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City Of Witches 51

City Of Witches 51

Chapter 51 – #12_Late Night Tutoring (6)


Suddenly Border Town?
Actually, it’s not a place with very good memories.
In Siwoo’s mind, the image of Border Town was already established as a bully town full of all sorts of dangers.
To be honest, I don’t even want to set foot in it again.

Besides, isn’t tomorrow a day off, as it’s written in the manual?
It feels like looking at the professor in charge who suggested that we go camping together on a long-awaited holiday.
But I guess I got fleece pajamas too.
Siu said so as not to offend Amelia.

“I’m sorry. Tomorrow will be difficult.”

One of Amelia’s eyebrows goes up.
That’s a pretty surprising reaction.

“There is a prior promise.”

A border town date with your boss on a long-awaited holiday. It can’t be sweet.
Still, if it had been a promise with Takasho, he would have canceled the promise and followed Amelia.
But tomorrow, I decided to go to Yeongsan, which I was so curious about, to play with the twins.
That’s why I decided to receive a music box.

“What promise?”

As expected, Amelia’s reaction was not so good.
Siwoo looked around for a while and then told the truth.
Anyway, it was a matter of getting permission early tomorrow morning.
Because the exclusive slave is going on a picnic with another witch.

“With the apprentice witch? To Yeongsan? Accompanying you on a picnic?”

Amelia looked perplexed and embarrassed.
At first, he was just displeased, but now he could see more of his bewilderment about what had happened.
Well, it must be all the more so since Siu and his twins have barely had contact over the past two years.

“Yes, I was thinking of getting permission from Amelia tomorrow morning. It’s too late now.”

Amelia leaned back on her couch and crossed her arms.
I tap her forearm with her fingertips.

“I can’t help it. I was going to buy you things that I think I’ll need for tomorrow.”
“Uh… I’m sorry.”
“That’s Okay.”

Amelia jumped up and strode out of the room.
Siwoo, who had been conscious of Odile until the last moment, let out a sigh of relief when Amelia, the biggest danger they said was in danger, disappeared.


I’m sure I walked out on my own, but I feel like I’ve been kicked out halfway.
Amelia made a loud noise and looked at Siu’s closed door.


Something creeps up
The emotion I felt the most every time I saw Siwoo ever since I was turned down for a night out by him at the very beginning.
It was this annoyance.
Amelia nodded wildly and returned to her room.


Before going to Border Town with Shiu last time.
Amelia talked to Sophia.
It was very unusual for her to hold Sophia first and start her conversation, but she couldn’t bear not to ask because something so incomprehensible had happened to her.

As she was walking around the second floor teacher after class, Amelia saw.
At the request of Count Myrnai, the apprentice witch twins in charge of her were chatting happily with the caretaker Shin Siu in her corridor.

Due to the distance, she hadn’t heard anything they were discussing, but the twins seemed very happy.
Shin Si-woo also accepted the conversation without avoiding the twins.

It was a great shock to Amelia, who firmly believed that he hated her witches.
After she hesitated for a long time, Amelia turned her way to Sofia’s research building.

‘So, is there anything you’d like to ask? To me?’

Sophia, who was sitting on a chair in her research wing and spinning around, seemed startled by Amelia’s visit.

‘There are parts of human relationships that I don’t understand.’

Furthermore, Sophia received a second shock because the question was not about magic.
Amelia’s question was very euphemistic, as she did not want to be a witch and be terrified of every action of her slave.

‘Aha, so I want to get close to the manager Siwoo, but it’s difficult?’
‘I don’t know why it’s interpreted that way.’

Despite Amelia’s complaints, Sophia said with a smile in her eyes that she understood everything.

‘First of all, it’s important to be by my side often to increase intimacy.’
‘I don’t want to increase intimacy with him, but I’ll listen.’

Sophia’s advice, which began like that, was largely threefold.


‘First of all, just being together doesn’t increase intimacy. It’s important to share positive experiences together if you want to stay close.’
‘A positive experience?’
‘Yes, for example, are there things you like? Oh, except for magic research. Eating something delicious, going shopping together, or just taking a walk together would be fine.’


‘What’s next? A gift would be nice too. Amelia likes me because I gave her various gifts.’
‘I don’t like you, Avene.’
‘Anyway, you weren’t happy when you received the present, right?’


‘Treat me kindly. Don’t just get annoyed or scold me.’
‘No matter what you’re thinking, it’s your actions that are revealed to others, not your inner thoughts. Even the caretaker of Shiwoo would fall for your charms soon if you treated him kindly?’
‘Why do you keep talking about the manager? I’m sure he said it had nothing to do with him.’

Sophia was a little annoyed by the manager until the end, but I still think it was pretty useful advice.
In fact, he accepted the offer to become an exclusive slave, and these days he doesn’t even run away when he sees Amelia from afar.

“Why am I doing this…”

A mind that only became complicated.
Amelia sighed as she pulled out her cigarette.

Uncertainty about emotions brought about a slight sense of self-doubt.
At best a slave
Amelia didn’t have to worry too much about it.

A fleeting life that will disappear after 10, 20, or 30 years if you just leave it alone.
A mechanical device that will end her second life she received from Gehenna and will dissipate like dust.
That should be all.
Why are you approaching him now?
Could it be that she developed a crush on him like Sofia said before?

“No way.”

Amelia shook her head.
She didn’t offer to go shopping with her because she genuinely wanted to buy his favor anyway.
She was just trying to show the nobility’s mercy to the slave who became her exclusive possession.

She firmly believed in that fact without the slightest doubt and lay down in bed for the first time in a long time.

It’s not just today.
After all, he is now his exclusive slave.

After Amelia left.
It was only after hearing the sound of her door closing that Siwoo took her pajamas and went into the bedroom.

“Odile-nim, it’s okay now.”

A small answer came from under the bed.

“Yes, he went into the room.”

Odile crawls out like a toadstool coming out of a house.
It was fortunate that Odile was small, but if Siu had been hiding, she would not have been able to get under the bed.


Even Odile had to put her head in the frame of her bed before she came out perfectly.
It is a common idea that the bed is full of dust, but the sanitary conditions in this room seem to be cleaner than Siu thought.
Odile’s white underwear-cum-nightgown was still clean, though it was slightly dusty.

“Ah… I was surprised. Do you always come in suddenly like this?”
“No, it’s the first time I’ve been here at this hour… I’m so glad I did.”

Odile brushed off the little dust that had clung to her hair and she sat down on the bed.

“Haa… I saw Master’s angry face in an instant. He lived.”
“I’m glad it went well, though.”

The two had a time of relief and comfort for about 30 seconds.

Then she suddenly saw Odile sitting on the bed.
More precisely, the drawers, soaked in her love juice and clinging to her lower legs, are seen from the front.

I’ve seen it once without a mosaic, but when the clothes stick like that, it creates another sensuality.
She looked away and knew she had to tell her, but her mouth didn’t drop.

“Assistant, where are you staring so hard? Huh?”

And Odile seems to have noticed her own plaque.
After all, the white and thin cloth of Drawers showed off Odile’s thick mound and the color of her flesh.

“Why didn’t you say anything!”

Odile hurriedly closed her legs and uttered her incantation softly.
At the same time, the dark dust on her clothes disappears neatly.
It is a simple and convenient magic that keeps the body and clothes clean.

“No, I was going to tell you, but I was thinking about how to say it.”

Odile grumbled with a frown on her face, then covered her mouth and she smiled like a young lady.
Siwoo, who couldn’t figure out the point of laughter, was taken aback.

“Coming to think of it, it’s funny to be angry about something like this. We’ve already seen almost everything.”
“Yeah, that’s right.”

But until then, the conversation had been going on for some time, but the flow suddenly stopped.
Apparently, she was in the mood for some creamy anal sex until Amelia interrupted her.
Now, neither Odil nor Shiu are excited enough to put it in her mouth again.

“Um… Anyway, assistant. I think my curiosity has been resolved.”
“Is that so?”
“It definitely feels good to do it together. It’s clearing up my curiosity.”

Silence for a while.
As the heat that had spread like a forest fire disappeared, all I could feel was a sense of embarrassment like the smell of burning.
Odile jumped off her pole and put on her cloak.

“Um… Assistant, don’t forget tomorrow’s appointment. I’ll pick you up by 7 o’clock.”
“All right.”

After getting ready for her return, Odile opened the window.
He seems to be thinking of escaping through the window as he entered.
But Odile, who was about to jump off at any moment, stood idly by for longer than expected.

“What happened today is a secret from Odette.”
“Have you noticed already?”
“That’s not going to happen. Odette doesn’t know if he scribbles on his face when he sleeps.”
“…You’ve tried it.”
“Once thirty times?”

A pointless conversation that I don’t know what to do.
I thought I would really go now, so I prepared some words to say hello, but Odile still clings to the window.

“Here, assistant.”
“Yes, Mr. Odile.”
“Am I really going?”
“Didn’t you say you were going?”
“Who said what? I’m really going.”

Odile suddenly jumped off, her face turning red.
She didn’t seem to be in very good shape, so when she put her head out the window, Odile, who landed softly on her, jumped up and down toward her, threw her hand out wide, and disappeared with her bouncing steps. Started to lose

For reference, that is a magic called ‘water lizard step’, but it is a movement magic that allows you to run very fast by laying a platform made of magic the moment you step out.

She scratched her head at the sight of Odile, who in an instant passed across her hill and disappeared into her academy.

Closed the window
After she left, she could breathe a sigh of relief.


It passed without incident, but it was a dangerous situation.
Siu, who was thinking about what happened tonight, suddenly recalled a memory from a while ago.

Odile’s fresh and cute appearance and even her chewy hole.
It was painful, but in the end, the cock that couldn’t even get a shot of semen started to swell again.
I will probably never forget this memory even if I die.

Siu quietly entered the bathroom and closed the door.
Tonight, we decided to have a time to honor Odile.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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