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City Of Witches 28

City Of Witches 28

Chapter 28 – #06_Inn (5)


It’s a messy situation.
In front of my eyes, a wall of fire soared, and beyond that, Fyodor or Larissa was aiming a pistol.

However, since he was young, Siwoo’s concentration was beyond imagination.
The moment you gather all your consciousness into one place, all the fuss around you subsides.
As if it had sunk in the depths of the sea, both agitation and turmoil were drowned in the deafening sound of the water.

According to Siwoo’s quick calculation, the amount was not enough to generate his mana through masturbation.
Therefore, the method chosen is to use Amelia as the subject of her excitement.
This is because the amount of magical power generated by an erection is proportional to the level of sexual arousal.

Amelia is beautiful.
Blonde hair richer than curtains rustling in the spring breeze,
Moist lips as if the summer rain had soaked them, blue eyes as if they contained the autumn sky,
White skin, like a winter snow field.

You will not be able to properly portray her no matter how many painters you visit in Gehenna.
In front of the beauty bestowed by God, you will only feel the limitations of human beings.

Amelia’s naked body is enough to excite Siwoo.

While this barrier of fire blocks his vision, he covets Amelia’s body at the speed of light.
I’m a little sorry for Amelia, but she says this is all about the two of them.


Amelia’s semi-nude is revealed to Siwoo’s eyes as she holds the hem of her dress and leans it upward.

First of all, the lower body.

There is a pink tattoo on Amelia’s lower abdomen, which is spread out whiter than the snowy field.
This is the witch’s mark engraved on the womb.

As you saw today, Amelia’s panties barely covered her cunt.
Therefore, the brand beautifully drawn in the shape of a heart sticks out from the panties.
Amelia’s nursery exists in this location.

Unfortunately, I can’t just take off my panties in this urgent situation.
It takes too much time to see this ideal since she was holding her with one arm as if to support her in the first place.

Siwoo’s eyes climbed up Amelia’s soft belly.
The upper body arrived after passing through the cute belly button placed in the center of the slender waist.

Amelia’s small, rising and falling breasts are carefully wrapped in mature black underwear.
Soft breasts that seemed to come in properly if you covered them with Siwoo’s hand.

You can even feel a sense of conquest from thoroughly examining Amelia’s body, which has never been seen by another man.


After discovering something, I pierced her left breast without realizing it and looked at it.
Did the position of the bra get distorted when you fell down earlier?

Amelia’s nipples were sticking out as one side of her bra, which had barely enough fabric to cover only her areolas, fell down in the first place.

The appearance of her soft nipples gently resting on the cup of her bra…
Moreover, the fact that the owner of the nipple is Amelia accelerates Siwoo’s excitement.

Lightly spread areolas of pink, like crushed cherry blossoms, and nipples of a slightly darker color on top of Amelia’s plump breasts.

Would this be enough?
I checked the amount of magical power generated, but it was infinitely short of the target amount.
In the first place, the mana that can be created through erection is not very efficient.

If so, the next best thing.
Excitement should be increased.
To do so, he puts her mouth on Amelia’s breasts and sucks.

Nose buried in chest.
Nipples rolling around on the tongue while being amazed at how human skin can be so soft.

The movement of her nipples, which swayed back and forth whenever her tongue touched them, was more lustful and lewd than Amelia’s usual appearance.

Epidemics, wars, natural disasters.
A single instinct that has driven the future of mankind in any situation.

The name of that instinct to sow seeds in a beautiful woman.
Sexual desire.

Siwoo’s body responds to the call of that old instinct.

Blood rushes
Like a hungry beast, the rapidly changing breath makes the whole body hotter than flames.

The momentum of the painfully hard erection was erection.
At the same time, Siwoo felt an intense magical power that he had never felt before.


Siu removed her mouth from Amelia’s chest, who wanted to pierce her nose forever, and spread her palm while looking up at the sky.


Waves of magical energy that were rapidly shot into the sky fluttered.
Then, as he quickly restored Amelia’s dress to her, the decorative lights that surrounded her and served as her walls went out.

And stillness flows.
I heard someone coming up from downstairs.
Perhaps an innocent citizen of Gehenna who will carry Amelia in Siu’s place.

Haha, let’s see if a slave kid uses magic.”

Fyodor regained his courage when the flames that seemed to devour him immediately disappeared and nothing happened.

“I don’t need this bastard anymore.”

Fyodor, who finally grabbed a pistol from Larissa, aimed it at Siu’s head and drew his gun.


With a deafening roar, the lead bullet flew faster than the speed of sound and collided with Siwoo’s forehead.

Something hit me hard on the forehead.
Splashing drops of blood.
Siu’s body slowly falls backwards.

That this is death
Are you watching the bullet through his head until it pierces his brain?
Instinctively, Siu, who collapsed on the floor with Amelia wrapped around him, felt strange.


Siu was alive.
It’s also very fine.

“What, what?”

But it was Fyodor who was more embarrassed than that.
It’s not easy to miss even a handgun at this distance.
He received a pistol bullet to his head, but he was still blinking his eyes.

“They are bad kids.”

A relaxed voice rings out.
The witch sitting across the bed, as if she had been there from the beginning, is a person that Siu is familiar with.

Sophia Avene is Senior Professor.

The magic that Siwoo activates while sucking Amelia’s breasts is a ‘skyboard’ that engraves letters in the sky.
It is a primitive method used by witches to communicate from a distance.

Although it is not used now due to security concerns and poor magic power efficiency, the effect was clear.
There was a witch who ran straight to the urgent rescue request.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

-Bang! Bang! Bang bang!

Fyodor pulled the trigger on the witch who suddenly appeared.
He knew that he was dead anyway, so he must have resisted as much as possible.

And Siwoo realized how he survived.

As lead bullets are fired from the muzzle, they slow down enough to be seen with the naked eye.
The slowed down bullet had turned into snowflakes by the time it touched Sofia’s skin.
Not figuratively, but with literal snowflakes.

“Manager Siwoo, you did your best. Thanks to you, I found the location in one go.”

This is a witch
Even though he fired his pistol indiscriminately, the opponent did not feel even the slightest sense of danger, let alone hurt.

“Thank you very much. Professor Abenegar.”
“By the way, the idea is really good? To use ‘rune’ there?”

Unfortunately, the efficiency of Skyboard’s magical power was too poor, so only one letter could be drawn in the sky with the magic generated by Siu.

A situation where you can’t type ‘Help me’, type ‘HELP’, or even use the universal abbreviation ‘SOS’.

Therefore, what Siwoo chose was ‘Yul(ᛇ)’.
No matter how simple a circuit is, it is an essential character.

Its role is a kind of emergency shut-off device that nullifies the action of magical power when it is short-circuited in an unwanted direction.

The situation is twisted and it is an emergency, so please help.
This was abbreviated to only one rune and passed it on to the witches around.

“Fuck, aaaaa!”

Fyodor, who had fired all of her pistols, took out her knife in half-desperation and lunged at Sophia, screaming at her.
Sophia’s response to that was simple.


Just stretching her hand forward and reciting a single incantation.

That alone made Fyodor a fish.
For reference, the fish species is mackerel.

– Phuduk Phuduk Phuduk

Fyodor, who had become a mackerel without any characteristics, no, a mackerel, jumped up and down on the floor.
He hit the floor vigorously with his tail, but nothing much happened.

“You dared to harm our Amelia. Slowly suffocate and die.”

Sophia, who turned people into fish in a second, did not even glance at Fyodor, who was bouncing around on the floor, and leisurely pointed his arm at Larissa.

Larissa sat down on the floor, closed her eyes, and waited for her own end.

If Sophia uses magic, will Larisa turn into a fish like Fyodor?

“Head Professor!”
“Why? Cutie?”

Siu reflexively grabbed Sophia.
Sophia stopped what she was doing and looked back at Siu, her gorgeous purple hair fluttering.

After all, witches are all borderline.
If Amelia is an elegant beauty like a princess somewhere, Sophia feels the rich and warm beauty of her goddess.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”
“Yes, I know that the head professor cares about Amelia-sama.”
“I demand compensation accordingly.”
“You want to be praised for saving Amelia? Okay, don’t worry. I’ll do it for you.”

Sophia spreads her chest and says she doesn’t care.

“Once this is over…”
“I want to get my reward right now.”

Sofia looked at Siu with an expression of incomprehensibility.
If Xin Siu were a mere snob, she would not have refused to attend the Witch’s Night.

As for the timing he wants to get his reward…

“Surely, you want to save me?”

Siu said without avoiding Sophia’s gaze.


The eyes of Larissa, who had prepared for her death, changed like that.

I know it’s a stupid thing to do myself.
To ask to save the person who threatened her life.
She is on a different level from the one who forgave the cheater.

And I could understand Larissa’s behavior a little bit.

Although she may have tried to win her freedom the wrong way, her unequivocal cause lies with the witch who created this city.

Having Sophia kill Larissa here only follows the twist of the city.
Not only that, but didn’t Larissa try to save Siwoo until the end?

More obediently than expected, Sophia nodded her head.
Besides, she had her pervasive smile as if she had seen all the wonders.
It was a soft expression of sympathy.

“Okay, if there’s anything more you want, tell me in detail.”

Siu said what he wanted.

“For what she did, she deserves punishment. But I hope it doesn’t take her life.”
“I received it, but as a baron I cannot condone this, so I will hand it over to City Hall.”
“What if I fall for City Hall?”
“Since you seem to want it, I’ll make sure you don’t get a death sentence. Still, her property will be confiscated and you’ll be enslaved? Since she’s still pretty, she’ll be sold to a prostitute.”

It wouldn’t be nice for her to be a slave, but wouldn’t she be better off dead anyway?

“What a unique kid. Is there anything else you want?”
“I’ll tell you once the situation is sorted out.”
“Yeah, that’s a little crazy.”

Sofia turned her hand to the mackerel, her gills fluttering and her breath boiling.

“Don’t you kill him too?”

No matter how hard it was, it wasn’t.

“No, leave her alone.”

Sophia grabbed her mackerel by the tail and lifted it up.

“I’ll give it to the cats as a snack when I get home.”

It was a terrifying remark, but she forced herself to ignore it.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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