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City Of Witches 40

City Of Witches 40

Chapter 40 – #10_Love Potion (3)



Strange tension.
The sound of swallowing something rips through the silence before the storm and is heard 3 times.
It was the sound of the twins swallowing reagents at the same time, and the sound of Siu swallowing dry spit at the future situation.

20mL was a very small amount, less than a sip.
The feeling was very long, but the time it took for the twins to lift the glass and put it down was only an instant.

“It’s not as tasty as I thought.”
“Shit, why are you so sweet?”

The twins, who had been expressing their appreciation for the taste for a while, turned their heads at the same time and looked at Siwoo.
In order to meet the conditions for the potion.
Siu held his breath and waited for what would happen next.

The elixir of Eros is, simply put, the elixir of love.
I don’t know if it’s really possible to manipulate human emotions with magic, but honestly, I’m curious about how this immature apprentice witch fell in love.


About 1 minute passed like that.
No change.
The eyes of the twins, which were sparkling with anticipation and curiosity, are also fading.

“Odette, aren’t the mushrooms you got wrong?”
“Isn’t it? I stole it from the Magic Mushroom Farm just as it says in the encyclopedia. Didn’t you make a mistake in handling the ingredients?”
“Hmph, I must have picked a strange mushroom because I was confused again.”
“Anyway, you’re an unreliable sister.”

Looking at the twins, who started ticking each other, blaming each other, it seems that the reagent is ineffective.
After the meaningless fight subsided and 10 minutes of silence passed, nothing changed in the end.

“Odile-nim and Odette-sama. Now that your curiosity has been resolved, may I go now?”

The twins had five mouths sticking out.
Like a child who couldn’t go to an amusement park because it rained on the day of his long-awaited birthday.

“I can’t help it. Let’s go now.”
“Then, I’m sorry, but please keep this secret. If my mother-in-law knows, she will kill me.”
“I’m worried about performing, assistant. Master is a very gentle person.”
“No matter how gracious a master may be, if he sees a scoundrel harassing an apprentice witch who is no different from his daughter, he will burn it.”

Does it make sense to say this?

“Don’t worry. Anyway, you’ve worked hard.”

In any case, you will be freed from this uneasy and strange situation.
Siwoo, who was relieved inside, was about to say goodbye and go back.
Odette suddenly shouted.

“Ah! It’s a surprise! What if I scream in your ear!”

A voice filled with passion, perhaps with joy.
Siwoo looked back anxiously in a hopeless mood and realized that something was wrong.

The wet eyes of Odette, who had been standing there blankly without saying a moment before.
The loosely drooping corners of her eyes hang like forbidden apples with a sticky feeling of lust like honey.
The flushed cheeks and rapid breathing prove that something unusual is happening at a glance.

“I-I don’t think I’ll be able to tell my assistant if it’s not now…”
“Yes, no… Tell me.”

When he felt a strange force different from usual, Odil seemed to realize why Odette was reacting like that.
The potion of Eros began to work.
Odette walked lightly and stood close to Siu.

“Please sit here and listen.”

Wanting to hug him right now, she holds his wrist and forces Si-woo to sit on the sofa as he is about to leave.
Her little hand, which had been heated with a slight fever, was hotter than Odette’s mouth, which had been sucking his cock.

Odile observes Siu and Odette sitting on the sofa with excitement.
In front of Siu, Odette suddenly untied the waist strap of her dress.


With skillful hand movements, the ribbon of the dress, which had been intricately knotted, came undone in an instant, and the stripped dress fell to the floor.
She wasn’t wearing revealing underwear like Amelia’s.
An underdress that comes down to her upper thighs and drawers that seem to be worn instead of panties are visible.
Considering the thickness of the fabric, it was clear that it was not for underpants.

Odile and Siwoo opened their mouths at the same time.

“Actually… At the end of that guide, there’s a tutorial on how to feel good on your own as a woman.”

Odette’s hand, which had been hesitating near her waist, slides into the drawers.
Siwoo’s second surprise.

“It says in that book… A woman’s body has something like this… Like a small sprout in the slit underneath. Yo… It makes me feel better…”

Odette suddenly started masturbating.
Her hands could be seen squirming in her thin drawers.

“Somehow shy… She did it secretly when her sister was sleeping… Actually, that’s when I remembered my assistant…”

Siwoo just opened his mouth at the shocking sight.
It’s a love potion.
Isn’t it chun-yak?

“I imagined my assistant putting hard things… In my… Embarrassing hole… It felt… It felt so good…”

Odette’s surprise declaration.
I masturbated for the first time a while ago, and I used you as a daughter.
What would you think if you heard these lines in front of your face?
The correct answer is that I don’t think about anything and my head goes blank.

– Prick…!

At that time, Odette’s hand slightly changed over the drawers.
It seemed to be slowly sweeping away the petals.

“And then… Hey… A little water started to come out here… My head was floating and floating… My throat tickled and I felt like I was about to sneeze… And… And…. My back and hips were just wriggling… Haa…”

Odette’s shoulders trembled as if she was remembering the feelings at that time, or whether she felt pleasure right now.

“After a while… Just, my body was shaking… And I felt so much better…”

A charming way of speaking with a little bit of guilt reaches Siwoo straight up.

“Assistant, is Odette a bad boy?”

I can’t say that the twins are upright and sincere students, but…
I didn’t feel like saying anything right now.

“At the time, I didn’t know why I acted like that… I just thought it was because my assistant was the only guy I knew… But now I think I understand…”

Odette withdrew his hand from within the drawers.
Her fingertips were glistening with sticky liquid.
Odette puts her finger in Siu’s gaping mouth.
As they say, this is all because of you.

“…I was in love with my assistant.”

Nasty taste.
Salty, bitter, somehow sour.
Odette’s clear liquid juice rolled on her tongue and Siwoo called out to Odile in a hurry.

“Odile-sama! Odile-sama! Stop my little sister! It’s an emergency!”

But Odile did not answer where he was or what he was doing.
Siu, who was blinded by Odette, could not see Odile.

“Where are you looking? It’s not your sister who’s in front of your assistant… It’s Odette…”

Odette held Siu firmly with her other hand to prevent him from turning his head.
I can’t help but wonder how such strong power comes from such a small body.

“Odile-nim! Don’t just watch!”
“Am I not enough…? As expected, my older sister who is more wonderful than me… Would be more attractive, right?”

I feel like I’m going to go out of my mind at the situation that is going back more rapidly than the last drama.

“No, Odette-sama is also attractive enough.

Odette’s eyes were filled with tears of sadness.

“As expected, assistant-sama is a kind person. But I also know that I know that I am not good enough… Because I am inferior to my sister and stupid…”

Tears running down your cheeks.
Odette hung her head and sobbed.
Her tears fall sadly on Siwoo’s pants.

“Odette-sama, Odette-sama has taken a strange medicine and is going crazy. Don’t make any more dark history and calm down…”

Since she was crying reluctantly in front of her, he didn’t want to comfort her, and Siu calmed her down by gently stroking Odette’s shoulder.

Odette stopped her sobs as soon as her Siu’s hand touched her shoulder.
As if not breathing properly, all movements of the body stop.
Round and round
Suddenly, Odette raised her head and met Siu’s eyes.
Somehow, I got goosebumps.

“I had a good idea.”

A bright smile breaks through the sadness and comes to mind.

“Having your assistant’s baby.”


“I’m still an apprentice witch… So I can have a baby. Menstruation came a long time ago, and if I get the baby seed from my assistant, I’ll be able to conceive.”

Suddenly, an invisible bondage tightens my body.
It wasn’t an absurd bondage that could be undone by resisting with force or using the magical power generated by Siwoo.

– Sarak

Odette slowly lowered the drawers in front of Siwoo as if she were doing a striptease.
White drawers adorned with frills and ribbons that slide down thin, slender thighs.

In Odette’s triangle revealed in this way, only the ‘bowl’ that will inherit the witch’s stigma is drawn.
If you go down a little bit, you can see a thick, tight-fitting cunt mound that looks soft.
At the part that touched the drawers, the thread of sticky love liquid hung down like a spider’s web at dawn.

Odette was perfectly shaved, not a single strand of body hair visible.

“If I have my assistant’s baby, my assistant won’t be able to leave me…? Because he’s a sweet person.”

Twisted monopoly.
The face of Odette, who smiles as if burning with joy felt there, looks very dangerous.

“To be able to make a baby with your assistant… Why is this so exciting?”
“Odeh… Oops…!”

An intangible force that blocks your mouth no matter how hard you try to scream.
Siu realized that this was unusual.
It was said that it was a medicine that felt love, so I thought it only had that kind of effect.

Why does love make my heart beat a little, and just looking at her makes her face blush?
I thought that Odile and Odette had a fair amount of knowledge about medicinal effects, so I didn’t touch anything special about drinking them at the same time.
What a love potion this is! Just fucking pigs! I want to shout

If an apprentice witch loses her virginity, she cannot become a witch.
An apprentice witch who has been teaching herself for at least 15 years can no longer become a witch?
Siu dies.
I couldn’t figure out why Odile was just sitting there idly by.
It’s not just Siu’s problem, it’s a problem with her younger sister, Odette’s future.

Odette moved her hand and pulled her cock out from between Siu’s suit pants.
And she trembles at its majesty.

“I’m glad! Did you look at my body and change so hard?”

Odette lifted her legs and sat on top of Siu’s cock.
Even for a very brief moment, the scene of light pink flesh pulsing between the plump mounds is imprinted on my retina.

Fortunately for now, it wasn’t an immediate insertion.
The state of Odette riding on the cock that was just lying down.
Jiu’s cock pillar was inserted into the soft gap where the sticky love juice boiled like the slime of a snail.
Like sausage in a hot dog bun.

“I met the most embarrassing part of my assistant… And the most embarrassing part of Odette.Hehe….♡”
“Whoop… Whoop…!”

Obviously, the cock is in full erection, but death is visible.
It’s just too dangerous right now.
A magic that can’t be solved with the magic generated by an erection is tightly binding Siwoo…
Her uterus and cock are too close.
Otherwise, Odette’s ‘vessel’ might be damaged.

“The assistant…Don’t look anywhere else…The assistant belongs to Odette alone now. He doesn’t yield to anyone else…”

Odette slowly starts moving her hips.
She was actually rubbing her clit against her cock.

“Ah … Ha … It’s too hot … When I touch it alone … I feel so good that I can’t compare it ….”

The sandwich of Odette’s pussy meat, which was creeping up from the base of his cock, reached almost to the bottom of the glans.

“I dreamed of becoming a witch… But I don’t mind it all being destroyed as long as I can have an assistant.”

A glans is aimed at her hole.
Just put the cock upright like this and insert it as it is.

Odette loses her maiden and her sister-in-law dies.
In the immediate situation, Odette put the hot wind into Shiu’s ear and whispered.

“Okay. This is… This feeling that would be good to burn everything for Josu-nim’s sake… Is love…!”

Odette’s waist moved.
The scene seemed to Siwoo as the blade of the guillotine was raised.

“From now on, it’s my assistant’s turn. I’m going to scatter baby seeds in Odette and make her pregnant♡”

And Odette, aiming Siwoo’s cock at the end of her pussy hole, lowered her waist.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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