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City Of Witches 49

City Of Witches 49

Chapter 49 – #12_Late Night Tutoring (4)


The room was silent.
In the midst of a strange tension like a taut spider web, only the sound of Odile’s breathing and the sound of his fingers reciprocating quietly resonates.

“Hmm… Hmm…”

Her fingers dug into Odile more easily than expected.
Maybe it’s because it’s a particularly thin ring finger among fingers?
One knuckle goes in and out without difficulty, repeating.

Hot tightening in the slippery balm.
Siu carefully observed, touched, and felt her body, which she had not fully felt before.

“Are you okay…?”

Naughty atmosphere.
Perhaps it was because she was overly nervous, her voice was hoarse and crackling.
That’s how Odile’s anus was a charming magic hole.
It’s full with just one of her fingers, but I can’t believe how she pushed my cock into this place.

“Uh… Uh… Nothing special yet.”

Odile answered without looking back at her.
Is it because of her mood that her voice sounds a little excited?
Siwoo swallowed her dry saliva and changed the angle of her fingers.

She supported her entire hip with a hand that felt like a lift and went a little deeper.
Opening her ass, which was touching the rest of her fingers, allowed her to penetrate further inside.

“Ha… Uh…”

There is a reaction.
Her slender back drew a graceful curve behind her, and her buttocks tightened as if snatching her fingers.

Odile itself was on the same side, but her body was just what she wanted.

Siwoo involuntarily inserted and removed her finger and she began to observe her reaction.
Odile, who was shameless and selfish, is controlled with only one of her ring fingers.

When she puts her hand in, she raises her heel as if to avoid it, and when she pulls it out, her body shudders with her hot sigh.
Each of those magical reactions seemed to seduce Siwoo.

– Pong!

With Odile’s groan, her ring finger completely slipped out.
Since it is a ring finger with very little flexibility, it is difficult to put more than two words into it.

“Why, why did you take it off?”
“My fingers are a bit uncomfortable. Please be patient.”

Therefore, Siu’s choice was to insert the longest and most flexible middle finger.
I rubbed my fingertips on Odile’s back pussy, which had already been sufficiently perfumed, and pushed it in slowly.

“How, how, how…”

Odile purses her mouth and lets out a strange breath.
Her Odile’s breathing grew louder each time her gnarled knuckles were devoured by her pots of hot meat.

Shi-woo of that sensual reaction was also slightly losing her control.
The male’s instinct to make the female feel pleasure.
The sense of conquest of being able to control a noble apprentice witch with just a finger.

Siwoo’s desire, which was not simply for experimentation, began to mix.
It was a primordial desire to make Odile feel better, to observe her disheveled appearance more.

– Squeak sizzle sizzle sizzle


As the middle finger, which was not only strong but also long, was mobilized, the caress became more intense.
A creaking sound that gradually becomes louder.
Odile’s reaction, which was like ripples on a drizzling lake, also changes wildly.

Siwoo supported Odile’s flexible waist with one hand.
Her soft sides and pelvis are palpable through the slit of her nightgown, which has risen slightly as she puts her hands inside her drawers.
There was no flab, but it was a soft and soft handle with the best grip.

“Ah… Uh… Uh…”

Siu already knew.
The fact that Odile is already feeling the pleasure behind her.
Her request was, ‘Does it really make you feel good when the two of you are together?’

Still, it doesn’t stop.
She didn’t even tell Odile about it.
It felt like the brake had been released.

“Laugh… Laugh… Uh… Hmm…”

Odile, standing with her back slightly sticking out, collapsed before she knew it.
Her arms resting on her bed sank to her elbows, and her torso was lowered so that her hips were lifted.
Perhaps because of the vigorous movement of her hands, the drawers are also halfway down, revealing her Odile’s immaculate buttocks.


Siwoo began to move his hands in a flamboyant manner with bloodshot eyes.
There are no special techniques.
Just move his hand a little faster.


That alone made Odile’s legs start to tremble.
Her tension was so high that she could see the intermittent twitching of her thigh muscles.

Was it possible for her to go backwards?
To be honest, Siwoo had no idea what that would feel like.
Still, at least once, she wanted to put an end to her pleasure for Odile with her own hands.

– Pork poke poke poke

Odile’s strange breathing quickens little by little.
It would be nice to see the scale rise.
Odylltane thinks that she buries her face in the covers and suppresses it to the fullest, but in this quiet room, sweet moans could be heard without any filtering.

And then the climax came.


Every time Shi-woo squeezes his hand, Odile’s waist, which has been floating up and down, instantly lowers.
Her fingers, which were stimulating her asshole, slipped out because of the rapid movement, as if she had received an electric shock.

Surprised by the momentum, Siwoo took a step back.
Then, she was able to observe the coveted back of Odile at a glance.


I didn’t even touch Odile’s backside, which peeked out over her half-naked drawers, but she tightened and loosened her again.
Barely on the ground, her legs trembled like a newborn giraffe and her back bounced up and down like a dance.


While observing the sensual back of Odile, there was another place that surprised Siwoo the most.
Drawers, who are in direct contact with Odile’s vagina.

The crotch of the white drawers was dyed a damp gray.
Since witches don’t go to the bathroom separately, the meaning of that liquid was clear.


Odile’s trembling calmly subsided as if the earthquake had stopped.
A hot sigh signaled the end of this lewd experiment.
She had nothing to say.
I just sleep but it hurts so much. Perhaps her panties were damp with Cooper’s liquid.

Odile, who had put her head on her bed, looked behind her cautiously.
Her eyes were burning with hot lust.

“What, what are you doing? Assistant.”
“Experiment….He said he would help.”

The words of Odile, who opened his mouth in an excited voice, were not what Siwoo expected at all.

Would you like to help with the experiment?

“Didn’t I just help you?”
“I…Told you… I wanted to know if your assistant’s hands could make you feel better.”

Siu was bewildered.
Didn’t you just go backwards?
It was an unusual move and reaction.
Besides, he thought that, with Drawers so wet, Odile must have had an orgasm.

“It’s not over yet. I haven’t felt anything? It’s no different than when I was alone. What…”

Odile, who briefly looked back at Siu, whined, avoiding her gaze as soon as her eyes met.

“What are you doing, assistant? Experiment… Mr., We must continue.”


No matter how insensitive Siu was, she didn’t know why Odile was acting like that.

Odile actually put her finger in and from the beginning of her play she felt pleasure and her body trembled.
Besides, she reached her climax with continuous fingering.
Why do you pretend to be her, telling blatant lies like a turkey that thinks if you bury her head she won’t get caught?

Because you want to feel more?

“Aren’t you in a good mood already?”

In the midst of her sexual desire, which had already filled her head, Siu tried to confirm Odile’s true intentions with her last conscience.

“What are you talking about? Nothing happened?”

With his eyes avoiding her gaze here and there, Odile answers shamelessly.

“Then let’s do a little more.”

If it was normal, she would have passed it off, ‘Seeing that you can’t feel anything even after doing this much, I think Odile-sama’s theory is wrong’.

However, a man who does nothing even after seeing such a cunning appearance is not a man, but a eunuch.
There was no doubt that she would have made the same choice as Siu even if she had taken three adults.

“Wait, assistant.”

Had he changed his mind by now?
Odile catches Siu as he tries to put her hand back inside the drawers.
Siwoo hesitated with half regret and half heart that it turned out well.

“Yes, Mr. Odile.”
“Well, you know… I’ve been thinking about it… Maybe it’s because my fingers aren’t enough.”
“What do you mean…?”
“Why, you know… Thinking back to when I was in a good mood, actually, assistant-sama wasn’t a finger… You put that in, assistant cock…”

Siu swallowed his saliva.
Quietly wait for Odile’s backstory.
Odile, who glanced over his shoulder at Siu, looked back in amazement as soon as his eyes met.

“Of course, I know that it’s a bit embarrassing to… Do it backwards like this. Also, the slave assistant and the apprentice witch me… Anyway, it’s a little manly thing to connect.”

Odile began to spin his words around.
Maybe he wants Siwoo to tell him first.
Odile, who had been quiet for a while, managed to open his mouth when he could not hear an answer.

“But it’s actually not the first time, right? The first time is difficult, but the second time is said to be easy… So, um… That… That’s why. Just like we did before… That…”

Siu swallowed a gulp.

“Uh, just a little bit at the end… Do you really want to put a little bit at the end?”

Just a little bit at the end?
How do you stand this

“Can you really do that?”
“Don’t get weird… It’s just an extension of the experiment…”

Siwoo looked down at his lower extremities, which had been erected as if they were going to burst earlier.
And she saw Odile’s buttocks swaying in front of her eyes.
The last time he was tied to the couch and only inserted it once, but this time he can grab Odile by the waist and shake it however he wants.
Full satisfaction is possible.

“Quickly assistant! Are you going to do it or not?”

Odile grew irritable as his embarrassment grew.
She was suggesting that she open her buttocks like when getting an injection and then do it behind her first.

Of course, she seems to want to feel more of her pleasure to overcome her shame, but she does.

It’s something she’s already done once.
Let’s spend more time together this time.

Siu put her fingers on her Odile’s drawers.
Because in order to put it on, you have to take it off first.

“Wait, don’t take it all off… Put it down just a little bit.”
“Eh, like this?”
“Yeah… Like that.”

Siwoo lowers the drawers by pulling the rubber band.
Since the vagina is very close to the anus based on the perineum, I could see the spectacle of Odile’s petals already wet with honey gathering.

The wrinkles that show off their figure more vividly with the glistening balm, and the plump pubic skin that is stretched under them.
That can be put here.

“You know? Should I put in a little?”
“All right.”

After answering that, Siu took out her small cock from her pants and aimed at Odile’s back.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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