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City Of Witches 44

City Of Witches 44

Chapter 44 – #11_I Can’t Be the Only One (2)


The twins’ morning starts at 6 am in the same bed.
The sound of birds chirping outside the window.
The cypress firewood that had been burning all night in the fireplace turns to ash and wakes up with the smell of crackling.

“Good morning Odette.”
“Good morning sister.”

Odile and Odette got up from their spacious bed and stretched out.
As you take a shower in the morning sunlight pouring through the skylight, and warm up for a while, like two flexible cats rolling around on a bed, the stiffness that you have been stiffening up all night will disappear.

The apprentice witch’s spiritual body is incomplete.
Because she only inherited the vessel of the stigma, she ages differently from a witch whose time stops altogether.
Therefore, growth, aging progresses, and sleep is essential.

So the twins always went to bed at 11 and woke up at 6.
Odile, who had been stretching slowly for a while, threw a glance at Odette.

“Did you sleep well?”
“No, I haven’t slept at all. How about you?”
“I feel the same way. I think I fell asleep when the moon passed through the second window.”

It was very unusual for the twins who would fall asleep as soon as they lay their heads on a pillow.
However, the two of them were not big enough to sleep comfortably with the giant in front of them.

“You know?”
“What about today?”

The twins exchanged glances and nodded slowly.

– Jump!

“Good morning, Mr. Odile. Did you have a good night’s sleep, Mr. Odette?”
“Good morning, Maid Galina.”
“Good morning, Lady Galina.”

The door opened and the woman who entered was Galina, a middle-aged woman wearing thick glasses.
Even before her twins were born, she is the chief maid who has been serving my family.
Galina, an old servant who had taken care of Odile and Odette since they were unable to walk, was one of the people Odile and Odette feared the most because she gave a sharp impression despite her virtuous appearance.

“You’ve been active since this morning.”
“I had a nice dream yesterday!”
“Me too!”

Four maids pass by behind Galina, who is exchanging small morning greetings.
One of them pulls back the curtains on 18 windows, and someone collects the sheets from the bed Odile and Odette have been lying on all night.
The other two put slippers on the twins’ feet as they dangled under the bed and brushed their tousled hair through the night.

You’ll have to brush it again after you wash it in the bathroom anyway.
The witch of my county house of far age must not lose her dignity the moment she walks through her corridors. What does she say?
Since she was a child, stories about her keeping her dignity had stung her ears, but she thought it was a nuisance.

“Is there anything special about today or anything that bothered you last night?”

Galina asked, puzzled by the brisk appearance of her twins today.
Odile, whose eyes met Odette’s, stepped out.
The acting leader in this matter was Odile rather than timid Odette.

“Chief Maid! I want to ask you something.”
“What is it? Odile-sama, I’ll tell you first, but riding a horse without a saddle in the Mendel Hills, or going on a picnic to the terrifying Fammel Swamp,
Requests such as wanting to visit Border Town are not acceptable. Today is the day we have an academy class from 4:00. You haven’t forgotten, have you?”

Odile touched the hem of her dress for no reason, then opened her mouth.

“Actually, I’d like to serve Associate Professor Amelia her tea today.”

Galina’s wrinkled eyes flashed through her thick glasses.
Odile, having been stabbed for no reason, shrinks her body.
Here, Odette continued the explanation instead.

“No, that professor is having a hard time teaching us. I’m going to treat you to tea so that your throat isn’t sore during the lecture.”

Galina spread her arms toward the sky in an exaggerated gesture, like her theatrical actress, and then she rushed at her with frightening momentum and embraced Odile and Odette.

“Mrs. Odile and Miss Odette. When did you grow up to be such an upright student? That Galina is so happy to see the two of you grown up that she doesn’t know what to do with herself.”
“Ha, that…Isn’t it…?”
“Yes, of course. This much is natural.”

Galina, unaware of her twin’s black feelings, patted the backs of Odile and Odette’s heads for a long time, drowning in joy.
When her twins, who had always been horsemen, seemed to grow up, she was as happy as seeing her children grow up.

“Then I’ll make the tea myself. Can I serve it in a thermos?”
“Yes, I’ll ask you that.”
“Okay, then you two should go take a bath.”

The twins were led to the bathroom by the handmaids.

In fact, the twins’ daily routine does not change much.
First of all, at the same time as he coughed, he was led to the bathroom in the annex.
A total of four attendants, two of each, attend the bath.

Among the witches, the noble Jemanai family had more than 50 servants in total.
Odile and Odette didn’t even have to lift a hand when taking a shower or changing clothes.
That’s what everyone around me did.

As Odile sits in a bath chair made of amethyst, warm scented oil is poured over her head.
One of Odile’s personal maids, Pecha, sprinkled ointment on Odile’s head and her body, and then brushed this gap slowly with a wide-toothed comb.
At her feet, another lady-in-waiting, Lena, splashes water on Odile’s feet.

“Odile, is the water temperature okay? Let me know if it’s too cold or too hot.”
“Yeah, it’s warm.”

Pecha, who was combing hard, tousled Odile’s hair with her hand.

“Ugh~ Cute Odile-nim, how is your hair so pretty?”
“Pecha, please refrain from saying that I’m cute now. I have to be reborn as a decent lady.”
“But you’re so cute, aren’t you, Lena?”
“Yes, it’s a very disrespectful thought, but every time I serve Odile, I think I’d like to put it in my bag and take it home. My parents, grandparents, and younger siblings will love it very much.”
“I’m sure everyone will be surprised that I brought a huge doll.”
“What are you talking about! I’m sure everyone will tremble at Odile’s dignity and charisma.”

Pecha and Lena giggled and pet Odile to their heart’s content.

At first, they were all handmaids who were afraid of Odile and Odette.
However, as frightened as she is to realize that the twins are seemingly demanding but harmless masters, she is giving her affection as if she were taking care of her puppies.
In particular, Pecha and Lena were busy playing pranks on Odile when they came to places where no one was present, such as the bathroom.
It would be embarrassing if Galina, who was picky, caught her like this.

It was the same with Odette.
Among her ladies-in-waiting, Odile was in the position of a rough but cute little sister, while Odette was kind and naive and wanted to protect her.

“Masha, I want to ask you something.”
“Yes, Mr. Odette, ask me anything.”

Masha grinned as she put her hand behind Odette’s neck and gave her a massage.


Odette, who fell half way back, trembled at the pleasant coolness.

“You know the book I took before.”
“Oh, first night instructions?”
“Could it be more… More… More…”
“More, more, more?”

Odette asks, shrinking his body in embarrassment.

“I was wondering if there was anything more…”

I know it’s an embarrassing thing to say.
At Odette’s lingering attitude as she rubs her knees, Masha rubs her body and shouts at her colleague Vera.

“Did you see it? Did you see it? Look at Mr. Odette talking. It seems like a puppy is talking. What should I do!”
“Masha, it’s time for Odette-sama to be interested in such things for a long time.”
“It’s not like that!”
“Odette-sama, your face is redder than spring strawberries. I want to bite you.”
“Aww… Please don’t pull my cheeks.”

Masha, who was gently brushing Odette’s scalp, whispered in her ear.

“Actually, I recently obtained a book on the sensuality of Taro Town.”
“Hey! Marsha! You still have to tell Odette!”
“What’s up? Vera, we’ve already gone through it several times. You should know that Odette-sama knows too. We can’t be overprotective forever.”

A discussion between Masha and Vera ensues, with Odette confused.

“What is it about?”
“It is about a witch who is curious about the feeling of love and has a sweet tryst with a handsome milkman. Odette-sama, would you like to read it too?”
“I just don’t know if I heard that.”

Even Vera, who was concentrating on the market while watching her notice, started whispering to see if she wanted to be part of this fun conversation.
Normally, this kind of small talk is more fun than gossip.
As much as it is a boring world where there are not as many things to play as in modern times
Sexual conversation has always been the interest of virgins.

“There is…”
“The milkman andhehe… Back?”


“Yes, and also with that little brother…”
“With my brother…? In the same bed…? So two boys and a girl…?”


“Yes yes! Another witch being the milkman’s maid…. Slap her ass!…”
“How blasphemous!”

The bath ends with Odette appalled by the outrageous storyline.
Odile looked curiously at Odette’s particularly flushed cheek.

After the bath is over, it’s time to decorate the flowers.
The twins moved to the dressing room and sat in front of the dressing table. The maids carefully brush the twins’ dry hair with magic.

After tidying up the hair, the side hair dipped in water with an iron rod heated to an appropriate temperature was rolled around like a roll, and the bangs were given plenty of volume to finish the hair setting elegantly.

Now it’s time to put on the dress.
Before that, the maid of honor entered the twins’ dressing room, which was decorated like dolls.
The ladies-in-waiting, who had been giggling over trivial chatter, shut their mouths like clams.
In fact, to them, Galina, who was like a tiger, was more terrifying than the apprentice witch in charge.

“I’ll omit the greeting because Zemonai is out today.”
“Where have you been?”
“I haven’t heard about it in detail, but it seems that ‘Youngsan’ is entangled with magical powers, so he personally went to check it out.”
“Are you in Yeongsan?”
“Yes, anyway…!”

Galina clapped her hands to ventilate her surroundings.
It was because he knew that time would be delayed if he kept up with the busy twins’ conversation topics.

“As I said, Mr. Kelvin’s piano class from 8:00 to 10:00 today, potion making practice lecture by Aurelian Witch invited from the Emerald Tablet from 10:30 to 1:00, followed by luncheon.
After the luncheon, a book club with Hathaway is scheduled to enjoy tea time from 2 to 3 PM.
You can take classes at the academy as scheduled from 4 to 7 p.M.
I have to eat breakfast, so I don’t have time. Hurry up.”
“Galina, can you skip the book club? I haven’t read a single book. Miss Hathaway is so frustrating.”
“Ugh, I hate studying so much…!”

As soon as she hears the grand schedule, Masha and Vera stop Odette from lying on the floor.

“No! If you are going to inherit the name of the Great Zemonai Countess, you must be more skilled than any apprentice witch.”
“But, excluding weekends, I only take classes for over eight hours every day? Besides, do you know how many assignments Professor Amelia has?”
“Yes Galina, this is mental child abuse.”

As soon as Galina opened her eyes, her twin fell silent.
Inviting celebrities in each field to the mansion to give lectures.
This was the twins’ daily life.

When she woke up in the morning, her breasts were swollen from teasing Professor Amelia.
The twins became sullen after hearing about her stifling schedule.

“Since when did Odile and Odette become children? You two are noble ladies. Hurry up and go to the dining room. And Pecha!”
“It’s difficult to continue to chat. It’s good for Odile-sama to maintain a close relationship with her lady-in-waiting, but I hope she behaves in a way that suits her personality!”

It seemed like it would be a very boring day until I went to the academy.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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