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City Of Witches 34

City Of Witches 34

Chapter 34 – #08_Ars Magna Town (3)


Hearing Amelia’s request, Flora made a strange expression.

“You know this is a dressmaker’s shop, right? It’s where dresses are made.”
“I heard that making clothes is the best in Gehenna.”

Flora chewed on the smoking pipe and put on a puzzled expression.
To Siwoo, it was the expression of a store owner looking at a customer who went to a fruit store and asked for a handful of minced mackerel.

“Thank you for the compliment, but I’m not too keen on it. I like being worn by pretty girls?”

Perhaps the reason why he didn’t tell me to go back right away was because the person in front of me was a baron?
Instead, Siwoo becomes anxious.

“I’ll pay you.”
“Payment is not the problem. If you don’t have the will, you won’t work.”

Amelia took something out of her sleeve at Flora’s words.
It is a very small perfume bottle.
A purple liquid was dripping in a small 15mL glass bottle, which was more appropriately called an ampoule than a perfume bottle.

Flora’s gaze, which had crossed her arms with a reluctant expression, shifted to the perfume.

“Is this the ‘Perfume of Fatigue’?”
“Yes. I’ll give you two of these perfumes.”

Flora’s lax attitude changes. She smiled broadly and took the bottle from Amelia’s hand.

If Flora’s dress is sensational among witches, Amelia’s is perfume.

Since Amelia itself was not interested in making her own money, she was extremely limited in quantity compared to the demand, and the value was even higher.
That’s why the perfume she created is her most popular item at Red Roof Salon, which sells as soon as it’s worn, even at a very high price, she says.
By the way, it was Sophia who received and distributed Amelia’s perfume, so she remembers hearing about it from Takasho.

As if Takasho wasn’t wrong, Flora happily accepted Amelia’s perfume.

“Okay, this is enough to motivate me. I need to measure first, so why don’t you come here?”

Flora is delighted as if she is going to start working on it right away.
At that moment, the drape hanging over a corner of the dressmaker’s shop lifted and a man walked out.

“Oh, are you a guest?”

A tall, blond man who looked like he was going to captain the soccer team in a high-teen midfielder walked out.

“Jake, wait inside.”
“I was sleeping and I was surprised that you weren’t next to me. What is it?”
“Being cute.”

A man with a deep narcissistic voice, wearing only jeans, approached and casually wrapped his arm around Flora’s waist.
Surprisingly, he bows from that posture.

“Hello, my name is Jake Robert.”

He finished greeting Amelia by bowing her head and kissed Flora.
Flora accepted his tongue.

A man and a witch begin a hot American kiss in front of Amelia and Siu’s eyes.

“Chew… Chew…”
“Churrup churrurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Siu was dumbfounded.
I wonder what I’m doing in a manly way, and is it right to do that with a customer in front of me?

But even more surprising is not that.
The relationship between Flora and Jake seemed very natural.
In a sense, it is not like the relationship between a witch and a slave.

It’s easy to talk to witches, and the attitude of treating them is also calm.
A couple who openly show off their love for each other.
That is, an equal relationship
It looked like that

Feeling embarrassed about this side for no reason, I glanced at Amelia.


The shape of those eyebrows is about 75% astonishing.
Her eyes are wide open and her straight eyelashes tremble.
It seemed that he was about to open his mouth wide.

Flora’s tongue wraps around Jake’s, her lips parting.
A long thread of saliva was hanging from the tip of their tongues as they slowly moved away.

“Whoa, it’s too hot. Just be patiently waiting.”
“You must be very lovable. Then hurry up honey.”

Flora punched Jake’s ass after her kiss, and Jake gave a gruff line and walked away.

Amelia rubbed her eyes, not sure if her eyes were weird.
But that doesn’t seem to be the case as Jake re-enters the veil in the distance.

“He’s handsome, right? I won’t give it to you if you stare at him like that.”

Flora smiled slightly at Amelia.
Amelia is so curious that she can’t help but ask.
She ended up asking even though she knew she wasn’t being decent.

“Is that man a slave too?”
“He’s a slave, but he’s a boyfriend.”

Boyfriend? Are you a slave?
Great confusion.
Even though I saw it with my own eyes, I don’t seem to understand.
How could a witch be between a slave and a lover?

“Isn’t he cute? I picked him up from an orphanage when I was 7 and raised him. Even though he’s grown up so well, he’s still a child in my eyes.”

Amelia knows that some witches have relationships with slaves one way or another.
And he despised it, considering it an extremely un-witchlike act.

Aren’t witches chosen to pursue the path of sorcery?
She thought that it was wrong to be lazy and obsessed with men.
What’s more, acting like a real lover…

“Something is strange.”
“If you put it like that, it’s formidable. You came all the way to the dressmaker’s shop to dress the slave you love.”
“It’s not like that.”

Amelia reacted angrily, but Flora didn’t seem too concerned.

“Anyway, Darling is waiting, so it’s not going to take a long time, so this way.”
“You said no.”
“Okay, why are you angry?”

Flora led Siwoo while walking with high heels like blades.

Siu entered the cutting room inside the dressmaker’s shop.
Amelia chose to stay in the lobby with a sullen look on her face.

Unlike the neatly organized lobby, the cutting room was cluttered with various decorations, jewelry, and mannequins.

“Would you like to stand over there with your arms outstretched? I need to take measurements.”

When Siwoo stood still, Flora pointed to his footrest and said,
Flora took out a tape measure and started measuring Siwoo’s waist.

With businesslike hand movements, Flora records the length of her limbs, under her chest, mid-chest, and through her waist.
Perhaps her mouth was bored, she started talking to her.

“So you’re serving a cute witch? The previous Marigold had a more grown-up feel.”
“You can speak comfortably. You’re a customer right now?”

Flora was a witch with a very comfortable atmosphere.
She didn’t feel disrespected compared to the other witches because she had just seen that she proudly revealed that she was a slave and her lover.
Because she felt like being treated as a human being, Siwoo could also be a little comfortable.

“Then can I ask what kind of perfume Amelia gave me?”
“Oh, the perfume of fatigue?”

Flora proudly took out the perfume she had received earlier.

“This is a perfume that makes you feel very tired as soon as you smell it. Your body feels stiff as if you’re overworked, your eyelids close by themselves, and your head throbs when you try to force yourself to stay awake.”
“Um… I see.”
“Isn’t it strange?”

Don’t be weird
It’s not a fatigue recovery drug, it’s a fatigue generator, so Siwoo, who has suffered from lack of sleep for many years, doesn’t need it at all.

“Witches don’t have to sleep, right? Maybe that’s why it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep. You’ll never feel the feeling of waking up refreshed the next day after a hard day’s work. Do you want to take a deep breath?”

Flora, taking her breast size once more with her breath in, continued her words.

“But with this perfume, you can feel the feeling of those days. Should I say it’s a perfume that makes you feel nostalgic?”
“Can’t it be with sleeping pills or other magic?”
“If you have sleeping pills or sleep magic, you can sleep well, but it’s artificial. The important thing is that it’s natural.”

I didn’t understand it well, but there were not one or two things that the witches couldn’t understand.

“The measurements are all taken. Is it okay if I decorate it to my heart’s content?”

I don’t know everything about suits anyway, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of an expert.

“Your waist is thin and your lines are pretty, so Italian style would be good. Remove the pattern, add wrinkles to the ends of the shoulders, La Barca pockets, and strapata buttons. I like it. I don’t think I needed shoulder pads… Wouldn’t it be better to have no vents for a dandy look? Let’s make the lapels a bit wider. It will make your legs look longer. No cuffs, fine.”

While Flora continues her unknown words.
Her cloth, which she had been carrying, floated in the air.
And at the same time dozens of needles, scissors, and threads that began to weave her fabric in all directions of her.

Even though she is weaving in a factory, she starts making clothes at an incredibly fast pace.
Siwoo was so outstanding that he couldn’t imitate it.

“Wow, that’s great.”

Flora smiled when Siwoo, who was looking at it in a daze, recited it unconsciously.

“If you’ve been making clothes for over 400 years, you should know how to do this.”
“400 years?”

It is said that the lifespan of witches is infinite, but usually 100 years is the longest, about 200 years, and the stigma is passed on to the next generation.
This is because magical inspiration and skills are blocked by a wall, and research cannot proceed any further.

“A little older? I enjoy making clothes more than magic. I’m sorry to the ancestors, but what can I do? It’s wrong to have such a dissolute witch as an apprentice witch.”

A suit was completed in less than a minute while giggling rudely.
It will be slower than this even if it is produced in the factory.

“Try changing your clothes once.”

In the blink of an eye, a suit was completed on top of the empty mannequin.

Try-on result.
In front of the mirror, Siwoo admired.
The suit made of dark navy fabric fits snugly to the body.
It is clear that it was made with only measurements, but there is no discomfort even if you bend down or turn your body.

Above all, dress up.

If you go out to the present world like this, it is perfect in every way to the extent that you will be bombarded with questions about where you got this suit.
After wearing only ragged overalls every day, now wearing these fine clothes, her image in the mirror looked awkwardly different.

“This is why clothes are called wings.”
“Did it turn out well?”

Flora, who smiles once as if she knows she will like it.

“Have you tried on a lot of suits?”
“No, besides, it was a long time ago…”
“Don’t fasten the bottom button. And the tie, come here.”

Flora undid Siu’s awkward tie and tied it again.
At the same time, he scans the lines of her body.

“It’s not bad. I’ll give you the same shoes as Jake’s, since we have the same foot size.”
“Oh, thank you.”
“Thank you, I should say thank you to the witch outside.”

Flora laughed, covering her mouth.
I think living under a witch like this would be very comfortable and happy.
Why did he become Amelia’s exclusive slave?

While she was complaining, she was still grateful to Amelia for letting her wear such a nice outfit.
She is the one who made her go through hardships for five years, but when she receives a gift like this, she feels at ease again.

“Let’s tidy up her hair and beard too, what a messy thing.”

Flora memorized a magic spell to wipe Siu’s face clean, and then ran his hair through his hair with pomade oil.

So Siwoo stood in front of the mirror as a whole.
It’s a little overdone, but it’s a pomade and a luxurious suit that’s neatly turned over like it was at a barber shop.
And even a tie and shiny shoes.

If you go to a small business interview like this, you will be crazy.
It will give the interviewer the impression that ‘that bastard is a golden spoon, so it won’t be easy for him to adapt to social life’.

“Your booties are flowing. You look like a rich boy. Now I’m going to show off.”

Flora pushed Shiu on the back.
Siwoo took off the curtain and went outside the cutting room to the lobby where Amelia was waiting.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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