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City Of Witches 32

City Of Witches 32

Chapter 32 – #08_Ars Magna Town (1)


Sofia went to visit Siu, who was drooping.
When she thinks of Si-woo, who used to grow up under her, she gets greedy for nothing, but she soon gives up.

Amelia is the first man out of the cramped cabin to become interested.
Although he himself is in extreme denial.
There is no shameless act of stealing a precious friend’s dating opportunity.

“It can’t be.”

Siwoo, who has no experience with women in the first place, and Amelia, who have no experience with men.
It was obvious what would happen if the two met.
Especially if it was Amelia, it would be obvious that she would be stuck on the bed like a stiff piece of wood, and Siwoo would panic.

How regretful would it be if this was your first experience?
Traditionally, women are more comfortable and likeable when they are led a little.

I thought I should teach him how to deal with women at least a little bit, so I educated him in advance along with a reward.


He stretched out and put on the robe’s hat.

In fact, Sophia was not responsible for Shin Si-woo’s suffering.

If she hadn’t encouraged Amelia in the first place, Amelia wouldn’t have been rejected by Siwoo and Siwoo wouldn’t have been bullied.

Besides, rumors of Amelia’s interest in Siu would not have spread, and she would have been loved by various witches with her appearance like that of a nobleman.

Of course, I don’t like the treatment of slavery itself, but that is the case.

“Originally elites are picky.”

The night was deep.
Since witches don’t have to go to sleep anyway, she had to do what Siu had asked her to do.

They have to decide on the treatment of the guys who were caught by the guards and keep quiet so that Si-woo cannot say that he used magic.

“At times like this, it’s better not to sleep again.”

Sophia leaped over her window frame.
A robe wrapped around her body, feathers sprouted from her body, and Sophia, transformed into a great raven, soared into the moonlit sky.

There are no special holidays for slaves.
It’s only natural that I had to work until lunchtime even on one day off a week.

Siu, who used to do that, was now lying comfortably on the straw for his bed, letting his arms and legs sag.
The sun seen through the skylight is already floating in mid-sky.

This is the taste of sleeping late.
It was a tearful luxury for Siwoo, who always woke up before dawn or at the end of the day.

“How long has this been laziness?”

It was the first time she knew how happy she was to be able to sleep in without doing anything.
It was the first time she had been given leave during her enslavement.

Just the other day.
Amelia, who wakes up late in the afternoon, appoints Siu as her assistant and gives him a reward day off in recognition of his hard work in Border Town late at night.

Can you believe it?
A vacation from that Amelia.
Although she was bewildered, it seemed that she had corrected her nasty attitude even a little, so she was fortunate for Siwoo.


At that time, I saw a person walking along the grassy road in the distance.
It was her fault for avoiding her, and now you can tell who it is just by looking at her gait.
It’s Amelia.


Siu hurriedly put on his clothes.

“No, if you give me a vacation, I’ll let you rest. Why are you bothering people so much?”

Still, I can’t go to greet you in such a shabby way.
Anyway, I really like the panties I got as a gift from Amelia a while ago.
I feel proud every time I change clothes.

Her disapproval of the sudden arrival of Amelia was tempered by the sight of her panties.

“Is this servility?”

Siwoo opened the barn door and went out to meet Amelia.
There is no reason for Amelia to come otherwise, as there is only a wide open meadow where the lodging is.
In fact, she hasn’t even come back once in five years.

Amelia is wearing a parasol in the blinding sunlight.
As usual, she waited for Siwoo who came running with a haughty expression.

“What are you doing? Associate Professor.”

Amelia’s blonde hair glistens in the sun that cuts into her flanks.
I tried not to think about it, but the memory of Amelia’s bare body at her inn made her cock twitch.

Man is such a sad creature.
Siwoo calms down the object that keeps getting bigger by repeating good thoughts.
Amelia waited until he stopped gasping before opening her mouth.

“I’ll take over as a full-time slave tomorrow. I’ll start learning what to do as an assistant. Today I came because I had to move my accommodation closer. It won’t take long, so follow me.”

Well, it’s over 30 minutes from here to the research building.
If it was an exclusive slave, it would have been a little closer.

“I live in a pretty nice place.”

Nice place? What about the other slaves’ quarters?
Amelia said as she looked at the barn floating on the green hill.
Well, from the outside, it looks like a pretty decent building.
It’s because it’s not a place made for people to live.

“Yeah, that’s good.”

Amelia slightly tilts her head at Siwoo’s ambiguous reaction.

“Then I’ll take you there. Where can I go?”
“I have to go to the inn to move my luggage.”

As if asking for something obvious, Amelia narrowed her eyes and started climbing the hill past Siu.

“I will see you.”

The Magic Beast, the War Magic, and the draft of the magic circle are in that house, but I didn’t worry too much.

It was packed in a box in the straw anyway, and Amelia never bothered to look inside.
I’ll have to move my accommodation and come back one more time at night.

Thinking about this and that, she opened the barn door instead.

“It’s a shabby place, so it’s a little embarrassing.”

Amelia’s expressionless eyes widen as the inside of the barn, which had been hidden by the door, is revealed.

“I’ll get it sorted out as soon as possible, so please wait.”

There’s not much to bring anyway.
Siu went to the straw pile and covered his box well with straw, while taking out his clothes and underwear from the closet, which was almost half decayed.


Amelia stood still in front of the door, looking around.
It was full of confusion.

“Amelia-sama, I’ve got everything.”

Amelia suddenly came to her senses at Siu’s call.
After a bit of hesitation, I ask.
It was a voice that was somewhat more timid than usual Amelia.

“Is it right to live here? Really?”
“For five years?”
“It was originally a different accommodation, but after about a week, the accommodation was moved here. I received a notice that the existing accommodation was being reconstructed.”

Despite Siwoo’s brief explanation, Amelia remained silent.
He just blinks his long eyebrows and stays silent.

It’s like this again.
When I was talking with Amelia, there were many times when the conversation was cut off without context.

“I hope this accommodation is a little nicer.”

Amelia lowered her head when I made a light joke to prevent the awkwardness.

Was it such a shock to live in a place like this?
Indeed, Siwoo had a hard time accepting it at first.
Even more so, a grown-up girl deserves a culture shock.

When you think about it like this and try to move on.
Suddenly, Amelia grabbed Siu by the sleeve.


I can feel the hem of her clothes being pulled in her pretty hands.
Her scent wafts from her, dispelling all the bad smells around her.

“Caretaker, I want to tell you something.”
“Yes, you say. I am listening.”

Amelia looked up at Siu’s face as if she had made up her mind.
And as soon as she opens her mouth, you hear her gasping for breath as if something catches her jaw.

“Assistant Professor?”

As if she was out of order, Amelia, unable to speak for a long time, let go of Siu’s sleeve.
An inaudible sigh leaks out.

“From now on, Manager Shin Si-woo is my exclusive slave, so I can’t make him wear such rude clothes.”
“Well, at least it’s clean clothes…”
“Move that later and follow me.”

Amelia ran out of the barn and she strode ahead.
Why are you doing that all of a sudden?
Still, there is no reason for her to give her clothes.
I also ran out of clothes to wear these days.

Siwoo threw the bundle on a pile of straw and chased after Amelia.

Amelia felt uncomfortable with her.
She felt uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable, as if someone got a stomachache after eating spoiled cheese a very, very long time ago.
This all happened after seeing manager Shin Si-woo’s dorm.

Amelia involuntarily closed her eyes tightly.

After he flatly rejected the offer of a nightstand in front of Sofia.

The next day, Amelia went to the academy’s administrative office.
Amelia commanded in a very calm tone.
She tells Siwoo to give him the worst place to stay.

She dared to refuse her witch’s orders to her enslaved subjects.
Besides, she insulted her so openly.
She didn’t show her off on the spot, but Amelia couldn’t calculate a single word of magic all night and her face blushed.

Up to that point, I hadn’t had the slightest doubt as to whether this was a reasonable punishment.
It was the first time I had ever felt such intense, naked shame.

For Amelia, who knew how painful it was to have a bad bed, she took the best revenge she could think of.

The reason she later recalled something she had long forgotten was simple.
She had to inform him that now she had to move Siu’s dorm, now her exclusive slave, closer to the research building.

Twelve months a year.
Grass that has been magically transformed so that it never withers.
His quarters was in first place, where the long grass swayed in the refreshing breeze.
There is no shortage of sunlight, and above all, the scenery of the academy down the hill is wonderful.

Amelia doubted her own memory when she saw his quarters from afar.
He must have ordered the worst accommodation, but a huge wooden building in such a good location.
It wasn’t that he was particularly resentful or upset, but he was slightly suspicious of the academy’s work.

As I was walking with a parasol on, the door opened in the distance and Siwoo ran out.

“What are you doing, Associate Professor?”

She ran out and told him what to do, then Amelia moved her steps to check on his quarters.
In fact, she even wanted to check what kind of place he came to life and how her own revenge was being carried out.

It was a strange feeling.

“It’s a shabby place, so it’s a little embarrassing.”

Amelia doubted her own eyes when her door was opened as she received his awkward escort.

The floor is damp mud and has a strange smell.
The ceiling is all rotten and worn out, and there are several places where you can see the sky, and wooden boxes and straws are rolling around like furniture.

She gave orders to be assigned lodging, which was obviously not good.
However, the ‘most shabby lodging’ that Amelia expected her order to be was a private house in Taro Town.
All of the academy’s facilities were splendid and beautiful, so I didn’t know that even at the lowest level, there would be such a gap.

And for that reason, Siu’s accommodation was not a place for humans to live, no matter how you look at it.

Amelia frowned at her sudden sore chest.
The feeling of her heart throbbing.
This feeling is strange.

“Is it right to live here? Really?”
“For five years?”
“Originally, it was a different accommodation, but after about a week, the accommodation was moved here. They said that the building there was being reconstructed.”

I wanted to check it out just in case, but the karma is clearly revealed.
Uncomfortable mind.
Siwoo jokes to Amelia, who doesn’t even know why she has to feel this way.

“I hope this accommodation is a little nicer.”

She jokes as if it’s not a big deal, and Siwoo seems to be leaving the dorm first.
Amelia couldn’t stand it and she tugged at his sleeve.
I guess I have to say this.
I had such a feeling.


Amelia is a nobleman and he is a mere slave.
She still wanted to say that she was sorry about this.

She would be ridiculous from his point of view.
I don’t know if I’ll be convinced by saying that it wasn’t intentional.

“Caretaker, I want to tell you something.”
“Yes, you say. I am listening.”

Barely open one’s mouth
But the moment she tried to apologize to him, her breath stopped.

What should I say?
Where should I start talking?
What tone, what tone, what expression, what gesture, what breath should I speak?

It’s not like I’m using very complicated magic.
Even though he just needs to hand over an apology, his head turns white as if it is clogged up.

“Assistant Professor?”

When she felt his puzzled gaze, Amelia blurted out something.
Rather than going through her head, it feels like the words have been squeezed out.

“From now on, Manager Shin Si-woo is my exclusive slave, so I can’t make him wear such rude clothes.”
“Well, at least it’s clean clothes…”
“Move that later and follow me.”

This isn’t it.
Amelia bit her lip and left the barn first.

What happened was buying him some clothes or something.
As much as I made a mistake the other day, just enough to wash away the vague guilt.

Let’s do just that.
Amelia made that decision.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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