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City Of Witches 29

City Of Witches 29

Chapter 29 – #07_Sofia Mamang (1)


The situation was quickly brought to a close when the witch, and her Baroness Abenega, intervened.

Despite the late night, the sea route to the gate was blocked within ten minutes.
The guards rushed in and took away all the Naga’s crew.
While being dragged away, Larissa tried to say something to her, but she was so distracted that she couldn’t hear it.

A great event has passed.
However, Siwoo’s night is not over yet.
It was because he had to explain everything to Sophia.

Of course, even if it was unavoidable, the fact that he had sucked Amelia’s nipples was irrelevant.
Even if Sophia understood and moved on, it was because Siwoo himself was too shy.
In case Amelia finds out, it was too scary for her to take care of her back.

“Hmm… I see.”

The room was messed up due to the commotion a while ago, so we moved the room.
Sophia, sitting side by side on Amelia’s bed, listened to Siu’s report and slowly nodded her head.

“The caretaker is so strange. In that situation, anyone would think of running away first.”
“It’s a compliment. You can honestly be happy.”

Is this something to be happy about? After thinking about it for a while, Siwoo first asked what he was curious about.

“Hey, I’m a little late, but do you mind not directly interrogating who the mastermind behind this is?”

The black magic who instigated this is an outcast witch.
In fact, it means that all the crew of the Naga, including Larissa, are caught.

“I heard Amelia fell asleep after drinking her drink? She’s an outcast who’s well versed in alchemy enough to put Amelia to sleep. She must be an ‘Aquarius witch’. None of your business.”

Well, there is no way for Siu to interfere with the witch in the present world anyway.
Because Siu can’t even leave Gehenna right now.

“And Amelia doesn’t have to worry too much. She’s going to have a little headache tomorrow morning. If she had poison to the point of becoming a problem for her body in the first place, self-defense would have solved it.”

That’s fortunate as it is
No matter how much she hated Amelia, if her condition had been very bad, she would have felt her heart aching for nothing.

“Anyway, should I finish talking about what I said earlier? I cherish and love Amelia like her sister. I want to reward you for risking her life and using her wits to protect Amelia.”

Sophia stretched out her arm and gently stroked Siu’s head.
She didn’t mean to look at it, but her side eye saw that the symbol of motherhood, which seemed to be enough for half a melon, was swaying in the season.

“What do you want?”

Sweet voice.
Even though he was just talking softly, he felt sensuality as if he was trying his best to seduce a man, and Siwoo was a little taken aback.

“…Can you get me out of here?”
“Um, sorry for saying it out loud? That’s a difficult request.”

I asked for it, but was denied.
If it was Sophia or Amelia, it would have been a very easy thing to send Shiu outside.

“You’re asking for that, of course, but I want you to stay with Amelia a little longer.”

It would have been better to have mentioned the city’s laws, but I am a little puzzled by the incomprehensible explanation.

“Then can you please make the things that happened today not happen?”

Sophia’s reaction was funny.
Her mouth and eyes turn round and she is more startled than when Siu asked her not to kill Larissa.

“Caretaker, you saved a witch’s life. You deserve to be stripped of your citizenship.”
“I would appreciate it if you would do it without asking anything.”

Witches are smart with magic.
Maybe it’s because Sofia doesn’t care, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find out that you can’t use a skyboard with the magical power inside the lamp.

So where did this slave get his magic from?
There is no guarantee how far you can dig in this way.

In this case, it’s best to just bury it.

She works as Amelia’s assistant anyway, and if she comes into contact with more high-quality magic materials, her magic circle will be completed faster.
It’s a story when Sophia accepts this offer.

“Okay, so you want to make the abduction a thing of the past? Including that you use magic?”
“I think there must be a reason, but does that include not asking?”

Even though it was a fairly forced request, Sophia readily nodded her head.
It seems that her score was higher than she thought.

“Then, the reason for the arrest of the sailors should be appropriately covered with lies. Okay, I’ll do it for you.”
“Thank you very much.”

Siu stroked his chest.
It was an eventful day.

When the case was solved, she immediately collapsed and fell asleep.
If it hadn’t been for the ghastly spectacle of Sophia turning Fyodor into a mackerel, she would have collapsed from the strain.

But when is this girl going?


Receiving her gaze, Sophia tilted her head with an expression that she didn’t know anything, but she didn’t even think about getting out of bed.

“Do you have anything else to say?”

But why is she staring at her like that? I swallowed her words.
I keep forgetting that I am with moderate witches like Amelia and her twins, but witches are not originally slaves who can ask for something.

“He’s handsome, has a good personality, and passed.”

Sophia’s tongue licked my lips.
Come to think of it, Sofia has been inviting Takasho to her house every holiday recently.
Slowly, the strands about the current situation were caught.

“Can I ask you a favor too?”
“All you have to do is give me an order.”

Siu lowered her head.
She was going to go to the floor and get down on her knees, but it didn’t seem like it, so she held back.

“Take good care of Amelia. She’s gruff on the outside, but she’s a nice girl.”

However, what Sofia put into her mouth were words that Siu had never expected.
I thought she would ask me to attend the night.

“How can I, a mere slave, treat the associate professor…”
“Isn’t it because she’s a bad-tempered witch who only bullies her?”
“Well, how frustrating it must have been for you. That’s why I’m even more grateful. For not hating Amelia.”

Suddenly, something like understanding came out and Siwoo lowered his head.
It wasn’t a situation where I had to show up.
There is no possibility that it is a judo newspaper.

“Lonely, forlorn, and immature. It’s all because I have no experience. It’s not because I hate you.”
“Who… Are you talking about?”

No way.
Even though it wasn’t out of her mouth, it seems to have been conveyed through the atmosphere.
Sophia covered her mouth and gave a small laugh.

“Look, just today, you drank the wrong drink at the inn and spun out. You try to pretend to be strict, but in reality you’re really clumsy and don’t know how to treat others.”

Sophia’s defense of Amelia, which she expected to continue, was suddenly cut off.

“But it’s no fun if I say too much. I’ll pass it on for later pleasure.”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand what you’re talking about. But I’ll do my best to help Amelia.”

Siu tried to leave the room after answering the law.

“Manager Shin Si-woo.”

Just as she grabbed her doorknob and was about to put her to sleep, albeit briefly, Sophia called Siu to stand up again.

“Today’s choice was wise.”
“I just did what I had to do.”
“No, not that, but what happened after that.”

Sophia’s amber eyes, shining like the afterglow of a candle in a dark room, had a scary corner somewhere.
Because she just seemed to show that she wasn’t her human.

“If you had passed Amelia and gone to the present world, you would have died.”

Sophia, who has always been relaxed, runs chills down her spine at her bleak voice.

“The ‘Witch of Aquarius’ is famous for turning humans into experimental materials. Perhaps when she took over Amelia, she also put her crew members in water bottles.”

Ironically, Siwoo saved the crew of Naga.

“Even if it wasn’t so, would I have forgiven you for selling Amelia?”

Sophia grinned at Siu, who unconsciously passed two death flags and remained stiff.

“Anyway, now go get some rest. You held on too long.”

Siwoo finished his greetings and went into the next room with a light heart.
When the sailors of the Naga, where we were supposed to stay today, were arrested, all the rooms were empty, so we just had to pick a place.

I guess it’s about 4 o’clock?
It would be a matter of when Amelia would wake up, but it was clear that she was not getting much sleep.

But even if I lay my head on her pillow and close her eyes, I can’t sleep.
There are some things that my heart doesn’t calm down because I’m going to and from a dangerous situation, but it was a very minor problem that lingered in my head.

The very question of why Amelia’s self-defense did not work for Siwoo.

You can tell by looking at the fact that it is created only after the 15th hierarchy or higher, but self-defense is a very high-level magic.
A considerable amount of poison is detoxified as soon as it enters the body, and even if you step on a mine, not a single hem of your clothes will be disturbed.

Not only this.
The special point of autonomous defense was the flexibility of the trigger condition.

Unlike physical shock, it reads and activates ‘malice’, which has no form, or delays the activation by determining ‘no malice’.

Siwoo hates and hates Amelia.
Although she is pretty, he thinks of her as an annoying, high-knowledge, and stifling woman.

Isn’t this bad enough?
Why didn’t you trigger it?

The questions did not stop there.

Looking back, Siu undressed Amelia, who was apparently sleeping.
It was also because of the feeling that it was for her sexual desire.
She even sucked her breasts.

But even then, self-defense did not activate.


This confused Siu the most.

The flexibility of self-defence is not only regulated by the emotions of others.
The activation condition is adjusted according to the state of mind of the person who owns the stigma.

Even if there is no malicious intent, if the person concerned does not want it, self-defense works.
There is a proverb about not touching a sleeping witch for nothing.

“That means…”

That Amelia didn’t feel much displeasure or objection to Siu sucking her breasts?

Can it be
I couldn’t understand English.

While Siwoo was tossing and turning, the door creaked and opened.
Siwoo wakes up from the cold.
After spending a day crossing death, it seems that his mental state is unstable.

The one who opened the door was Sophia holding a lamp.

“Head Professor, what happened?”

I quickly got out of bed.
Sophia entered the room with a wry smile.

“Coming to think of it, I guess I haven’t compensated enough yet.”
“No, thank you for quietly covering this up.”
“That’s true, but this is a personal gift that I want to give.”

Sophia’s long, slender fingers untied the strings of her black robe like a crow.
Then, he slowly opens his collar.

It is a symbol of maternal love that exists only in women that is revealed intact in the light of the soft magic lamp.
That is, the chest.

“I did this and that with Amelia, but isn’t it painful for a man to just sleep?”

Siwoo looked at his chest without saying anything with his mouth wide open and suddenly realized.

For a moment.
Doing this and that with Amelia?

“I’ll make it easy for you.”

Sophia knew.
That the mana contained in the lamp alone could not activate the famously wasteful Skyboard.

“Take one foot out and sleep comfortably.”

Sophia licked her lips like a habit.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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