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City Of Witches 46

City Of Witches 46

Chapter 46 – #12_Late Night Tutoring (1)


Odile tossed and turned all night.
While tossing and turning, I look to the side for a moment and see the profile of Odette, who has fallen asleep so soundly that I would not even notice it.


I poke his cheek to confirm it, but all I can hear is the sound of his breathing leaking out. Odette is traveling in the land of dreams without blinking an eye.
Odile quietly got up and leaned against the back of the bed.

Not too long ago, Odile was not very different from Odette.
He fell asleep within a minute when he hit the pillow, and after that, he slept soundly without waking up once.
But in the past few days, things I took for granted have changed.

Even if I lay my head on his soft feather pillow, sleepiness does not come.
Instead, all sorts of distracting thoughts and thoughts that were not even visible during the day crawled in and disturbed her.

“How could you be okay?”

It was after the day he personally verified the effectiveness of Eros’ potion.
After kidnapping him from the garden, he spent a hot and intense time in the carriage.
He got drunk, hugged him, fawned over him, and eventually did something he shouldn’t have done.
The ridiculous and shocking thing of putting his stuff in the back hole and getting the seed.

Although Odile was heavily intoxicated with the potion, his memories of that time are vivid.
The beating of his chest that I could feel just by being in close contact with him.
The joy that even in the pain he felt that he was one with him.
And even the hot pleasure that subtly bloomed in his body.
I wish I had completely forgotten about it, but the memory of that time seldom let go of Odile.


After the tryst, I came back and stopped by the bathroom for the first time in a while.
I hadn’t even thought about it until I chewed on my shame as I squirted his semen all the way back.

Odile lightly got out of bed and came out cautiously like a cat walking down an alley at night.
It’s still time for the ladies-in-waiting to go around.
Odile rarely wandered around at midnight, so it wouldn’t be nice to run into him.

And she knew a lot about the quiet, uninhabited places in this mansion.
For example, the old library, where all kinds of old books are piled up like a mountain.

Odile, who ran silently down the hallway lit only by the moonlight, looked around her and went into the old library.
This library was a playground gifted by Zemyon for the curious twins.

There were many books of magic books that had already been researched or very old books that were not very high in academic value, but were interesting.

Odile was the first to run to her window, draw the blackout curtains over her, and light her lantern.
In this way, no light will leak out.
Out of the bookshelves full of books, I take out one book that looks particularly damaged.


She picked one of the sofas and put down the scattered books and lantern on the floor, and Odile laid her body on the sofa with a sad expression.
The book she picked out was the one that Odile had been secretly looking at and hiding from Odette.
It was probably a sensual book that was accidentally included in the process of giving Master all kinds of books as gifts.

The title is ‘The Devil’s Delivery Service’.
The witch, unable to bear her boredom, drags her milkman into her house and does this and that in order to study her love.
It consists of a total of 12 chapters, and the level from the first chapter was not normal.
She was so weak that if Odette saw her, she would feel dizzy and fall down as soon as she saw her.

Odile took a good look around him and lowered his throwers down to his thighs.
She leans back on her armrest and holds the book in the middle with one hand.
She hadn’t done anything yet, but her heart skipped a beat.

Skip Chapter 1 because you’ve already seen it.
Chapter 2, the meal offering is a hole in immorality.
It was a shocking chapter that taught Odile, who was ignorant of gender, that women and men can still be one.
And it is also the biggest culprit that made Odile experience an unforgettable first experience.

Odile sucked on one of his fingers and smeared it with saliva.
And he slowly started to sprout.


It did not take long for Odile, who had excellent concentration, to fall in love with the contents of the book.
The dainty clitoris lifts the epidermis little by little and is exposed, and each time it is worn out by the hard fingertips, the breath quickens and the ecstasy grows.

The shadow of the girl lying on her back danced in the light of the lantern.
It also feels good.
The joy of the body that is sweeter than the chocolate cake I learned a while ago.

Odile’s eyes frantically read her sensuality book.

[The spear of hard, hard meat violated the witch’s unclean hole. The thickly layered shadows, what defiles the noble witch’s body, are shady and shady pleasures like those shadows. The witch’s hair danced as she pulled and pulled her waist. A sigh of joy poured over the back of the witch’s hand as she pulled the sheet]

The courier who was initially seduced by the witch soon finds out.
The outwardly wise and smart witch is actually an innocent woman who knows nothing about the world.
Realizing that, the courier slowly dyed her witch her own color.
The part that Odile is reading now is about the witch who dedicated her ass to the courier’s trick, and is getting a new pleasure.

Odile stroked the petals that leaked love juice like sticky honey.


For a commoner subject to conquer a witch in her bed.
This kind of book is no different from garbage that is worse than kindling.
But Odile couldn’t burn the book.
It’s because I’ve always been curious about it.

Coincidentally, the contents of the book were about the delivery man holding the witch by the waist and inserting an object into her back hole.

Odile drenched her fingers in her juices, swallowed her saliva, and lifted her butt slightly.
And she slips her fingers little by little into the filthy hole, the reflective body, and has not gone to the bathroom in over 10 years, and yet the perception of it as a filthy hole still lingers.


It hurt.
I was very sick and didn’t feel good.
Maybe it’s because it’s still the first time.
Even when she received her assistant’s things, she was almost sick the first time.

Thinking so, Odile diligently teased her fingers.
Sore throat.
Heart thumping with her realization that she is doing something shameful.


But then Odile closed the book and pulled out his fingers.

“That’s strange…”

I don’t feel good at all.
Only a strange and unpleasant foreign body sensation was felt, but there was no overlapping sensation from before.

Is it because of a lack of love?
At that time, Odile felt intense love for Siu.
Could it be that she doesn’t feel anything because she doesn’t have that love?

But the witch in the book does not love the courier.
Yet, it is written that she panted like an animal and howled with a coquettish voice like a prostitute.

Odile got dressed.
The curiosity that has grown rapidly in the past few days has given Odile tremendous power to act.

I need to go see my assistant right now.

It’s been a week since I was assigned as Amelia’s exclusive slave from a slave belonging to the city hall assigned as an academy manager.
Siwoo’s daily life has also undergone a big change.

First of all, it is liberated from various chores that were hard to the bone, but were not even rewarding.
Whether it’s cleaning a hallway, suddenly having to clear a clogged drain, or suddenly having to prune a tree branch broken by a storm.
Why the fuck am I doing this? I couldn’t do the work that I thought it was.

There were also some changes to the working hours and form.
When I was a janitor, I was guaranteed free time after completing about 12 hours of work a day, but the assistant’s work showed no sign of ending even when it was late.

In addition, since each meal was served at the same table as Amelia, the quality of the meal also improved significantly. You can sleep and wash in a single room comparable to a hotel.
This is the greatest happiness.

It didn’t make it any more work.
Rather, the intensity of work has gone down significantly, and I can feel free time for about an hour in between, so I can say that I am generally satisfied.


Sitting on the window sill at the end of the day and smoking a cigarette was a luxury I could never have imagined when I was a janitor.

“But what about this?”

But the biggest problem remains.
I really don’t have time to study magic.
He couldn’t even bring the draft of the magic circle and the magic number that were still left in the barn.

First of all, during the day, there is not enough time to go back and forth leisurely, and it is not good to sleep less and go out at night.

As Siu watched by her side, Amelia rarely slept, befitting her late stage of magic addiction, and even if she did go to bed, she did not put herself in her bed until 4 o’clock.

If I get caught going out or returning in the middle of the night and get caught, there is no such loss, so I am thinking of a better timing.

That’s probably tomorrow
It will be a holiday that comes back in a week.
The manual also states that you don’t have to do auxiliary work on holidays, so there’s nothing to get in the way.

Shall we wash up and go to bed now?
As I was about to close the window, I suddenly heard a voice.

“Hello assistant?”

Siwoo just dropped the cigarette.
At first, I thought I saw something.
Because it’s one o’clock, and this is Amelia’s mansion, even on the second floor.
But, seeing Odile floating in front of the window all of a sudden, isn’t it worth reacting like that?

“Are you surprised? It was a surprise visit in its own way. A success!”

In an instant, a lot of words came to mind.
In the midst of complicated thoughts and worries, burden and cowardice, confusion and absurdity, Siu managed to find the words to say.

“What are you doing here?”
“I ran away.”
“You seem to have run away. When the morning comes, Lady Zemyon and Lady Odette will be worried, so go home. Odette-sama isn’t here, right? Enough then.”

As Siwoo tried to close the window, Odile’s slender hand grabbed the window sill of his chin.

“Wait a minute!”
“Please be quiet…! Miss Amelia is still awake!”
“Then I’ll be quiet, so let me in first.”

Shi-woo, who refrains from making a fuss as much as possible, lest the current happening be discovered, and Odile tries to enter the room.
It was clear which one had the advantage.
Siu had no choice but to open the window and Odile landed softly in the room like an angel.

I feel dizzy.
I don’t know what the hell I came here for, and I can’t get a sense of how precarious this situation is.
A slave who brought an apprentice witch into her room at night?
Besides, Odile was in her pure white underwear, with only a cloak draped over her.
It means wearing only a white nightgown with lots of lace and drawers.
What will Amelia think when she finds out?

“Don’t worry, assistant, I’m wearing the ‘Song of Silence’. The commotion I’m causing won’t go undetected.”

Odile, as if having read Siwoo’s concerns in advance, does not offer consolation until he achieves his goal of entering the room.
Siwoo unwittingly took out another cigarette and took it.

“Odile-sama, please go back like this. Didn’t I tell you that there will be no trysts in the future?”
“I know, I didn’t come for that.”

Odile calmed down Siwoo, who almost reacted like a match.

“I just came here because I was curious.”

Of course, considering his circumstances, he had no intention of going back like this.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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