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City Of Witches 52

City Of Witches 52

Chapter 52 – #13_Latifundium(1)


It was an exceptionally refreshing morning.
Not only did I fall asleep late last night, but my tired body from spending time alone in the bathroom woke up as soon as the time came.
Maybe it’s because of the soft pajamas.

Siwoo chose work clothes as comfortable clothes suitable for mountain climbing.
She fetched breakfast from the academy’s kitchen, put it in Amelia’s room, and ran out into the garden to eat a sandwich.

It’s Yeongsan!
It makes me want to dance shoulder to shoulder just by stepping into a tourist attraction in Gehenna that I have wanted to visit so much.
At the front gate of the dorm, the majestic Jemonai carriage that had kidnapped Siu the other day was parked.

I’m a little hesitant to go up.
It’s embarrassing to face Odile, whom I remembered yesterday while playing her daughter-in-law, and I’m a little nervous about having to be with Odette, who I haven’t had a proper conversation with since that day.

“Time will take care of it.”

Odette also has a surprisingly easy-going personality, so you won’t keep her in her heart for long, and it goes without saying that Odile is.
Didn’t you just look for Siwoo again yesterday?
First of all, Siwoo believed that and courageously opened the carriage door.
Looking at it again, the inside of the large and colorful wagon welcomed Siu.

“Assistant, you are punctual.”
“Oh, hello… Hello…”
“Thank you for coming to meet me.”
“We invited you, but what?”

Odile, who smiles and flicks her hand, and Odette, who hides her face by clinging to her arm.
I thought it was very unrealistic to see characters making gestures like that in dramas or cartoons, but I never thought I’d see them in real life.

Besides, they matched well without any sense of incongruity, so Siwoo felt ashamed for nothing.
Unlike Odile, who was comfortable with that, she could not easily talk to Odette.

“Odette! Don’t hesitate and say hello! We have to move together all day!”
“But! How could unnie be okay?”
“As an adult, the things of last night are usually buried that night.”

Odette, who blushed as she stomped her feet, eventually left the carriage.
I hid in a room inside.
Siu asked anxiously.

“Would it be okay?”
“Leave it, assistant, I’ll talk like that.”

When Siwoo also recalled the image of Odette who had taken the potion, her face became hot for no reason.
That I masturbated while thinking of my assistant, that I wanted to have a baby, that I would receive baby seeds from my assistant into my ovaries over and over again.
After all, she poured out bold remarks unimaginable for a timid Odette.

Even the person who heard the words is this far, but there is no way that the party of the remark will be fine.
In fact, I think that Odile has an unusually good recovery ability.
Just looking at her now, it doesn’t seem like there was an unspeakable 19-year-old happening before and last night.
Or did curiosity overcome her shyness?
In this respect, she seemed more like an adult than Odile and Siu.

“It will take about an hour to reach Yeongsan. Do you want something to drink in the meantime?”
“Yes, that’s good. Are you moving now?”
“I’ve been running since before.”
“I can’t feel any vibrations.”
“It must be expensive.”

Siu, now quite comfortable with the twins, naturally followed Odile to the minibar.
Anyway, this wagon, there is no special plane.
Even the slightest vibration is not transmitted inside, and all kinds of convenience facilities are built in.
Odile ducked inside the mini-bar and she whimpered out a large basket.

“When we said we were going on a picnic, Galina gave it to me without a doubt.”

Just look at the picnic basket.
It looks like a thermos bottle full of club sandwiches and tea inside.

“Let’s get some orange juice out of here beforehand.”
“Odette! Are you not drinking?”

Odile spoke loudly, but no answer came from Odette’s room.
Odile clicked her tongue.
The awkward sound or appearance is probably copying someone.

“This won’t work. The assistant will go and comfort you. I don’t care, it’s okay. I’ll forget about it soon enough?”
“I’d like a glass of juice, please. I’ll take care of it.”

Odile sent Siu-man away, saying that if she went with her, Odette would be stubborn and it would only backfire on her.
She was a little surprised by Thatcher, who is much more adult than she thought.

“I’ll go in.”

After knocking, the door clicks open, and when you enter, you hear thumping and rustling.


A single candle was the only light source, so it was very dark, but the room was so small that it didn’t take much effort to find Odette.


Odil also buried her face when she was embarrassed.
Could this be because they are her twins?
Odette was wedged between the large sofas, with only her back sticking out.
She was desperately rejecting Siu’s existence.

“Joe… Assistant… Please leave… I want to be alone…”
“I brought you some orange juice. I just tried it and it’s very refreshing.”

Siu calmly tapped Odette on the shoulder.

“It’s okay. Like Odile-sama said, I don’t think about the past. Wasn’t Odette-sama also insane at the time?”

A wave of hesitation whether or not to leave spread throughout the little back.
A muffled voice came from between the couches.

“But… I’m so ashamed… Besides, I know that I could have done a lot of damage to my assistant…”
“You really don’t have to worry about it.”

She smiled kindly, although it would not be visible to her.
To be honest, the thing that made Shiu nervous was that Odette’s violent attempt at sex almost took her life, but Odette’s action itself had no emotions left.
Wasn’t it a reward, except that it was technically in danger of death?

Odette cautiously turned her head.
When I saw her in the dark, I was confused with Odile for a moment because she looked so much alike.
However, only Odette can make a pitiful expression with tears welling up in her big eyes.

“Sure, you don’t have to make that mistake again.”
“I was thinking of my assistant… For what I did alone… Will you forgive me?”

Siwoo was speechless for a moment.
Odette and Odile sometimes chirp in terms of common sense.
There was no need to put the plaque of the day in her mouth here.

“As expected! As expected… How can I look at the assistant’s face after I did that!”

It seems that Siwoo’s hesitation was fully reflected on his face.
Odette howled more and more and dug between the sofas again and again.

It’s embarrassing.
It’s okay.
I can’t even say that I took two steps off yesterday thinking about Odette-sama’s sister.

“Do you think I’m a lewd and unprincipled child?”

If someone who used to play with other people’s peppers said something like that, how should I react?
I didn’t expect to be so embarrassed.
Curiosity based on the spirit of inquiry and sexual curiosity were classified…
Odette had a dividing line in her own way or something.

“It can’t be. Today is a picnic, right? Let’s have fun together.”

Odette came out of the sofa little by little at Siu’s gentle and soothing tone.
Something funny

“Here you go.”
“Thank you.”

Finally getting out of the sofa completely, Odette wiped away the tears that glittered like jewels with her sleeve and accepted the cup Siu handed her.

“Could I tell you something else here?”

Odette asked calmly, holding a cup in front of his chest.
Siu nodded his head willingly.


After a moment of hesitation, Odette obediently opens her mouth.

“Actually… Not once.”
“I did it while thinking of my assistant… I did it twice after that day…”

Siu could not understand Odette’s words for a moment.
So what?

“Um… Odette-sama, I don’t care, so it’s okay if you don’t have to tell me.”

Actually, I don’t even know why I’m talking about it.
However, Odette’s thoughts are different from Siu’s.
Like a Catholic who is making his last confession, he honestly starts putting everything out there.

“Actually… I felt guilty… No matter how much I said it was to make myself feel better, and no matter how much my assistant was a slave, I still didn’t ask permission and thought of my assistant… I did it alone.”
“It meant that I understood and it was okay, so you didn’t have to mention it.”

Apparently, Odette was blaming herself not only for that day’s work, but also for other things.
Actually, Siwoo didn’t care about that, and his only wish was to quickly end this embarrassing conversation out of focus.

“Really really really?”
“Yes, I think it’s all natural.”
“Then, assistant-sama, after that day… Have you ever touched me while thinking of me?”

The conversation becomes more astral, and the mind becomes confused.
Odette had no time to hesitate about what would be the best answer here, and came to a conclusion by herself.

“As expected, there is none… Odette is a mean child, a strange child, so it’s like that…”

Odette turned sullen and wept.
No, if you’re going to feel so guilty, can you not do it?
Or just don’t talk and do it secretly by yourself.
She was a girl whose hair was a flower garden more than her sister’s, so she couldn’t keep up with the accident.
It feels like seeing an innocent princess from a fairy tale book.

“Odette-sama, don’t worry too much. If I’m fine, wouldn’t it be a problem? There are no victims.”
“First of all… Well, it could be if you found out about masturbation. Odette-sama was the only man around me, and Odette-sama didn’t have a bad heart for me, wasn’t it?”

What was Jemyrna, the teacher of her twins, doing to be in charge of sex education like this?
I understand that she is overprotective of an apprentice witch who is like her child, but I hope they educate her on basic common sense from now on.
I wouldn’t dare to say such a thing in front of her face anyway.

“It’s okay not to beat yourself up too much. Curiosity about the opposite sex and sex is natural. There’s no need to be shy.”
“Are you foolish?”
“One day, if Odette-sama finds someone she loves, she’ll naturally understand. So, let’s leave now.”

Odette gave him a small nod, like an obedient hamster.
Dimples of relief were dug in the healthy cheeks that had a reddish flush.

“Hey, assistant.”
“Yes, Mr. Odette.”
“Then, is it okay to think of your assistant often from now on?”

It sounds romantic at first glance, but the meaning is ‘I will continue to use you as a side dish’.
Seeing Odette’s foolish appearance, Si-woo’s face, which had a smile on it, hardens as it is.

“Yes, yes.”
“You forgave me the mistake I made to your assistant, and you allowed me to do it while thinking of you in the future, right?”

Odette tidied up the situation by folding her fingers one by one.
In some ways, Odette was a much more difficult opponent than Amelia.

“Instead, you don’t have to tell me from now on. I’ve already given permission once, so anytime is fine.”

Anyway, the situation is settled.
Enough of this awkward conversation once.
After succeeding in appeasing her Odette, Si-woo took her out of her room, and Odile started a fight with her as soon as he saw Odette.

It must have been overheard all the conversations.
Odette with her face reddened, and Odile running away from her and making fun of her.

Until they reached the gorge at the entrance of Yeongsan, the carriage did not stop in a cheerful uproar.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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