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City Of Witches 27

City Of Witches 27

Chapter 27 – #06_Inn (4)


“What I want is nothing special. The freedom to not have to live trapped in this small world. That’s all. If you were a slave, wouldn’t you know that?”

Larissa said, still aiming his pistol.
It’s a motivation that you can understand quickly without thinking too much.

Wasn’t Siu still studying magic to get out of here?

“I’ll make you a suggestion. All you have to do is get the witch on our ship. Naga is a ship that got a pass issued by the city hall at the gate. No one thinks it’s strange that we’re going out. From now on, we’ll live under the protection of the witch who commissioned this task. You can. You know what I mean?”

Larissa smiled brightly.

“You too can be free. You can go back to this world.”

In the proposal that only sounds sweet at first glance.
Only then did Siu understand why Larissa hadn’t pulled the trigger on her pistol yet.
It was because she remembered the contents of a book she had read before.

“It’s because of self-defense.”

Larissa shrugged her shoulders as if she had nothing to hide.

Self defense.
It is one of the characteristics that are naturally expressed when the witch’s stigma reaches 15th tier or higher.

The effect is as easy to understand as its name.
A self-defense magic circle that responds to unexpected attacks.

If a certain amount of shock or attack is applied from the outside, the defenses will naturally activate without using magic.

It is a magic that prevents death without passing on the stigma due to being attacked unexpectedly.

As it is for this purpose, self-defense is particularly effective when there is no consciousness due to sleep or fainting.

Amelia is now sleeping soundly due to the unknown elixir.
In other words, the timing when autonomous defense is operating with the highest alertness.

“There is a proverb that says never to touch a sleeping witch. In addition to shock, self-defense detects human malice. Even if a hostile person lightly touches the body, the magic will be released. It’s really troublesome.”

If it wasn’t for that, Siu would have been shot by her or Fyodor’s hand.
When I thought so, Mogol sighed.

“Since you have a crush on this witch, the self-defense won’t work. So I’ll ask you. Just move her to her stomach.”

Siu curled up and looked down at Amelia, who was sleeping.
Sleeping like a baby curled up in her body, she was wriggling around her eyes as if she was having a nightmare.

How much trouble was this nasty associate professor?

Didn’t he have to clean the bathroom at night, didn’t he have to cut the antlers of a huge deer right out of the blue, or added overtime to the amount of work he had to do all day?
Anyway, I went through all the hardships of suffering for 5 years.

Can we guarantee that there will be no hostility towards Amelia?

“Hey, I think you have a misunderstanding. I really hate this witch. If I touch it, it will activate its self-defense.”
“It’s a hypothetical lie, but it doesn’t work. We’re already so close together, but it’s quiet without anything happening. Earlier, I tried to move it too, but even if I moved one step closer, the magic started to wriggle. Unlike you, it’s different.”

It was Siu who was confused.
Come to think of it, the distance between Siu and Amelia is very close now.
Hadn’t he just placed a hand in front of Amelia’s nose to check her breathing?

“Check it out if you’re curious.”
“It’s dangerous.”
“It’s good to be prudent, but it’s better not to think nonsense. The reason I’m suggesting you this is to give you a chance. It’ll take a while, but I can grab any citizen outside of her and move her.”

– Clap


The gun was aimed straight at Siu’s head.
Siu put her hand on Amelia’s shoulder cautiously without hesitation.

A quickening heart rate for a while.
Siu was relieved that nothing had happened.

Soft touch.
Amelia, who has been carrying her head stiffly with her prestige, but her hand touches only her small shoulder.
A soft and tender touch filled her palms.
It was warm.

“Is not it?”
“Speaking too easily? If you’re wrong, I’m dead.”

Larissa smiled casually.

Haha, you’re a kind and pure child. I can tell just by looking in your eyes. Such a pure child is not trying to harm anyone else, but the witch he served? There’s no way that’s the case.”

It was followed by her confident smile that her own prediction was right.

“Isn’t that a good contract? You transfer the witch to us, and we free you from slavery. No one will lose. Lift up now.”

At Larissa’s urging, Siu put her hand under Amelia’s lap and her back and lifted it up carefully.
It was very light even though I was in a state of drooping in sleep, ignorant of the world.

The escape he had been waiting for and prepared for so long was right in front of him.

It’s not like you have to get your hands dirty by killing Amelia, who was hated.
Just hand her over and everything will be resolved.


“No one has anything to lose?”

There is something that bothers me.

“What about Amelia?”
“That witch pays for her sins. She is the arrogant witch who is offered her sacrifice.”
“You know that a witch who loses her brand dies, right?”

Larissa furrowed her eyebrows as if she were asking such a question out of the blue.

“So this is wrong? If there’s anything wrong, it’s the very existence of this city. Don’t you know? You’ve been robbed of your freedom while working as a slave! I’m just trying to get it back!”

Her pistol is still pointed at Siu.
I didn’t know what would happen if I didn’t follow her words even more here.

On the other hand, there was also a way to easily overcome this desperate crisis.
All you have to do is accept Larissa’s offer.

After selling Amelia out of her head forever, she gets to enjoy the rights she deserves.


Siwoo hates Amelia.
But have you ever had a bad feeling?
She doesn’t think she’s a bad person who deserves to die.

“…Do not be like this.”

Larisa’s expression distorted at the sight of Siu’s determination.

“Adjust in moderation. What’s left for you if you insist here?”

Be conformity
That’s a good word.

If he had conformed like Takasho from the beginning, he would have been able to enjoy a more leisurely slave life.
Had she yielded to Amelia’s petty vengeance, she wouldn’t have become deeply entangled with her.
And if he had adapted to the system, there would have been no need for Siu to study magic.

All that remains is to convince Larissa.

“It’s wrong to sell someone’s life for freedom. I can’t participate.”

Larisa’s lips trembled as she bit hers tightly.
It was not because of the humiliation of being rejected for a long-awaited favor.
Unless you’re downright evil, you’ll know this is wrong.

Siu read her hesitation and added her words.
From a while ago, something in Larisa’s words bothered her.

“Besides, this is too dangerous. A witch who offered her freedom instead of handing her over to the witches is an outcast after all, isn’t it?”

Moreover, if she did something like this, she would be an evil witch even among the outcasts.
Will the promise with such a witch be kept?

“This is a risky deal not only for me, but also for my sister and the crew. It’s too risky…”
“So? I know that much.”

There is no way that Siwoo doesn’t know that Larisa is a fact that he can immediately recall.

“I don’t want to shoot you. Move quickly. If you’re that scared of an outcast, we’ll go out on our own.”

In the midst of the confrontation, a commotion broke out on the stairs.
Starting with Fyodor, three sailors came up.

“Hey, how was it?”

Larissa shook her head from side to side.
Fyodor’s thick lips twitch, spilling her sneer.

“Well, since we’ll just leave it to the nearby citizens, why do we have to do such troublesome things? Timmy! Go get someone!”

One person ran down the stairs again, and Fyodor quickly approached Siu.

“You can’t sell the witch you serve, right? It’s tearful.”

Shiu pulled Amelia back and stepped back.
However, the rooms at the inn are small.

Before I could take a few steps back, my back hit the wall.
On the adjacent wall, right next to her head, the light in the lamp flickers.

“How am I going to smash you?”

Behind Fyodor’s cruel smile, Larisa’s dissuades intervene.

“Tie it up when you’re done. There’s no reason to bother.”
“What an idiot you are talking about. I know what that asshole is going to do behind the scenes. By the way, let’s have some fun before that.”

Fyodor’s breath, which was within reach of his outstretched arms, smelled disgusting.
For I could see all sorts of insidious malice in her bloodshot eyes as she scanned Amelia.

“Hey kid, take off this bitch’s clothes. Even if you can’t eat it, you’ll have to see what a witch’s pussy looks like.”

Fyodor cannot touch Amelia’s body due to self-defense, but Siwoo can.
Therefore, he is trying to get Siwoo to undress Amelia.

Siu looked intently at the lamp right next to his head, squinting.

It was luck.

In his useless desire, he found a clue to the possibility of getting out of this situation.

“Do you know the difference between an oil lamp and a magic lamp?”
“What nonsense are you talking about all of a sudden?”

Siwoo held Amelia firmly with one hand.
Then he put his hand on the hem of the lamp hanging on the wall right next to his head.

“The magic used for lighting throughout Gehenna is ‘decorative fire’. It is a first-tier elemental alchemy magic that makes the light brighter instead of minimizing the heat of the flame.”

Lamps containing lanterns are usually made of glass.
If what’s inside is real fire, it’s normal for heat to pass through.
However, no heat was felt from the lamp Siwoo touched.

“Seeing that it’s not hot. It’s a decorative lamp.”
“Did this bastard turn around when it was time to die?”

Siu twisted open the lamp and put his hand inside.
Magic power lamps are indistinguishable from oil lamps in appearance.
However, the nature of the fuel is obviously different.

“The oil in the magic lamp contains a little bit of magic water mixed through alchemy.”
“What did you say?”

Even though it was full of impurities and wild enough to be unusable for magic experiments, it was enough for a simple interference with magic that had already been manifested.


Siwoo forcibly activated the mana water mixed in the oil.
The ‘decorative fire’ placed in his palm begins to shake like crazy.


Interpret and solve the structure.
The stabilizer was removed and the overclocked flames were gathered and rolled on the palm.

Hwa-hwa’s tongue, which had been burning fiercely, coiled around Si-woo like a snake.
All control was placed in the palm of his hand.

There was nothing difficult.
It’s only 1st tier magic.

“What, what?”
“How can a slave use magic…!”

Larisa, Fyodor, and an unknown sailor were shocked.

The flickering flames, as if dancing in your hands, stir once more.

It is not a normal form of fire.
The ornamental fire, which was interfered with by magic, wriggled like a living creature and became a wall separating Siu and the sailors.

“Back off!”

However, not all problems have been resolved.

The amount of magic power added to this oil was too small.

If it’s just enough to light up a room, it’s enough for a month, but it’s about 30 seconds long to create such a fierce flame.

Therefore, first of all, I created a seemingly plausible fire barrier to break the fighting spirit and block the opponent’s view.

In fact, the temperature of the fire right now is only about 70 degrees.
It’s not too thick, so you can climb over if you want to.
That means it’s nothing more than a bluff.

“What are you doing! Shoot Larissa!”

However, the majesty of the flames that spread like hellfire in front of those who did not know such a situation was amazing.

“Me, I don’t know!”

One of the sailors had already made a run for it.

But Fyodor and Larissa were different.
He knew what the future would be like if he failed to capture the witch and let go of the slave.

“And what if the witch gets hit?”
“Anyway, if you miss it like this, you’re all dead, you crazy bitch!”

While Fyodor tried to take the pistol and Larissa stopped it, Siu found the next solution.
For the next magic, you must replenish your magic power while this bluff is in effect.

Amelia’s class was helpful at this time.
Unlike women, men cannot store mana.
However, unlike women, they can generate weak mana.

The method is when you feel sexual arousal or ejaculate.

Even if it was a weak mana, it was much more than the mana of mosquito tears contained in this lamp.

If you create a new magic, you can manifest another magic.

Siu lowered his gaze.
There, I could see Amelia’s tiny breasts rising and falling in small increments to the sound of her fluttering breathing.

Shiu didn’t hesitate and pulled up Amelia’s dress.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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