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City Of Witches 43

City Of Witches 43

Chapter 43 – #11_I Can’t Be the Only One (1)


Odile’s face flushed red.
It’s not the first time I’ve seen the twins blush, but this time the saturation was different.
Odile’s appearance now should be called a red man, not a white man.
Odile, who had been struggling for a long time on Siwoo’s shoulder to get up alone, asked with a face like a well-boiled octopus.
It was a small voice, as if crawling in.

“Hey Joe, Joe, Assistant… I can’t get up… Help me.”
“I can’t get up because my legs are weak… Help me!”

Siu, who had been drooping down at the afterglow of the situation, finally came to his senses.

“Ah yes.”

When Siwoo moves, the object that went in behind her naturally rubs.
Oh fuck.
Even this feels good.
The strange feeling frightened Odile, who was freed from her fascination.

“Huh…! Don’t keep moving the pepper! It feels weird!”
“I’m sorry. I’m not trying to move.”

Even after having ejaculated so pleasantly that her hair turned white, Siu’s cock was still stiff.
On top of that, whenever Odile’s asshole twitched, it moved intermittently, asking ‘What should I add?’
Anyway, this is all because Odile’s butthole feels good.

“Quickly…! Unchained!”

Odile had freed her from her restraints, so Siwoo grabbed her moon-shaped ass.
The soft cheeks felt in the palm of your hand wrap around you with an unbelievable softness of human skin.
Her frankly wanted to continue casting, but overcame her temptations and slowly took her in tow.


Odile’s attempt to swallow her groan by biting the hem of her dress was not so meaningful.
Originally, the pleasure of anal intercourse is felt stronger when it is removed than when it is inserted.
Eventually, she shuddered and let go of her strange noises.

“Joe, take it easy…”
“Hey, I’m taking it slow.”
“More slowly!”

All of a sudden, 19 gold conte.
Feeling the tenacity of her intestinal mucosa that clings to her until the end, Siu finally took her things out.

– Pong!

With a light and cheerful sound, the cock finally freed from Odile and gave a powerful jerk as if regretting it.
The back hole that had opened to receive her cock returned to its pretty shape as if something had happened.

The fact that not a single drop of semen leaked out was proof that her asshole tightening was excellent.
Odile, who had been riding on Siu with her hesitant state, exhaled as if she was going to live.

“I know! Don’t say anything!”

Odile forcibly ignores Siwoo’s existence and puts on the drawers that have fallen on the floor.
The tears welling up in her shame were a scene that would have been seen by someone who did not know the circumstances, that Siu took Odile’s virginity by force.
The reality is quite the opposite.

“I’m not going to say anything. I’m not going to blame the assistant, okay? Get out of here quickly.”
“I was going to do that anyway. Would it be okay if I didn’t take Odette-sama separately?”
“I know what to do!”

Fortunately, Odile, who came to her senses and was overcome by her shame, unleashed her magic attacks, but the same event did not lead to.
It’s a shame because what’s left over there is Odile. Wouldn’t the situation have changed if it had been a more immature Odette?

Siwoo was finally able to get out of this terrifying space.
When I close the wagon door and breathe in the fresh air, the strength in my legs loosens up.

“Ah… It sucks.”

It seems like I was dreaming for a moment.
The 23 years he devoted himself to studying, the 5 years he was busy surviving as a slave.
The point of contact with a woman was Si-woo, who had no eyes, but he suddenly lost his virginity without any warning.
And also against the pretty apprentice witch that makes her eyes pop out, and also with her back hole.

“But is this true of virginity?”

It’s a little bit like her first experience was anal sex that she hadn’t even thought of…
Still, she felt good.

In Siwoo’s eyes, Odile’s face, which was still pink, was still floating around, and the feeling of Odile’s hot and narrow back hole still remained vividly on the cock inside her panties.
Siwoo, who was about to leave the garden, made up his mind and headed for the inn.

Erection does not subside
If I don’t come to my senses while taking a cold shower, I think I’ll be in big trouble.


The twins return to the mansion in Ars Magna Town by carriage.
Returning to the room while being waited upon by the ladies-in-waiting who had come to the front door to meet them, the two of them still looked lost in their souls.

“It’s because of my sister.”
“It’s because of you.”

The twins, who had been sitting on the bed for a while and staring blankly at the same place, opened their mouths at the same time.
It is like igniting a fuse the moment you break the silence.
The twins glared at each other.

“This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t asked me to find out what love is!”
“Even my sister agreed with that! Even if my sister hadn’t added twice as much pink moss to enhance the effect of the potion, this wouldn’t have happened! ‘You insisted on doing it!”

This time, it was Odette’s victory with subtle differences.
As she said, it was Odile who put in all the pink moss she had picked up from Yeongsan Mountain to enhance the effect of her potion.

“How nice! I don’t know! You did such a shameful thing to your assistant!”

Stupid thing
A memory that came to mind naturally during an argument.
The twins’ faces pong at the same time! Blush

The potion of Eros was truly terrible.
I don’t know if I’d rather erase my memory.
Like the prostitutes of the Velvet Changgwan, the image of them clinging to Siu was vividly replayed in the twins’ heads without any inferiority.

“What should I do now… How do I look at my assistant’s face in the next class? Tell me what you said… Kyaaaaa!”

Odette screamed as she tore her hair, but Odile hung her head more seriously than that.

“Besides, even talking nonsense about wanting a baby!

Her sister’s attempt at sexual intercourse was unsuccessful, and the only thing left was to open the black history itself, but Odile put his things into her body and received the seed.
And that too, to the back hole that a decent lady would never touch!
Besides, the opponent is an assistant, but he is a slave!

“Don’t talk to me! From now on, I’m going to be your sister! Odile idiot! Call me Odette sister! You stupid asshole!”
“I’m serious.”

Odette, who pursed her lips, stopped her complaints at Odile’s serious tone.
However, it was a sharp tone that could not be helped until the melted irritation.

“What? I’m seriously serious too? It’s strange that I’m not writing a will right now!”
“I became one with my assistant.”

I could feel his rough pulse inside my body.
His hot bodily fluids were also sucked into his body.
Odette covered her gaping mouth as if she remembered the sight she had seen and fainted.
It was such a shocking memory that it seemed rather deeply sealed.

“…Right, right…?”
“It really felt like we were united. Is that really love…?”
“Doesn’t it hurt behind that sister? Are you okay…?”
“It’s fine now.”
“Did you get sick? How did you feel? And where did you learn that stupid thing? It wasn’t even in the book?”
“If I tell you, will you do it too?”
“We do it specially because we need to explore love.”
“Okay, no teasing each other with this! That’s it, right?”

Odette held out his little finger and Odile put his hand on it too.

“I promised.”
“I promise.”

Odile starts recounting the memories from earlier, which were as hot and complicated as lava currents.

“I don’t know, I can’t remember. I think I felt really good. It was hot and I felt like my assistant’s heartbeat echoed through my body…”

Odile’s knees were tight.
Just thinking about it made his stomach itch.
Odette nodded his head eagerly.
The twins, who had become like children secretly watching porn together, shared their experiences.

“I also… Tried to touch the assistant, but the place was burning as if it had just been burned. Then, I wanted to keep putting it inside to make it come down.”

The feeling itself was good.
To the point of being so stimulating to twins who didn’t even know that sexual pleasure existed.

“I wanted to be held like this forever and I wanted my assistant’s baby. Why was that?”
“He said it was because he didn’t want to lose it to me.”
“My sister always takes something she likes. It made me feel like I didn’t want to lose it.”

Odette grumbles.
Rather, it seems that the shyness is reduced a little by telling each other coolly like this.
Although it went a little wrong in the first place, wasn’t it that Eros’ potion was prepared in order to newly obtain this kind of ‘information about love’?

“I agree with you on that part. As soon as I thought my assistant would never have to play with us again, I felt like I was being taken away. So I didn’t want to just let him go.”
“How did it feel when you put it in the back? Is it similar to going to the bathroom? It’s been so long since I went to the bathroom, I can’t remember.”
“Um… It’s completely different. It hurts a lot, but it’s so big. But after a while, I feel like I’m floating. What is it?”
“I-I’ve actually been like that before.”

Even after that, the twins suddenly became quiet in the midst of several exchanges of opinions.
It was because they felt a strange familiarity in each other’s words.

“Aren’t our reactions too similar?”
“I just thought that too.”

Both of them will inherit the same stigma in half.
In addition, twins with identical magical patterns.
Even if the mindset and structure of thought were slightly different, the elixir was likely to have a similar effect.

“Let’s try one more time. How long do we have left?”
“Are you crazy? Do that shameful thing again?”
“No! I never will!”

Odette denied it by crossing his arms and making a big X.
Odile took out his remaining bottle and glanced at it.

“There are still about three episodes left.”
“Sister, this is a really interesting idea… How about we feed this to Professor Amelia?”

As Odile’s astonishment rang through the room, Odette hissed and calmed Odile.

“There are 3 episodes left anyway, but it’s a waste to just throw it away. And since the professor often comes to class with his assistant, it’s easy to meet the condition of watching it within 10 seconds.”
“What’s different? To be honest, I’m curious about you too.”

Reason screamed no, but Odile’s mind was already thinking of Amelia.
Associate Professor Amelia, cold, icy, always tossing out her horrendous task bombs with her arms crossed like an ice statue.
What if that Amelia fell in love with her?

Would they run into him in their arms like they did?
As you can see, the efficacy of the drug varies from person to person and the effect it has is different.
Forbidden curiosity grew rapidly.

“Won’t they be blocked by self-defense in the first place or notice?”
“Don’t worry, sister. This is the ‘elixir’.”

According to the classification, the potion of Eros prepared by Odile and Odette is a kind of buff potion.
It is a kind of stimulant that dops the positive emotion of love and removes hesitation.
Classified as poison, the possibility of self-defense is very slim.

With the added rationalization that autonomous defense isn’t doing anything particularly bad, as long as it’s tolerable, Odile begins to draw a blueprint in his head.

“Odette, what will you do if you get caught?”
“I’m going to get scolded. Just like it was until now.”

What if that stern professor Amelia was genuinely angry?
The mere imagining made him chill, so Odile shook his shoulders.
But more than that, curiosity springs up.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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