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City Of Witches 31

City Of Witches 31

Chapter 31 – #07_Sofia Mamang (3)


Witch Gets On Her Knees In Front Of Her Slave
In fact, modern people’s sensibilities might think it’s a big deal, but it felt a little different to Siu, who had been through Gehenna’s feudal system for five years.

This is an unimaginably blasphemous composition.
To the extent that the head that had been dazed by the aphrodisiac came to some extent.

“So, Sophia-sama… You shouldn’t be like this.”

Whether Siu did or not, Sophia looked up at Siu calmly with her hand on her lap.
She pretends not to know that she knows everything by slightly raising the corners of her foxy eyes.

“I am a slave, and Sophia-sama…”
“I told you. Today, the owner is Siwoo. I’m serving you, don’t you like it? Spread your legs.”

Sophia opened Siu’s knees, which were carefully entwined, and crawled in between them.
Then, with her breasts resting on Siu’s thighs, he stares at her cock.

“Hmm, of course, but it doesn’t seem to have STDs. It’s a good size, so this also passes.”
“It’s nothing.”

Sophia, who was a little closer to his cock, hugged Siu’s cock between her breasts.


As the soft, warm, and cozy breasts gently wrapped around his cock, Siu shook his back as if he were about to ejaculate.
I never thought this feeling would exist. It is a world you could never have imagined.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a cock that can’t be covered with this. Wait a minute.”

Sophia cast a short incantation, and suddenly her prick began to moisten.
Moisture in the air was collected, and after condensing into water, it was immediately converted into fragrant oil using alchemy.

Thanks to this, the cock inside the breastbone was able to move back and forth like a loach on the slippery, soft skin.
Sophia gently moved her tightly gathered breasts with both hands.

“This should be enough. Shall we move?”

With just the right amount of pressure, Sophia’s tits began to run up and down the cock.
The glans repeatedly appearing and disappearing between the white valleys.
Nipples visible through the cracks of Sofia’s fingers gripping her breasts.
Oval breasts that sway rhythmically with just one call to squeeze semen.

“Good? Good? Good?”

Sophia seems excited about Siwoo’s reaction, as if she is suffering from pleasure.

– Tak Tak Tak Tak

As Sophia’s breasts hit her thighs, the crackling sound grew even louder.

– Jjukkuk! Jjukkuk! Jjukkuk!

The sound of oil and air bubbles creaking follows as if in close pursuit.

“If you want to wrap it, you can wrap it as it is. Where do you want to wrap it?”
“Ah… Anywhere… I think it’ll be cheap… Now…!”

Compared to masturbation, Siwoo felt his hair turn white with a pleasure that was 10 times greater.


In the end, the semen that can’t stand it anymore and spurts out.
The momentum was so strong that it was such an intense ejaculation that I could feel my balls vibrate.

Semen that protrudes through the urethra.
Sophia held her glans to her breast exactly in time for Siu to ejaculate.

Even so, the semen pushed out like a tide flooded over Sofia’s breasts, creating a valley.
Even the bottom of the neck and the collarbone were filled with semen.

“It’s not nice, it’s not nice~”

Sofia’s after-sales service was solid.
After a longer ejaculation than usual, he calmly caressed his cock, which was soaked in afterglow, using his breasts.

Every time the glans pressed against her voluptuous breasts, the aftermath of pleasure, like an additional brief ejaculation, came over me.

The cock jerked and all of her semen was pushed out of her urethra.

“Did you try to sleep with this piled up?”

Siwoo, who is enjoying the wise time while staring at the ceiling as if exhausted, and Sophia, who is slowly moving her breasts, which are getting more slippery with the mixture of semen.
Immediately after ejaculation, the successive stimulation makes the lower back bounce arbitrarily.

After a while, Siu came to his senses a little.

“Go, thank you.”

Once I had a semen pack on half of her voluptuous breasts, Siu reflexively expressed his gratitude.
The thick scent of chestnut flowers wafted up late.

“Did you feel that good?”

But Sophia’s service was not over yet.
She rubbed her sooby-soothing cock with even more force, squeezing her breasts against each other.

I should have ejaculated a little while ago.
She gets greedy to want to be cheaper once more.
I wanted to taste more of this pleasant pleasure.

“Oh my gosh, I would have eaten Amelia if it wasn’t for the drool.”

Because of that, she couldn’t even properly hear Sophia’s murmur of regret.


With Sophia’s orgasm, her semen and oils are completely gone.
The softness of her cock, which had been half melted into her cowlike breasts, gave her a little more room.

Sophia puts her hard-earned big breasts down and frees her Siu’s stuff.
It seems like I can finally breathe, but I feel a deep sense of regret a few times.

Sophia, who was watching the scene carefully, said teasingly.

“Hasn’t it gotten smaller yet? I need to do more.”

He pinpointed exactly what Siwoo wanted, but as a bachelor, he did not have the courage to ask for it.
Sophia, who is so cute that she looks like she’s going to die.

“Now then, lie down on the bed.”

Like someone hypnotized, she lay down on the bed.
His cock puffed up in anticipation of her, even as his eyelids kept closing from the drowsiness and drowsiness immediately after her ejaculation.


A head that rises suddenly.
On the back of my head, I feel a soft object that is completely different from a pillow.

“How comfortable are you?”

Above is a symbol of motherhood that covers half of Sophia’s face, and Sophia’s face sticking out only above her nose.
It is hair that hangs down like a waterfall.
Sophia is doing her lap pillow now.

“You make me want to do more with such a cute face.”

Sophia held up one of her breasts, and she placed it in Siu’s mouth.

“Ah~ Try it.”

Sophia passed her breasts to Siwoo’s open mouth.

“Leave all your strength and lie down comfortably. That’s right.”

At the same time, Sophia’s long fingers wrapped around her cock tightly.
Her milk didn’t come out, but it matched exactly the position of her lactating daughter-in-law.

Is it because of her estrus or because she holds her breasts in her mouth that seem to contain all the softness of the world?
Her warmth fills her heart.

It’s a thought I’ve been thinking lately, but I think I know a little bit why Takasho likes this place.
It makes me happy to do something like this every day.

“Are you going to wash the other side this time?”

Siu nodded her head, and as Sophia had taught her earlier, she bit the nipple with her lips and gently stimulated the tip of the nipple only with the tip of her tongue.
At the same time, I enjoy her touch, which clings to his cock like an octopus and begins to move gently.

“It’s like a baby. How can you be so cute?”

As a man, I am treated like a child while being told that I am cute.
In a situation that could be humiliating in a way, what Siwoo felt was warmth that was the exact opposite of sexual desire.
It feels like being caught in this city and serving the forgotten board.

“Can I have some milk for you?”
“Well, that’s it. Give it a try.”

Even though she’s a witch, she wants to become something like that.
Siu, who was sucking on his nipple with a half-doubtful feeling, felt the taste of thick milk spreading all over his mouth.

A stream of leaked breast milk hitting the inside of the tongue.
Sophia really started producing milk as if she were a cow.

The lukewarm and sweet taste of breastmilk, like double-boiled milk, made Siwoo gulp down without realizing it.

“Is it delicious?”
“It’s a gift only given to good children.”

Sophia laughs bashfully and resumes her goddaughter with a hand that had paused.

Shiu is still a virgin, but as much as her goddaughter, she has been taken by 5 different girls.

Now I have come to realize that each person has a different touch to their goddaughter.

In Amelia’s case, it’s as precise and sophisticated as her pianist’s touch.
The feeling of identifying a pleasant part through Siwoo’s reaction and the feel in the palm of his hand.

In the case of twins, the innocent feeling of a child hesitating without knowing anything.
Well… This is off topic.

In the case of Larissa, the obscene feeling of forcing a man’s pleasure.

And Sophia felt unique, unlike anyone else.

The goddaughter is clear, but there is no feeling of rushing her ejaculation or forcing pleasure.
Without touching her pole at all, the hand that only ran over her glans caressed her gently and calmly, as if holding a cloud.

It feels like a vector conversion from comfort to pleasure is achieved as those fine senses pile up.

A benevolent goddaughter by name.
Adding to that the feel of her thighs supporting her head, the feel of her soft breasts against her nose, and the taste of her breast milk, I felt the comfort of receiving her best massage.

“Tell me anytime if it’s going to be cheap? It’s okay if you don’t have to put up with it.”

Siu nodded her head while still biting Sophia’s nipple.
Her face, reflected in her dim lighting, was a little more peachy than before.

Siwoo, who had been immersed in pleasure as if wandering in a dream for a long time, suddenly felt uncomfortable and opened his eyes.

Her belly is tight
A sense of ejaculation?
Feeling tingling in your bladder?
It is a new kind of sensation, like stepping into an unexplored land.

Her cock, which had been clumped together like a stone, had been released in a half-erect state, and her back was shaking involuntarily.

“Why? Not good?”
“Oh, no… What is this…?”

Sophia gave her characteristic smirk and twirled her glans in the palm of her hand.
At a slow pace without a moment’s rest.

“Why did you stop sucking your breasts? Are you full? Would you like to stop drinking milk?”
“Yeah, that sounds good.”

It’s amazing to be able to open and close breast milk like a faucet.
Rather, the feel of his cock right now is more mysterious.

If a man ejaculates when the pleasure reaches 100, the speed from 90 to 100 is bound to be instant.

The rapidly narrowing gap and circumstances combine to feel pleasure.
Right now, Siwoo felt like he was about to ejaculate, but he had a subtle experience that his cock was in a state of repulsion.
To put it simply, it feels like you are always stuck at 95 pleasure.


Suddenly, a tingling sensation ran from the entire glans and stimulated the inside of the stomach.

“That body condition is strange…?”
“It’s normal, don’t worry, can you leave it to me?”

Hearing Sofia’s soft voice, Siu regained his strength.
The tickling and tingling sensation gradually amplified.

And a sudden sense of ejaculation came over me, as if the glass of water was filled to the limit and spilled over.


A cock that suddenly gets hard.

“It’s started.”

Siwoo tried to struggle with his body, but soon he noticed that he couldn’t even move.
An invisible force was gently gripping his body.

“Now, wait…!”

Siwoo doesn’t even have time to speak, and along with the sensation of urinating, clear bodily fluid starts gushing out of his cock.

The liquid that began to spread coolly across the bed was different from semen, and the ejaculation sensation was completely different.

How to say
Feeling like you’re peeing your semen?

“It’s okay, I’m not scared. It’s not scary~ Don’t be afraid and just wrap it up.”

– Push shot! Push! Push!

Sophia’s hand, which had been holding her cock leisurely until now, began to firmly sweep the glans, and liquid shot out of the tip of her urethra like a fountain.


The ecstatic sensation of ejaculating for 20 seconds.
Sofia cleaned up with magic while Siu, whose head was dizzy, opened his mouth stupidly.

“Did you feel good?”

Sophia smiled at Siwoo’s blank face and adjusted her clothes.

“Next time, when I get closer to Amelia, I’ll teach you better things than this. If you play with me, you’ll be able to lead your first experience more skillfully. Well, that’s a story for later.”

Siu nodded blankly, and Sophia left the room after saying good night.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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