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City Of Witches 48

City Of Witches 48

Chapter 48 – #12_Late Night Tutoring (3)


It was a very good condition, but it was not a light enough to sign a contract without listening to the contents.
Siu sat on the bed again and asked Odile, who was rustling his leg.

“So what should I do?”
“First of all, there are three conditions for completing the contract.”
“Didn’t you just say two things?”

Odile smiled mischievously and sang his hum.

“Yeah, I saw that the assistant liked the music box so much. I thought I could ask for one more.”

Was it that obvious?
Seeing Siwoo caressing his face, Odile giggled.

“It’s not confirmed yet, so please tell me first. I’ll listen to the contents and decide.”

That music box is a merit enough to take a reasonable risk.
Doesn’t that mean that you don’t have to worry about when you’ll be caught again after you’ve escaped?
Besides, he was very interested in being able to invest all of his time in the study of the dimensional magic circle.

“Okay, then one.”

Odile held up his finger.

“Take a picnic with us tomorrow.”
“A picnic?”
“Is your assistant on holiday anyway? I was planning to go to Yeongsan, where magic crops are grown. I’m bored every day with just the two of us, so I’m going to take my assistant.”

This was a willing proposal from Siu.

“Could it be, is it the spiritual mountain I know?”
“So! Is there anything else?”

Spiritual Mountain, the common estate of the Duke of Keter and the Count of Zemanai.
It was a large-scale producer, responsible for 95% of the magical crops supplied to Gehenna.
Siwoo showed interest because he had heard rumors that Yeongsan had a beautiful and mysterious natural scenery.

Upon hearing it from Takasho, who watched from afar, he said that it was like looking at a fairy forest.
She is so beautiful that even Takasho, who has no interest in anything other than women, is interested in her.

“First of all, that’s good. I really wanted to go too.”
“Right? I knew your assistant would like it.”

Odile excitedly slammed her butt on her bed.
This thing is so cute.

“Then second, please prove my theory correct here.”

Compared to the first condition, it was a bit tricky.
Perhaps the proof would be to insert a finger into Odile’s butt hole.
That is, until Odile feels good, or says enough is enough.

Still, it’s not too dangerous to overdo it.
If the circumstances were a little different, it might be something that Siwoo would want to ask for even if he had to get down on his knees, so first of all, apply.
Anyway, it’s the yard where anal sex is over.
Inserting her fingers shouldn’t be a big deal if you’re careful.

When Siwoo nodded, Odile offered her one last condition.

“Last time here…”

An innocence more dazzling than moonlight radiates from Odile.
She brushed her hair off her cheek and said to Siu.

“Tell me love.”

Combined with the light pouring in from outside the window, it looked like a scene from a romance movie.
In particular, Odile, who speaks that line, is like a very beautiful actress.

“Actually, I still don’t know. Is it love that I felt when I drank the elixir? I thought about it, but I thought it was something else.”
“It was more like a estrous pill to me.”

Odile continued, wiggling his fingers for no reason.

“So I want to feel a little normal. I asked Pecha, my lady-in-waiting… Love is not so easy to feel.”

Odile leaps down from her bed and she slowly approaches Siu, who is smoking her third cigarette by the window.
And grab one of his fingers.

“They say that after all this touching of hands, stroking cheeks, going on dates, kissing, and getting to know each other, we can barely find it.”
“That’s normal.”

Of course, Siu didn’t know what that feeling was, so he had no way to explain it.

“So I’m going to try that. In fact, going to Yeongsan together is also a kind of date. It’s like an extension of the third request.”
“What am I supposed to do? No matter how much I think about it, there’s no guarantee that I can make you feel love.”

Love is not some kind of detachable part, and the real world is not a place where you can like it like an RPG game.

“Then it would be easy to say this. If I ask you to play with me from now on. Don’t say that you won’t see me again.”
“With me? Doesn’t it have anything to do with Odette-sama?”

Suddenly, Siu senses something strange about Odile’s words.
Odile often mentions Odette to the extent that Odile’s habit of speaking is ‘Two together!’.
If she had just been her usual self, she would have said ‘play with us often’.
I pointed it out without realizing the sense of incongruity.

And Siwoo’s point seemed quite unexpected to Odile as well.
Odile, who opened her eyes wide, realized her mistake and corrected it after a while.

“Oops, you made a mistake unlike me. Anyway, you can play with us often.”
“Is it okay if I think about it for a minute?”
“Okay, I’ll be expecting a sensible answer.”

In fact, even if Odile made up his mind and ordered Si-woo, Si-woo had to reluctantly follow through.
In any case, it is unknown how Amelia and the other witches will react the moment the material for the escape magic is discovered.
But why does Odile even try to pamper Siu by exchanging her artifacts?

“Have you stopped taking weaknesses?”
“If we catch our weaknesses, will the assistant be happy? If we are happy, the assistant must also have some fun.”

Such delicate consideration.
Siu was a little moved.

As expected, Odile did not have a hard temper.
It was very selfish, but I was respecting Siwoo’s intentions in my own way.

“If you hold this hand and shake it up and down freely, you will know that the contract is established.”

Odile held out her hand to her.

“All right.”

Siwoo took Odile’s hand and shook it lightly.
Siwoo and Odil both smiled at the win-win contract.

Going to Yeongsan tomorrow and playing with the twins would be later, but there were contract details that needed to be settled right away.

It is to satisfy Odile’s erratic curiosity.
As soon as the two realized that, the atmosphere became seriously awkward.
Odile and Siu stood side by side looking down at the bed for a long time.

“Um… Then.”
“What should I do?”

Odile grabbed the hem of his clothes and shook his head, and Siu was also scratching the back of his head without making any suggestions.

“I want to know if my assistant makes me feel better when I put my hand in it, not my hand.”
“Yeah, I get that too. But now… I want you to decide on a posture or something like that.”
“Now we’re in a symbiotic relationship, right? Do I really have to decide? Don’t try to get on a free ride, let your assistant come up with an idea.”

Come up with an idea
What kind of embarrassing word is this?
But there isn’t much time to pause.
It was also important to quickly get Odile out before Amelia arrived.

“So, um, would you mind taking that underwear down?”
“What? How do you do that sober?”

Showing your butt is embarrassing, but how can you be sober and ask me to put my hand in your back hole?
Siu wanted to ask again.

“Then shall we do it in a standing position?”

Odile nodded his head.

“I’ll hold the bed and stand upright.”

Then, with her hands on the bed at her waist level, her hips pulled back only slightly.
As if practicing her ballet, she unnecessarily raises and releases her heels.

“Wouldn’t it be okay to touch it in this state? Just put your hand inside the drawers.”
“All right.”
“Oh, and it’s also difficult to just do it. As far as I know, the back, unlike the front, can be painful if there is no lubrication. Check the inside pocket of the robe over there.”

Odile seems to have already packed all her supplies, like a diligent student.
When she opened the cap, a fragrant floral scent rose from the luxurious-looking white porcelain bottle.
Judging from the scent similar to that of Odile’s body, it must have been a fragrant oil used for bathing.

“Put it on her finger and do it.”

Siu swallowed her saliva and tilted the bottle to wet one of her fingers.
It’s slippery enough.

“Then, excuse me.”

When I gently pull on the elastic part of the drawers, Odile’s plump buttocks are visible.
In this strange situation, her cock was painfully erect.
I penetrated her hand after making enough space to keep the oil from getting on her clothes or flesh.


Odile, who had been looking in front of her like her racehorse from the moment Siu pulled the drawers, made a shrieking noise and swallowed her breath.

“Are you uncomfortable?”
“No, no. I’m surprised my assistant’s hands are so cold. Continue.”

The soft flesh of her buttocks that could be felt in the palm of her hand.
The firmness that I want to hold tightly has already been verified in the past.
Siu slid his hand along the tight buttock bone.
The sound of her spitting was unusually loud at the height of her tension.

“Then I’ll put it in.”
“Now, wait! Assistant, it’s not there. There’s another hole!”

I was only appreciating the smoothness of his buttock and missed it.
It was only after I had passed the mound of soft pussy that I noticed it and stuck my finger into the front of the hole.
Not a lot, maybe half a word.

Odile begins to squeak in amazement, like a chicken being vaccinated.

“What if I put it in there!
“I’m sorry.”

I don’t know who is looking at whom and saying it’s insidious.
Anyway, a mistake is a mistake, so Siwoo hurriedly pulled out his finger and searched for Odile’s back hole.


Why is Odile’s ears getting hotter?
Even when he was angry earlier, he slightly showed a side face, but it was as red as a well-ripe persimmon.
If you’re going to be so ashamed, why would you put up with such humiliation to prove so much?
Siu couldn’t get a feel for it at all.

“Is this right?”
“Well, what are you asking… You know when you see it.”

What I feel in this awkward situation is the soft buttocks of Odile in the drawers where I can feel the heat, and the wrinkles on my skin that I can touch with my fingertips.

Siu gently stroked those wrinkles as if possessed.
It is a very fascinating sensation to glide smoothly because of the balm.

“I’ll really put it in this time.”

Siu began to push her ring finger with her balm on it little by little.
At the same time, a tremendous resistance is felt.
As if resolutely not tolerating an invasion, Omurad is a flower.

“Odile-nim, if you put so much effort… I can’t put it in?”

Siwoo began to focus on this situation.
If you’re a proper man, isn’t it normal to be hot?
A pretty lady like this came over and put her hand up his butt hole to make him feel better?

“Ki, wait. It’s done before… Why?”
“Would you like to take a deep breath?”
“Deep breath? Got it. Write… Ha… Write… Heeyang…!”

Siwoo pushed his fingers in at the timing of the release as he exhaled.
At the same time, Odile stiffened with a cute moan.

“No, I’m surprised…That’s right…!”
“Thanks to you, I went in well.”

About a knuckle of his finger went in reliably.
I feel her mucous membranes twitching intermittently in the moist body, which feels much warmer than Odile’s hot skin.

To be honest, it’s hard to bear.
A dangerous urge to put Odile on the bed right away and insert an object like the last time grew up in an instant.

Let’s restrain ourselves.
We must not forget our purpose.

“I’ll start moving now.”
“Okay… Slow down, slow down?”

Siwoo started wiggling his fingers, and at the same time, without looking back at her, Odile stood on tiptoe and started tearing off the sheets on the bed.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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