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City Of Witches 45

City Of Witches 45

Chapter 45 – #11_I Can’t Be the Only One (3)


A boring piano class.
Pension class.
The reading discussion is over.

Odile and Odette went straight to the academy through the portal installed inside the mansion.
Maintaining and repairing the portals required an enormous amount of gold.
But the mountains of wealth of House Jemanai, reputed to be the wealthiest of the counts, make up for it.

I went through the teacher’s corridor and headed to the lecture room where I always took classes.
The twins who sat down took out the thermos bottle they had put in their arms in an unusual atmosphere.
His appearance was similar to that of the terrorists on the verge of committing suicide.

“Odette, are you ready?”
“Yes, sister.”

And, keeping the volume very precisely, he pours the potion of Eros into the thermos bottle.
Amelia won’t drink all of this tea, so I added two doses of the elixir.
It contains plenty of pink moss, which is an alchemy catalyst, anyway, so even a small amount of it will have an effect.

Even when the red black tea and the pink potion of Eros were mixed, they didn’t show much difference.

– Again and again again

If I hadn’t been in a bit of a hurry, I would have hit the ball.
Amelia’s heels echoed in the hallway.
Odile quickly hid the bottle containing the potion, and Odette vigorously shook the lidded flask.

“Be quiet.”

The twins always chatter before her class, so Amelia enters the classroom with her first greeting, as is her habit: to be quiet.
But she tilted her head at the oddly quiet atmosphere.

After that, Siwoo waddled in with an awkward expression.
Odette avoided Siu’s eyes, and Odile couldn’t look directly at him either.

This is the first meeting after the heated rendezvous in the carriage.
Seeing it again like this made my face burn for some reason as the memories of that day overlapped.

Glancing at his lower body, the twins could understand why Siu entered the classroom with such an uncomfortable pace.
He had eight thick textbooks in his arms.
I don’t believe it, and I don’t want to believe it, but that’s all the amount of work that will come out of a week’s worth of assignments.

Amelia’s cruelty with no regard for the plight of her students relieved her twin of her guilt towards her.

“Hello professor!”
“Hello assistant, how are you?”

Odette slightly raised her hand to say hello to Siu, then quickly turned her face away.


Normally, the twins would have randomly greeted Siwoo.
Amelia blinks at the awkward reaction and alternates between the twins and Siwoo.
However, she was a diligent professor who sublimated three hours of time into a class without leaving a single minute.

“Submit your thesis.”
“Yes, Professor!”

The twins, who were wondering what timing would be good, submitted a week-long assignment.
In fact, it is more like an assignment at the level of reviewing and applying class contents without formality to be a thesis.
Amelia’s red quill danced on the twins’ task again.

“Hey, Professor Amelia.”
“Yes, Miss Odette.”
“It seems like you are always having a hard time teaching our sisters.”
“You know very well. I don’t think I’ve ever taught anything like this. What is this part?”

For some reason, weak-willed Odette stepped forward and spoke cautiously, but Amelia presented the task bombarded with red ink in a disgruntled tone.

“Magic distribution calculation is the alpha and omega of magic. I’m glad I left out the calculation formula, but the result and process are full of mistakes.”
“I’m sorry.”

Odette is immediately sunk by Amelia’s stern appearance today.
He put her hand between her knees and bowed her head.
That’s right, Amelia’s assignments are extremely high-level, large, and complex.

But the twins, who are opening their eyes to the world of sex, haven’t put in half their usual effort in this week’s assignment.
Odette got the mood first, so Odile waited for Amelia to finish her scoring.

“Take it.”

Odile and Odette tremble and accept the assignment.
Amelia tapped her table with her fingernails as if offended at her.
I will admit the terrible results that came out of hard work, but I don’t need forgiveness for students who don’t put in effort.
That is Amelia’s teaching theory.

Maybe that’s why today Amelia had a cold air like dry ice.

“Very disappointing.”

The twins bowing her head at the same time.
Odette was downcast, his shoulders drooping.
He also looked terrified.
But Odile is different.
Now, when Amelia’s fury is tingling your skin, isn’t it the easiest time to see the effects of Eros’ elixir?

A person who used to be angry like that clings to his assistant feeling love?
Just thinking about it sparked curiosity.

“I have something I want to tell you, is that okay?”
“Keep it short. I’m thinking about where to start teaching again.”

Odette, startled, dissuades Odile by pulling her skirt under the desk.


But Odile has already made up his mind.
Odette took out the tea as the potion of Eros, which Odette had shaken hard until earlier, was mixed.

“Actually, I brought some tea to give to the professor. It is cold brewed tea from the first leaves of tea trees harvested in our dimension.”

Naengchimcha is a tea that is made by placing a lot of ice and putting tea leaves in between, making it cold with water that melts the ice.

“Especially, if you put a raspberry scent on the tea leaves at the stage of blending and eat it chilled, you can enjoy the unique scent.”

Odile poured the tea into the teacup he had brought and handed it to Amelia.
Amelia looked a little bewildered.
Considering what the twins had done up until now, it was a very commendable disciple’s.


Then Siwoo, noticing something, intervened.
No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t seem like that car came out of purely admirable intentions.
Especially if you look at Odile’s eyes, which were shining like the first time he saw Siwoo’s cock.

“Hey, Miss Amelia.”

He hurriedly dissuaded Amelia, who held up the teacup with a modest posture like a tea ceremony textbook.

“What happened?”
“Hey, um…”

But what do you mean by this?
The twins put a weird potion on their car?
If you do, it will be like confessing what happened last time.
But if she didn’t say anything, she wouldn’t know how Amelia, who had taken the potion, would run wild.

“Oh, nothing.”

Siu soon gave up.
Nor is it certain that the twins put Eros’ elixir in the tea.
Even if it was included, it would be a story that had nothing to do with Siwoo.
It will end with the twins severely punished.

“I’ll have a good drink.”

Amelia slowly drank the cool tea from the cup.
Odile and Odette’s eyes are completely focused on Amelia.

In the case of Odette, she stripped off Siu and climbed on top of him, saying that she wanted to get pregnant.
In the case of Odile, he received the semen while accepting his cock in the back hole.

Then what about Amelia?

“It’s unique.”

Siu carefully backs away, at least not being noticed by Amelia.
As long as you get out of the condition of seeing a man who has taken semen within 10 seconds, the situation is stable.
The twins sweat in his hands and wait for what will unfold in the future.

10 seconds.
9 seconds.
8 seconds.
7 seconds.

“Assistant Siu.”

It was precisely when the countdown reached 7 seconds that Amelia looked back at Shiu.
Siwoo swallows his saliva.
If the twins injected the potion as a joke, the effect was already satisfied.
It is now a situation that cannot be avoided or escaped.

“How long are you going to hold the book?”
“Ah yes.”

Siu piled the textbooks that Amelia had been holding throughout the grading on the desk.
Even so, his eyes are still on Amelia.

“Let’s start class.”

10 minutes pass, 20 minutes pass.
Nothing changed in Amelia until her classes were all over.

As usual, Amelia, who calmly taught her class for three full hours, left the room with twice her usual amount of homework as if to repay her twin’s sluggishness today.


The twins return to the Jemoni Mansion through the portal.
After dinner, which is the end of the day, you can spend about 5 hours of your personal routine before going to bed.
I usually pass the time by going to the study and reading a book, reviewing Amelia’s lessons in notes, or taking a bath in the bathroom.
Today was different than usual.
She went straight to her room and sat down on the bed.


Odile as well as Odette observed Amelia throughout the class.
And the observations obtained fell terribly short of expectations.
Amelia didn’t change her expression, and she calmly finished her class and threw a bombshell on her terrifying assignment.

“Isn’t it that you endured it with superhuman patience?”
“Odette, I guarantee you, no woman can stand that.”
“Isn’t the medicinal effect gone?”
“Isn’t it more credible that autonomous defense deciphered it?”
“Then there’s no way the professor would leave without saying anything. But really nothing happened.”

The twins let out a sigh of relief.
In fact, there was a part where I was worried because it was a prank that I couldn’t guarantee how far the later things would increase, but when there was no reaction, a big disappointment settled in rather than relief.

At least I expected Professor Amelia to stumble with a slight fever like a newborn deer.

“Get Odette’s book.”
“Yes, sister.”

The twins took out the ‘Forbidden Potion Formula’ they had hidden deep under the bed.
This book, with an impressive leather cover that changed from black to yellowish brown, was a very rare book excavated from the old library of the mansion.
I heard there are only two books in the world.

It was not difficult to find the page about the elixir of Eros, as I had already been through it several times.

It listed not only the method of making the potion and the things to be careful about during the manufacturing process, but also the expected effects and precautions.

“Hmm, it looks like it’s here. The effect of the potion varies greatly from subject to subject, and this is differentiated according to the subject’s latent sexual consciousness.”
“Additionally, if the potion is difficult to see the effect, it is described below.”
“Experimental subjects who have not undergone menarche, those who are pregnant, and those who have no aptitude for mana response…”

The twins, who opened the book and put their heads together, stopped reading their jaws at a certain passage.

“Also, the potion’s effect does not apply to subjects who already love the subject.”

The twins tilt their heads at the same time, like dolls whose batteries have run out.

“So, sleep. Tidy up.”

Odile felt his hair getting messy and fanned it with the palm of his hand.

“Professor Amelia must have menarche?”
“Of course! Can’t you see it?”
“Are you pregnant?”
“Are you a witch?”
“I don’t have any aptitude for magic response…. You wouldn’t do it, but if that’s the case…”
“Let’s put it together again. I took the semen from the test subject’s assistant and fed the completed potion to the blood test subject, Professor Amelia. So… Professor Amelia likes her assistant?”

The twins panicked because of the unknown conclusion.

“No way!”
“No way!”

And soon it gets quiet.
This is because they came to a clear conclusion before the troubles lasted for a long time.

“This book is garbage.”
“Yes, sister, let’s put it in the fireplace later.”
“No, let’s put it in now.”

As if all his worries had been resolved and he felt very at ease, Odile got up, threw the book on the fireplace, and headed for the bathroom.

“I saw something strange and followed it, and I almost got into trouble.”
“That’s right, I can’t believe the old books.”
“Let’s go take a bath together, sister.”

The friendly sisters stepped forward, leaving only one book in her room that was burning mournfully in the fireplace.

Nalreum was caught in the flames and the bookshelves fell over.

[…However, in the case of the last case, the action effect and time have not been sufficiently verified, so caution is required during the experiment]

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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