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City Of Witches 47

City Of Witches 47

Chapter 47 – #12_Late Night Tutoring (2)


Siwoo sat down in a chair with a complicated expression on his face.
Odile, lying comfortably on his bed, looks around with curious eyes.

“It’s my first time coming to a men’s room, but they keep it tidy.”

Cigarette smoke rises like incense and heads out the window.
Siwoo was thinking of only one thing.
How can I get Odile back home without any danger?

Wouldn’t it have been better to tell Zemyon the whole thing, even at some risk?
If she had to be dragged around with her hair grabbed like this, the end would not be good.
It was like watching a ticking time bomb rolling around in front of her eyes, not knowing when it might explode.

“Are you angry or upset, assistant?”
“Odile-nim. Please tell me your business first. I want to send you back as soon as possible.”

Will this tomboyish twin sister hear that you’re angry, irritated, or threatened here?
It’s a bigger problem if Amelia gets caught in an argument or a protracted argument.

First of all, Siwoo can be relieved that Amelia has never entered this room past 12 o’clock.
And it’s just that the ‘Song of Silence’ is being activated.
I don’t know how effective it will be, but in terms of tone, isn’t it magic that roughly reduces the noise?

Odile jumped up and sat facing Siwoo.
The bright purple eyes sparkle with stars.

“Assistant, has Professor Amelia changed anything lately?”
“Not at all.”
“Did you come all the way here out of curiosity?”

No matter how much Count Zemanai has a dedicated portal installed, even if you can get to the academy in 10 seconds, it’s another 10 minutes from the academy’s portal to Amelia’s mansion.
Considering the travel time, it must have been quite a cumbersome route.

“No, I want to ask you something more.”

Odile pulled out a book from his cloak.
To be honest, Siwoo couldn’t understand Odile’s shamelessness.

“Odile-nim, then would it be all right if I ask you something?”
“Of course. I acted rudely too, but my assistant accepted it.”

Should I say this is disrespectful?

“That… Is Odile okay?”
“Didn’t a lot of things happen that day?”

He didn’t stop watching Odile’s lower body nude, but inserted his cock into her ass and ejaculated.
Odile, who came to his senses, was so embarrassed that he almost fainted.
But looking at Odile now, he doesn’t seem to care about it at all.

“Oh, that? You were still paying attention?”
“How do you pass it over casually?”
“At that time, it was because the potion’s effect was applied incorrectly.”
“But it was obviously disgraceful.”
“As she explores the world, unexpected accidents happen. How can she become a good witch if she is afraid of failure or mistakes and is ashamed?”

At Siwoo’s words, Odile pretended nothing was wrong and shrugged her shoulders.
The reason why you can tell that it’s ‘Chuck’ here is because her cheeks, illuminated by the pale moonlight, are subtly heated.

“You are the pattern of witches.”

Odile nodded her head with a bashful smile at Siwoo’s half-embarrassed compliment.
Innocent eyes with double eyelids are dangerously attractive.
I remembered the moment when those clear eyes were covered with lust at a really unexpected timing.

“Anyway, it’s rather good. Up until now, I’ve had a certain amount of shame in dealing with my assistant.”
“Really? I didn’t feel it at all…”
“But since you’ve already been through something catastrophic, there’s no need to procrastinate now.”

Strangely, Odile’s face gradually turned red.

“Anyway, that’s what I want to ask!”
“Actually, I masturbated tonight. But there was something I didn’t understand, so I came to check it out. Your assistant is older than me.”

It took a long time for Siwoo to find a sense of incongruity in Odile’s words, as he was talking lightly about what he ate for dinner tonight.

“I was reading a sensual book, and I was fiddling with it like Odette did. I felt better right away.”
“Ah yes…”

Bizarre situation.
An apprentice witch who came to her room in the middle of the night, isn’t it strange that the apprentice witch talks about her own masturbation?

“So I put my finger in the back too. It didn’t feel good at all. Rather, it hurt. I’m really curious as to why.”

Let’s get it back

Siu, who had been entangled with the twins several times, knew in advance that this flow was absolutely not good.
If you continue to have conversations with Odile like this, you will probably get caught in a ridiculous pod or get into trouble with excuses.

“I’ll answer you, so you have to leave. Originally, the back hole doesn’t exist to feel pleasure. Even if you masturbate, there’s no way you’ll feel good.”
“But I also… Felt… Good before?”

Suddenly, Odile grabbed Siwoo’s blanket and muttered, covering his face with it.
Odile’s white eyes are visible above the bridge of his nose covered by the blanket, like a dog watching.

“After drinking Eros’ potion, he said he felt good when he left with Siwoo. How is it? Isn’t it strange?”

Siu was sure.
Odile has seemingly overcome his shame, he says it’s nothing to be concerned about, but the reality is different.
Although she is very shy, she is in a state of unyielding sexual curiosity.

“So what I concluded was that it felt good because it was two people.”

That’s natural.
Even Siu felt much better when he received his goddaughter than when he had a daughter alone.

“Now that you’ve reached your conclusion, do you have anything left to ask me?”

In front of her eyes, the apprentice witch said, ‘I didn’t like doing anal masturbation alone, but having anal sex with you was awesome!’
I was just at a loss as to what could be good in this awkward situation.

“Actually, I have already finished asking, and I have something I want to ask you.”
“No, no, go back.”

She cut like a knife.
Then Odile throws her blanket over her bed and puts her hand on her waist.

“You’re a slave, but you’re going to refuse Odile Jemanai’s orders?”

Odile widens her eyes and threatens her.
She didn’t know about it before, but now that she knows her twin’s tendencies, it’s not that scary.

“Yes, I will decline.”

Odile pouted her mouth at the same time as her upright shoulders dropped.

To be honest, I think that forcing Siwoo to do more than that is an unreasonable request.
In the first place, he seemed to be thinking of going to his master himself.
It’s scary to think of the punishment that will fall when the stern master learns of the twins’ deviation.

He didn’t even want to threaten him.
I don’t know if it’s a half-joking weakness, but if he threatens to reveal that he’s researching escape magic when he’s stubbornly refusing like now, the relationship will completely collapse.
You can do whatever you want with him, but it won’t be as fun a relationship as it is now.

“Then, let’s do this.”

Odile said, raising one of his fingers.
What you do seems to be following Amelia.

“Put one finger in. I’ll have to check my theory.”

At that time, put your finger in Odile’s clean buttock, which was accepting the hot and chewy cock?
Even though he was shocked by the proposal that a man would inevitably be tempted by, Siwoo’s thoughts were firm.
He closed his mouth and shook his head.
Odile quickly crossed his arms.

“Okay, then let’s do this.”
“Even if you do this or that, I won’t do it. Please go back to me, Mr. Odile.”
“No, listen. I’m sure the assistant will be interested this time too.”

Odile put his hand into the cloak he had taken off earlier and fumbled for something.
In fact, Odile expected Siwoo’s fierce rejection.
The countermeasure against it cannot be purely sugarcoated.

“I’ll give you this if you accept my two offers.”

In her hand was a music box the size of her palm.
An elaborate and small mechanical device made of brass is preciously covered in a glass cover.

“What is this?”

The slave jjambab in the City Of Witches is 5 years.
At first glance, it looked like a music box used for children’s toys, but I could sense an unusual feeling.

“Assistant, you said you were planning to escape the City Of Witches, right?”
“That’s right.”

Siwoo answers with a confused expression.
Are you trying to blackmail me with that?

“You didn’t think it would be all bad if you just escaped, right?”
“We are also researching a magic circle to avoid pursuit.”
“I don’t know what level it is, but it will be difficult.

As Odile said, escaping Gehenna does not mean that you will be completely free.
In fact, isn’t Siwoo the body that was captured once in modern times?
It wouldn’t be strange if it happened two or three times.
Therefore, Siu had been researching ways to evade the pursuit in advance.
Although he was still focusing on the escape magic circle.

“It’s a trade material prepared for such an assistant.”

Odile shook Siwoo’s music box right in front of her eyes.
Looking closely, the spring of the music box was turning very slowly.

“This is a music box that plays the ‘Song of Silence’ semi-permanently. Do you want to see it?”

Once clearing her throat, Odile opened her mouth and shouted loudly:

“I, Odil Jemyon, am Gehenna’s greatest witch!!!”

It was never a small sound.
A cry so loud and loud that it reverberated not only in Amelia’s room but also in her mansion.
Siwoo felt goosebumps rising and hurriedly covered Odile’s mouth.

“What, what are you doing all of a sudden!”
“Oops, woops…”

Odile, who was struggling in Siwoo’s arms, managed to remove his palm.

“Ah, wait.”

Even after 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, nothing changes.
Amelia has no reflection of her nose and the birds dozing in the trees outside her window are silent.

“How can Odette and I get out of Tarot Town every time? It’s thanks to this music box.”
“It’s an artifact.”
“Yeah, that’s top-notch with magnetism magic. Maybe this mansion is a joke?”

An object that contains magic and can use magic.
Among them, non-disposable items such as Amelia’s perfume were called artifacts, but they were rare and valued for their rarity and usefulness.

Odile eagerly began explaining about the music box with the determination to seduce Siwoo somehow.

“Speaking of this music box, it is a very expensive artifact optimized for stealth and stealth.
First of all, the user’s sound does not leak out of 5M just by holding this.
It completely erases the signs of magical power and becomes distant from the perception of those around you.
Besides, there are no footprints left? If you steal with this, maybe you can become the world’s greatest thief?”

According to Odile’s explanation, it was a high-performance artifact that made no sense even at first glance.

It also erases your image from the records of cameras, tape recorders, and surveillance cameras.
It is equipped with a small self-generator, so if you turn the mainspring, it works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In addition, by adjusting the adjustment gear on the side, it is possible to set the range of action and time effect in detail, so I thought that with this, the countermeasures after escaping would be perfectly solved.

“In other words, even if you only have this, you can live in complete seclusion after escaping.”

There is nothing to lose with this.
Siu swallowed a gulp.

“Is it okay if I put such a precious thing as a trade target?”
“It’s okay, Master gave one to Odette and one to me. Even if you don’t have one, they say they sold it because they needed pocket money.”

It was only then that Odile was able to smile confidently when Siwoo seemed to like him.

“Are you ready to make a deal?”

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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