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City Of Witches 30

City Of Witches 30

Chapter 30 – #07_Sofia Maman (2)


Sometimes reason and instinct move in opposite directions.

For example, at a time like this when you know with your head that you should look elsewhere, but you can’t take your eyes off of it.

Late night, dark room.
Sophia, who has loosened her robe, is proudly putting her breasts out.
There is no shame or shame in that action.

He feels proud of his body and enjoys Siwoo’s gaze leisurely with body movements and facial expressions that are possible only when he has flawless confidence.

How can the expression of a bursting heart be so appropriate?
It’s like cutting a melon in half and attaching one to each breast.

If you look at the clean pink nipples and huge breasts that are perfectly shaped without sagging even at that size, you can see that Sophia is also a descendant of witches.

“What do you think?”
“It’s big, it’s big.”
“Is beautiful.”

In fact, there was no ‘#big breasts’ in Siwoo’s taste category.
This is because two thoughts hinder the immersion even when you see an actor with big breasts in a porn video.

‘Will I ever date a woman with such a big breast?’
One realistic problem.
There is one aesthetic problem, ‘It’s a bit gross when you have big breasts.’

However, there is a real thing in front of you that offsets all the obstacles.

“Are you really beautiful?”

Sophia grinned and boldly took her steps.
The path is straight.
She walks straight towards Siu.

Her pale purple hair that stretched down to her hips fluttered from side to side as she walked at a leisurely pace.
Meanwhile, her massive breasts also swayed up and down, creating waves.
The glamorous morphing was so enchanting that Siwoo couldn’t blink for a moment.

Fairy girl
These must have been words made for Sophia.

Sophia, who was right in front of Siwoo’s nose, stopped with her hands behind her back.
It felt like observing more carefully, but Siu closed his eyes with superhuman patience.

“Why are you closing your eyes?”
“Are you shy? It’s been a while since I’ve seen a man who can tell at a glance that he has no experience.”

Sophia whispers sweetly like hot ASMR.
Sophia smelled like sweet milk.

Today, things that have been hardened once because of Larissa and once because of Amelia get stuck in the new underwear.

“Come here.”

Sofia dragged Shiu by the wrist.
Then, as we had talked before, we sat side by side on the bed.
The difference from just a moment ago is that her thighs are close enough to touch.
The point is that even if you turn your gaze slightly, you can see the large, white bare breasts.

“If I asked you to attend the night, would you refuse?”

Sophia leaned her chin on Shiu’s shoulder and whispered softly.
His thighs are already slender and pretty hands resting on them.

“It’s Sophia-sama’s order.”
“Is that true? Really?”

Sophia’s hand on his thigh gradually creeps up.
Her hand is right inside her thigh.
She stayed close enough to touch his cock if he moved another centimeter.

“It’s okay to be honest. I have a debt to pay you. I’ll forgive you for tonight, even if you treat me a little coercively.”
“Are you coercive?”
“Yeah, you can spank her with her eyes covered. You can insult her as a lewd witch while holding her breasts tight.”

Sofia’s words played a clear image in Siu’s head.
Sophia was saying that she could make her witch look like her maid by squeezing those big breasts to her heart’s content.

“Today, I am a slave, and Siwoo is the master. I can treat you like this…”

Calling him by name in a friendly way before he knew it, he blurted out his words as if he was embarrassed, but that couldn’t be the case.
In this composition, it was definitely Siwoo’s side that was being eaten up.

“Isn’t it really an order not to refuse night service?”
“Then why?”
“Because Sophia is beautiful.”

It is a man’s instinct to like pretty women.
Even if it was a slave status, it was no different.

“Then why did you reject Amelia’s proposal five years ago? Didn’t Amelia look pretty?”

Why does that talk come out here?
Siwoo looked back at Sophia, who was clinging to him with a curious gaze.

Her face rested right on her shoulder, and she almost kissed her lips.

“If you are talking about what happened five years ago, there was a misunderstanding.
“Yeah, I know that. But you refused even though you knew you were on duty at the time. I’ve always been curious.”

Siwoo is not a eunuch.
He likes pretty girls and wants sex normally.

The reason why he refused Amelia’s night service was because he had heard all sorts of scary things from the slave trader before he was assigned to the academy.

The slave trader told Siwoo, who was sitting in a daze wearing shackles, telling horror stories of witches.

Thanks to that, from the moment I was sold to City Hall, my fear of witches was maxed out, so I rejected Amelia’s offer of night service.

Although he was not in a hurry and he was out of his mind, he recklessly refused, following the cry of his instinct that he should not go.

Of course, after that, he completely forgot that he had even heard of such an offer.

After hearing Siwoo’s explanation, Sophia gasped and spit on Siwoo’s cheek.

Haha! Ah, sorry… It was a very, very unexpected answer.”

Sophia, who had been giggling for a while, carefully wiped the saliva from Siwoo’s face, who didn’t know what to say.

“You’re such a coward, and you’re such an idiot. Now I get to know you. You’re like Amelia.”

Sophia tries to hook up with Amelia whenever you say something.
She looked at Siu with her face still smoldering in her smile.

“So now you know that Amelia isn’t such a scary witch? She’ll do it if you ask her to serve the night?”

Seeing Sophia’s question, Siu thought of it reflexively.

A few days ago, Siwoo’s repulsion toward Amelia reached its peak.
It was because the reason she had been harassing her so much was that it was more petty than she thought.

But Amelia has changed little by little.
You can tell just by looking at her recent appearance.

While she tried to have a strange way of talking, she took care of chicken skewers for no reason, and was lenient to the slave at Siu’s request.

It is also true that she doesn’t hate Amelia like she used to, saying that if someone she doesn’t expect does well, it will have the effect of violating expectations.

However, when she recalled the assumption that Amelia had been flirting with her, she could not be certain whether she would respond to it.
It’s not like all the sediment is gone yet…


For some reason, Sophia looked at Siwoo’s worried face.

“I’m sorry, I came to give you a present, but I only said strange things for no reason.”
“No. I enjoyed myself too.”
“Oh, you’re saying that it’s all over? You haven’t taken a step out yet. You said you’d be waiting for the night.”
“Siwoo is a virgin, so I don’t think I can speak honestly, so I’ll help you. Would you like to close your eyes?”

Snow all of a sudden?
He thought, but when he closed his eyes, something soft overlapped his lips.

Siwoo, who already had experience, was able to quickly recognize the identity.
It was Sophia’s tongue that skilfully crawled into her mouth and wrapped her tongue tightly.

Sticky yet sweet saliva flowed in, and her lips, which were much thicker and chewier than Odile’s, rubbed pleasantly.


The kiss was short.
It was because Sophia’s body, which had come in while I was doing it, was getting farther away.

“How do you feel?”
“It feels… Good. Yes what…”

There is no way I would hate kissing such a beauty.
But three seconds later, it turns out that Sophia’s question wasn’t just about a kiss.

Dizziness like when you drink soju.
In an instant, my heart started beating and I felt the blood rushing to my lower body.

“Doesn’t it feel good? My saliva contains estrus.”
“What do you mean… Kuh..!”

The full erection of the cock becomes hard and it starts to hurt.

“I’m the ‘Beast Witch’. It’s one of the magnetism magics created to make mating with other beasts easier.”

The mind becomes confused.
On the other hand, the sight was clearly carving Sofia’s body into his eyes, as if he had been given a stimulant.
You can see everything you couldn’t see because it was dark.

“Come on, stop being stubborn. Touch this.”

Sofia sat on the lap of Siu, who pursed her lips.
She then gathered her breasts in her arms and shook her gently, as if to flirt with her.

Her breasts gathered together like well-aged bread dough, and her nipples towering toward the sky.

“Honestly, did you want to touch me?”

Secret Sophia’s Chae Geun.
She took Siu’s hand and placed it on her chest.

Amelia’s also had a nice texture, but compared to Sophia’s, it felt a little poor.

Rather than a firm elasticity, it is overwhelmingly soft.
Even though it was only slightly lifted, the feeling of full weight crushed even Larisa’s breasts, which she had touched before.

“Right, right. Nice, right?”

Sophia enjoys her touch while stroking Siwoo’s hair as if she were holding a baby.
Rather than dealing with a man, it is a hand handling a cute puppy.

“It’s itchy~ You can grab it a little harder.”

Siu squeezed Sophia’s chest even harder, feeling her throat dry up.
It is not the touch of this world.

It seemed to me that if I was in the mood now, if I could only touch her breasts of her Sophia, I would be able to obey her all my life.
I’m not sure if this is a magical effect or not.

“Hey, would you like to suck a nipple?”

Sophia lifted her breasts and placed them right next to Siu’s mouth.
The effect of the estrous agent was excellent.
Siwoo bit Sophia’s chest without a moment’s delay.


Sophia’s sweet sexual intercourse.
Siwoo rubbed his cheeks against her voluptuous breasts and sucked in her nipples.

“Then I can’t use it, I have to suck it in slowly while slowly turning it with my tongue.”

I instinctively follow her words.
Siwoo tried to be more calm and calm, rolling and sucking Sofia’s nipple with her tongue.

Haha, yes… This is what you have to do to make a woman feel good, okay?”

Siwoo answers in a hazy voice.

“Come on, wake up. Let’s take off your pants.”

Sofia stood up on Siu’s lap and took off Siu’s pants as he was standing in a daze.
At the same time, his huge cock, which was dripping Cooper fluid, stood high in the sky and bounced like a spring.

“It’s huge.”

Sophia nodded her head meaningfully.

“The more you have these things, the better you have to treat a woman. It hurts if you just do it, okay? Like we learned earlier, you have to caress her breasts gently. Don’t forget.”
“Yes, Sophia-sama.”

Not knowing why Sofia was saying this, Siu nodded her head.
The effect of Sophia’s favorite estrus drug was very good.

“Okay, then I’ll finish the class and give you a present.”

Having said that, Sophia knelt down at Siu’s feet.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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