anger.
I was crying.
Even Amelia could understand that it was tears of anger, resentment, and sadness.

There was nothing wrong with being hated by others.
She is the Amelia who never gave any thought to what anyone else thought of her in the first place.

However, Siu was different.
Were you that angry?
Had she been so hated?
It is too hard to accept that he is the one who created the result, and that he is also the target of his anger.


Amelia shook off the dirt and stood up.
Clumping white particles begin to wrap around her.

I wanted to see Master.
She wanted to drop everything and just run away.
Amelia’s body disappeared in an instant, mingled with the autumn wind.

“Hey! I’m not done talking yet!”

Siwoo chased after her Amelia at the same time as she ran away.
However, she was so fast that she disappeared from her line of sight in less than 10 seconds as she ran while using magic.
Seeing that even his last hope was gone, Siu, blinded, immediately went into Amelia’s room.

“Fuck! Someone said that after 5 years of putting up with it, but after only hearing a few words?”

At first glance, a whiskey bottle that looks expensive is displayed in her room.
He took one of them out and poured it into his mouth to relieve his anger.
It was no different from tampering with the witch’s things, but the aftermath was no longer safe.

The chances of Amelia forgiving were infinitely slim, since she had shuddered at this bullshit anyway.
Will that authoritative Amelia forgive her slave who fucked her under her nose?
Rather, it is more realistic that Shiwoo, who was receiving fella from Takasho, who was TS, was so excited that he asked him to cover her pussy.

Still, my stomach felt relieved.
If there’s one thing you regret, is it that you couldn’t hold on to it before running away?
He didn’t like the cowardice of Siwoo, who had done all the bullying and ran away when it was time to get scolded.

Anyway, will come back again.
If you pay for your insolence, you’ll probably go from assistant to slave again, from city hall slave to slave slave.
Maybe I’ll be sold to a nasty witch and die.

“Fucking dog bitch.”

Siu poured almost half of the whiskey into his stomach and vomited once or twice.
The alcohol is fucking strong.
With the alcohol in his hot head, he couldn’t come back to his senses.
Siu, who was thinking about how to give Amelia a big taffy, found research materials on her table.

Even though it’s a small amount compared to the amount in Amelia’s head anyway, wouldn’t Amelia be a little angry if she threw away all of her buds?

“Piss the piss bitch. I will stain your precious research materials with my ammonia.”

Siwoo, who was pulling down his pants to pee on the pile of papers, barely stopped with a red pepper sticking out.

“…Let’s quit.”

Still, there is something called commercial morality among those who study academics.
Didn’t that vicious Amelia also confiscate Siu’s research documents?
If that was the plan, it would have been completely disposed of while Siwoo was sleeping soundly in bed.
He wouldn’t have had to put it on the boat.

That said, if she looked even a little prettier, of course it wasn’t.
Make a wish to god
When Amelia returns, she is going to hit her in the head with a bottle no matter what happens afterward.

“Amelia… You motherfucker! Fucking blonde haired bitch…! Even her pubic hair gets prickly!”

Siu sits down at the table and blows a bottle at Amelia while gossiping about her.
However, even though I emptied half a bottle of whiskey in less than 10 minutes, my mind is at a loss.
He was able to come to the realization that an eager dick beats even alcohol.

“Fuck… I don’t need that kind of realization…?”

It was a piece of paper that caught the attention of Siwoo, who had been sighing and brooding over Amelia’s insults for a long time.
It’s not like magic research materials.
The edge of a piece of paper with long lines written on it sticks out from under the stack of papers.


Siwoo pulled the corner to remove the paper and looked at its contents.
The paper containing Amelia’s round handwriting was clearly erased and rewritten several times.
Some parts are drawn in two straight lines, and some parts are written in cursive so that it is difficult to read at all.

“You’ve done the same thing again…”

The end of Siwoo’s words, which was filled with poisonous air, became blurred with shock.
It was because of the contents of the note.
It is a moderate writing, as if scribbled out what came to mind immediately, but the purpose was clear at a glance.

The things Amelia told Siwoo today.
The compensation plan, future plans, and rejections are written in great detail.
Even the details of how to deal with Siwoo’s reaction.

Moreover, the sentences written at the end of the paper, now marked with several crosses.

‘I’m sorry for bothering you all this time’
Crosses drawn several times on the , underneath…
‘Trying to live in the barn was an administrative error and was not intended, and I apologize for that. They also offer rewards.’
Again and again, the hatched line, and under it…

After going through many troubles and revising several times, it is a single sentence that has been squeezed in.

‘Honest apologies’

There was no slash in the last sentence.
Siwoo restored the position of the paper again as if he had seen something he hadn’t seen.

“Damn it, I fucking hate this.”

Suddenly, my head gets really messy.
It feels like watching a hero movie that vaguely targets adults.

After the hero puts the villain in a good way, the villain is not necessarily a bad kid, but there is a reason why he said blah blah…
The kind of movie that makes the viewer feel like shit by deliberately inserting such an unknown inside story.

Of course, that didn’t mean his anger toward Amelia had gone away.
I was just a little surprised.
Amelia was a bit sharper and had a knife-like look.
The way she is seen around her is close to perfectionism.

The look of her that Siwoo had seen was cold-blooded, shameless, and most of all, it felt like she wouldn’t bleed even if he stabbed her with a needle.
Just looking at the contents of this note, doesn’t it seem like an extremely introverted person wrote down what to say and how to deal with variables before ordering delivery?

However, this piece of paper is not Amelia’s indulgences.
It was because what Amelia did to Siwoo was intentional harassment itself.

Even if she was truly remorseful, what did it matter?
Siwoo is an obvious victim.

“No, then, according to common sense, isn’t it right to apologize first?”

While talking about this and that, saying that he would make it easier for him to study magic or make him his disciple, wasn’t it a sincere apology instead of nonsense?
After a little thought, Siwoo quickly realized something.

Amelia couldn’t be that stupid, so that would be the problem again.
His petty pride.
Siwoo exploded before he could not overcome his pride and hesitatingly changed his words.

“What is it? It’s not my fault.”

Even if you say it like this, something is bitter.
Siwoo tidied up Amelia’s table, which he had messed up once, and came out of the room.
He was going to meet Takasho.
Now, when you don’t know what will happen in the future, shouldn’t you say goodbye to him, your only friend?

Siu trudged down to the lounge after sipping another bottle of high-quality whiskey from Amelia’s room to drink with Takasho.
The dimly lit lounge has a creepy vibe to it.

A table in the corner of the lounge suddenly catches my eye.
There, Amelia out of the blue gave her cake and cigarettes.
Looking back, I’m not sure why.
Did he think he wanted to apologize?

“It can’t be.”

Amelia was a woman whose behavior was erratic from one to ten.

– Smart smart

A knock sounded suddenly.
It wasn’t a shaking of the doorknob, but a small knock, as if he had knocked on the door with his hand.


Siwoo, puzzled, contemplated whether to open the door or not.
If he had come to visit Amelia at this time anyway, she would be a witch and she would be Amelia’s guest.
She used to be her assistant, but the thought slipped past whether Shiu, whose relationship had collapsed, could accept a guest instead.

The time to worry didn’t last long.
In the first place, the door was not locked and the person who knocked opened the door himself.
The sharp moonlight pours through the cracks in the open door.
As expected, the person who stepped into the mansion with her back to the bright light was a woman.

“Nice to meet you.”

The slender, short-haired woman took off her gloves and greeted them with an elegant and noble gesture, as if leaning against the moonlight.

Black hair neatly trimmed.
Her blood-red, dark eyes were long and parted like those of a cat.
Even so, its beauty was not inferior in the slightest, like a cursed ruby ​​shining brightly.
A curse that seems to drive her owner to ruin the moment she holds it.

Siwoo felt the thrill running from the back of his neck to his toes.
The reason is unknown.
Because something instinctive warning is ringing the alarm in my head.

“Is Baron Marigold inside?”

The gentle witch’s voice with a smile rang out in a low voice.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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