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City Of Witches 41

City Of Witches 41

Chapter 41 – #10_Love Potion (4)


“From now on, it’s my assistant’s turn. I’m going to scatter baby seeds in Odette and make her pregnant♡”

And Odette, aiming Siwoo’s cock at the end of her pussy hole, lowered her waist.
Siwoo’s eyes darkened.

– Slippery!

“How are you?”

Is it because the love juice is too full or because Odette’s entrance is too narrow?
Odette’s first attempt at insertion ended in misfire as she brushed past the flower petals.
She doesn’t mind and makes her second attempt.
Even for small issues, his lips are full of happy smiles.

“They say it’s not easy to get pregnant at once. Maybe it’s because it’s my first time, isn’t it?”

– Slippery!


It misses again this time.
As if the missing glans had brushed Odette’s clit, she gazed at the ceiling with her pelvis shaking.

If Odette used her hands, she would be inserted relatively easily, but both of her hands were busy hugging Siu’s back neck.

“Until the assistant’s baby seed touches Odette’s precious ovary. Keep going, keep going… I’ll stick it to the entrance of the nursery and make the baby seed cheap. Whoo♡”
“Uh… Yup…”
“It’s okay assistant. It’s my first time too, so I’m scared… But… If we’re together, we can overcome it..! I’ll convince Master.”

Odette’s expression, blinded by love and sparkling with hope, was soaked in an unexpectedly bewitching flair.
Odette, who licked her lips with her tongue, properly put the glans on the entrance of the hole this time.
The movement of the mucous membrane in her vagina, which was swaying as if begging for a cock, was felt in her glans.


And the moment Odette lowered her waist, her body floated and flew to the sofa opposite her.
Odette rolls over as the sofa falls over.
When Odette, who was the subject of the magic, disappeared, Siu’s body moved freely.

“I almost got fucked!”

Siwoo grabbed his thumping heart with cold sweat running down his face.
It is true that sex is expected and enjoyable.
However, if your life is at stake there, it is definitely a specification.
He hurriedly pushed his cock through the zipper.

Since Siu couldn’t use magic, it was probably Odile who threw Odette far away.
She stood where she had been standing earlier, with a complex expression on her face and a frown on her eyes.

Resentment springs up again.
What are you doing to help now?
If not, both Odette and Siu would have fallen into the abyss.
Such thoughts naturally turned into anger and turned to Odile.

“Odile-sama, why are you helping me now!”
“Shut up, assistant.”

Odile’s sharp words, which cut off Siwoo’s resentment as if it were intrusive, block Siwoo’s mouth.
It was absurd for Siwoo to get angry again after taking care of it so late.
Odile came up to her with her haughty steps and grabbed her by the tie.

“Assistant, I know that the way I feel right now is because of Eros’ elixir.”
“What are you saying all of a sudden? You’re fine.”

Odile shook her head.

“I felt like I went crazy for about 10 minutes. I had to watch Odette and you cling to each other with only my consciousness trapped inside my body. I guess each individual has a difference in the manifestation of the effect.”

She bites her lips softly as if indignation.

“Odette is my precious little sister. I can’t let this ruin her life? Besides, if Odette doesn’t become her witch, I can’t either. You know? Because the two of us have to be one.”
“It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. Thank you for stopping me even now, but let’s not do something like this in the future. I really almost died.”

Seeing Siwoo getting angry, Odile closed her eyes and pressed her temples with her fingers.

“I know, I know. Is this the effect of the drug? This is the emotion called love… It’s very, very painful. Not being able to do anything when you see someone you love.”

It feels like the conversation keeps going in vain.
At first glance, she seemed fine, so she only thought that the medicine did not work on Odile.
But that’s not it.
She was fighting desperately with herself now enchanted.

“If you can’t stand it, I’ll leave right now. I’ll be glad if it doesn’t get any worse. What is this? Yes?”

Gradient Rage.
Thank you for saving me, and it’s fortunate, but since I knew that Odile and Odette were the ones who caused all this crisis, I couldn’t speak well.

“Please don’t be angry. It’s strange to see your assistant getting angry… My heart hurts.”

That the impudent, arrogant, unruly Odile would droop her eyes at her irritation, which only slightly raised her voice.
Siu realized the effect of Eros’ potion once again.

“Then let’s go.”

The moment Siwoo tries to turn around, the pressure on his neck intensifies.
To be precise, Odile pulled her necktie tight, which she was holding on to like a dog leash.

“Odile-sama, honestly, I feel like I’m in the mood right now, so I want to get rid of everything. It’s a promise between us, so I’d rather tell Jemani what’s going on. If Odile-sama has any conscience left, he’ll keep the fact that I’m using magic a secret. “

How long do we have to maintain this trembling relationship? Thinking of that, I naturally got chills.
He was seriously considering whether it was right to end this secret relationship, even if he had to be punished for his actions so far.

At that time, Odile’s hand climbed up the back of Shiu’s neck and lowered his head.
At the same time, he tugged at his necktie and lifted his toe to cover his mouth.

Come to think of it, the first kiss I ever had in my life was Odile.
Odile snorted heavily and kissed Siu as if clinging to him.
His tongue squeezes in and he struggles, biting and sucking on it.

“Suddenly, what is this…”
“Josoo-sama said that. Didn’t kissing happen between lovers? Even though it was enchanted for a moment, I love you. No, in fact, the sidekick made his own calculation formula and fell in love with him when he built a new magic circle. Will.”
“No. Mr. Odile is not normal now.”

Siwoo shook off Odile as calmly as possible.
Fortunately, Odile took a couple of steps back, as if he had no intention of doing more.

“Sorry for getting involved. I didn’t expect it to end like this, assistant.”

Odile bowed his head.
For a while.
Odile, who had raised such an outdated identity theory.

“No, well… It’s okay. Is Odette-sama okay?”
“I put it on for a while.”
“Okay, then…”

I was a little embarrassed, but I should have apologized.
Siwoo cautiously stepped back to the carriage door without taking his eyes off Odile as if he were facing a fierce dog.
Odile’s shaky gaze pursues Siwoo until the end.

“Let’s go.”


Siu put his hand on the doorknob and turned it.
The door is locked.
No it wasn’t locked.
Apparently, just before turning his handleheheard a locking sound.


Odile with sad eyes looks at Siwoo.

“If I leave here, will it be the end of our relationship?”
“I heard that I’ll tell you everything… Master is a good person, so he won’t say anything about this, but…”

I haven’t decided that yet.

“By the way, but then we won’t be able to meet separately?”
“I don’t think it’s a bit much to blame me for this.”

Odile was holding back his tears.
Just like Odette did.
I don’t know if this is common to the twins, or if the elixir elevates not only love but also tears.

“I’m not blaming my assistant… I mean… Why don’t you know…?”

However, I realized at Odile’s words mixed with passion.
This is the same route as for Odette.
At least I felt that Odile was holding on to reason and responding calmly, but it was just an illusion.
Siu was determined to escape even by breaking the carriage door, and pushed him as hard as he could.


In the movie, wooden doors break like pieces of paper, but the reality was different.
It was so well made that it felt as if her shoulders were going to split apart with a twisting sensation in her intestines.
I thought it was a gate.

“It’s useless. This wagon is stronger than the fortress.”
“Stop it! Let me go! This is enough!”
“What’s wrong…? I’m just sad that I won’t be able to be with my assistant again.”

With each step Odile took, it felt like her breath was choking.
As with Odette, her body was not taken away from her freedom or Odile threatened her.

“If we’re going to break up anyway… No, I don’t really want to break up… I want to see you again and again.”
“That’s not going to happen. I was too complacent and thought it was easy. It was a wrong relationship in the first place. Odile-sama will notice when he wakes up from his pills. No, both of you might run away from me altogether.”

Odile just looked at Siu with her sorrowful eyes.
It was an expression and a face that was close to a foul play that made you feel guilty.

“Is it because I’m being too mean?”
“Because it’s not.”

Odile doesn’t seem to have any intention of letting go.
She still doesn’t seem to have any intention of forcing sex, so she had to fit in with the hamster treadmill’s questions and answers.

“How are you going to keep playing with us? Can I be nice to you in the future?”
“Whoa… Mr. Odile.”
“I know! It’s because of the medicinal effect… But it breaks! Odette almost went to the point of being inserted… It breaks down that I, the older sister, can’t do anything!”

It was obviously a clumsy lie to catch her Siwoo.
Odile’s appearance now was clearly closer to sadness than resentment.

“Okay, let’s do this.”

Odile, like her Odette, undid her dress.
And she takes off her drawers in the same way.
Like Odette, a bare mountain without a single thread appeared.

“Can’t we become one with the assistant just once?”
“Odile-sama, the reason you stopped her Odette-sama was that you shouldn’t have sex with her no matter what. .”

I thought there would be no iron here.
Siu sighed heavily.
When Juliet meets Romeo, she tells him that she committed suicide within 5 days.
Odile and Odette are exactly like that now.

“It’s selfish.”
“No, there is a way.”

Odile turned around.
Odette’s ass, which looks as soft as glutinous rice cakes, fills the clock white.
It’s an impulse that doesn’t fit the situation, but I want to hit it hard.

“You know why apprentice witches shouldn’t have sex?”
“It’s because when the mana from the male organ or semen seeps into the womb, it contaminates the ‘vessel’ where the stigma will be engraved.”
“As expected, assistant, you know it well.”

The backside of Odile standing with only her buttocks sticking out is definitely alluring.
Her sleek thighs, slender calves like a deer, and her red makeup, unlike her voluptuous figure, were the cuteness points of Hanyang’s blushing ears.

“Actually… Without Odette’s knowledge, she asked her ladies-in-waiting more questions. Did you find out that the instructions were only for beginners?”
“So what?”
“There are so many adult games in the world that we don’t know about. Did your assistant know?

Was it? It was stimulating enough.
Odile suddenly bowed her back as if showing off her buttocks to Siwoo.
While doing so, she simultaneously grabs her plump hips with both her hands and opens them slightly.

The shape of her pussy, which had only been glimpsed before, was clearly revealed.
Plump, lip-shaped labia that look smooth, soft, even sweet.
But that’s not where Odile really wants to be seen wide open.

A pale pink chrysanthemum flower that is tightly closed.
It is the back hole that is usually hidden by the buttocks.

“A man and a woman can become one… Even here.”

Odile lowered her head, as if she couldn’t overcome her embarrassment even after speaking with her own mouth.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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