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City Of Witches 50

City Of Witches 50

Chapter 50 – #12_Late Night Tutoring (5)


Odile was nervous and waiting for Siwoo’s hand.
His face is burning and his head is dizzy with heat.
A touch she had never felt when tinkering with herself.

In fact, Odile was already convinced that his theory was correct.
He felt a chilling goosebumps as his oiled fingers tickled the filthy hole.

Before long, he felt his body tremble every time his fingers ran back and forth in the hole, just like we had seen in the delivery man.

A foreign body feeling that someone else’s body, not his own, is digging into his body.
The ashes-like heat that goes beyond a simple foreign body sensation and makes the lower abdomen itchy.

If he wanted to stop, he could have stopped 10 seconds after starting, and Odil also tried to stop all these shameful acts in the middle.

But the unfamiliar feeling I felt then.
That sense made Odile reserve the decision to end the experiment.

It wasn’t like the potion made her head hot, but her breathing gradually quickened.
His legs started to tremble and the hot pleasure spread whenever his hands groped his body.

Odile didn’t like it at all.
On the contrary, I was curious and wanted to continue feeling it.
Odile’s condition was the same as that of a puppy in heat for the first time rubbing its genitals against a blanket.

She killed her moaning and threw herself into his hands.
Continue, continue.
If I feel better here, I can’t wait to see what kind of new pleasure I will have on the next step.

It felt like that for the first time.
As the layers of pleasure collapsed with his intense caress, Odile saw a bright light he had never experienced before.
It was an ecstatic and warm light, like a twinkling light bursting from the back of the eyeball.


Odile, who had clenched his teeth tightly and covered his mouth with the blanket he was holding tightly to hide his embarrassing voice, suddenly remembered.

When he first became acquainted with sweet desserts.
The sponge and sweet whipped cream that melted gently on his tongue broadened the horizon of the plain taste world.

After that, Odile took Odette to the bakery in Gehenna, spending all her pocket money.
With one single thought to occupy all the desserts in Gehenna.

Although both of them had a lot of cavities and got into trouble, there was a story behind that their pocket money was cut in half and they enjoyed it under strict control.

It is a very similar situation to that time.
A new sweet sensation.
Weird things I just learned.

I want to know more and more and feel more and more like I endlessly put dessert into my mouth.

It felt so good with my fingers.
What if I received his item in this state?
Wouldn’t it feel better now than then?

Even if it’s a lie, even if it’s shame, there’s something I want to know.
And Odile, if you have any questions.
I had to find out so that my intuition was solved.

Siwoo grabbed the stiff cock with his hand.
Gently rubs the glans soaked in copper liquid between Odile’s buttocks.


I’ve felt it before, but how can the human body be so soft and elastic?
Just rubbing like this gave me the confidence to ejaculate soon after.

“I really will.”
“Uh…Yeah! You know what? I need to put in a little bit?”

I don’t know if that will work, but Siwoo grabbed Odile’s pelvis and pressed his glans into the hole.
An appetizing back pussy glistening with balm.

It’s already an unused hole, but it’s an excretory organ. There might be a sense of rejection, but I don’t think so at all.
Rather, the feeling of having perverted sex rather than normal sex instilled an unknown sense of immorality in Siwoo.


Is it because you loosened it with your fingers? Or did Odile get the hang of it because it was the second time?
The cock began to penetrate much more easily than the one inserted into Odile in the first place.

“Huhhh…! Ah, it hurts…! Slower… Heewook…!”

The tip of the glans was only slightly indented, but Odile’s body began to tremble.
Complain of pain

In fact, the difference in physique between the two was significant.
Siwoo belongs to the tall side among Korean men and has a very large cock, while Odile is clearly small.
Not to mention the narrower rear hole among them, the gap widened.

Even if Siwoo only pushes his glans, from Odile’s point of view, it is insertion that is close to the limit.

However, you can’t run away or give in here.
Lower your knees
Give strength to your legs.
Clenched fist
Open your eyes
Grit your teeth
Hold on to your cock and take a big step forward.
Despite fierce resistance, Shiu pushed his cock further.


Odile sucks Siwoo’s stuff when he inserts it more than a certain depth like last time.
As soon as his glans was fully retracted, Odile lifted the toe of the hop.
The upper body, which was lying down, jumps like a spring, creating a graceful curve like the keel of a sailboat.


Siwoo spat out a soft curse without even realizing it.
Because it was such an ecstatic and tight hole.
Fortunately, Odile didn’t even have time to listen to him, so his body just trembled.

“At the end… Did you put it…?”
“Yes, I’m in.”

It must have been thanks to the gentle touch of the cock.
However, once I put it in like this, the madness goes away.
What Odile asked for in the first place was to only put it in at the end, and Siwoo waited for Odile’s next words while preparing to remove the item at any time.
It was also expected to shake the waist without a circle.

“Assistant… Now… Do you want to move? I’m curious…”

Odile says in a crawling voice.
She had a timid voice that didn’t suit her in the slightest.
Was there even a sense of shame? Thinking, he placed his hand on the place he wanted to hold from earlier.

Where is the catch before moving the waist in the throwback position?
Of course, it is a so-called ‘love handle’ where the waist and pelvis are in contact.

As the nightgown went up, Siwoo felt a shock as he grabbed the handle that was slightly exposed.
I knew it was thin and small from the outside, but I felt it more clearly when I held it with both hands like this.

The woman’s body, no, Odile’s body was really small.
And it had a graceful line that is difficult to explain in words.
It is completely different from men who have a full waist.
It was as if a ring was made of pottery made of flesh.

“Is it okay if I move this?”

A sense of crisis that blooms at the same time.
It was something that was forced into such a small hole.
Even though Odile’s body is a semi-spirit, I thought that if I moved her back and forth, something big could happen.

“Now… Ah… It doesn’t hurt so won’t it be okay…?”

Odile’s back twitched and tightened his cock just by inserting it, and it felt very good.
How would you feel if her tight clamps moved her cock up and down her?
It was only natural that such curiosity arose.

“Then, I’ll add a little more.”
“Uh…Yes, I was going to put it only at the end, but there’s no other way…”

And her curiosity seemed to be the same as Odile’s.
Odile, who told her to put it only at the end, agrees with Siwoo’s actions without any resistance.
Siu, who was engrossed in exploring unknown sensations that he had never tried before, suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

A sense of crisis close to instinct.


After that, the sound of a door closing is heard far away.
Like a herbivore who smelled the scent of a beast carried by the wind, Siu could sense it.
This sound comes from Amelia opening the door.

“Assistant…? Why are you still?”

Siu quietly listened to him and hurriedly whispered to Odile.

“Odile-nim, it looks like Amelia-nim is coming.”
“What? Hib!”

Odile suddenly got up from his seat.
In the meantime, her cock, which had been lodged in her, fell out, making her odile sound like a hiccup.
Even Odile seems to know that it is not good for Amelia to see him like this.

“How how?”
“Music box! Use a music box!”
“This is just a trick in front of a witch the size of a professor! If you’re right in front of it, you’ll get caught!”

Odile hurriedly puts on the drawers and puts on the cloak.
Her eyes were busy searching for a place to hide.
So she didn’t have time to flounder for long.
Siwoo pointed under the bed in a hurry.

“Hide here for now.”

How will Amelia react when she sees the exclusive slave alone with the witch apprentice late at night?
Siu could not guarantee any answer.
It can be justified with an appropriate excuse, but on the contrary, Amelia, who is suspicious, can directly notify Zemanai.
Siwoo’s imagination never went to the optimistic direction because the thief was numb.

When Odile crawled under her coop.
Siwoo hurriedly tidied up the shabby work clothes worn as pajamas and went out to visit.


As soon as the door opened, Amelia was standing there.
She was in her white nightgown, holding a lamp in one hand, lighting her in the dark.

I didn’t hear the door open.
The distance is very close, probably because the bedroom door had just been opened.
Siu greeted her as calmly as possible, feeling the cold sweat running down her like a waterfall.

“Amelia, what are you doing late at night?”

Siwoo blocks the door behind the door just in case he can see Odile hiding under the bed.
Amelia looked at Siwoo, who was breaking out in a cold sweat, and tilted her head slightly.

“Siwoo, what were you doing in your room? I’m sweating.”
Haha… I was just doing some exercise. I haven’t been physically active lately, so I’ve got plenty of stamina.”

To be precise, I was just about to do a back workout.
He says he says it without showing off, but will Amelia really move on?

“I’m here because I have something to tell you.”
“The room is a bit dirty. Let’s do it in the living room.”

Siwoo tried to close the door naturally, but Amelia did not budge from the spot.
It was a very embarrassing situation, as it was impossible to leave her room and close her door without pushing her.

“Do you have anything to hide?”

Siwoo’s heart sank as he acted uncharacteristically of Amelia.
It’s because she snooped on her body and tried to peek inside the door.
Considering the fact that she cares even about how she walks to keep her normal body shape, it seems that Siwoo’s appearance now is quite suspicious.

“Hide… It’s not! It’s not even worth it!”

Rather, Siwoo opened the door wide.
There was now plenty of time to hide.
Unless Odile sneezes badly, Amelia will have a hard time noticing her presence.


Amelia looked back and forth between the chaotic room and Siu’s face, then pulled her body back.
Siwoo closed the door as if he had waited and went out into the living room.

“What are you doing anyway?”
“I’m here to give you this.”

Only then did Shiu pay attention to the object in Amelia’s hand.
Bundle of clothes

Give me something else
These days, Amelia feels like an RPG event mob.
When we meet or visit, we always hand over snacks or cigarettes.

“If you live in such shabby clothes, your room will get dirty, right? Change into these at night.”

Amelia’s drop item this time was a set of pajamas that made her feel like she would fall asleep just by wearing them.

“Thank you, the bed was still uncomfortable, but it’s good.”

Siu bowed his head and greeted Amelia.
Amelia nodded her head as if she deserved the thanks and sat down at the table in the living room.

Why don’t you go
Siwoo stood up next to her hesitantly.
I feel uneasy just by being close to each other.

Amelia opened her mouth while Shiu was nervous.

“I’ve decided to go to Border Town tomorrow. Please accompany me.”

It was an out-of-the-ordinary offer of companionship.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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