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City Of Witches 33

City Of Witches 33

Chapter 33 – #08_Ars Magna Town (2)


Amelia and Siu climbed into the carriage.
It is a two-seater carriage facing each other, but seeing as there is no coachman, this is also Sofia’s carriage.
When she said she would give clothes, I expected her to throw them away from the academy equipment room, but she went out of the blue.
The carriage rattled as it exited the main gate of the academy.

“Where are you going?”
“A dressmaker.”

But isn’t a dressmaker a place where women’s clothes are made?
I don’t think you’re going to suddenly give me a custom-made dress.
Siu, thinking seriously if this was a new type of bullying, soon stopped delusion.


Anyway, it is a breathtaking space.
Is it because there are only two of them in this cramped space and they have to stare at each other?

After the incident at the inn last time, Siwoo felt uncomfortable with Amelia.
It is not an emotion caused by a good-oh-oh-oh, but rather an awkwardness caused by ambiguity.

Of course, sucking her breasts without Amelia’s knowledge was somehow remorseful, but there is a bigger problem than that.
The main cause of confusion was why the self-defense did not work for Siwoo.

Let’s assume that Siwoo’s hatred for Amelia did not reach the standard for self-defense.
But couldn’t it be that Amelia’s unconsciousness allowed it after all that no reaction occurred until the moment she touched her breast?
It is reasonable to think that

But what about Amelia, the model of an aristocratic witch? To a slave? If the question of that sticks, she will be in the middle of the duck again.

Unless you ask openly, you won’t know forever, but when you tell the whole truth, Amelia’s reaction and danger are obvious, so in the end it’s useless.

I do not know.

Her Sophia, who could understand her best, said that Amelia was like her child, but in fact, she didn’t understand that statement.
In the end, if you think time will solve it, you have no choice but to wait.
It must have escaped by completing the magic that opens the door inside it, or one of the two.
Amelia cleared her throat as she silently watched the scenery flow past her window.
Siu gets out of his thoughts and asks.

“So much…!”
“Do you have any inconveniences?”
“Caretaker, is your health okay?”

Now that it’s exclusive, do you want to show that you care?
Do you think that the things that have bothered you so far have never happened?
Seeing her sudden change of attitude these days made it a bit difficult for Siwoo to follow.

“Something like a contagious disease or a skin disease. If so, tell me in advance.”
“There is not.”

People might be a bit snarky, to say such a thing in front of their face.
Apparently, Siu’s sweet house gave Amelia a big shock.
Still, Siwoo takes a shower with cold water every now and then.
Fortunately, he never had any itching or anything like that.

“I know.”

The two of them shut up again.
The awkward conversation pattern that I’ve been repeating for the past few days.
I haven’t eaten anything, but I feel like I’m going to get sick.

Regardless of the awkward atmosphere, the wagon ran smoothly and rattled.
At that time, a scene that came into Siwoo’s field of view.


The appearance of a large fortress with tall white buildings standing densely began to come into view.

The castle wall, standing exuding a noble appearance as if it were carved from ivory, was unusually majestic even though it seemed that the distance was still far away.

There is only one town in Gehenna surrounded by a citadel.
Neither Lenormand Town nor Taro Town.
Then, over there…

“Associate Professor. Is the carriage going to Ars Magna Town?”

Siu opened his mouth wide.

After crossing the bridge over the moat, the wagon entered the gate.

Ars Magna Town.
Since it takes eight syllables to call it by its full name, it is often shortened to White Town.

This is because the white castle walls surrounding the town are all treated with special alchemy, so they shine with a soft milky color when exposed to light.

To explain the characteristics first, it can be said that it is the most central city of Gehenna, the richest village, and the most beautiful and important town.

Ars Masna Town is said to be inhabited only by witches with titles.
So, 3 dukes, 7 earls, 32 barons, that’s all the residents of White Town.

Nevertheless, the most important facilities in Gehenna are concentrated here.

First of all, the ‘Central City Hall’, which takes care of the minor public affairs of Gehenna, is located here, and the ‘Tree of Sephirot’, a legislative body that actually moves Gehenna, is also attached next to the Central City Hall.
With the exception of the Treasury Bank in Lenormand Town, this is all of Gehenna’s administration, so there’s nothing to mention.

However, the reason why any witch with some money visits White Town is because all the best luxury facilities are located here.

The first Red Roof Salon, a social church that only witches of 15th rank or higher can enter,
The Levana Baths run by Count Yesod,
‘Flora Dressmaker’, which leads Gehenna’s fashion,
All sorts of extravagant and luxurious facilities that witches are crazy about, such as the ‘Jemonai Magic Tool Main Store’, which handles only the best of magic tools, are all in place.

Ordinary citizens cannot come in and out without permission, and even if they are witches, witches of halfway rank must feel intimidated from the moment they enter the city without a sound, so there is no way Siu, a slave, has ever been here.

Siu opened his mouth at the scenery flowing beyond the carriage.
It was the first time I had seen so many witches at once.

It’s a small number compared to the castle town, which is wide enough for 8 wagons to pass at the same time, but even if you count roughly, you can easily see 50 people.


Siu opened her mouth and looked around, forgetting that Amelia was in front of her.

To sum up the magnificent scenery of Ars Magna Town in one word, it can be said to be a mythical city.

Buildings from the time when steel bars and concrete were not used in architecture until it reached Gothic, Baroque, and Rococo.
If those buildings were stacked up high, big, and neat, they would roughly resemble the appearance of this town.

Even seeing Siu, she couldn’t believe that such a beautiful city could be built without using any modern building materials.

“It’s really beautiful.”

When I first saw the scene of Lenormand Town, I thought it was very beautiful, but this place was on a different level.
If the buildings of Lenormand Town are of the world heritage level, the buildings of White Town are of the world mystery class.
Without magic, you would never be able to build a building like this.

“Is that so?”

In addition to being able to come into contact with the study of magic, being able to see such a beautiful city is one of the almost non-existent advantages of Gehenna.
Still, I felt excited because it seemed like I was out for a long time.

“Is the associate professor’s residence here?”

Living in a place like this would be as good as living in Hannam Hill, but I suddenly became curious about the mansion owned by Amelia.

“I’d like to visit once.”
“I’ve never been there either.”

An unexpected answer came back.
Come to think of it, Siu knew almost nothing about Amelia.

She knew survival essentials like what she didn’t like, the timing of her anger, her facial expression when she was mean, and how to measure her anger gauge.
I don’t know anything about what Amelia likes, when she is happy, or about her past.

I was suddenly curious and asked.
It’s nice to have a conversation that hasn’t stopped in a long time.
The conversation goes well, probably because I feel relieved after seeing interesting things.

“Because before I became a witch, I lived in a cabin in the woods with Master.”
“The forest? Which town was it?”
“It wasn’t any town. It was just a pretty forest with sycamore trees.”

Not all places in Gehenna are towns where people live.
Among them were farmland, pastures, and undeveloped forests.
The place where Amelia is said to have lived was probably one of those places.

“Now it’s not as beautiful as it used to be.”

When she said that, her profile looked somewhat lonely.
When Siwoo was about to say something, Amelia jumped at him.

“We’ve arrived. Get off.”

Two horses leading the carriage to its destination without a coachman stopped in front of a fancy building.
The words written on the signboard are Flora Dressmaker.
It is a building that looks like a church with about 5 floors.

Covered with anticipation for the new clothes she will have and vague anxiety about having to make them fit at a dressmaker’s shop, Siwoo moved on.

Amelia knocked on the door with her doorknob a couple of times, and the 5M iron door opened by itself.

The dressmaker’s shop, which Siwoo thought was a five-story building from the outside, was actually a single-story building.
Like a gothic chapel, the ceiling is very high.

And there was a storage closet that filled one side of the wall to the end of the high ceiling.
Colorful fabrics are stacked all over the cabinet without any gaps.

Red carpet all over the floor.
Siwoo looked around and looked at the internal structure of the dressmaker.
It should be like a hotel lobby, but I don’t think it’s a simple place where custom dresses are made.

Then a woman walked out from a corner.

A dress that boldly exposed one leg and a long smoking pipe in her mouth. Her hair, which was pulled back to cover one of her eyes, was a very sexy woman.
And maybe that woman is a witch too.
Even seeing Amelia, he didn’t seem intimidated, as he was spitting out the smoke from her cigarette.

“It’s a dress I made 10 years ago. At that time, I used snowflakes as a source of inspiration. I think it was Sophia who bought it then… Are you that marigold?”

It was an incomprehensible word.
It doesn’t sound like you’re dealing with a customer, and it doesn’t sound like you’re talking specifically to build friendships.

“True beauty is something that does not change with the passage of time. It’s been a while since I made that dress, but it doesn’t look a bit old-fashioned, does it?”

Even Siwoo is worried about what to say, but Amelia is shocked.
Once again, the witch puffing smoke.
It may not have been what I was expecting an answer to in the first place.

“I’m late in introducing you. I know you’ve come anyway, but I’ll do it for formality. I’m Flora Arabesque, a weaver witch. I made the clothes you wear.”
“I’m here to make a suit.”
“A suit? Where are you going to wear it? Modern? Gehenna?”
“From here.”

Flora cut off the conversation midway as if she had suddenly remembered.

“Okay, the Turkish mohair wool just arrived.

If it’s a custom suit, I’ve tried it once in the past.
It was necessary to visit a place like an academic conference.
However, at that time, Siwoo asked what he wanted for almost 2 hours, and it took more than 15 days to make it.

But that witch doesn’t even measure her size.
As Siwoo was about to panic, Amelia pointed at Siwoo with her fingertips.

“Please make a suit for this man, not me.”

Flora’s eyes twinkled.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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