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City Of Witches 39

City Of Witches 39

Chapter 39 – #10_Love Potion (2)


“Hmm… Shall we start?”

I knew that this horse would not be eaten anyway.
The twins’ stubbornness and inquisitive spirit were so greedy that even Siwoo had both hands and feet.

However, no matter how hard Shiu was, he never thought that Odette would bite the glans from the start.
As the soft cock was swallowed in one bite, Odette’s tongue warmly rolled around the base of the glans.


She naturally ended up breathing in flatulence.


When I meet Odette’s innocent eyes mixed with laughter, I feel guilty.
At the same time, the sense of immorality enough to overcome that guilt directly stimulates her sexual desire.

Soon after, the cock began to grow rapidly.
Even if it was clumsy tongue-in-cheek, Odette was in a state where he had less hesitation when it came to fellatio.

“Ha-ap, chu-ap… Tseung… Puha…! How is it? It feels better than last time, doesn’t it?”
“Yeah, that’s right…”

The last time I was just biting her glans in my mouth, but this time it’s something serious.
Odile, who was watching her with his arms folded beside her, said a word.

“Odette got stuck in the instructions. She made a fuss about practicing this and that by herself.”
“Why does this only happen to me! My sister practiced with me too!”
“I did it out of curiosity because you work so hard. I didn’t work hard like you did?”

As Odette raised her twin wicks, her strong snort tickled the saliva-stained prick.
At that subtle stimulus, Siwoo’s furious clump jerked away from Odette’s hand and hit him on the lower jaw.


Odette is slightly surprised.
Her slave’s dick blows her uppercut to her apprentice sorceress.
It was a very embarrassing situation.

“No, assistant. I learned that men move like this when they’re in a good mood. I’m rather happy, right? Practice pays off.”

Odette smiles and starts fella again, as if she had forgotten about arguing with her sister over the results of her verified practice.
While Siwoo’s face melted as if he knew it or not, Odile, who was watching the reaction, kept expressing his displeasure.

“Assistant, do you like it that much? It looks like a cat with a dogwood in its mouth.”
“Odette-sama has become quite, well-versed.”
“Hmm, that’s right.”

In the meantime, Odile suddenly unbuttoned Siwoo’s suit.
He turns her tie aside and begins to unbutton her shirt.
When I looked at Odile, wondering what was going on, her clever answer came back.

“I’m as good as Odette. I’m confident in learning new things.”

Odile clings to Siwoo, who has completely exposed her chest.
She pressed her lips to the nape of Siu’s neck like a pipa cleaning her fishbowl.

“How does it feel to kiss the nape of the neck like this? Does this really turn you on?”

Odile kisses her neck, holding her hand behind her waist with one hand and pulling her collar with the other.

“How are you?”
“It’s itchy… And it feels good.”

It is a completely different feeling from simple pleasure.
It was close to a pleasant feeling that was close to tickling that you felt at the same time as you got goosebumps.

“Sister! I’m doing it right now. Don’t interfere.”
“You talk like your assistant is yours? You really started first without a word.”

It’s called women’s trouble.
I never thought the day would come when I would use that word for the rest of my life.
That would be the right word for this situation.
I can’t believe the day will come when the beautiful twins fight over Siwoo’s body.

“But my assistant must be more comfortable with my mouth, right?”
“Oh, Odette, that’s why you can’t do it. The instruction manual says that pleasure from the atmosphere is more important than peripheral pleasure. How can learning be different even when reading the same book?”

Odile’s tongue licked the scruff of Siu’s neck with his sharp tongue.
The soft tongue soaked in moist saliva passed the nape of her neck, collarbone, and chest and headed for Siwoo’s nipples.


With her eyes lightly closed, Odile tickles Siwoo’s nipple with the tip of her tongue and starts sucking on her breast like a baby.
I’d never sucked on her nipples, so I never thought I’d feel this way.
It is ecstatic beyond imagination.

In particular, the side face of Odile seen from this angle was so enchanting.
The cock in Odette’s mouth became more squeamish and jerked vigorously.

“How is it? Did you see it? Your assistant’s back popped off the sofa.”
“Puha…! He must have felt good because of me!”

Of course, the decision to make this trivial fight went to Siwoo.

“Assistant! Whose mouth feels better?”
“Assistant! Whose mouth feels better?”

A situation in which the shrimp back receives a meridian massage during a whale fight.
Of course, there are risks.
Siwoo was only sweating profusely and couldn’t open his mouth easily.
In fact, it’s hard to say for sure which one is better.

“It’s hard to judge because they’re good in different directions.”
“I don’t accept that answer.”
“That’s right! If your assistant is also a man, you should decide with passion!”

It’s a difficult request.
It’s a situation where it’s clear that if you take one side, the other side will vomit.

“I’d like to tell you an old story.”
“Are you talking back?”
“No, let’s listen.”

The fairy tale that Siwoo suddenly started was the famous black and white cow story.

A scholar approached a farmer who was plowing a field with two cows and asked, ‘Which of the two cows does a better job?’ The farmer whispered, ‘The black cow does a better job’.
The scholar, puzzled by this, asked, ‘Why do you say this in a whisper?’ He replied, ‘No matter how much you praise one animal, the other will be offended.’

Odile enjoys Siwoo’s sloppy storytelling while stopping caressing, and Odette still holds his cock in her mouth.
It’s kind of funny to listen quietly.

“I’m afraid that if I make a decision like this, I’m afraid that Odell-sama and Odette’s friendship will be damaged.”
“I can’t admit it.”
“Me too, Odette and I are already rivals.”
“So, I’ll tell each of you. First, Odile-sama, listen to me.”

Odile pricked up his ears.
Siu whispers in a very low voice so that Odette cannot hear.

“Odile-sama’s was more pleasant. But Odette-sama would be sad after hearing this? I’ve learned that winners should be tolerant of losers. With a merciful heart, don’t show too much joy and ask Odette for a word of praise. .”

Odette is next.
Of course, he said the opposite to Odette.
No matter how simple the twins are, will this work?

“It’s great, Odette. But it looks like you’ve seen the results of the amount of practice. You’re my sister after all.”
“Unnie. It’s great that you delved into a part I didn’t think of.”

It goes well.
Odile and Odette held back the corners of their mouths trying to raise each other and exchanged good wishes.
It’s so easy to solve as I thought, and it’s rather ridiculous.

After a brief lull, a position change was made.
This time, Odile is below and Odette is above.

“Excuse me, sidekick.”

Odette began to caress her by pouting her lips and kissing her breast.
If Odile focused on sucking, Odette focused on poking her breasts with the tip of her tongue.

That alone is a pleasure that overflows in minutes.
In the lower part, Odile’s wave attack continues.

“Ha-am, jjuup… Chureup…!”

Odile sucked and sucked her cock until her rosy cheeks sagged with less pressure than her sister’s.
She was markedly different from her Sophia’s fella, which she had felt a while ago.

Compared to her mature witch, Sophia, Odile is fresh and clumsy.
However, her rivalry with her sister sticks to her, and she never loses her heart to make Si-woo feel better.

Her attempt to make fun of her awkward tongue as carefully as possible satisfies a man’s desire for conquest.
That mind alone is the point.

“Hamm… Oops… Chuup, churrup…”

– Oops!

Odile, who was sucking her cock, carefully watching Siu’s expression change, pulled her cock out of her star-lined mouth.

“Do you think it will be cheap?”
“Yes…Now slowly…!”

Odile started having a daughter while holding Siwoo’s cock and placing a small glass bottle in front of her.

“It’s definitely much faster than last time.”

A bold smile is etched across her face.
Nunzilla Siu, who was proud of her improved technique, became an inexplicable feeling.

“I told you to make her a ring like this and stimulate her glans.”
“Wow! My assistant’s heart is racing!”

Odette, who was still playing with her breasts and sucking, twirled her tongue around as if she were curious and urged her to ejaculate.

– Gulleong! Gulleong! Gulleong!

At the same time, her cock twitched in Odile’s tiny hands, as if about to explode.
A whitish cloud that pulsates like a stream of urine without a sound.

The twins’ eyes turn to the inside of the glass bottle.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”
“It’s cheap for a very long time.”

Odette shouts an exclamation every time the small glass bottle is full, and Odile looks at the unusually longer ejaculation time than the last time as if it were strange.

Ejaculating while receiving continuous stimulation of her breasts gave her a different level of satisfaction.
I feel like I’m ejaculating there too because there’s another cock attached to my nipple.

Perhaps because it was such a small bottle, the inside of the bottle was filled to the top with semen.

It seems that Si-woo’s heart is still full of lewd demons, even though he was half-forced in a situation he didn’t want.

Because that bottle looks like the womb of twins.
If one day they inherit the name of Jemonai, wouldn’t it be possible to put the two side by side and taste a real sister rice bowl?

The sorrow suffered in Gehenna.
If you can release it into the twin witches’ cunts that are so beautiful that they give you goosebumps, there seems to be no room for anything.


It seems that he has been dyed too much by Takasho.
While Siwoo was picking up and putting on his clothes, Odile and Odette were looking around at the semen dripping in the bottle.

Still, can’t you wait to get dressed?

“Do you have a problem?”
“No, there’s nothing wrong with it. Now just mix it up and that’s it.”
“Assistant, I think there are twice as many as last time.”

Odile dipped his semen into the elixir of Eros that he had prepared in advance.
Whether it’s because of the magic power contained in the lumpy semen or the nature of the elixir itself, it melts without mixing.

“This is it.”

Odile and Odette looked at the reagent bottle, which began to glow brighter than before, with the heat appropriate for the word Mad Scientist.

“Sister… I don’t think this will taste too good.”

Odette, remembering the bitter, fishy and astringent taste of semen, shuddered.
Odile also has a very disapproving expression.

“But eating this will give you a deeper understanding of what love is.”
“I think I love the scones I eat at tea time… Can’t I just try my sister first?”
“If you don’t like it that much, it’s okay not to eat it. Mr. Odette.”

Siwoo’s vain attempts to dissuade him were of course ignored.

“No! Odette! For accurate test results, at least three people need cross-validation!”

Odile took a small glass of whiskey from the minibar and divided the reagents into half.

“20mL per person. Odette, you have to drink everything.”
“To the Quest for Love!”

The twins drank their glasses at the same time.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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