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City Of Witches 42

City Of Witches 42

Chapter 42 – #10_Love Potion (5)


Why does God always send such trials?
She’s not just a pretty girl, she’s Odile who has a cute appearance that makes you glance at her many times on the street.
That Odile sticks out her butt to Siwoo and gently shakes her waist.

“It’s okay, of course, the way to leave behind is to take care of a woman’s body… And be careful about hygiene, but…”

Siwoo is also a man with a normal sexual desire.
Had she not been her apprentice witch, she would not have been troubled.
I could have grabbed her pelvis right now.

“But there’s nothing to worry about…! Even if you’re an apprentice witch, it’s a temporary spiritual body. Even if you can’t stop growing and aging, I don’t go to the bathroom and my body is much stronger than a human’s! Hygiene and safety shouldn’t be a problem…!”

Siwoo just looked at Odile’s butt with blank eyes.
A noble witch’s raw pussy that was slightly open, and pretty wrinkles on her skin that were closed even though she was opening them with her hands.

If you don’t go to the bathroom, you don’t even need an enema for hygiene.
Since the uterus and the penis do not come into direct contact, there is no need to worry about damaging the bowl.
Odile himself wants penetration.
He just needs to be fucked.

With that alone, you can take Odile’s first experience of anal sex with her sassy and proud body, and at the same time, you can see her wagging.
When you think in one dimension, but this is not such a simple problem.

Odile was not in a normal state right now.
It is a state in which an accurate situation judgment is not made by the potion.
Besides, what if the effect ends?
Will Odile forgive generously, reminding him of how Siwoo fucked Odile’s anus in heat?
I don’t know if it’s better if I’m in a state of bondage like Odette.
So far, it’s somehow safe, but beyond that, it’s a problem that even Siwoo can’t guarantee.

“That sounds like a difficult job, Mr. Odile.”
“That’s right… Even if you go this far, you won’t accept it.”

Siu shook his head and said.
Odile let go of his buttocks and stood upright, as if the shame was revived by Siwoo’s resolute refusal.
But it was clear that he had no intention of giving up.
Because Odile’s eyes were shining with an ominous purple magic reflection light.

“I didn’t want to use magic on my assistant. I can’t help it.”

There is no way Odile, who is obstinate and stubborn, will give up his will because of Siwoo’s refusal.
Odile decided to forcibly bind Siu and fulfill his own desires.

“Odile, you’ll really regret it. It’s not for me. It’s because I’m worried. It’s because I’m worried.”

Siu gave up as soon as he felt his body tightly bound by an invisible force.
It is much more sophisticated and powerful than Odette’s.
He couldn’t do anything except blink and breathe.
It feels like hundreds of strings are restraining your body.

Siwoo started to walk forward.
To be precise, Odile is manipulating Siu like that.

As soon as Siwoo sat down on the sofa, Odile hurriedly took off his pants.
As soon as the pants come down along with the panties, the cock that has been erected with terrifying momentum appears.

“It’s amazing… Until now, it was just amazing, but now I really want to put it in and suck it…”

Odile’s purple eyes turned to one side.
Odile, who had been swallowing his saliva like a critic amazed by the brilliant work, slowly starts to suck on things.


I do not know.
Siu gave up.
There’s nothing I can do in this situation anyway, so I’ll just have to be polite and get eaten.
After that, Odile regretted how much he hit the ground.
Siwoo obviously tried to persuade Odile and tried to run away.

“How do you feel? I want my assistant to feel good…”

Odile’s caresses were extremely sincere.
He is not a Fella who came out of a petty mind to show off the technique he honed and polished like a moment ago.
An affectionate and kind blowjob who wants to make the person he loves feel as good as possible.

“Can’t you answer me?”

She didn’t mind rubbing her cheek against her saliva-soaked cock.

“What answer do you want at this point?”
“Isn’t that what you mean by love?”
“I think the feelings Odile feels are more like heat than love.”
“No, assistant, there’s no way this passionate heart isn’t love.”

Once she has anal sex, it will be even more difficult for her to confess to her mother and ask for her forgiveness.
So what’s the best way to end this situation in a good way?
Odile’s power of action was too good and too fast for Siwoo to roll his head.

“Now… If it’s this wet, can I put it in?”

Odile jumped up on her couch.
She drags Siwoo’s erect cock with one hand and rubs it into her back hole.
In the heightened senses, the wrinkles in her flesh felt as if she were licking them with her tongue.
Odile gasped hotly, as if that alone was making her breathless.

“Assistant, it’s okay… It’s my first time, so it might be awkward, but I’ll try putting it in?”

I feel her glans moistened with Odile’s spit press against her back hole.
Right in front of her, she sees Odile’s melted face as he rubs his cock up her asshole.
Odile’s cunt hole, which appeared brightly, was moist and tingling.
Visual stimulation is full satisfaction.
She says she will, but what can I do.

“Ugh… Uh…”

As much as she is Odile with no anal experience, she wasn’t straight into penetration.
At first, it feels like something soft and soft is being pushed against her glans.
And until she can’t be pushed any further, as her glans digs in, her peaked back hole opens little by little.

“Ah…Apa…It hurts…!”
“Odile-sama, if you’re sick… Stop it… Oops…”

Odile kissed Siu as if to block his noisy mouth.
As if she could forget her pain if only she had love, she passionately kissed her and gradually eased her back.

“Oops… Ugh…”

Odile’s eyes, which had been tightly closed, widened to pure white.
In the first place, Siwoo’s things belong to the big things.
In addition, anal intercourse was an act of high degree of difficulty that had to be done after sufficient caress and training.

To think that Odile, who has no experience in anal sex, would try such an anal sex.
If she had been a human woman, she was already in a dangerous situation where it wouldn’t be strange to see her blood.

“Come… Go…!”

But her tenacity was unusual.
Odile, who kept going down her waist while ignoring her pain, opened her innocent back hole slightly and began to swallow her Siu’s glans.


The bursting pressure you feel in her glans as soon as you start digging into her ass.
In the honorable moment of achieving Odile’s anus opening, which was extremely difficult, Siu felt the tightness as if her cock was about to be cut off.
The fact that it is new is added to the fact that the difference in body size is considerable, and the unbelievably strong tightening bites the object sharply.

“I’ll put more… More…!”

Odile bit his teeth and lowered his waist even more.
When the thickest part of the glans caught on Odile’s sphincter that had begun to open, it went into the mugwort as if it were being swallowed.


Saliva flowed from Odile’s gaping mouth as he groaned.
Originally, anal sex is the biggest obstacle.
But after swallowing the heaviest glans of her cock, she was no longer rough.

Odile’s ass swallowed up to the middle of the pole, slowly descending.
Fierce squeezing, as if a soft piece of flesh wrapped in a rubber band ran from the glans to the pole.
Siwoo seemed to lose his mind at that ecstatic first experience.

Odile’s inside is hot.
When I passed the sphincter, I felt even pain from the tightening of my cock to the point where it hurt, but after passing through that ordeal, what I found was a chewy feeling as if I had reached paradise.

A sense of unity, as if the mucous membrane melted and became one with Siwoo’s objects.
Each time Odile gasped in agony, her asshole loosened as if she were breathing, and he repeated her tightness, stimulating her cock.

“Ah… Ha… OK. Assistant… Isn’t it…?”

In the middle of her pain and pleasure, Odile, who was intent on holding her spirit, stroked Siu’s cheek and said in a voice dripping with affection for her.

“My assistant and I have become one…. Assistant… Are you happy…?”

Vocal cords tremble as if the sound fever doesn’t go away in a squat position.
Odile’s internal mucous membrane trembles as if rippling, stimulating her Jiu’s object, perhaps because of her sense of achievement that she has embraced Siwoo.
I must have taken a step off a while ago.
I think I’ll ejaculate right away.

Odile makes this face when he gets her cock stuck in her asshole.
It is a stimulating realization.
Besides, the corners of her mouth raised in joy and joy as she wept as if she were about to burst into tears.
Even the eyes that are enchantingly wet, just like the eyes of the umma.
Each one stimulates sexual desire.


“What should I do, assistant…?”

Odile looked at her Siu as if embarrassed.

“I, I can’t move anymore. It looks like her body has been pierced by a skewer…”

Odile froze as she held Siwoo by the neck.
It was too burdensome for a girl who didn’t know anything about men yet.
Odile wiggled her toes like she had a cramp, and she was just hugged by Siu.

“My assistant… I think I should move… Don’t you like it?

What should I answer?
Now that we have become one, it would be best to stop.


At that time, Odette’s voice, which she had completely forgotten for a while, came from the corner of the room.
It was much more normal than before, and seemed to have regained reason.

“My God! G-Now… Are you making a baby with your assistant…?”
“Odette, don’t worry.
“A safe… Way?”

Odette covered her mouth with her hand and slowly walked to the sofa where Siu and Odile were stacked on top of each other.
And as soon as he sees his thick object stuck in Odile’s back hole, his eyes go round.


It must have been too much of a shock for Odette to accept.
Odette put his hand on her forehead and collapsed like a scarecrow.
Izzy, who had disappeared from Odile’s eyes, returned while he looked down at Odette as if he was dumbfounded for a moment.
Odile shakes his head several times as if he had been on a crazy ride.

“What, what?”

Wouldn’t it have been an hour yet?
Siwoo casually looked at his watch.
It was so stormy that I couldn’t tell the time properly, but an hour and a half had already passed.

Odile checked his situation like someone who had been hypnotized.
Her bare lower body, her arms holding him fiercely.
And the vivid pressure felt in the back hole.

Odile glanced down.
His big dick is digging into his ass hole.

“I… Did I…?”
“Odile-sama… Now that you’ve come to your senses, can you come down…? It’s getting hard.”

Odile looked at Siu in amazement.
His eyes wide open, he couldn’t seem to accept that he had done this.

“This…What is this…!”

And all human muscles were closely related to emotions.
Astonished, Odile’s hips swayed at the same time, and Odile’s soft flesh stimulating his cock tightly pushed Siwoo to the limit of his patience.

“Kuh…! Now…Wait a minute!”

– Gulleong!

Odile felt Shiwu’s cock in her stomach.
And something that started to spread warmly inside the belly.

– Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep

Needless to say, it was Siwoo’s semen baptism.

“Hee… Hee… Hee…”

Odile let out a strange moan to the beat of the ejaculate.
He could feel something with only the slight movement of his cock.
Correspondingly, the back hole also tightens the cock in accordance with the timing of ejaculation as if asking for semen.
It was only after her ejaculation was complete and the vibration of her cock had subsided that she spoke again.

“No, no way…”

Siwoo’s first experience was Odile’s back hole.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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